The Genius Doctor My Wife Is Valiant Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: White lotus

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Chapter 1028 White Lotus

This is not a gloat for Jing Qian, but a gloat for the kidnappers.

Guan Yuchen on the phone also said in an extremely indifferent tone: "Well, the boss sent me a signal before he was kidnapped. I'm focusing on it. Are you coming?"

"Come on. My father, mother, and brothers are all gone, I will be skinned if I don't go."

"Ang, come on, then. Recently, something happened to Flower, and I'm busy torturing Dong Yuetong with that slut."

"Okay, wait for me. I'll be here soonest."

In the family group, apart from Jing Qian, only one person remained silent from beginning to end.

At this moment, he is sitting on the plane, and his body is full of powerful depression that can't be concealed.

On the plane, Zhan Yi, Zhan III, and Zhan Wu were all by his side, and no one dared to speak out.

But soon, this shocking low pressure disappeared for most of the time.

Although it is still low pressure, it is still within a tolerable range.

Because at this time, someone in the family group finally thought of him.

"The cutest mother in the world: Oh, by the way, have you notified Achuan? Did Achuan know about this? Why Achuan hasn't spoken? What are you doing Achuan? @"

"Facial paralysis: I asked my brother to call."

"Fox: I hit."

"Chuanchuan: I'm on the plane."

"Fox: ...Why didn't you go with Yun Xiao?"

"Chuanchuan: I'm anxious, I forgot, I'm sorry."

"The cutest mother in the world: Its okay, Sichuan, you should be leaving at about the same time. You make an appointment for a time and place to meet. It's too dangerous over there, so protect yourself first."

"Chuanchuan: Good mom."

"Fox: I just got on the plane, and you were on the plane. When will you get on the plane?"

Zhan Li Chuan looked at this proposition, pondered for a moment and answered

"Chuanchuan: Half an hour ago, my eldest brother told me that Qian Qian had been kidnapped, and I immediately linked her robot. Because it was inconvenient to appear in front of people, Qian Qian kept making it into a suitcase to follow. During the abduction, the robot sent a few nano-materials to Qian Qian's body and followed her all the time. I was able to find the specific location of Qian Qian through the data transmitted by it."

After finishing speaking, Zhan Lichuan sent a Jingqian's current position.

Di Yunxi:...

Di Yunxiao:...

Di Yunmo: "Hahahahaha...hiccup!"

He finally found a man whose belly was as dark as his elder brother.

It was clear that his two brothers were with Zhan Lichuan, but when the two men asked to get on the helicopter and leave, they didnt even call Zhan Lichuan.

At any rate Zhan Li Chuan is the man his sister loves and admits. Don't think he doesn't know what Xiao Jiujiu are fighting in the hearts of these two people.

Who knows, the two of them dont play with them, and they dont play with them at all. Everyone finds thousands of people by their ability.

As a result, they only boarded the plane for a while, and they had already walked for half an hour.


As soon as he was taken abducted and boarded the plane, Zhan Lichuan immediately followed.

Fly a little bit faster, so you can hit it straight in the air.

"The cutest mother in the world: @! You are much more reliable than those two."

"The most handsome dad in the world: @ is more reliable than those two +1"

"Chuanchuan: Im not good because I was too anxious. I forgot to keep in touch with my eldest and second elder brothers. I didnt think of it until everyone was talking in the group. Im sorry."

(End of this chapter)

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