The Great Wild God Book Chapter 169

Vol 8 Chapter 169: Continue The Front Edge End Of The Book

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After figuring out Chen Xun's intentions, Gu Zhihua just smiled coldly, and Chuannian said, "Can these clumsy tricks restore your fate of destruction?"

He had to admit that Chen Xun's strength was strong enough, beyond his imagination, and that the ancient giant dragon transformed by the way of heaven alone was beyond his ability to suppress.

The wish of the ancient dragon to gather all living beings is fulfilled. The power of the gods can be said to be continuously gushing out, and the golden light and thunder in the dragon's claws is an existence at the level of the gods and thunder in the early days. After the monster was restored to the realm of true demon, it was possible to finally break free of the seal cast by the ancestors of the human race, but then it was beaten back to its original form by the golden light **** thunder that was transformed by the seal of the Heaven Patching Dao.

Although the twinkling golden light between the giant claws of the ancient dragon was only the most primitive and crudest divine thunder of the primordial primordial stage, it had already shown that Chen Xun's cultivation to the quasi-sage realm was only one step away from all the saints.

However, under several battles, the six reincarnation monuments that Gu Zhihua sacrificed to the envoys were all covered with fine lines like ice cracks. If it weren't for the help of the three ancient Jinpengs, Gu Zhihua really didn't have the confidence to wrap this ancient giant dragon. live.

The golden-winged giant peng, spreading its wings to cover the sky for thousands of miles, watching the golden gods surging throughout the body, it is full of majesty, but it is a fierce thing that specializes in killing magic. In the Primordial Era, there were a few Jinpengs who were misfortunes. In the early days, they liked to feed on dragons and beasts and humans. They were all devouring human races in a heaven and a heaven.

Gu Zhihua teamed up with the three primeval Jinpengs of the Golden Fairyland to barely entangle the ancient giant dragon. In addition, Chen Xun also had a triple Dharma body and a golden body. The trolls are entangled, and this shows how powerful Chen Xun's quasi-sage realm is!

If it weren't for them to enter the 33 days early, summon the old ancestral demons, and make so many preparations, they would really not be able to suppress the black shirt army.

But Gu Zhihua no longer worried about anything at this time.

Chixia and other envoys, together with the nine-headed Primordial Devil Dragon, are suppressing the black-shirted army forming in the sky wall of Qifeng Lingshan, so that they can't have a little reinforcement to Chen Xun.

In addition, in the depths of the boundless mountains behind Gu Zhihua, there are several large teleportation formations. At every moment, hundreds of thousands of Primordial Demon Clan soldiers are pouring out to culminate in the canyon.

That is to say, every moment, there will be a bottle of demon emperor-level strong demon clan, leading hundreds of thousands of demon clan warriors to join the battlefield, completely encircling the Qifeng Lingshan, and soon torn the sky wall , Pulled out millions of black-shirt generals and had a good meal.

The Ancestral Demon Black Fan devours the speed of refining the beasts and monsters, even if it is slowed down by Chen Xun's tricks, what can Gu Zhihua worry about at this time?

"The Primordial Demon Race has been involved in the tricks of the Hongmeng dog thief. It has been killing each other for long enough. It is time for everyone to regroup under the banner of the Great Demon God Hei Fan!"

There was a sigh from Qing Ming Cangkong, and the next moment Qing Ming split open, and a giant dead bone palm came out, and he grabbed the Law Body with his head.

"Withered Bone Demon Lord, you finally figured it out!" Gu Zhihua couldn't help laughing. He knew that after the return of the ancestor Demon Black Fan thirty-three days, it would let those hesitant Primordial trolls. They quickly changed their positions, but they didn't expect the Withered Bones Great Demon Venerable to join the battlefield directly at this time, and then they would have a better chance of winning.

The purple goddess destroyed the dharma body of the Brahma Baolian and blocked the withered bones giant palm, but seeing the dead air extending from the withered bones giant palms was like a fog, entangled in the sky, Chen Xun felt that the purple gods would be the immortal of the dharma body Yuan Zhen was swiftly pulled away by trillions of lifeless spirits.

Destroying Chaos Thunder and dispelling the death energy, but the opposing faction has added the combat power of a Great Demon Venerable series, and Chen Xun also felt the pressure doubled!

No, the opponent has not only increased the combat power of a Great Demon Venerable this time, but also saw the torn sky of Qing Ming, eighteen dark golden bone shadows swept down at the same time, and the black hole's eye sockets flickered. The death aura is entwined and permeated. They are all the demons of the Skeleton Race at the peak of the Brahma Realm...

This Withered Bone Demon Lord, at this time, chooses to enchant the Demon God Black Fan, how could he not work harder and put more effort?

"Ka Ka..."

The sound of the broken world came out.

Chen Xun's blood evil demon shadow obtained by refining Kou Siyang's golden body, at this moment, saw that the void domain displayed by the blood evil demon shadow's body has been completely broken and annihilated under the joint offensive of the Sizuo Taigu trolls. The blood evil demon shadow was also different from being broken and annihilated, leaving only a blood shadow to escape back into the twelve-armed Shura golden body!

