The Genius Doctor My Wife Is Valiant Chapter 878

Chapter 878: Another Invention

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Chapter 878 Another invention

"What about now?" Xin Yang asked.

"Achuan made a boron neutron therapy device, which you saw through the glass just now. That therapy device can precisely hit tumors that are difficult to treat with a scalpel in the human body, and inhibit the regeneration of cancer cells. With the special medicine of my research institute, So I got rid of all the tumors in my mother's body."

"The tumor is caused by an error in the process of gene copying indefinitely. It is a genetic problem. Auntie has cancer, it means that her gene has a problem. Can this guarantee that it will not recur in the future?"

"Relapse is not possible, but gene replication will not go wrong under normal circumstances. But I have medicine here, as long as my aunt takes my medicine all the year round, gene replication will not go wrong."

"That means there will be no recurrence?" Xie Qingyan asked.

"Well, yes. From now on, my family will take one medicine I give you every day to prevent genetic problems."

After a word, the emperor's family was in trouble again.

Dont say that its just Di Yunxiao who set up a high-cold man, even Di Yunxi, who is usually not very talkative, is talking to his parents and brothers in full swing at this moment. The whole family is happy.

When Zhan Lichuan walked into the room, everyone saw him as if he had seen an idol.

"A Chuan, you are so amazing. I really want to know how your brain grows. You said you are an entrepreneur, how can you design such a powerful medical product?"

Zhan Li Chuan walked in and held his wife's hand like a large dog, looking like "I look at my wife's head".

Hearing the question from his mother-in-law, Zhan Lichuan responded very well: "In the field of science, many things are interlinked. For example, chemistry, physics, and medicine. But this is not all my credit, I just made it. It is only an instrument that can harm tumors. Although this instrument has a small wound area and is easy to operate, it can also cause bleeding points, especially when surgery is performed on the brain or internal organs. Once the wound is formed, I cannot recover it. The main reason is thousands. There are thousands of medicines. Only when her medicine is paired with the machine I developed, can cancer patients heal."

"Anyway, no matter what, this operation also has your share of credit."

He is more and more satisfied with this son-in-law now.

After all, he still relied on his son-in-law's new concept police car and chariot to be favored by the old man.

Mother Xin needed a rest, everyone greeted Xin Yang and asked him to take good care of his mother before leaving.

Although they had just found Xin Yang back, they wanted to talk to him more. But after all, Mother Xin had just finished the operation and needed a rest, so everyone could only reluctantly instruct Xin Yang to leave one after another.

Di Yunxi walked to the door, Di Jingxuan patted him on the back, "It's up to you whether our emperor's family can hold the grandson."

The thick warning in the ardent and ardent father's voice, Emperor Yunxi heard clearly.

During this period, as the CEO of Qingyan Group, he basically spent his time learning to cook soup, learning to cook, especially cooking dishes that children like.

In a short period of time, he has mastered skills that he had not mastered in the previous 30 years.

He invited a family heir who has served as the emperor's royal cook for generations to teach him cooking.

I do all dishes that Xiaochen and Ling Siqi like.

After so long inquiring about the mother and son, Di Yunxi has basically understood their situation.

(End of this chapter)

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