The Great Wild God Book 8 Chapter 168

Vol 8 Chapter 168: Green Wolf Giant Demon

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The first corner of Qifeng Lingshan to leave the space of Lianshu Cave Mansion is Tianjun Peak.

Tianjun Peak stands ten thousand feet tall, and the terrain of the southern foot is relatively flat. It is most convenient for millions of black-shirted generals to lay out and form a formation. At this time, you will see millions of generals, wearing black armor and carrying purple golden halberds. The spear, as if countless dense black scales shielded the valley at the southern foot of Tianjun Peak so airtight.

Even in the face of the ancient trolls that are higher than the mountains, even in the face of the extinct devil, the generals are still fighting, they are the elite of the heavenly demon army, they are the black shirt army, they are the order of the six reincarnations Established, they followed the Emperor Ziwei for thirty-three days. They wanted to create a heaven in thirty-three days to fight for an everlasting habitat for hundreds of millions of people in the beginning!

For the sake of the hundreds of millions of people in the early days, and for the people and children behind them, they will not hesitate to break their bodies!

The Xingtian War God and Ziwei God Generals gathered by the hundreds of killing and attacking battle formations were all shot out of the Lingshan Tianbi for the first time...

A sneered sneer appeared at the corner of Gu Zhihuas mouth. As he expected, the main force of the Demon Temple still threatened the northern counties of the Yan, Yi, and Xia tribes. The Taishu, Lu, Zhou, and Yang were responsible for defending the land. , It is impossible to give up the clan's breeding for countless years of slaughter by the Ren Moman army of the northern counties, and the elite soldiers that Chen Xun can draw from the Taihuan realm in a short time are also the black shirts.

In such a short period of time, the strength of the Black Shirt Army has skyrocketed again, and the spirit of consciousness has been swept away. In the vast black armored army gathered at the southern foot of Qifeng Lingshan, there are more than 120 strong Brahma realm, Nirvana Elite Xuanxiu has nearly 50,000 people, which also surprised Gu Zhihua, but it also surprised Gu Zhihua.

Every bottle of Primordial Troll is a killing machine that exterminates the world. Behind him is a total of 18 Primordial Trolls. Behind the 18th Primordial Troll, there are hundreds of millions of Primordial Demon Warriors. Constantly pouring out from several teleportation circles.

The **** killing will of the Primordial Demon Race is more vigorous and turbulent, and there is no need to even deliberately assemble the demon array. In the charge and battle with the boiling will to kill, the killing will of hundreds of millions of demon races can gather together, shock and draw the power of the law...

However, before the hundreds of millions of Primordial Demon Warriors gathered, Gu Zhihua needed to separate the nine bottles of Primordial Demon Gods and 30 Demon Envoys to suppress the offensive of the Black Shirt Army. At this time, he also saw the two bottles of Heavenly Demon God Puppet Conglian. A corner appeared from the book cave mansion.

The Demon Lord of Ming Yu was actually refined into a puppet of the Heavenly Demon God-Gu Zhihua's mouth twitched in pain, but he firmly believed that this would not change the situation of the battle. He and Wei Yang teamed up with the Jiuzun Taigu troll, enough to bring Chen Xun Killing the ground to find teeth, only when the ancestor demon recovers to the peak cultivation base of the Dutian level, he can come and devour the mark of the Hongmeng Avenue that Chen Xun has built.

At that time, not only the 33 days and the Primordial Beginning Realm will be the world of their Primordial Demon Race.


The Eighteen Zun Taikoo trolls joined forces, and it is really not for a glimpse!

The twelve-armed immortal Asura golden body that was cultivated to the ultimate in Golden Fairyland was almost destroyed by a single blow. Chen Xun thought to himself, its no wonder that Hongmeng Dao Venerable would say that he can only ignore it when he reaches the pinnacle of the ancestors of the saints. The number of all heavenly gods and demons.

Qifeng Lingshan revealed a corner from the lotus book space, and the black shirt army's combat power was fully deployed.

