The Irregular In Atg Book 2 Chapter 68

Volume 2 Chapter 68 Chu Xin Vs Xia Qingyue

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The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is a huge event where many young cultivators would try their luck and ability. Individuals who could enter the tournament can be truly said as someone with talent.

Chu Xin, Feng Xihan, Xia Qingyue, cultivators from the Four Sacred Grounds and truly talented young cultivators dominated the Miniature World. Those who dared suppress them were instantly eliminated.

It wasn't a fight but a massacre where dragons and phoenixes showed their unparalleled might. The talents truly shown in brilliance while in action, that much can be proved where the crowd all watched in excitement.

"They sent him here?" Feng Xue'er who sat beside Tatsuya drastically paled. She looked at a specific screen where a young man in white robed wielded an ordinary looking sword.

Tatsuya noticed her reaction as he also looked at the white robed young man interest. He instantly saw through the young man's power. He was surprised because he saw a turbulent sword intent surrounding his body.

'Combat prowess is around pinnacle of Emperor Profound Realm' Tatsuya nodded in appreciation. Whether he had an enmity with Mighty Heavenly Sword Region didn't have any connection with how he also appreciated talents.

Seeing that there's a really powerful enemy in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, Tatsuya smiled inwardly. Only by overcoming obstacles can Chu Xin truly grow stronger. This white robed young man can further polish Chu Xin's talent.

Feng Xue'er felt like Chu Xin's victory is not certain now. She can't help but look at the young man beside her, her eyes rippling in surprise. Tatsuya still had an indifferent look on his face.

'Don't tell me, even Xuanyuan Long is not Chu Xin's opponent? That's impossible! Xuanyuan Long is at pinnacle of Sky Profound Realm and could massacre Thrones like its nothing.' Feng Xue'er shook her head inwardly.

She did not believe that Chu Xin can defeat Xuanyuan Long. The latter is the strongest disciple among the Sky Profound Realm cultivators in the Profound Continent. Facing him with the same cultivation base, even she is not confident that she could defeat him.

She sat tightly on her seat as she watched the events on Miniature World in excitement. Despite her feeling conflicted about Chu Xin's victory, a fight between two real geniuses is something to look forward to.

Aside from Xuanyuan Long, a young maiden in imperial green robes stood on her position like a mighty empress. A blue crow emitting the mighty power of ocean protected her and eliminated others easily.

'These disciples from the Four Great Sacred Grounds truly deserves their reputation and fame.' Tatsuya thought inwardly.

Their strength and techniques are vastly stronger compared to the other cultivators. They stood like an unconquerable wall that not everyone could destroy. If an unknown cultivator could defeat these famed disciples, they would transform from being an ordinary duckling to a dragon.

Chu Xin had eliminated more than a hundred participants already. Her sword wielding techniques attracted awe and praise from the crowd. Even Thrones from different sects felt pressured just from watching her attacks.

"Disciple Chu Xin of Divine Phoenix Empire had emerged victorious in over a hundred fights! Truly a genius among geniuses!" The beautiful lady that led the competition said in praise.

"However, it seems that we have a dark horse this year! Disciple Xia Qingyue of Blue Wind Empire have defeated more than a fifty participants! No one has yet to land a scratch on her since the start!!" She continued, making the competition even fiercer.

The crowd all supported their idol as they all shouted in excitement and happiness. The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament had totally surpassed their expectation.

The former Seven Nation Ranking Tournaments were something you must watch but the current Seven Nation Ranking Tournament is something you must join! This is what every cultivator in the crowd felt.

Some seniors that are not qualified to participate because of their age felt regret and cursed their own luck. Why did the former Seven Nation Ranking Tournaments not as extravagant as this one?!

The numbers of participants that numbered thousands slowly decreased. The top 100 participants all shone like diamonds in the Miniature World. The crowd could vaguely feel who the Top 100 Participants will be.

"Look! Chu Xin and Xia Qingyue met each other!" A crowd pointed his finger in a specific white screen that showed two unparalleled beauty facing each other. Both had an icy demeanor as they looked at each other.

The crowd burst into an uproar as they all focused on the two in anticipation. The two contenders faced each other with an unreadable expression. The crowd also discussed who they think will win.

"The two maidens have met! Who do you think will win between the two? This is truly something you must watch or else you'll regret it!" The beautiful lady who led the competition, shouted in excitement.

Chu Xin looked at Xia Qingyue who stood a few meters away from her. She looked at her with killing intent unconsciously as she felt something from her that made her heart feel uncomfortable.

