The Irregular In Atg Book 2 Chapter 67

Volume 2 Chapter 67 Competition Start

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Tatsuya looked at the crowd as he slightly smiled. He tapped the ground with his left foot, creating an invisible ripple that covered the whole stadium.

True Gods were called gods for a reason. They could create things out of nothing. Beings that reached this level have really ascended their human shells, becoming a true divine being.

The stadium rumbled as the earth quaked in great intensity. Everyone looked at the center of the stadium where a single white sphere appeared.

It looked ordinary but they can't help but glue their eyes onto it. They instinctively felt that they must watch what will happen next or they will regret it for the rest of their lives.

The beautiful woman who was tasked to lead the tournament panicked when it saw the white sphere. She was also a cultivation of Tyrant Profound Realm and she could sense the horrifying power emitted by the white sphere.

She almost used her power to attack the white sphere, but she then halted her actions. The Great Divine Phoenix had sent her a divine transmission telling her to stop.

"Everyone! Watch the process carefully! This is the miniature world where the talents will spar with each other!" The beautiful woman announced, causing the crowd to burst into uproar.


Every profound energy in the Divine Phoenix Empire was being sucked away by the white sphere as it began to rotate steadily in mid-air. It emitted a white mist that covered the body of the participants.

It was then that a divine transmission sounded into the minds of participants, "People who have been defeated will be ejected from the Miniature World. Until there are 100 participants left, you must all do your best to secure a spot!"

The participants around the stadiums turned into specks of light as they teleported into the miniature world. The same happened with Chu Xin and Feng Xihan who sat beside Tatsuya.

"Good luck, Xin'er!" Tatsuya smiled at the disappearing Chu Xin as a gaze of warmth flashed through his eyes. He nodded at Feng Xihan out of appreciation, who bowed in reply.


The participants all vanished from the sight of everyone as the white sphere emitted a peculiar sound. It suddenly stopped rotating, while huge white screens appeared on each part of the stadium.

The crowd all stood up in frenzy while they all stared at the screen in surprise. They could see the participants that once stood beside them wandering on the world within the screen.

There were participants who immediately embarked and tried to find others, while there are a few who just sat on the ground to meditate. Chu Xin in particular was eye-catching because of her temperament and demeanor that could smitten countless young men.

"Who do you think will win the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Senior?" A petite maiden sat beside Tatsuya as she smiled gracefully. This action attracted the attention from the other sacred grounds.

They all had the same question in their mind, 'Just who is this young man?'

Tatsuya glanced over at Feng Xue'er who wherever she was, would always attract countless gazes. He looked indifferent as he replied, "It's Xin'er who's going to win the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament."

"I have the same opinion, Senior." Feng Xue'er replied while she glanced at the screen which showed Chu Xin.

Chu Xin looked at her surroundings with an indifferent and cold gaze.

A shadow suddenly flashed and appeared before her, a blade swung down on her head, attempting to eliminate Chu Xin from the competition.

Chu Xin did not even flinch or react as she silently waited for the blade to land.

Pang! The blade upon making contact with Chu Xin's skin, broke into pieces.

She looked coldly at the young man who materialized, her finger flicking to the latter.

Bang! The young man turned into specks of light as he appeared on the stadium!

He was eliminated just like that!

"Whoa!" The crowd who was saw how Chu Xin casually eliminated the young man all shouted in support.

In just a short amount of time, Chu Xin had already formed her own fans club. Not only is she unmatched in beauty but also in strength! She was bound to attract the attention of others.

Aside from Chu Xin, there are different youths in the Miniature World who are performing excellently.

Just like Xia Qingyue who remained undefeated on her area.

Shua! A sword light quickly travelled and landed on the body of a participant, turning his body into specks of light.


Xia Qingyue stood majestically while her sword emitted a cold aura that could freeze the hearts of her enemies.

She looked at her surroundings with complicated expression.

When she discovered Tatsuya, she didn't even put him in her eyes. But now, she could sense that this Miniature World was built by Tatsuya.

When Tatsuya went to the Frozen Cloud Asgard and tried to enter the Quintessential Dimension, he and Xia Qingyue formed a connection with each other.

Tatsuya was aware of it but he didn't break the connection because he was thinking that maybe with this connection, he could someday enter the Quintessential Dimension.

This connection gave Xia Qingyue the ability to somehow understand some things about Tatsuya. Like how truly powerful he is. She knew that the Tatsuya that she just met is an unparalleled being that could smash everything into paste.

Likewise, Tatsuya could also sense Xia Qingyue's thoughts because of the connection. However, he didn't feel anything from it. He already knew from the very start that Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue's origin is not so simple. At the least, he was sure that the Blue Pole Star can't keep the two of them.

No one was aware of it but Xia Qingyue was slowly beginning to rely on Tatsuya because of this connection. It was an inevitable thing forged by the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass.

Actually, the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass is indeed one of the most powerful talent a being can possess. However, there is a secret to it. Maidens with special destiny will need someone who they can rely. It seems that Xia Qingyue had already chosen that person.

The same thing applies with Chu Xin who has the Heavenly Yin Profound Veins.

Tatsuya was aware of such things because of his special sensitivity to karma. However, even if women would come flocking to him, he wouldn't care. There is only a single person in his mind.

It is something that can't be changed anytime soon. Even if things will indeed change, maybe only Chu Xin can melt his heart, not any other woman.

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