The Last Commander of The Red Police Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Scream

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There are only 15 Yuri recruits in Su Chen, and there are only 5 mad orcs. With these forces to fight against each other, even if he wins, it is a miserable victory.

Faced with this situation, the best way is to exchange the least sacrifice for the greatest result.

The mad orcs are the only unit that can fight against tanks. Unfortunately, he has a big shortcoming, that is, he must fight in close combat.

Yuri recruits turned the other way around. They must be separated by a certain distance to output. If the distance is too close, it is estimated that they will be suddenly abrupt by the opponent's soldiers.

Su Chen frowned and looked at the situation on the map. Suddenly he discovered that there was a small canyon in a place where the enemy arrived. It was said that the canyon had lifted it up. The drop of this place was only a few meters, but that was enough. Up.

The opponent's course of action was all discovered by the mind detector, depicting the opponent's course of action. They happened to pass through this canyon, which gave Su Chen a chance to ambush.

With the attack ability of Yuri recruits, they are completely able to stand above the canyon and output below. With the increase of their mental power, their damage is higher than that of other soldiers. As long as the mad orcs can suppress the opponent's tank, the remaining It is not a problem.

Finally, the enemy came to the canyon, and the mad orcs descended from the sky and landed directly on the three grizzly tanks. No matter how the tanks fired, they could not hit them.

There was chaos on the other side, and the soldiers opened fire against the mad orcs. At this time, Yuri recruits were dispatched, and the undefended mental attack directly caused their bodies to burst into flames.

The fire damage was so high that within a few seconds, a soldier was burned to death.

The battle lasted for less than a minute. The local soldiers were completely wiped out. The remaining three tanks were also teetering under the attack of the mad orcs. After Yuri recruits joined the battle, they were all over soon.

Through this battle, Su Chen discovered one thing, that is, the red alert here is no longer the 2d picture in the game, this is a brand new world.

At least in the game, Su Chen can't make the mad orcs jump on top of the tank, here it is.

In this battle, Su Chen lost a mad orc, and the remaining two were seriously injured, but in this place, a character only needs to stay still and he can slowly recover. Su Chen is not worried about anything.

As the saying goes, coming and not going to be indecent, Su Chen is going to give his enemy a big gift.

Soon, Su Chen established an outpost in this small canyon, and deployed 10 Yuri recruits, 5 mad orcs, a virus sniper, and a Yuri replica.

Next, Su Chen had enough strength to vigorously produce various units. He had to enrich his strength and then destroy an enemy force first.

At the same time, Su Chen noticed that the gold mine beside the base was gone.

If it is the other two bases, maybe you have to worry about this and look for new gold mines, but for Yuris camp, the slave mine itself has the ability to move, and you can find new gold mines by yourself. Su Chen only needs Just send some troops to protect the safety of the slave mines.

What he didn't expect was that the slave mine found a gem mine

Seeing the gems all over the floor, Su Chen laughed, and now he has more funds.

In just a few hours, the enemy persevered in sending out various teams to harass Su Chens development. Su Chen was not a vegetarian either. He severely killed all the invaders and sent some soldiers occasionally. Deal with enemy mining vehicles.

Once there is no funding for mining vehicles, the development of the base will stall, which is the biggest trouble for a base.

The other party seemed to know this too, and some troops were deployed around each gold mine, but it was a pity that the enemy in front of them was Yuri.

Yuri made a copy and took control of a soldier directly and remotely, and then used this soldier to attack other soldiers. Before being killed, he successfully killed a soldier.

I dont know if the opponent is a fool. Yuris clone used the same technique to kill all the soldiers protecting the mining vehicle, leaving only three tanks. Its the turn of the mad orcs to appear.

Under Su Chen's remote control, these mad orcs didn't rush over directly stupidly. Instead, they swayed from the left to the right. They just drew an S-shaped curve in the field, approached the tank, and then exploded the tank.

Seeing that his family's troops were gone, this armed mining vehicle really wanted to escape, but unfortunately it was shot by the ambushing Yuri recruit on the other side, and it was directly destroyed on the spot.

Su Chen knew that he would slip away once he won, otherwise the opponent's troops would come, and his strength would be over.

Sure enough, not long after his soldiers left, the enemy team came over. Good guy, there were more than a dozen tanks, and even the ridged tanks came out. Really rich.

With the passage of time every minute, Su Chen is now concentrating on building units of various arms while attacking the opponent's mining vehicles to ensure the opponent's economic backwardness.

I don't know if Su Chen's harassment was too frequent, and the opposing forces actually sent a large part of their troops to protect the gold mine.

Su Chen knew at this time that the opportunity was here

This is different from the game. The map area is very large. It may take half an hour to reach a gold mine from the base.

With so many troops being used to protect the gold mine, the protective power in the base will decrease.

Su Chen dispatched more than half of his troops this time, ready to kill the Soviet camp with all his strength.

The actions of large forces are easy to be discovered. Su Chen has considered this a long time ago. He specially sent some small forces to harass the mining vehicles in the gold mine, so that the other party might think that he is still the same as before. His routine is gone.

This time Su Chen planned to destroy a hostile force before the emergence of super weapons.

Otherwise, when the super weapon appears, he will have less time. It is difficult to destroy the two forces before the super weapon is launched.

Not surprisingly to Su Chen, the other party had never thought that Su Chen would attack at this time. After Su Chen's large forces approached the enemy camp, the Soviet army found out.

Great battles are inevitable. Just like battles in the game, large forces are overwhelmed. Even various defensive weapons can't do much. They can only rely on their own strength to resist.

Its a pity that the Soviet army took too long to transport because of its armed mining vehicles, economically backward, and its military strength was completely inferior to Su Chens side, plus Su Chens Yuri clone, mind control vehicle, and the only super unit. Yuri X, let the opposing soldiers counter-attack, directly disintegrating the opposing line of defense.

The battle was over in less than ten minutes. All the buildings of the Soviet army were destroyed. The various Soviet units outside stopped instantly and lost all motivation. ,, everyone remember to bookmark the URL or remember the URL, the URL, the fastest update for free, no anti-theft, no anti-theft error report chapter, ask for books, find books and chat with book friends, please add qq group 647377658 group number

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