It seems that Chen Xun still regards the twelve-armed immortal Asura golden body as the foundation of his soul. The Asura golden body is indeed terrifyingly strong, but at this time Chen Xun's heavy golden body is finally blasted out, and Gu Zhihua's expression is also greatly lifted, undoubtedly the winning ticket is already in hand. Up!

At this time, in the depths of the blue sky, two cracks were torn once again, and two more Primordial Trolls were no longer hesitating. At this time, they couldn't wait to join the battlefield.

They are all **** slippery!

Gu Zhihua cursed, but at this time, he couldn't say that he would refuse these trolls to join the battlefield. At most, when distributing the spoils after the war, he would divide a few Primal Beginning Realms to devour them!

"Chen Xun, thinking of your great road mark, golden body and Dharma body, thinking of your mentors and disciples who fought side by side, will soon be reduced to our food for sharing meals, thinking of you struggling to shelter the heavens and stars, thinking of your suffering The hundreds of millions of people who have been sheltered will eventually be swallowed by us. How do you feel in your heart? As long as you tell us where the Hongmeng old thief hides, we may consider leaving you with an immortal mind!" Gu Zhihua said triumphantly. .

"Do you really think you are winning?" At this moment, the Ziwei God General's Law Body was also shattered, and Chen Xun put a ray of green aura into the Twelve Arm Asura Law Body, and asked coldly.

"There are still seventeen divine beasts and Tianzun trapped in the ruins of time. Even if they come out at this moment, they will all surrender to the command of Ziwei Shenting, but what can they do?"

Gu Zhihua laughed. He wanted to personally extinguish Chen Xuns last hope. The dog thief Chen Xun actually kidnapped his Xiaojun to play with him for so many years. He didnt have time to play with it. At this time, he didnt have to worry about torturing the dog thief. , How can you make him calm?

At this time, Gu Zhihua completely abandoned the human body, transformed all the souls and souls into the Nine Dragon Pillars, incarnates the only world-destroying ghost dragon in the world, this is his true face, and his true golden body. In the demon pupils, the world-destroying faint light shimmered, and the faint light shot out, turning into thousands of sword lights, slashing on the twelve-armed immortal Shura golden body. This is his true strength...

However, Gu Zhihua's mouth kept on saying,

"Thirty-three days is the world of my Primordial Demon Race. You cant imagine how vast the 33 days are. You cant imagine how powerful our Primordial Demon Race is. If it werent for the Hongmeng dog thief to divide us The Primordial Demon Race, is there any room for your human race to struggle with the remnant gods? Ancestral Demons return for thirty-three days. Under the inspiration of the Ancestral Demon, the Primordial Demon Races will not split anymore. The existence of many quasi-true demon levels will also return to the ancestor demon's command? At that time, my Primordial Demon Clans eight hundred true demon will recover, even if the Hongmeng dog thief returns to the Primordial Realm, it will only be the end of the eternal seal after falling! "

Gu Zhihua Although Wei Yang and other demon envoys entered thirty-three days earlier, they had passed through the ancestor demon Black Brahma Mind Gap just now, knowing that the ancestor Lei Jun, Ke Qing, Daoxu, and Fang Xiaohan entered with Chen Xun. Space-time passage, but did not come out with Chen Xun and the Black Shirts at this time, and should still stay in the space-time passage.

Although the ancestors escaped from the space-time channel, they did not see Chen Xun's subsequent movements in the space-time channel again, but with their toes, you can think that Chen Xun let Fang Xiaohan stay in the space-time channel, he must be trapped in the time ruins. All the sacred beasts and golden immortals in here were rescued and cited as reinforcements...

But he is not afraid...

Regardless of whether it is possible or how long it will take to rescue these sacred beasts and golden immortals from the ruins of time, this war has already alarmed the 33-day Primordial Demons. Gu Zhihua expects that there will be more in the future. The Primordial Demon Race, join in like the Withered Bones Demon Venerable.

Even if the sacred beasts and golden immortals trapped in the ruins of time escaped the passage of time and space at this time, they all joined the purple gods, allowing the black shirts to increase their combat power at the peak of the golden fairyland by seventeen bottles, how can they regroup with the ancestors Hundreds of thousands of Primordial Demon Race?

What's more, Gu Zhihua knew in his heart that the Primordial Demon Race had already cultivated to the Quasi-True Demon level. As long as one of these fierce creatures chose to return to the ancestor demon's command at this time, they could overwhelm Chen Xun.

At this time, under the claws of the Primordial Jinpeng, the dragon body of the Canggu dragon couldn't hold up to split, only a golden light faintly patching the sky seal, barely returning back to the twelve-arm Shura golden body.


Gu Zhihua talked a lot of nonsense, but his subordinates did not slow down at all, destroying the six reincarnation monuments and violently attacking the golden body of Shura where Chen Xun's spirit is located.

Everyone knows that Chen Xun is the real fat sheep. Many Primordial beasts and trolls, such as the Withered Bone Demon Venerable, Primordial Golden Peng, Primordial Devil Dragon, etc., are not slower than the World Extinguishing Underworld Dragon transformed by Gu Zhihua. Coming over, he was about to tore the twelve-armed Shura golden body that Chen Xun had repaired to pieces, and tore the Hongmeng Zi that Chen Xun had repaired into pieces...