At this time, I saw the twelve-armed Immortal Asura's golden body swayed slightly, and the ancient giant dragon threw out boldly, and merged with the seal of the sky patching road. The giant claws of the golden light and thunder flashed towards Gu Zhihua, Wei Yang and the ancient trolls fiercely. Pounced.

Chen Xun didn't know when Fang Xiaohan and the others could escape from the space-time channel. It might be a few days, or it might be years, hundreds of years, or they might never get out.

No matter if it is days or years or hundreds of years or never, there will be no follow-up reinforcements. Chen Xun knows that they must not stand here passively and be beaten. Once Gu Zhihua is allowed to organize an offensive calmly, the Primordial Demons will surging. Come, even those Primordial Demons who are hesitant at this time will join the encirclement and suppression of them...

Although Shi Mozong's scheming and gloomy layout for millions of years, he was finally missed, but Gu Zhihua and other demons can play with the human races in the palm of the hand over the years, how can it be despised?

Chen Xun also had to admit at this time that Gu Zhihua allowed the Primordial Demon God Hei Fan to stay in the ruins of time and devour the beasts and monsters, while he and Wei Yang and other demon lords and envoys entered the 33 days earlier to convene the old ancestral demon. No doubt Is the most correct choice.

The First Demon Sect has been in the Primordial Realm for millions of years. The Demon Temple finally cultivated and gathered Dutian-level demon heads, including Gu Zhihua, Wei Yang, Jimo Chiqiu and Kou Siyang, and only 21; and Gu Zhihua In less than two hundred years after entering thirty-three days, there were eighteen ancient trolls who wished to lead their troops to return to the ancestor demon's command. This is a Yaohuang achievement that can make anyone proud.

The 18-zun Taikoo trolls immediately returned to the ancestor demon's command. It was only the first step. Chen Xun believed that for 33 days and hundreds of millions of Taikoo trolls, there must be more Taikoo trolls at this time. Gu Zhihua was tempted to say it, but he hasn't made up his mind yet and hesitated...

Chen Xun knew that he must not allow the demon **** Hei Fan to have the opportunity to restore his true demon realm cultivation level. Otherwise, they would not be facing the Eighteen Bottles Primordial Trolls, but the 180 Bottles Primordial Trolls. , One thousand eight hundred bottles of Taikoo trolls!

No, even if the demon **** Hei Fan is restored to the highest level of cultivation at the Dutian level (Golden Wonderland), he will not succeed.

The original demon consciousness of the demon **** Hei Fan is at the same level as Hongmeng Dao Zun, and its true demon head, which is as huge as a mountain, is itself a magic weapon beyond the fairy.

At this time, the Primordial Realm did not have magic weapons beyond the immortal tools, but it does not mean that in the Desolate and Primordial Ages, the Primordial Realm did not exist beyond the immortal weapons, but those god-level magic weapons have been taken away by the saints and the gods. In opening up a new prehistoric universe.

To say that God-level magic weapons may be born in the Taichu realm and the thirty-three days in the future, the only hope lies in the true demon head of the demon **** Hei Fan.

And only with these two points, once the demon **** Hei Fan returns to his peak cultivation base at the Dutian level, he will be invincible at the level of the Golden Immortal Tianzun.

Can't let the demon **** Hei Fan's cultivation base be restored and improved!

The Great Ancient Dragon and the Heaven Patching Dao seal became one, and suddenly rushed towards Gu Zhihua, Wei Yang and other Primordial Trolls. Chen Xun split the mark of Hongmeng Avenue and turned it into a purple spirit light, which quickly refines the flesh and soul of the beasts and souls to the positive pole. Hei Fan, the demon **** of life, swept away.

Gu Zhihua, Wei Yang and the Primordial Trolls once again joined forces, blasting the Primordial Dragon into the air, and the dragon's body was about to disintegrate, but at this time, they also saw a little purple light and rushed to the ancestral demon.

