The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Holding Others Gazes

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Su Wan was stunned on the spot.

Did Jiang Xuecheng just say that he wanted her to accompany him?

Of course, it was impossible for Jiang Xuecheng to lack a female companion, but since he said so, it could only mean that he wanted her to go with him

"What, youre not happy?"

When the man saw Su Wans stunned look, his long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and he misunderstood Su Wans reaction.

When she heard this, Su Wan felt as if she had just woken up from a dream. She hurriedly nodded her head, and her expression was as happy as a lark running around on a branch.

"Of course Im willing!"

No matter why Jiang Xuecheng had chosen her, this was obviously the best situation.

When it came to love, Su Wan was an extremely selfish woman. She would never want to see another woman standing beside Jiang Xuecheng with a beautiful smile.

The emperors phoenix-like eyes moved. He casually glanced at Su Wans face as if he was trying to determine whether the joy on Su Wans face was real or fake.

A second after Su Wan finished speaking, the man waved his hand.

"In that case, you should go back. Have a good rest today and prepare for the banquet tomorrow. I hope you wont embarrass me."

He didnt tell her anything else?

Su Wan glanced at the man in front of her from the corner of her eyes. In the end, she didnt say anything and quietly left the study.

With a feeling that it was almost unreal, Su Wan walked back to her room.

When it was almost afternoon, the little handmaiden who delivered the food knocked on Su Wans door again. However, this time, she didnt come to deliver food, but to bring a set of exquisite boxes.

Su Wan glanced at the rectangular gilded gift box and frowned slightly. She stretched out her slender fingers towards the box.

"Whats in here?"

The little handmaiden with a round face smiled shyly. Her red face was like a cute apple.

"Miss Su, here are your clothes and jewelry for tomorrow. You can try to change them first. If there is anything inappropriate, His Highness will ask someone to change it."

Su Wan nodded in realization. She did not expect that Jiang Xuecheng would send the things for tomorrows Banquet so soon.

Su Wan took the box from the little handmaiden and put it on the table. She turned around and smiled at the little handmaiden with a sincere expression.

"Thank you for your hard work."

The little handmaiden shook her head bashfully. She hesitated for a moment as if she wanted to walk out of the room, but she did not really do it.

Seeing the little handmaidens hesitation, Su Wan couldnt help but ask another question.

"Whats wrong? Is there anything else?"

The little handmaidens face turned red. She opened her mouth and her round eyes glanced at the gorgeous gift box not far away.

"Miss Su, can you open it for me to take a look?"

Su Wan was stunned when she heard that. Before she could react, she saw the little handmaiden awkwardly scratch her hair and start to explain hurriedly.

"Miss Su, dont misunderstand. Im not coveting your gown and jewelry. I just want to take a look"

As if afraid that Su Wan would not believe her, the little handmaiden shook her head more than a rattle drum.

"I really just want to take a look, Miss Su. I dont have any other intentions. I really dont."

Hearing the little handmaidens anxious words, Su Wan smiled. She suddenly felt that the little girl in front of her was very innocent and cute.

In fact, she understood what she was thinking. After all, girls always yearned for beautiful and gorgeous clothes and jewelry.

This was probably the nature of women.

Just like how men often liked guns and cars, or knives and swords, they felt that having these things added a lot of prestige.

Su Wan smiled kindly at the little handmaiden and cut off her voice that was like a recorder.

"This is just a small matter. You dont have to explain so quickly. Ill open it for you to see."

Before she could finish her sentence, Su Wan opened the gorgeous box.

A light blue gown was gently packed inside. Beside it was an exceptionally exquisite black velvet box. Clearly, there was jewelry inside.

The light blue gown was very beautiful. The waist was lightly outlined. A ring of silver butterflies surrounded it, and pure white jade beads were inlaid in the middle.

The waist was covered by layers of white gauze. It was very fluffy, but it did not appear cumbersome. The hem of the skirt had a gorgeous but not exaggerated bloom, adding a bit of elegance.

Su Wan could not help but reach out and gently hold the skirt in her hand.

The skirt suddenly stretched out.

The silver butterfly wings sewn together fluttered, and the hem of the skirt was layered with different colors. It was like a slow flowing river, so beautiful that it was difficult to describe.

"Its really beautiful!"

The round-faced little handmaiden widened her eyes. She stared at the light blue dress in astonishment. Her young face was full of envy.

The little handmaiden looked at Su Wan in surprise and kept looking at Su Wan as if she was imagining how Su Wan would look in this dress.

"Miss Su, you will definitely look very good in this dress! Miss Su, arent you going to try it on now?"

Indeed, this dress was very beautiful. One look and one could tell that it was the work of a master. It was meticulously made, and every detail was exquisite.

Jiang Xuechengs taste had always been good, and this time was no exception.

Su Wan put the light blue dress back to its original place and smiled faintly at the little handmaiden.

"You will see it tomorrow. Ill try it later."

The little handmaiden was a little disappointed, but she was soon attracted by the black velvet box next to the dress.

The little handmaiden scratched her hair in embarrassment, looking embarrassed.

"Miss Su, I want to see that too"

Su Wan opened the gift box generously,

to Su Wans surprise, after opening the box, there was a bracelet made of blue diamonds inside.

The bracelet was dazzling. Under the illumination of the lights, it was almost impossible to take ones eyes off it.


Su Wans pupils constricted slightly. She stared at the blue diamond bracelet without blinking.

More than ten blue diamonds were strung together. Each of them was the same size, without any flaws. The quality was excellent.

The blue diamond in the middle was carved into the shape of a blue rose. It was perfectly cut, like the stars surrounding the moon. It was overflowing with light and colors, making one unable to put it down.

This bracelet was actually quite similar to her parents’"Touched" necklace.

If this blue diamond bracelet and her parents love item were taken out, people might easily believe that they were crafted by the hands of the same designer.

Because Nono had absorbed all the energy from her parents"Touched necklace, Su Wan never wore it again. She only kept it in the cabinet.

A few nights ago, Jiang Xuecheng happened to see it and asked her a few questions out of curiosity.

Because Jiang Xuecheng had made her a wedding ring before, Su Wan knew that Jiang Xuecheng was actually quite talented in jewelry design.

Could this bracelet be a result of Jiang Xuechengs inspiration after seeing the Touched necklace?

However, during the day, Jiang Xuecheng clearly didnt remember anything that happened in the middle of the night!

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