The Last Commander of The Red Police Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Come on hard, who is afraid of whom!

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The Soviet forces were destroyed, and Su Chen had only one enemy left, and that was the allied forces.

At this time, Su Chen could not continue to attack, his troops had lost a lot, and there was no loss against the Soviet army, which of course was impossible.

Su Chen gathered his troops and continued to develop.

Then, super weapons began to appear.

Su Chen noticed a countdown in the lower right corner of his vision. This is the countdown to the launch of the super weapon. The super weapon is not ready to be used just after it appears and requires some cooling time.

Of course this countdown belongs to Su Chen, and the next one belongs to the Allies.

The super weapon owned by the Allied forces is Su Chen's favorite weather control device. If this thing is his own, Su Chen would like it very much. It turned into an enemy. Su Chen wanted to swear.

However, the two super weapons possessed by the Yuri camp are not touted. Gene mutants and mind controllers are also powerful super weapons.

Su Chen checked the time. The cooling time of his mind controller is before the others weather controller, which means he can fight for it.

In the rest of the time, he had no time to transfer his troops to deal with the Allied forces. Maybe the distance was less than half the distance, and the cooling time of the super weapon was up.

He fights this time difference

Come on hard, who is afraid of whom

As time passed, Su Chen was a little nervous now. If he fails, this trial may be over, that is to say, he cannot leave here.

Now on the entire map, Su Chen opened up the field of vision in all other places. Only the base of the Allied forces was completely dark. There were allied crack generators, blocking Su Chen's sight.

However, he had long let the fastest gale tank find the location of the opponents weather controller with a suicide attack. As long as he put the shock wave released by the mind controller at that location, he could destroy the weather controller, even It can also control all units within the range.

Finally, the cooling time of the psychic controller was over, and Su Chen immediately released a psychic shock wave, and the location was in the weather controller.

After the release, Su Chen had a short field of vision to see the appearance of the opponent's base, but at this moment, his eyes widened.

The place where the weather controller should have existed, no more

Su Chen realized in an instant that the other party might know what he was thinking, and sold the weather control device, and then built a brand new weather control device, but why the cooling time did not change.

The moment the psychic shock wave appeared, all the buildings within the range were destroyed, and some soldiers and tanks were also controlled by Su Chen. This time Su Chen's attack failed.

"No, there is still a chance"

Su Chen's eyes lit up. Through the little field of vision he had just seen, he finally saw the location of the weather controller, not far from here. He hurriedly issued an order to the soldiers and tanks under control to attack the weather controller with all his strength

When the vision of the Allied forces on the map turned dark again, he could only wait for the result.

A few minutes later, when Su Chen saw that the cooling time of the weather controller disappeared, he knew that he had won the bet.

Those soldier tanks eventually killed the weather controller.

Without this huge killer, Su Chen was not afraid of allied forces at all.

"Start counterattack

Su Chen let the large troops set off, still retaining some troops to guard the base. He did not forget that the weather control instrument is gone, but the Allied forces still have the super weapon of the teleporter.

After Su Chen's army had left a certain distance, he found that four light rim tanks appeared around his base, and they began to destroy them as soon as they appeared.

"Play this trick with me" Su Chen sneered, and the mad orcs that had been ambushing for a long time rushed over from all directions and surrounded the light rim tank. At the same time, the Gate machine gun was also outputting at full force, and the four were destroyed in a short time. A light rim tank.

In Su Chen's view, this was just the struggle of the other party before he died.

Under the impact of Su Chen's large forces, the Allied forces broke through with one blow, and eventually all units in the base were wiped out.

Su Chen was waiting for his return, but after waiting for a while, he didn't notice any changes around him, which made him very puzzled.

Didnt you win? Why didnt you go back?

After thinking for a while, Su Chen thought of a possibility. He was full of black lines and asked the soldiers and tanks to find the soldiers and tanks of the enemy forces scattered in various places. He only heard a voice after annihilating them.

"Congratulations to the tester for completing the test and returning to the test space."

In the blink of an eye, Su Chen found himself back to that strange place. The old man standing beside him looked at him, "Thank you very much, tester, you helped me complete my mission."

Su Chen frowned, why did I help you complete your mission?

Without waiting for Su Chen to speak, the old man waved his hand, and suddenly this trial space changed. There was light around, and the dummy below disappeared. Only Su Chen and the old man were left here.

No, he is not an old man anymore, but has become very young, about the same as Su Chen.

"You are not from Qiluo civilization, who are you?" Su Chen knew no matter how stupid he was at this time, he was fooled.

The Keira civilization that the other party said is indeed true, but he has beautified his identity, he is not the last person in Keira civilization at all

"Yes, I am not a person of Qiluo civilization. According to your generation of humans, you can call me Lance, a person of Atlantis civilization." Lance smiled.

Atlantis, even Su Chen has heard of it. It is said that this is the civilization of the previous generation of mankind. They once owned a continent, but for unknown reasons, the continent sank into the ocean and the entire civilization disappeared.

It seemed that he felt that he was winning, Lance took the initiative to explain to Su Chen.

Atlantis civilization is not a native civilization of the earth, but from other planets. They searched for the ruins of the Kiro civilization and discovered the existence of the earth. They occupied the earth and dig out the ruins of the Kiro civilization everywhere.

Unfortunately, afterwards, I didnt know what happened. Atlantis civilization disappeared and a new human civilization was born.

"How was the Atlantis civilization destroyed, and what happened to the Qiluo civilization" Su Chen asked.

"This has nothing to do with you. You passed the trial of Qiluo civilization, and you have the qualification to get the biggest secret of Qiluo civilization. Unfortunately, this qualification is mine now." Lance stretched out a hand to Su Chen. An invisible force wrapped Su Chen's body, and this force suffocated him.

At this moment, Su Chen burst into full strength and wanted to break free. The result was useless. The other partys strength was stronger. Remember to bookmark the website or keep the website in mind. The website is free and fastest update. No anti-theft and no anti-theft error report chapter To find books and chat with book friends, please add the qq group 647377658 group number

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