The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 742

Chapter 740 Being In A Dangerous Situation

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The surroundings were pitch-black.

Su Wan looked forward with difficulty. There was a dim light in front of her eyes, and she could vaguely see two silhouettes.

The slightly plump one was probably the Aunt He that Xiao Meng had mentioned, and the thin and small one was Xiao Meng

Su Wan blinked her slightly drowsy eyes, and the light in her almond-shaped eyes gradually dimmed.

It was as if there was an invisible hand on her heart, tugging at her until she felt pain.

Su Wan had thought of many situations where she was caught together with Xiao Meng. The worst case scenario was that she was forced to be sold like a tool.

As long as she was alive, there was hope. Su Wan believed that there was always a way out.

Before Su Wan heard this, she had even been thinking about how to escape and save Xiao Meng and her brother at the same time.

However, reality gave Su Wan a sharp stab in the back.

Sometimes, being merciful to others brings the cruelest fate to oneself.

The two women outside were still talking. To be more precise, it was Xiao Mengs stand-up comedy. The woman called Aunt He basically just uttered a few ambiguous words.

"Aunt He, I beg you, please let my brother go. I promise you, if you sell the companions that I was caught with, you will make more money than if you sell ten of me."

"Are you sure that dark-skinned girl is that beautiful?"

A sharp female voice sounded from outside the door, but from this voice, Su Wan could imagine the image of a middle-aged woman with sharp eyes.

"Im sure!"

"Alright, Ill check the goods first!"

Hearing their conversation, Su Wans eyes slowly turned red.

Not because she was afraid, but because of the pain of being betrayed by someone she trusted

Su Wan really never thought that she would be stabbed in the back by a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl who was only in the third or fourth year of high school on Earth.

At first, she was at a loss, but then she felt numb and cold.

At that moment, the door creaked open and someone pressed the switch of the wall lamp. In an instant, the room was brightly lit.

The light in the room came too suddenly. Su Wan had just adapted to the dark environment. At that moment, the light flickered, making it difficult for Su Wan to open her eyes.

Following that were two pairs of eyes.

One of them was from Xiao Meng. Clearly, this girl remembered Su Wans previous actions, but she had betrayed her. Her face was more or less filled with fear and guilt. It was as if she did not dare to look at Su Wan.

The other one was full of scrutiny and examination. It was as if she was thinking about the possibility of Su Wan being a beauty and how much business benefits she could bring. This naturally came from the Aunt He that Xiao Meng had mentioned.

Because she was extremely disappointed with Xiao Meng, Su Wan could not be bothered to look at her. Instead, she hurriedly raised her eyes to look at Aunt He. It was not much different from what she had imagined.

It was a middle-aged woman in her thirties or forties. She was dressed in a black silk dress and her shoulders were covered with fur. She looked very elegant and graceful.

Although she had reached this age, Aunt He still retained her charm.

Her chin was pointed and her skin was very white. She had maintained her appearance well. However, when she swept her gaze over, it was too sharp and cold. She did not look very approachable.

Su Wan pursed her thin lips into a straight line, and a cold snort of disdain crossed her mind.

No matter how graceful and elegant Aunt He was dressed, she was just a shady businesswoman in the slavery business. She did not deserve to be called a person!

While Su Wan was looking at Aunt He, Aunt He was also looking at her.

She had always been sharp-eyed. She was immediately attracted by Su Wans almond-shaped eyes.

Su Wans whole body was now covered with dirt and only her untampered eyes that were the most eye-catching.

Su Wans expression darkened. She did not like that kind of gaze that looked like she was looking at a product, so she subconsciously reached out her hand to block it from her face.

In fact, there wasnt much of her to look at now.

Other than her dark face, she had also added many special effects. There were many blemishes such as acne marks and freckles.

There were two things that Su Wan regretted the most right now. First, she had saved Xiao Meng, the ingrate. Second, she had been soft-hearted and exposed her appearance to Xiao Meng.

In this era where there was a clear hierarchy, excessive beauty and lack of strength could only lead to trouble.

The woman called Aunt He walked towards Su Wan and unhappily moved her hand away.

"Move your hand away, what are you trying to block!"

Hearing Aunt Hes scolding, Su Wan bit her lip and a trace of viciousness flashed across her eyes.

She had to tolerate it. Su Wan understood this. She clenched her fists and slowly lowered them from her face.

Looking at Su Wans entire face, Aunt He couldnt help but frown.

She turned her head and looked at the trembling Xiao Meng beside her. Her voice was filled with hesitation.

"Xiao Meng, are all the potholes on this womans face painted?"

Putting aside the fact that Su Wan was too dark, Su Wans body was slim and she had everything she should have. If all the effects on her face were removed, she might really be a top-notch beauty.

Hearing Aunt Hes question, Xiao Meng suddenly broke free from her guilty conscience. She patted her shoulder confidently and her tone was extremely accurate.

"Of course!"

Xiao Meng said as she looked at Su Wan timidly.

However, Su Wan only lowered her eyes. She did not look at her nor Aunt He. It was completely unknown what she was thinking.

Sister Su was too calm

After all, she was only fifteen or sixteen years old and had just been an ingrate. Even if Su Wan was silent, it still made Xiao Meng tremble in fear.

Xiao Mengs fingers trembled, and she suggested to Aunt He.

"Aunt He, why dont you find someone to get a basin of warm water, and then use a makeup remover to remove the things on Sister Sus face."

When she heard how she was addressed, Su Wans expression instantly became even colder. Su Wans lips sank, and she felt a sharp pain in her heart.

At the same time, Su Wan was somewhat glad that she had only told Xiao Meng that her surname was Su. Otherwise, who knew where she would be sold by this little girl.

She was only fifteen or sixteen years old, yet her heart was already so black.

Now, Xiao Meng actually dared to call her Sister!

Su Wan suddenly raised her eyes and coldly glared at Xiao Meng.

Meeting those bright eyes, Xiao Mengs heart was flustered, and she hurriedly averted her gaze.

Aunt He nodded at Xiao Meng.

"Ill be back soon. This area is full of mercenaries that I bought at a high price. Dont you two think of playing tricks on me!"

Then, Aunt He glanced at Xiao Meng and Su Wan unkindly, especially at Su Wan.

"If you dare to run away, Ill ask those people to turn you over dozens of times and throw you into the dirtiest slum!"

"Theres a shortage of women there. Let alone beautiful and clean ones, even the ugly and black ones will be tortured to the point of disfigurement!"

When Xiao Meng thought of that scene, her scalp went numb and her body could not help but tremble.

"Of course, of course. My brother is still in your hands. How could I dare to run away?"

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