The pressure on Qifeng Lingshan has been reduced, but what is the benefit? Millions of soldiers from the Primordial Demon Race have separated Qifeng Lingshan from Chen Xun!

The torrent of the Primordial Trolls and the Primordial Demon Race under the leadership of Gu Zhihua wanted to defeat them all.


Hei Fan, the demon **** who is devouring the soul of the blue wolf giant demon god, roared furiously at this time.

If these primordial trolls swallow Chen Xun's spirits, there will surely be true demons who can fight against him in the future. Even if Black Fan can't move much at this time, he will never tolerate such a thing.

At this time, I saw a hill-like demon skull spewing out a **** vortex, sweeping towards the cracked twelve-armed Asura golden body. Hei Fan was eager to join the battlefield at this time, in order to mark Chen Xuns golden body and the road Take it for yourself!

"Okay, okay, okay, this is the blood food of the Great Demon God, we naturally can't grab it!"

A gray-golden mountain bone shadow descended from the blue sky, and the withered bone giant fist hit the Brahma Baolian again and again. The strands of death have also wrapped the Brahma Baolian to a firm, although unwilling , But at this time he still agrees that the Great Demon God Hei Fan monopolizes Chen Xuns golden body and soul, he stares at Brahma Baolian, the lifeless demon eye stares at Gu Zhihua, etc., and said vigilantly,

"This black lotus looks good, it belongs to me!"

Gu Zhihua cursed in his stomach. This was the only fairy-level magic weapon he could see, or he could understand the law of time, but he could only tolerate it temporarily at this time, and he would later try to find a way to seize the black lotus.

"These human races have to let us have a full meal!" The biggest advantage is not in contention. Although several Primordial trolls are greedy, but they know that this is not the time when they are fighting in their nests, they turn around to join the siege of Qifeng Lingshan. Among.

Millions of black-shirted generals are among the elite of the human races of the Primordial Realm, and they are indeed enough for everyone to eat.



Even if Gu Zhihua does not **** the Burning Heavenly Lotus at this time, he is determined to let it fall into the hands of the Withered Bones Great Demon Lord for a period of time, but at this time, he will also join forces with the demons to unremittingly besie the twelve-armed immortal Shura where Chen Xuns soul is located. Golden body.

The Ancestral Demon Black Fan could not suppress Chen Xun at this time, and they would continue to besieged and kill Chen Xun completely, so that the Ancestral Demon Black Fan could calmly refining.

However, at this moment, Gu Zhihua saw the golden body of Shura where Chen Xun's soul origin was, and a huge arm smashed forward. The shadow of the fist was strange, scrolling the power of the world, and blasting toward him.

Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist!

When Gu Zhihua changed his mind, he recognized that the force of this punch was the Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist created by Fang Xiaohan when he was still in the Beichen Sect.

He didn't expect that Chen Xun didn't concentrate on mobilizing the power of Xianyuan Zhensha or Dao Law at this time, and unexpectedly displayed this low-level, Brahma-level Heavenly Martial God power!

In addition to the immortal true evil that he cultivated, the Golden Fairy Tianzun can more or less mobilize the power of the Dao Law, and this is the root of the supreme magical power and combat power of the Golden Fairyland.

Chen Xun masters the law of time and can reverse the flow of time in a small area. Kou Siyang masters the law of space and uses the void domain, which is comparable to the defensive power of an entire universe. Gu Zhihua masters the law of destruction.

This is the power that the Golden Wonderland Tianzun should use. Compared with the power of many Dao laws, the heaven and earth power is a whole level of existence; and it has to draw millions, tens of millions of miles. Time will slow down a little.

In the fierce battle at the Jinxian Tianzun level, Chen Xun could cut out the twelve rounds of swords with a single thought. Even if the reaction time was delayed by a tenth, it was deadly enough.

Therefore, the Heavenly Martial Powers at the heaven and earth level usually do not appear in the fierce battles of the Golden Immortal Tianzun level and the annihilation of the space at every turn, because that is too low-level, how can the Golden Immortal Tianzun look at this?

This is also the key reason why the Heaven and Earth Magic Array can usually only withstand the first blow of the Golden Fairy Celestial Lord, and it is difficult to withstand the second blow.

Even if the Heaven and Earth Magic Array can reserve unimaginable Heaven and Earth Elemental Power in advance, the difference is the speed of mobilization. If the first blow can't respect the creation of the Golden Wonderland Heaven, I dont know the second time I want to mobilize the Heaven and Earth Elemental Power. How many times have the Golden Wonderland Tianzun killed.

Back then, the subordinates of Xiong Bi and Zhu Yan were so swiftly defeated in the Profound Light Realm. In the final analysis, it was the distance between the power control levels, and it was difficult to make up for it with the number of people.

Even if Chen Xun masters the law of time at this time, he can only change the flow of time in a small space. Chen Xun has been under the siege of the demons for so long because of this, but there is nothing to mobilize the power of heaven and earth on a large scale. Advantage.

