The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage Chapter 744

Chapter 742 As Compensation

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Su Wan casually picked up an iron candlestick. It was rusty and mottled and just lying around.

The candlestick drew a beautiful arc in the air directly towards Xiao Meng!

Xiao Meng was not prepared to be hit at all. She was shocked and was stunned for two to three seconds before she reacted and dodged to the side!

Although she had not been in contact with Su Wan for long, Su Wan seemed to be a quiet person. In her anger, she actually used an iron tool to hit someone!

Xiao Meng could not dodge in time. A thin layer of blood instantly oozed out from her forehead.

Feeling the continuous drops of blood on her face, Xiao Meng looked even more aggrieved. She felt that it hurt.

At the same time, Xiao Mengs heart was filled with intense hatred.

Why did Su Wan have the right to hit her?!

"Hmph, to think that I still called you sister. To think that I still thought that you were a good person! You actually hit me!"

Xiao Meng threw these words angrily and then quickly ran to the door. She covered her forehead in grievance and simply waited behind the door.

Without Xiao Mengs chattering by her ear, the storage room was finally much quieter.

Su Wan lowered her head and could not help but sigh.

It wasnt that Su Wan had never heard of biting the hand that feeds you. It was just that she had encountered such a bloody example today, and it was really tragic.

Although she was only 15 years old, Xiao Meng was extremely fond of beauty. Just thinking about how she might have been disfigured because of the candlestick that Su Wan had thrown at her made Xiao Meng feel terrified!

She bit the corner of her lips hatefully, her eyes flashing with viciousness.

Now she completely felt that Su Wan deserved it. She directly threw the matter of Su Wan protecting her to the back of her mind.

Xiao Meng slowly reached out her hand and carefully explored the inside pocket of her clothes. More than ten round beads were under her hand.

Xiao Meng lowered her head and glanced at the pocket. She quickly noticed the faint blue color and couldnt help but open it a little more.

In the pocket, there was an extremely luxurious blue diamond bracelet.

More than ten blue diamonds were strung together. Each one was of the same size and without any flaws. The quality was excellent.

The blue diamond in the middle was carved into the shape of a blue rose. It was perfectly cut, like the stars surrounding the moon. It was flowing with light and colorf, making it hard to put down.

It was the one that Jiang Xuecheng had given to Su Wan!

When Xiao Meng saw the dazzling bracelet, she felt like she was holding a rabbit in her heart. Her heart pounded non-stop.

Although the lights were dim here, the bracelet was still so beautiful that she could not take her eyes off it. Almost at the first glance, Xiao Meng felt that it was the real thing!

When she was in the bathroom that Su Wan had reserved, she accidentally found a small box in the groove of the wall. The blue diamond bracelet was inside it.

In fact, there was a similar blue diamond necklace at that time, but the color was not that good. There were even faint cracks.

Xiao Meng really liked the blue diamond bracelet so much that she could not help but steal it.

Previously, she felt that she had let Su Wan down. Now that she looked at it, this bracelet could be considered as compensation for Su Wan wounding her!

Just as Xiao Meng was stroking the bracelet in her pocket, she suddenly heard a series of moderate footsteps.

Xiao Mengs face stiffened. She hurriedly stuffed her hand back into the original spot and smoothed out the creases on her clothes.

Sure enough, in less than ten seconds, two women appeared at the corner. The one leading them was Aunt He, who had just disappeared.

Xiao Meng lowered her head and showed a respectful and humble smile.

"Aunt He"

Aunt He glanced at Xiao Meng coldly. When she saw the scar on Xiao Mengs forehead, she immediately frowned.

"Why did you come out? Did you knock against the door with your forehead?"

Xiao Meng shook her head awkwardly and lowered her head.

"No Sister Su was angry with me and chased me out. The scar on my head was also caused by her. Sister Su has a fierce temper, Im afraid that she"

Xiao Meng looked like a well-behaved little girl.

However, the last sentence sounded wrong, but it clearly showed that Su Wan was not a soft-hearted person. She wanted Aunt He to be more vigilant and "polish" Su Wan.

Aunt He was a shrewd person, so of course, she could hear the hidden meaning in Xiao Mengs words.

She looked down at Xiao Meng from above, and Xiao Meng immediately shut up. She followed Aunt He and the woman with the makeup remover into the room.

Three people came in at once, and one of them was carrying a bunch of things. The small storage room seemed to be crowded.

Su Wan was originally thinking about how to escape, but when she saw the few women who suddenly rushed in, she frowned slightly.

Aunt He snapped her fingers and directly ordered the woman with the tools beside her.

"Go, remove the makeup on that womans face."

The woman who was ordered immediately nodded and walked toward Su Wan very obediently.

Su Wan saw the other party approaching. Although they were of the same sex, she could not help but feel a strong sense of disgust when she thought of what this place was.

Su Wan took a deep breath and stood up abruptly.

This action startled the others. The woman who was responsible for removing the makeup took a step back.

Aunt He obviously did not expect Su Wans performance. She pulled her face down, and her face with thick makeup was extremely unhappy.

"Miss Su, do you want to resist?"

Previously, when she heard Xiao Meng Call Su Wan Sister Su, Aunt He directly called Su Wan Miss Su.

The other party had the advantage in numbers, but Su Wan did not have the slightest intention to lower her head and admit her mistake.

She looked directly at Aunt He and her voice was as calm as the flowing water under the bridge.

"Ill remove it myself. I wont trouble your people."

She had no choice but to lower her head under the eaves. Su Wan would not go so far as to make things difficult for her.

Aunt He could see Su Wans arrogance, but she was still a little surprised when she saw how cooperative Su Wan was. It was best to be flexible, so as to prevent her from acting like a bad person.

Aunt He pouted at the woman with the tools, indicating that she was no longer needed.

Su Wan removed her makeup very carefully. She only lifted her face after about ten minutes.

In an instant, a beautiful woman entered everyones sight. The three people in the storage room could not help but be amazed.

Xiao Meng had already seen Su Wans face, but she could not help but be a little stunned this time.

She thought maliciously in her heart that the more beautiful she looked, the more troublesome it would be. Su Wan was definitely in trouble this time.

Aunt He recalled Xiao Mengs words. Now that she saw Su Wans real features, she realized that Xiao Meng was not lying. She was overjoyed, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

How was this a great beauty? This was clearly a money tree!

Aunt He had already seen a huge amount of money through Su Wan!

With Su Wan around, Aunt He no longer cared about Xiao Meng, whose forehead was still bleeding. She happily let Xiao Meng take her brother away.

After Xiao Meng left that terrifying place, she did not have any money on her. She could not even stay in a hotel.

Xiao Meng opened her palm. She saw the blue diamond bracelet in her palm. After hesitating for a long time, she finally decided to sell it!

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