"What do you want to do when you divide the mark of the avenue at this time? Do you think that playing these tricks can escape the bleak ending of the annihilation of the soul?" Gu Zhihua asked coldly, but his subordinates will never slow down. The pillar sacrifices out, incarnates the world-destroying underworld dragon, entwining six reincarnation monuments, and fights together with the great ancient dragon transformed by the power of heaven or gods.

Although Chen Xun once again separated the Violet God General Law Body and the Blood Fiend Demon Shadow, Gu Zhihua did not believe that after he entangled the Primordial Dragon, Chen Xun could still be one enemy ten!

It's just that at this time Chen Xun did not hesitate to sabotage his cultivation and divide the mark of the avenue, which still surprised and suspicious Gu Zhihua.

"Isn't Black Fan just wanting to swallow the mark of the Hongmeng Avenue I built? I'm cheap now, isn't it possible?" Chen Xun sneered coldly, and the purple goddess destroyed the Burning Tianbaolian, and the chaotic thunder net tore the world and the earth. , The joint offensive of the Liuzun Taigu Trolls was sealed.

How could he not think that Hei Fan and Gu Zhihua might set up an ambush in the gap of time and space channels?

No matter how powerful Hei Fan and Gu Zhihua's ambushes are set by the gap in the space-time channel, Chen Xun must lead the black-shirted army to come in. Of course, they also envision various plans when entering the space-time channel to deal with various emergencies.

Gu Zhihua couldnt understand Chen Xuns self-harm at this time, and he also wanted to divide the intention of the mark of Hongmeng Avenue. He saw that purple spirit light swept to the head of the true demon head of the ancestor Mo Hei Fan, and the demon head burst out. A blood glow seemed to prevent the purple spirit glow that seemed completely ineffective from approaching.


At this moment, I heard a roar that pierced the sky and the earth shook out from the mouth of the giant demon skull, and saw a green wolf imaginary shape bursting out of the demon skull in the blue light that exploded in all directions.

Although the blue wolf giant was caught off guard by the demon **** Hei Fan, the demon body and law body were crushed in one bite. It can be said that there is no room for struggle, but the demon **** Hei Fan wants to integrate it with the original spiritual sense and the imprint of the great soul. The soul is completely swallowed and refined, it is by no means easy...

In normal times, the Blue Wolf Giant Demon will never escape the disillusionment of his soul, and his bleak fate of being thoroughly refined. His original spiritual sense is about to be extinguished, and the mark of the great road has gradually merged into the original demon sense of the Black Vatican, but here At that time, the grand purple aura that Chen Xun separated was its life-saving straw-before his original spiritual consciousness was completely extinguished, he also sensed this as the vitality of creation!

At this moment, he saw Ziqi Shenmang plunge into the Blue Wolf Void Form, but the Blue Wolf Void Form did not break free after all, and was finally swallowed back by the giant mouth of the Black Fans demon skull, but Gu Zhihua also fully understood Chen Xuns Intentionally, Chen Xun divided the mark of Hongmeng Avenue to fuse it with the remnant soul of the Green Wolf Giant Demon.

Perhaps the Black Fan finally swallowed Chen Xuns split between the great purple energy and the spirits of the Green Wolf Giant Demon. After refining, his strength increased sharply than expected, but Chen Xuns purpose was only to delay the Black Fans power. Refining time only.

The spirit of the Green Wolf Giant Demon could be said to be a piece of fat for the Black Fan at this time, but after blending into the great purple energy of Chen Xun's division, it became a piece of super fat.

When he changed to him, Zu Mo Hei Fan would wake up from a dream, but at this time, this super fat piece of meat would get stuck in his throat, making him unable to swallow, but also unable to vomit it.

In the previous devouring and refining, he and the spirit of the blue wolf giant monster and the mark of the road have been partially integrated into one. Once the spirit of the giant blue wolf monster is separated and torn, it will cause unimaginable origin of his demon consciousness. It may take millions of years to recover!

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