However, above the giant fist smashed by the twelve-armed Asura golden body, golden light and thunder are all covered. This is a manifestation of the cohesion of the power of the law. It itself has the divine power of the primordial level, even if the heaven and earth energy is affected. Chen Xuns fist had a slight increase, but his fist shattered the space and drove the chaotic impact of the power of the law of the road. The chaos and turbulence impacted, and Gu Zhihua must not be ignored and peeped...

The huge dragon body of the World Extinguishing Underworld Dragon was beaten by Chen Xun to stagnate under the blue sky, and Chen Xun took a punch and blasted towards the Withered Bones Demon Lord.

"In the melee at the level of Golden Immortal Tianzun, he can actually use the so-called power of heaven and earth to make his fists stronger. It can be regarded as a good Tianwu divine ability!" Although the Withered Bone Demon Sovereign captured the Burning Tianbaolian, he was blocked for a moment. But still calmly admired Chen Xun's punch.

He could feel that Chen Xuns second punch was stronger than the first one, an increase of about 1%, and with the surging power of the world, the punch might increase by 20-30%. It is indeed a Tianwu magical power that can be used at the level of the Golden Immortal Tianzun, but he does not feel that this child has the slightest room for struggle at this time. His magic pupil is staring at the black lotus, and the magic pupil occasionally reveals it, which is just cheap appreciation. Look at the tyrannical warfare of this human race.

At this time, two more Primordial Trolls tore apart Qing Ming and killed them. The battlefield became more and more lively. The Withered Bones Demon Venerable thought it would be safe to grab this black lotus as soon as possible.

"The third punch!"

Chen Xun's third fist was still the Destroyed Dragon that was transformed into Gu Zhihua.

The Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist, which is integrated into the nine powers of Dielang, can double the power of each stack of fists in the lower three realms of Nirvana, and the power of the ninefold fist can be increased by nine times, but because then Chen Xun was able to take advantage of the power of heaven and earth. The level is very low, so the degree of improvement is extremely terrifying.

This is the same as the lower the level, the greater the room for improvement, and the higher the level, the smaller the room for improvement. At this time, Chen Xun can mobilize millions of miles of heaven and earth power, and heaven and earth power itself is Second to the golden light and thunder light condensed by the fist front, there is no power to borrow between the world and the earth, and the Xuanchen Broken Star Fist's increase in fist power is extremely limited.

Even if Chen Xun made further comprehension on the basis of the Nine Dielang Powers and ascended to the Twelve Dielang Powers, the fundamental truth could not be changed.

This is the truth that Gu Zhihua can understand in an instant, so he is not afraid that Chen Xun can come up with some demon moths, but Chen Xun does not care, just punching out one by one, making Gu Zhihua, Wei Yang and the other demons unable Close.

Gu Zhihua guessed at this time that it might be that under the siege of him and dozens of Primordial Trolls, many of the Purple Geng fine gold giant swords in Chen Xun's hand had been broken, and Brahma Baolian had called that big skeleton entangled, and there was no other magic weapon available. At this time, Chen Xun could only fight them with his bare hands, and perhaps only the low-level Tianwu magical powers like Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist could give full play to the advantages of his Asura Golden Body's twelve giant arms, right?

Yes, the greatest advantage of the Immortal Shura golden body is the twelve giant arms.

The four claws of the World Destroying Dark Dragon came out at the same speed, and the attack density was only one third of that of Shura's golden body.

It's hateful, Gu Zhihua wondered if he would cultivate a few more giant claws in the future, but thinking that his god-devil real body exterminates the world must have twelve giant claws, would it be weird?

But in any case, Gu Zhihua saw that Chen Xun's every punch was increased by the power of heaven and earth. Even if it was less than 1%, the power of the boxing power could be increased by more than 10% in a cycle of nine-fold or twelve-fold. , This really makes Chen Xunduo struggle for a while...

Thinking of this, the corner of Gu Zhihua's mouth was grinning again, and he now hoped that Chen Xun could struggle for a while to double his inner frustration during this period of time.

However, when Chen Xun thought of it, Gu Zhihua still felt a little strange when he systematically blasted out the 144 shadows of fists.

The offensive of the demons was blocked by Chen Xun. The **** vortex that the Ancestral Demon Black Fan opened his mouth was also suppressed by Chen Xun's fist. Chen Xun stopped above the demon head at this time, but the **** vortex could no longer A little closer to the golden body of Shura where Chen Xun's soul origin is.

This is no surprise. Chen Xun's existence as a quasi-sage realm is naturally not so easy to be destroyed. Gu Zhihua was shocked to realize that the strange thing was the howling of the earth hurricane...


Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist uses the power of heaven and earth to increase the power of the fist. When it is cast, it uses the Asura golden body as the core to drive the heaven and earth energy, which can cause hurricanes and other strange phenomena. The scope of this is beyond Gu Zhihua's imagination.

If you look down at the boundless continent from the depths of the endless blue underworld, you will find that when Chen Xun blasted his first punch, the earth within hundreds of thousands of miles was drawn into the hurricane vortex, and the hurricane's howling range followed Every blow of Chen Xun's punch has to extend tens of thousands of miles to the outside...

Chen Xun blasted one hundred and forty-four punches, and the scope of the hurricane's whistling and heaven and earth's vitality had expanded beyond three or four million miles.

How can it be?

