The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Nauseous From Eating

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Su Wans eyes were fixed on Jiang Xuechengs hand, and she could not help but feel a little stunned.

Could it be that the thing that she was clutching tightly in her dream was Jiang Xuechengs hand?!

Su Wan hurriedly lowered her head to look at her nails. As expected, there were some bloody marks on them.

She had actually pinched Jiang Xuecheng until he was bleeding, but he did not say a word

Su Wan was in a trance. Suddenly, she felt that the figure in front of her had overlapped with the previous one. He looked cold, but inside, he was unbelievably gentle.

In fact, Jiang Xuecheng was not that difficult to get along with during the day, was he?

Perhaps it was just that he was not good at expressing himself.

Su Wan stared at her blood-stained hands for a long time. A strange sweetness, as well as indescribable joy and hope, emerged in her heart.

Su Wan felt more and more that the day when she reminded Jiang Xuecheng of herself was not far away.

Su Wan quickly put on her clothes and immediately went to the bathroom to wash up.

The mirror in the bathroom reflected a pale woman who looked somewhat haggard. It was obvious that she did not sleep well last night.

Su Wan could not help but splash her face with cold water several times. Finally, her face turned slightly red and her mind became clearer.

When Su Wan came out of the bathroom, she heard someone knocking on the door.

Su Wan was a little surprised. She did not know who had come over. According to her understanding of Jiang Xuecheng, if that guy had gone and returned, he might not have knocked on the door.

Su Wan tucked her hair into her ears to make sure that her appearance was neat. Then, she ran to the door and opened it.

A delicate and pretty face was reflected outside the door. It was a girl wearing a maids uniform.

The other party looked very young. She could not be said to be very beautiful, but she looked very comfortable. There was a gentle and submissive feeling between her brows.

"Miss Su, its time for you to eat. After you finish eating, His Highness wants you to go to the study room to see him."

Hearing this, Su Wans almond-shaped eyes opened slightly. Then, her gaze lingered on the plate in the other partys hand.

"Miss Su?"

When the girl saw that Su Wan did not speak and only stared at the thing in her hand, she could not help but remind her softly again.

When Su Wan heard this, she came back to her senses and quickly smiled at the young maid. Then, she reached out and took the plate from the other party.

"Thank you. Thank you for your hard work."

When the little maid heard Su Wan thank her, she was slightly stunned. It was as if she did not expect Su Wan to thank her.

Because Su Wan lived alone on the same floor as the emperor, there were countless rumors about Su Wan on the outside.

In addition, Su Wan almost never went out and had almost no contact with outsiders, so the rumors were getting more and more ridiculous. People said that Su Wan was pampered and spoiled, and that she was a lonely and arrogant girl.

There were even many people who compared Su Wan to Diya, saying that Su Wan was useless.

An ordinary commoner girl wanting to become a phoenix on a branch was simply a pipe dream!

However, when the little handmaiden came into contact with her today, it did not seem to be the case at all.

Su Wan was good-looking and had character. Moreover, when she smiled, she was very gentle. She was completely different from Miss Diya.

In the past, everyone said that the eldest daughter of the Siswell family, Diya, was the best match for His Highness. However, at this moment, the little handmaiden felt that Su Wan was a very good match.

If Su Wan really got together with the emperor, would that be considered a fairy tale?

The little handmaidens face was flushed red. She quickly nodded at Su Wan and immediately left the room, closing the door on her own accord.

Su Wan saw the other partys expression change again and again. The smile on her face was brilliant, but there was clearly no malice. Su Wan felt that it was stranger and stranger. She did not understand what the other party was thinking at all and why she was smiling so happily.

Su Wan shook her head and then placed the plate that she had just taken over on her own table.

The plate was filled with freshly cooked food. It was steaming hot and smelled very fragrant.

It was probably because Jiang Xuecheng noticed that she was not feeling well and had someone make a chicken porridge, two side dishes, and some fish crystal dumplings.

After the serving maid left, Su Wan stared at the food that she did not know whether was breakfast or lunch.

This kind of treatment was simply too good to be true.

She even wondered if Jiang Xuecheng was switched with someone else.

Why did he suddenly treat her so well?

When she woke up, she did not even have to be a chef anymore. Instead, she was being provided for with good food and drinks

Su Wan frowned. She could not help but wonder what Jiang Xuecheng wanted her to do. It was so mysterious and she received such good treatment.

All of a sudden, Su Wans stomach began to rumble, interrupting her normal thoughts.

Su Wan stroked her flat stomach. Faced with the steaming food in front of her, she could not care about anything else. She immediately picked up the spoon and started eating.

As for other things, it was better to wait until her stomach was full first.

Didnt the girl just say that Jiang Xuecheng wanted her to look for him after lunch?

Su Wan put down the spoon. She picked up a fish crystal bun and bit through the skin to try it.

But for some reason, the smell of the fish crystal bun made her nauseous.

Was it because the chefs cooking was not good that the smell of the crystal bun was too strong?

Su Wan frowned. She did not think too much and just put down the fish crystal bun.

She cleaned up the bowl of shredded chicken congee and the two plates of side dishes. It was clearly a lot, but she felt that she was only 70-80% full. She felt like she wanted to eat something more.

Su Wan glanced at the crystal bun on the plate with melancholy. She was about to try a few mouthfuls with the principle of not wasting it, but this time, before she could finish eating, she felt a faint nausea in her stomach.

She could not eat any more.

Forget it, forget it, lets just leave it as it is

Su Wan sighed helplessly and decided to get up and go to the study to look for Jiang Xuecheng.

Thinking of the wound on the back of Jiang Xuechengs hand that she had pinched out, Su Wan was just about to go out when she turned around again. She rummaged through the cabinets and found a set of ointment.

Although she knew that Jiang Xuechengs healing ability was extraordinary, and now that he had become the emperor of the Gods Palace, his body was probably in better condition.

However, Su Wans obsessive-compulsive disorder made her feel that she had to treat any wounds. After all, tetanus was not something to be trifled with.

Su Wan pressed the button at the study room, and then slowly waited for the heavy red copper wooden door to open.

She walked into the study room with the ointment, but did not find him in front of the sofa or the office chair.

Su Wan was stunned. She kept walking forward and bypassed the layers of bookshelves. Finally, she saw the slender figure in front of a gorgeous French window.

"Your Highness."

The emperor finally turned around when he heard her. He calmly glanced at the thing in Su Wans hand.

"What is that?"

Su Wan paused for a second before she realized that Jiang Xuecheng was talking about the ointment in her hand.

Su Wan blushed and said in embarrassment.

"Your Highness, I think I accidentally scratched your hand when I had a nightmare just now, so I brought some ointment to apply on you"

Before Su Wan could finish, the man suddenly interrupted her with a sarcastic voice.

"Dont you know that such a small injury is not worth mentioning to me?"

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