The Good For Nothing Seventh Miss Chapter 980

Volume 2 Chapter 983 Twilight City 1

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Twilight City of the Seventh Kingdom was located in the western region of the Forsaken Land, being the city furthest away from Sun Never Sets.

Shen Yanxiao brought more than a hundred people with her. In addition to the candidates for the tournament, she also brought some logisticians with her. She took away most of the main staff of the city with her, leaving behind Uncle Nine, Su He, Yin Jiuchen, and the two Phoenixes.

As for Xiu, he naturally could not stay in Sun Never Sets once Shen Yanxiao leaves. But before she left, Xiu gave the advanced-ranked demons a training program for them to train on their own.

The mighty team left Sun Never Sets for Twilight City.

The western region of the Forsaken Land produced all sorts of minerals, and the Seventh Kingdom had been famous for their weapons for years. A large portion of the weapons in the Brilliance Continent originated from the Seventh Kingdom. Even though they did not have a unique weapon like the Azure Dragon Family's Hundred Year Spirit Weapon, the quality of the weapons coming out from Seventh Kingdom were naturally higher than those coming from other countries.

From Sun Never Sets to Twilight City, Shen Yanxiao's team had travelled for nearly ten days.

The long carriages were connected, similar to a long dragon that traversed the Forsaken Land.

If she were to use a mythical beast for transport, the journey would not take more than a day. However, they were carrying a lot of fragile items. Moreover, riding on a mythical beast was too flashy. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao had chosen a carriage to travel.

Within the team, the villagers from the Graveyard of the Sun and Lan Fengli were wearing disguise masks.

Shen Yanxiao was being very careful.

Along the way, Nangong Mengmeng forced her way into Shen Yanxiao's carriage. Other than Shen Yanxiao, Vermilion Bird, and the two mascot-like little guys, there was only Lan Fengli inside the carriage. Now that Nangong Mengmeng was there, the originally quiet carriage instantly became lively.

"Teacher, have you been to Twilight City?" Nangong Mengmeng tried her best to restrain her excitement, but she could not control her chattering mouth.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head. She rarely left Sun Never Sets. She went to Fantasy Devil City to demonstrate her might, and it was an accident that she went to Blizzard City. Twilight City was the furthest from Sun Never Sets, so she had never been there.

"Hehe, I've been there!" Nangong Mengmeng said with a smile.

"Oh? Then tell me, what does it look like?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Nangong Mengmeng was from the God Realm. It was common for the God Realm to visit the Forsaken Land from time to time.

Nangong Mengmeng adjusted her seating posture and immediately said, "Twilight City looks bright and dazzling. Uncle and the rest said that the city walls are made of extremely durable metal. However, it is not as large as the Sun Never Sets. The buildings inside are also somewhat crowded. The city is divided into seven areas, each of which homes the seven rulers of the Seventh Kingdom."

Shen Yanxiao nodded. The Seventh Kingdom was originally formed by seven small countries. In order to prevent other countries from merging together, they had chosen to form an alliance. The structure of the Seventh Kingdom was somewhat similar to the God Wind Alliance. There were no Emperors, only the highest-ranked Elders Council.

The candidates for the Elders Council were chosen from the most powerful old men in the various countries. Even though the seven countries had their respective rulers, they could only call themselves the Emperor there. They were also in charge of some small matters in their respective countries. The actual important matters would still have to be decided by the Elders Council.

Therefore, it could be said that the rulers of the Seventh Kingdom were puppets. The Elders Council was the one with real power.

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