In the face of the joint siege between him and the demons, can Chen Xun's spiritual consciousness extend three or four million miles to activate and mobilize the heaven and earth power?

Or, in other words, the Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist used by Chen Xunzhe fundamentally breaks the boundaries of space and is no longer restricted by space, so there is no obstacle to activating and mobilizing the heaven and earth's vitality with divine consciousness?

This is by no means a good phenomenon!

Although the Heaven and Earth Elemental Power is only the next level of strength for the existence of the Golden Immortal Tianzun's series, the range of the Heaven and Earth Elemental Power that can be mobilized is large enough to allow no small glimpse.

At this time, Chen Xun mobilized all the power of the heaven and earth within the range of three or four million miles, and the increase in the attacking power was equivalent to a top-level heaven and earth formation.

The speed of the hurricane's whistling to the periphery of the key world has not slowed down, but it is still accelerating.

Is this still Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist?

Could it be said that Chen Xun has integrated Qiankun Dao into Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist, and has mastered the true meaning of a far higher level of fist technique than Fang Xiaohan back then?

When Chen Xun's second 144 punches were blasted again, Gu Zhihua felt that Chen Xun's punches had increased slightly on the basis of the first cycle!

This is a brand new Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist!

It is Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist that blends into the secrets of Qiankun Dao!

Although Gu Zhihua did not comprehend Qiankun Dao to its original realm, he still knew something about Qiankun Dao.

"A domain is a world, and a world can't be called a world. Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist borrows the power of heaven and earth. It is a great magical power achieved by the integration of Qiankun Dao and Tianwu Dao. How could it be limited by space? And the world of one world is created by the Three Thousand Dao Law. Even though the power of the heaven and the earth seems to be weaker than the power of a single Dao law, how majestic it is that the power of a single Dao law can be compared..."

Chen Xun looked at Gu Zhihua's expression, thinking that he knew the mysterious location of Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist at this time. He laughed. At this moment, he was arrogant and arrogant, and simply picked out all this with a cold voice to shake Gu Zhihua and the demons. Of the mind.

He sensed that dozens of Primordial Trolls rushed over and watched the battle from the periphery. If they could not be deterred, they would join the battlefield at any time.

The power of the Primordial Demon Race is still too strong, he can't help but plan.

As for the Xuanchen Broken Star Fist, Chen Xun has continuously gained new insights in the Primordial Realm, especially after mastering the Seal of Patching Heaven, he has already broken through the space constraints.

The Seal of Patching Heaven Dao is also derived from the Great Dao of Universe, which helps Haoran Dao to break through the limits of the universe. Naturally, Chen Xun can be inspired by analogy in the understanding of Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist.

However, Chen Xun has not had the opportunity to practice Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist in the Primordial Realm. After all, in the realms of the Primordial Realm, it is not easy for him to find a place with a radius of millions of miles without ordinary people inhabiting and not being engulfed by hurricanes. Place to come.

What's more, Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist breaks through the limits of space, naturally it can also break the boundaries between star regions, borrowing the momentum of the tidal surging formed by the space element power in the vast star regions, and it involves a wider range.

Although this level of disturbance of the heaven and earth's vitality would not seriously affect Xuanxiu's disciples, the frail human race mortals could not resist it.

Entering thirty-three days, Chen Xun has no such scruples. If a creature that is weaker for thirty-three days, if there is a human race, it will be stronger than the low-level disciple of the True Sun of the Primordial Realm, so naturally he is not afraid. The hurricane generated by the disturbance of the elemental force.


When Chen Xun's third thought came up, every punch of Chen Xun started to collapse a large area.

When the fourth thought arises, the space-time turbulence formed by the collapse of space, like a black stream, no longer rushes frantically, but is driven by Chen Xuns fist force to form a black vortex of tens of thousands of square meters, bringing Gu Zhihua and the demons together. The offensive is blocked.

If you have witnessed the entrance of the time passage on the other side with your own eyes, you will understand that if this black vortex is really a chaotic vortex called a tomb of stars.

If this chaotic vortex can continue to spread indefinitely, it will eventually form a new space-time channel through the Primordial Chaos for a moment, or it will light up a great purple energy in the Primordial Chaos...

Gu Zhihua didn't stop in his hands, but the huge mouth of the World Extinguishing Dark Dragon that his soul had opened up there, and he didn't think of closing it for a long time. Chen Xun was able to control the chaotic vortex with Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist.

Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist at this time can be said to be a creation-level supernatural power!

Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist was founded by Fang Xiaohan. Chen Xun obtained the inheritance of Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist from Yunzhou Longshan in his early years, and then carried it forward. This is something Gu Zhihua has known for a long time. This also means that Chen Xun is General Xuanchen. Broken Star Fist was elevated to the level of creation supernatural power.

How can it be?

Chen Xun has not yet entered the sacred, it is impossible to create a creation level of supernatural powers, the only possibility is the help of Hongmeng dog thief.

Didnt the ancestors say that the thieves of the Hongmeng had left the Primordial Realm and went to open up a new prehistoric universe?

Could it be said that the Hongmeng thieves still have contact with the Taichu Realm?

Could it be said that the last cause and effect of chasing down Hongmeng and other dog thieves really fell on Chen Xun's body?