Xia Qingyue stared at Chu Xin icily as an intent to smash the latter's face to the ground appeared on her mind. 'This is the lady that stood beside Tatsuya!' She hadn't noticed how her mind worked as she wholly focused on Chu Xin.

If only Xia Qingyue was aware of her own thoughts, she would die of embarrassment. However, she wasn't as she slashed her sword at empty air. She crouched a little as her feet exerted a terrifying amount of strength!

Boom! She rapidly crossed the distance between her and Chu Xin as her eyes radiated a cold light. The sword on her right hand trembled as it emitted a peculiar sound. 'Frozen Slash!'

Bang! Her sword emitted an icy aura as it landed on Chu Xin's body. It bounced back as Xia Qingyue retreated and circled around Chu Xin carefully.

Chu Xin furrowed her dainty brows when she sensed pain from that slash. She looked at Xia Qingyue carefully as the killing intent on her mind intensified. She had tempered her body using the Yin Energy that Tatsuya had gotten for her and the prowess of her Heavenly Yin Profound Veins.

The terrifying aura around Xia Qingyue slowly increased as the icy glow on her sword increased further. Chu Xin unsheathed her sword as her eyes slowly glowed in darkness.

'Now!' They both thought the same thing, exerting strength to increase their speed. Two shadows collided with each other as a 'Clang!' sound resounded across the perimeter.

Boom! Boom! They moved so fast that the crowd can barely follow their movements. Where they collided would turn into a crater, sparks of sword collision appeared everywhere.

Their body suddenly materialized in the center of destroyed land as they both exchanged sword blows that lasted for who knows how long. Slowly, Xia Qingyue was getting light injuries, while Chu Xin remained unharmed.

Xia Qingyue harrumphed as the icy atmosphere around her increased dramatically. 'Clang!' Her sword had finally scratched Chu Xin's body as crimson red blood flew out of her wound.

A terrifying cold glint flashed across Chu Xin's eyes when she felt an excruciating pain spreading on the wound Xia Qingyue inflicted on her. It was an icy feeling that tried to destroy her from the inside.

'You think that'll work to me?' Her Heavenly Yin Profound Veins shone as it easily devoured the force that tried to harm her. Chu Xin increased her strength as her face turned serious.

Bang! Bang! Slowly, Xia Qingyue was being pushed back by Chu Xin's terrifying onslaught of sword dance. The former who should have panicked looked calm as she quietly endured Chu Xin's blows.

Xia Qingyue's talent was not only on sword but also in controlling ice! Her eyes flashed as she suddenly increased the intensity of her sword blows. Chu Xin sensed something amiss as she rapidly retreated.

Crack! The ground below the position she once stood cracked apart, an ice spike revealed itself as it slightly injured her.

Chu Xin's demeanor considerably darkened. If she hadn't dodged that, she would have sustained grave injuries! A terrifying aura slowly leaked out of her body as she decided to go at Xia Qingyue at full force.

Even Xia Qingyue who was able to remain calm while fighting her, slowly became pale before the mighty coalition radiating from Chu Xin's body.

"Hmph. You did well! But I'm the one who will win!" Chu Xin held her sword as she stood like a spear. A terrifying aura leaked out of her sword, permeating the Miniature World.

Xuanyuan Long, Feng Xihan, and the woman from Supreme Ocean Palace felt a shudder across their spines. They looked at a certain direction.

Xia Qingyue did not retreat but instead, she faced the mighty sword with a determined expression on her face. She did not plan to use one of her trump cards so early, but there was no other choice.

An ice that could freeze even space if even enough opportunity to grow. That was the power Xia Qingyue's levitating ice spikes radiated. It all aimed at Chu Xin and waited for the right opportunity.

'Now!' Both of them released their attacks at the same time. The sword slash that Chu Xin released, roared at Xia Qingyue ruthlessly. The countless ice spikes that Xia Qingyue formed all flew with killing intent towards Chu Xin.

The crowd all held their breaths in suspense. No one knew who would win as their gaze glued to the terrifying attack of the two. 'Damn, is this even an attack a Sky Profound Ream could release?!'

However, an unexpected announcement resounded across the stadium. "The First Stage has ended! It's a pity to not be able to know the results of the battle between Disciple Chu Xin and Disciple Xia Qingyue, but rules are rules! All Top 100 Participants are now going to be ejected from the Miniature World."

The white screen across the stadium all vanished as the white levitating sphere vanished into thin-air. 100 individuals appeared on the stone platform in the center of stadium.

All of them are note-worthy to look at, but almost all the crowd stared at a single direction. Two beauties stared at each other with hostility as a handsome young man tried to diffuse the tension in the air.


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