The Genius Doctor My Wife Is Valiant Chapter 879

Chapter 879: Are You My Dad

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Chapter 879 Are You My Father

I have to say that a girl like Ling Siqi doesn't know or don't know. If you really understand her, you will find that she is like a treasure.

Smart, kind, courageous, and capable.

Although she has encountered many calculations, even if she is the enemy of the whole world, she can make correct judgments in the lowest adversity.

Thinking about it, he had already walked to the room where Xiao Chen was trained.

Its been some time since Xiao Chen had the operation, but in order for Ling Siqi to have busy time, Jing Qian kept Xiao Chen in the Lawrence Research Institute.

Ling Siqi is very embarrassed, but if Xiao Chen can stay here for one more day, his physical recovery will be much better.

Today Ling Siqi went to the National Tsing Hua University's research institute in City H to conduct a calculation there.

After all, Jingqian was so good to her, and finally asked her for one thing, and she wanted to find a way to help her integrate the equation.

Ling Siqi went early in the morning, and told Xiao Chen that she would come back at noon. During this period of time, the nanny took care of him, and the doctors and nurses of the research institute were there, so Ling Siqi was relieved.

Walking to the door, Di Yunxi felt his heart beating faster. Ling Siqi is not here, this is his best chance to recognize his son.

Unless his father encounters life and death matters in his life, and his heart beats faster when he has a heart attack. In addition, he is calm and calm about everything.

But at this moment, after thinking of this door is his son. His biological son! !

Di Yunxi felt inexplicably nervous.

I was so nervous that my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

Will he dislike him?

Can you blame him for not appearing in his life in four years?

Will he blame him because of his fathers absence, causing them to suffer so much cruel treatment?

Di Yunxi took a deep breath...

Take a deep breath...

No matter how much his son hates him, he is the biological son of his Emperor Yunxi.

He was wronged in the past, and he will make up for it with the love in the future.

Di Yunxi reached out and gently pushed the door open.

In the huge ward, the TV was turned on, and it was playing...Uh..."Tunnel War".

And it's the kind of black and white, not the color picture of "Tunnel War".

Di Yunxi was a little confused.

quickly retracted his gaze from the TV screen, and what he met was a pair of big, slick, watery eyes.

The little face almost exactly the same as when I was a child, it is a Q version of myself.

It's just that he is cuter, softer and cuter than himself.

When Emperor Yunxi was looking at Ling Qianchen, Ling Qianchen was also looking at Emperor Yunxi.

From a little dazed, to a little nervous, to extremely depressed excitement.

When Di Yunxi was about to speak to his son, Ling Qianchen spoke a step ahead of him.

"Are you my father?"

The soft whistling voice hit the softest part of Di Yunxi's heart, and all the words that had been thought of before turned into bubbles at this moment.

He walked up to Ling Qianchen in a daze, and slowly squatted down, so that the son sitting on the hospital bed could easily see and talk to himself.

"how do you know?"

Di Yunxi did not realize that his entire face was softened at this moment.

Originally, although Emperor Yunxi was not the type of high-cold forbidden male **** like Emperor Yunxiao, he was a kind of person who looked so tall at first sight and seemed to be smiling, but the coercion exuding from his whole body was invisible An angry piranha type.

But at this moment, Ling Qianchen looked at Di Yunxi. He felt that the man in front of him looked warm, elegant, and gentle. He felt that the man in front of him satisfies all his illusions about his father.

(End of this chapter)

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