Damn Yunzhou!

Chen Xun didn't want to talk about it, Fang Xiaohan was reincarnated in Yunzhou, Chang Xi was reincarnated in Yunzhou, the Void Temple fell in Yunzhou, Shaojun's survivors lurked in Yunzhou, and Haoran Heavenly Dao appeared in Yunzhou again!

Yunzhou is only the Central Thousand Heaven Region, and can concentrate such a terrifying opportunity for immortality, unless it is the hands and feet of the Hongmeng old thief, what else?

Even so, Gu Zhihua didn't have the guts. Since the Hongmeng thieves had left the Primordial Realm to open up a new primordial universe, there was no way to easily return to the Primordial Realm.

The new primordial universe is not so easy to stabilize in the endless chaos of the Primordial Beginning. If the Hongmeng thieves return to the Primordial Beginning Realm, causality is involved on the one hand, and the more important thing is that a little carelessness will cause the new primordial universe. collapse

The creation of the world is not a fun thing. Destroying the world and returning to the chaos of the beginning is the eternal and fundamental of all the great roads.


The demons were also shocked. On the one hand, many Primordial Trolls who were waiting and watching did not dare to get in easily, while the Primordial Trolls who set foot on the battlefield refocused their offensive on Chen Xun's side.

Gu Zhihua was shocked in his heart, but he also saw that the brand-new Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist also had its drawbacks, and the same unimaginable backlash pressure was applied to the twelve-armed Shura Jin where Chen Xun's soul originated.

With every punch Chen Xun blasted, there would be a few more cracks in the body of the twelve-arm Shura Jin.

This is the shortcoming of Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist and also the shortcoming of Tianwu Dao.

Sure enough, there is no flawless avenue in the world, and there is no flawless magical power. Even the existence of the real demon level of Taoist ancestors can't be perfect.

Chen Xun integrated Qiankun Dao into Tianwu's magical powers, and would not change the essence of Tianwu Dao.

The seal of the imaginary world that the all saints and old thieves of the human race jointly cast, isn't it a huge flaw in the space-time passage in front of you?

Thinking about this, Gu Zhihua didn't feel so flustered. As long as Chen Xun hadn't really cultivated to the realm of sanctification, and still stayed at the level of quasi-sage, the magical powers he mastered could be defeated no matter how powerful and strange.

Moreover, Chen Xun must be killed in this battle, otherwise, Chen Xun will be improved.

Otherwise, even if the Ancestor Demon Black Fan returns to the real demon state, there will be a huge mountain blocking their way to devour the realms of the Primordial Realm.

Seeing that Chen Xun intends to control his fist and no longer improve, Gu Zhihua instructed that all the Titans and Titans of the Primordial Demon Race who entered the battlefield from the teleportation circle were killed with Chen Xun as the core.

He is the same as the minds of the demons, that is to concentrate all the pressure on Chen Xun, forcing Chen Xun to continuously increase the power of his fist, and the ultimate goal is to make Chen Xun's soul originate. Immortal Shura's golden body couldn't bear the backlash of Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist and collapsed...

Since Chen Xun is no longer what they can defeat, let Chen Xun defeat himself.

The final victory must belong to them, to the Primordial Demon Race.

As Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist's fist strength continued to increase, the black flame-like chaotic vortex continued to expand, and the demon **** Hei Fan, who had not been restored, soon could no longer maintain the **** vortex to entangle Chen Xun from below.

The original demon sense of the demon **** Hei Fan is still entangled and fused with the spirit of the blue wolf giant demon, refining the flesh and blood of the beast, and the spirit is stuck. The strength he can display at this time is not as good as the ancient trolls.

For the first time, Chen Xun's feet stepped on the Black Vatican Demon Skull made of black gold like stars, sharp stones with bone spurs more than a hundred feet long, but indestructible.

Seeing this scene, Gu Zhihua had nothing to worry about.

Although the ancestor demon's cultivation base has not been restored, and the original demon sense is still entangled with the blue wolf giant monster, this demon skull of the ancestor demon is the only existence in the world that transcends the magic weapon of immortality, and the power of the broken star fist in Chen Xun's Xuanchen is improved. Before it could damage the Devil Head enough, Chen Xun could not bear the backlash and the Law Body collapsed.

The Primordial Trolls can advance and retreat freely in front of the chaotic vortex brought by Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist. However, the lower-level Primordial Demon Clan soldiers will be drawn into the chaotic vortex like a black flame. The body was torn to pieces in the blink of an eye, and the demon fetus was sucked into the chaotic vortex before it could escape...

Seeing this, the color of excitement in the world-destroying ghost dragons pupils that Gu Zhihua transformed became brighter and brighter. He saw the golden body of Shura where Chen Xuns soul originated. The cracks were as dense as a sieve, more than a spider web. Dense, I can see that Chen Xun has reached the limit and will collapse and disintegrate at any time.

"See how long you can last without dying!" Gu Zhihua shouted excitedly.

"Really?" Chen Xun snorted coldly, feeling that there are enough Primordial Demon Souls swallowed by Hongmeng Purple Qi, and the wishing force of the Heaven-filling Dao seal to gather sentient beings has been restored. It is possible to try to integrate the four-fold Dharma body and the golden body into One...

