The Irregular In Atg Book 2 Chapter 66

Volume 2 Chapter 66 Shock

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Hearing the announcement, everyone fell silent.

Even the cultivators of the three sacred grounds paid attention.

The sky suddenly split apart, with accompaniment of phoenix's cry.

Everything seemed to focused on the group of cultivators steadily walking towards the empty pillar.

Everyone can't speak because of the wonderful scene before them.

A petite and graceful young woman walked in front of the cultivators.

The crowd burst into uproar when they realized the identity of that lady.

"It's Feng Xue'er!"

"I've been blessed, ah. I didn't think I'll see the legendary princess of the Divine Phoenix Empire here!"

"Kyaa, is that Prince Xihan?"

It was then a bunch of cry and shriek resounded from the audience seat.

There was a legend about Feng Xihan protecting a fellow disciple from harm, even going as far as sacrificing himself.

This legend caused Feng Xihan's reputation to soar into clouds.

"Who's that beauty beside Prince Xihan?"

Some cultivators managed to notice how warm and careful Feng Xihan is while talking to the young woman.

When Cang Yue saw the young woman beside Feng Xihan, her eyes rippled in shock.

She had heard of the incident that took place in the New Moon Profound Palace.

It was a huge incident that even attracted attention from the Four Great Sacred Grounds!

Cang Yue can't help but subconsciously look at the cultivators from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.

Indeed, the cultivators from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region looked at the young woman with killing intent.

They weren't even bothering to hide their hostility.

Aside from the beautiful young woman beside Feng Xihan, the young woman in maid attire attracted attention from the people of Frozen Cloud Asgard!

Xia Qingyue's master muttered, "That woman"

She could still vividly recall that incident.

The young man with golden hair and crimson-red eyes, who casually fended off their attacks.

In her mind, that young man is even more dangerous than the Four Great Sacred Grounds.

She can't help but say to her disciple, "Qingyue, look at that"

However, she found herself unable to speak any further.

She stared at Xia Qingyue and reflexively froze.

Xia Qingyue looked shocked and stunned, while she stared at a certain direction.

She involuntarily followed Xia Qingyue's gaze, as her eyes rippled in shock.

She saw a young man in black robes, walking behind the two beauty beside Feng Xihan.

This young man seemed to not exist, and also did not emit any profound energy fluctuation.

He had his eyes closed, as he quietly followed the group of Divine Phoenix Empire.

However, she could sense a mysterious feeling coming from the young man.

Absolute power and control.

That was all she could think of.

It was then that she realized something odd.

Back then when Mo Yan'er fought against the seven fairies of the Frozen Cloud Asgard, she heard that someone had infiltrated Xia Qingyue's room.

She also recalled Xia Qingyue's reaction when she learned about the appearance of Xue Wangzi.

"Don't tell me that he is?"

Xia Qingyue's master can't help but shudder in terror and fear.

The young man's face overlapped with Xue Wangzi's appearance in her mind.

She became even more sure of her speculation.

It was then that the black-robed young man seemed to notice something.

He turned his head to look at the two of them.

The black-robed young man smiled at them.

Xia Qingyue and her master felt shocked.

Chu Xin noticed Tatsuya's action, and asked, "Big brother, what are you looking at?"

Tatsuya shook his head and smiled, "Nothing, just some acquaintances"

Mo Yan'er and Feng Xihan looked at them without saying anything.

Feng Xihan actually was granted an audience with the Divine Phoenix.

Although, he only heard vague things about Chu Xin's elder brother, he noticed the Divine Phoenix's tone when talking about him.

There was respect and fear.

He felt complicated when he realized that Chu Xin's background is far more complex that he had initially thought.

Even then, he still can't be bothered to give up.

Soon, the people from Divine Phoenix Empire arrived at the pillar and occupied the seat.

Since, everyone had arrived.

"The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is hereby declared to start!"

The crowd burst into an uproar, livening the whole stadium.

A beautiful woman jumped to the center of stadium and began to explain.

"There will be three parts to the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament."

"In the first part, everyone from the Seven Nation will enter the miniature world created by the His Majesty Divine Phoenix to fight for the top 100 contestants."

The moment she finished her words.

The crowd all shouted in shock and surprise.

Miniature world?

It was their first time hearing that.

Even the cultivators from three sacred grounds felt their faces grow ugly.

Some elders from the three sacred grounds immediately made a decision when they heard the woman's words.

The Divine Phoenix Sect can't be offended!

It was actually because of Tatsuya that the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament could conduct the tournament in this way.

Tatsuya extended his hand to help the Divine Phoenix avoid unnecessary trouble after the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament.

In his opinion, destroying the other two sacred grounds completely is not a good choice.

Aside from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he doesn't plan to meddle with the affairs of the other two sacred grounds.

This strategy was so he could diffuse the alliance between the three sacred grounds.

Tatsuya murmured, "Fenlong, it's up to you now"

"The second part will be a test for the top 100 competitors' mind!"

"They will ascend a 100 step staircase, and will be ranked depending on how many steps they managed to reach!"

"The third part will be a duel between the top 10 competitors!"

"This will decide what nation has the strongest cultivator!"

The crowd all felt surprised by how the Divine Phoenix Empire is handling the competition.

This had gone beyond the expectations of the cultivators from the three sacred grounds.

Some people nodded their head in appreciation.

They believed that this way of handling the competition is the best way to really give the geniuses a chance to exhibit their talent.

"Lastly, the top 10 geniuses will be given a chance to cultivate in a mysterious realm where a single day is equivalent to a year of cultivation!"

The crowd all stood up and jumped in surprise.

Even the cultivators from the three sacred grounds that assimilated with the participants of the nations can't help but look serious.

The faces of the elders from the three sacred grounds turned ugly.

Their understanding of the Divine Phoenix Sect seemed to have overturned in the competition.

They can't help but sigh, "The Divine Phoenix Sect deserves its reputation as the head of the Four Great Sacred Grounds."

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