The three-headed and thirty-four-armed Shura divine body did not grow out of thin air.

Even if there is not enough certainty, it can't be delayed any longer.


The twelve-armed Asura golden body, where Chen Xuns soul origin is, barely continued to collapse under the envelope of the Heaven-Mending Dao seal. Gu Zhihua thought that the final chance of victory had come, but he immediately saw the Asura golden body grow out of his left shoulder. The fierce head with blue fangs felt the paralysis and twitching in the heart of the extinct dragon that he had transformed.

A dozen of the Primordial Trolls on the periphery all took a breath, and the Primordial Trolls who did not set foot on the battlefield in the periphery retreated quickly...

This son of the Human Race turned out to be the strongest divine body that killed the Asura tribes of the God Race. Unless the quasi-true demon-level giants came to join the battlefield at this time, otherwise the odds of winning would be really smallsince the odds of winning are not big, no It's cheap, what are they staying to see?

Gu Zhihua also sensed that those Primordial Trolls who were watching were retreating, and his heart was even more cold and desperate...

The momentum of the fist moved the chaotic vortex like a black flame, and the right shoulder and the back of the neck of the twelve-armed Asura golden body slowly grew out of two hideous heads with blue fangs...

Under the armpits, new giant arms are growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The thirteenth giant arm...

The fourteenth giant arm...


The twenty-fourth giant arm...

The four-headed and twenty-four-armed Shura divine body, merged into the Shura divine body of the Taoist Seal, the aspirations of all beings continue to gather, and the cracks on the divine body are closing at a speed visible to the naked eye...

If there is a slight possibility, Gu Zhihua would never believe what he saw before him!

However, whether Gu Zhihua wants it or not, believes it or not, the chaotic vortex caused by Xuanchen Star Breaking Fist's fist has already separated a chaotic torrent of the black giant river, towards the world-destroying ghost dragon transformed by his soul through the Nine Dragon Pillar Swept over.

The surging speed of the black torrent surpassed the limit of Tao, and Gu Zhihua was inevitable. In order to kill Chen Xun, he had integrated all the souls into the Nine Dragon Pillars and into the body of the Devil Dragon. Can destroy six reincarnation monuments and make the final desperate struggle.

Seeing the demon body of the Destroying Underworld Dragon, in the black flame chaotic torrent, the layers of dissociation, Gu Zhihua was desperate.

At the same time, he saw Chen Xun split out a torrent of chaos, rolled over the ancestral demon skull, leaked from the orifice of the demon skull, and heard the ancestral demon's heartbreaking roar; then he saw the other end. The giant blue wolf that persisted to the end, finally struggled out...

He saw that the original demon consciousness of the ancestor demon was stripped from the demon head by the torrent of chaos, turned into a condensed magic seal, and fell back into Chen Xun's palm...

He saw the Withered Bones Great Demon King, Primordial Jinpeng, Primordial Devil Dragon, and Wei Yang fleeing to the periphery, but at this time it was too late to escape, and they were all swept in by a chaotic torrent...

He saw the depths of the blue sky, as if the eyes of the sky were opening, and Fang Xiaohan, Daoxu, Ancestor Lei Jun, Ke Qing and the seventeen huge and friendless gods slowly descended...

The existence of the peak of the Golden Fairyland, with the imprint of the original spiritual consciousness, is extremely difficult to refine, so Gu Zhihua has enough time to see the scenes of the Primordial Demon Clan being chased by the black shirt army after the collapse.

He could also see Chen Xun like a **** of creation, standing on the giant head of the ancestral demon head like Qiushan, receiving the worship of the generals in black shirts. He could see Fang Xiaohan and the others flying over, squatting down and knocking black gold like stars. Like the head of the ancestral demon skeleton, he said that this can be used to refine the Tiangong of Ziwei Shenting in the 33rd day...


The demon skull cast in black gold by the stars turned into a giant ridge like the sky, stretching under the feet.

Chen Xun, who had recovered his human body, wore a blue shirt, as if a bookish human youth stood on a bone spur like a huge rock.

His divine sense stretched out, and he sensed that a dozen or so demonic senses were close and quickly retreated, and soon disappeared in the depths of the endless continent.

Thirty-three days is too vast. Even if there are no real demon-class powerhouses in this world, even if the Primordial Demon Race is still in a fragmented state, the overall strength of the Primordial Demon Race is definitely not to be glimpsed. Their follow-up is First consider standing still in this wilderness.

Although the sky wall of Qifeng Lingshan formed by the seventy-two heavens was never broken by the Primordial Demon Clan, the casualties of the black-shirted generals were still terrifying, but fortunately, they were broken as the War God's method was broken again and again. Souls can re-enter the reincarnation...

Chang Xi, Jiadai, Su Tang, Su Qingying, Xu Zhaorong, Jiang Bingyun, Qingxuan, Qianlan are in the Qifeng Lingshan, fighting side by side with the black-shirted generals, but their minds are always tied to Chen Xun's body, and they are afraid to witness After this was called the most powerful battle since the Archaic, in the end there was almost no strength to stand.

Seeing Chen Xun finished adjusting his breath and stood up on the Demon Skull Spike, the women all flew towards Chen Xun.

Except for trying their best to suppress the desire to embrace Chen Xun, they didn't know what to say at this time.

Su Yun flew over, but threw straight into Chen Xuns arms, bit his ear and said, "Master, give me the memory of my previous life, even though the ladies said that you did a very bad job to me in the previous life. Things, but I dont think I just wanted to be your disciple in my previous life!"

Chen Xun smiled awkwardly. He also had lingering fears during this battle. He didn't have much confidence before fusing the four-fold Law Bodies. At this time, Ren Su Yun squeezed the fiery body into his arms, since she was unwilling to become a young man. Jun, let her be a fairy Lingyun...


"I didn't expect us to miss this battle. It's really hateful!" Fang Xiaohan and the others flew over with a smile.

"I knew you could come out of the space-time channel so quickly, so I wouldn't have to risk fusing the four-fold Dharmakaya," Chen Xun laughed and said to Fang Xiaohan, "Please come over and establish the heavenly court of the upper realm. They can Willing to stay and help?"

After the war, it was when Chen Xun was weakest and needed a period of recovery. Fang Xiaohan and the others did not come to disturb Chen Xun, and both sides of the Demon Head were heavily sealed by the Seventy-Two Heavens Formation.

Only then did Chen Xun have time to meet Fang Xiaohan and the seventeen golden immortals and divine beasts they rescued from the ruins of time.

It is not easy for the Human Race to gain a foothold in the 33rd day. What's more, in the later stage, it will have to develop into the depths of the 33rd day to suppress the Primordial Demon Race. It needs the help of more Jinxian Tianzun powers.

Of course, the human giants and the beasts and monsters who can cultivate to the peak of the golden fairyland are all unruly. They can cut off the dust in the early years and resolutely enter the space-time channel, so they will not easily surrender to which power. Maybe they care more. It is Taoism practice.

Chen Xun does not expect them all to stay. If three or five people are willing to stay, it is overjoyed; or if they want to build a power in 33 days, Chen Xun will help...

"Twelve Golden Immortal Heavenly Sovereigns are willing to stay, but you can never imagine who the sixth ancestor Spirit Xiong Xianjun of Brahma Palace is?" Fang Xiaohan couldn't help but said excitedly.

"Oh!" Chen Xun's curiosity was also aroused. The sixth ancestor of Brahma Palace, Xiong Xianjun, entered the Star Ruins before Chen Che, and was trapped in the ruins of time with other golden immortals and beasts. There should be no causal involvement with them. It is.

Fang Xiaohan waved his sleeves and released a cloud of golden light. He opened a golden bridge-like passage on the sky wall formed by the seventy-two heavenly formations, and saw a figure wearing a Tsing Yi Tao robe flying towards the sky wall.

Although his face changed a lot, the familiar breath of spirit and soul radiated out, causing Chen Xun's spirit to tremble, tears fell on his face, and bowed to Taoist Tsing Yi: "Chen Xun never thought that he would have the destiny to see Master again in this life!"

"You are now the sovereign of the emperor, and the descendant of Hongmeng Dao Zun, and I was just a clone in the Shenxiao Sect back then. Guo Mou can't stand this gift!" Tsing Yi Taoist laughed, he was Xiong Xianjun, the sixth ancestor of the Brahma Palace, was born in the Guo family. Although Chen Xun never worshiped Hongmeng Dao Zun as his teacher from beginning to end, everyone knew that Hongmeng Dao Zun was Chen Xuns true master, and only Hongmeng Dao Zun is qualified to be Chen Xun's master.

When it comes to teaching the Tao to pass on the industry, Lao Kui, Chang Zhen, Tao Jinghong, Zuo Qingmu, and Zong Tu, who passed away in his early years, did not support Chen Xun in the support of Guo Zhenren.

"Master was trapped in the ruins of time, how could he have thought of planting such a son in Yunzhou?" Chen Xun insisted on calling the Taoist Tsing Yi, who is also the sixth ancestor of Brahma Palace, Spirit Xiong Xianjun as his teacher.

Of course, he was still a little confused. With the supernatural powers of Master Spirit Xiong Xianjun, it should be impossible to see through the puzzle set by the First Demon Sect. If such a key piece of wonderful chess was dropped in Yunzhou, if it had already been seen through, The master can't cut off the dust and enter the passage of time and space.

"I entered the Star Ruins to prove the avenue. I have made various arrangements to cut off the dust, but it is strange to say that after entering the Star Ruins, my mood can never calm down, and I cannot cut off the last trace of concern for the world. , I cant make up my mind to enter the passage of time and space. I have been in the depths of the Star Ruins for hundreds of thousands of years, and finally left a clone in Yunzhou to reincarnate and practice, and this will cut off the worry..." said the fairy bear.

Hearing this, Chen Xun couldn't help but put up a **** towards the sky of Qingming and cursed: "Old Hongmeng, are you still peeping here?"

A divine thunder blasted down, and Chen Xun was so frightened that Chen Xun quickly retracted his middle finger, thinking that he would wait until he formally cultivated into the realm of true gods in the future, and then go to trouble the old Hongmeng thief...

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