The Last Commander of The Red Police Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Tier Nine Life!

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You know, Su Chen's strongest strength is the early stage of the eighth stage, that is to say, the strength he burst out is also the early stage of the eighth stage, but it is of no use to Lance.

The second authority can be borrowed from an ability of any unit under Su Chen's hard thinking. In this case, which ability can help him

The teleportation ability of the Chronicles is not good. Even if he escapes from here, Lance's ability will be able to find him soon, and he will be destroyed on the earth at that time, making it even more troublesome.

The erasure ability of the Overtime Air Force regiment is also not good. Seriously speaking, this ability is not built in the arms, but is released through the weapon in his hand. He does not have this weapon.

Su Chen thought about a lot of abilities, and it didn't have any effect on Lance in front of him.

Su Chen had no choice but to choose the teleport ability and escape first.

In the blink of an eye, Su Chen disappeared in front of Lance's eyes, which surprised Lance.

"When teleporting a person who is less than the ninth rank of the planet, he can actually teleport"

Even if Lance couldn't do this, his strength was stronger than Su Chen, but he didn't teleport. That was something that only the ninth-order people of the small galaxy could do.

As far as Lance knows, the strength of mankind ranges from the most basic planetary level, to the later small galaxy level, to the large galaxy level, and then to the constellation level, and he doesn't know the latter.

The strongest in Atlantis at the time was only a small galaxy level, otherwise they would not abandon their hometown and follow the footsteps of Qiluo civilization to find the earth.

In the previous Qiluo civilization, the strongest has reached the constellation level, and that is the strength that can run wild in the universe.

If the Atlantis civilization has such a strong, how could they need to leave their homes?

Lance chuckled, as long as people are still on this planet, they can't escape his palm.

Su Chen appeared in the command room of the main base. Teleportation was a strange thing. As long as he imagined the destination in his mind, he could teleport over. Of course, the sequelae of teleportation also appeared, and he could not move.

After Su Chen appeared, all the arms found that their contact with the commander had returned, so Su Chen suffered a bombardment of his head.

"Wait, stop, let Ju Ling speak." Su Chen really stopped their messy speech.

"Commander, you have disappeared for five days. At present, there is no problem on the human side, and the bases are also operating normally, but including all super arms, they are looking for a commander. Where have you been?" Ju Ling's There are concerns that cannot be concealed in the voice.

"I'm at the main base now, you are all here, there is a very important thing to tell you." Su Chen knew that if Lance walked out of that place, he would be the first to find him. This time it is very big. Crisis, if Lance cannot be dealt with, he can play gg ahead of time.

Upon hearing the commander's instructions, all the super arms and two spies teleported back to the main base at the fastest speed and walked into the command room.

They saw that the commander stood with his back to them, very powerful.

If they knew that Su Chen was unable to move because of the sequelae of teleportation, I wonder if it would feel very compelling.

"I just entered the trial space of Qiluo civilization" Su Chen told them what had happened in the shortest language, especially Lance.

"It shouldn't be long before he will find here. At that time, we must fight him desperately. If we win, everything will be business as usual. If we lose, we may all be finished."

Su Chen didn't have much expectations for this battle. The feeling Lance gave him just now was crushing.

That kind of strength, he feels like he is far beyond the eighth rank, can it be said that Lance actually exists in the ninth rank

Su Chen really wants to scold someone. A group of Tier 8 super units here is actually going to deal with a Tier 9 alien. How can we fight this?

Even if all the human emperors are added, it is estimated that Lance can't be dealt with.

At this time, the system's voice sounded "Trigger a side mission to kill Lance of the Atlantis civilization. There is no time limit. After the mission is completed, you will get 10 million energy and a weapon upgrade opportunity. Failure without penalty."

Su Chen was taken aback. There was no punishment for the mission failure. The system was merciful.

But he turned to think, the mission failed, it is estimated that he was killed by Lance long ago, there is no need for punishment.

"No, I absolutely have to kill Lance. From now on, enter the highest alert. All bases will transmit their highest strength to the main base and try their best to deal with Lance."

At this moment, Su Chen looked serious, and a satellite interface appeared in front of his eyes. It was the gate of the ruins displayed on it, and there was a person standing there, it was Lance.

Lance looked up, as if seeing something.

"I actually control satellite technology. It seems that the human science and technology level of this era is about to go out of the planet, which really surprised me."

As soon as the voice fell, the picture in front of Su Chen disappeared, and he also discovered that he could not control the spy satellite because it was gone.


Su Chen directly exploded the swear word. He couldn't believe it. At such a distance, Lance actually smashed the spy satellite in space with his hands, so he was so awesome.

Su Chen felt that if Lance was really allowed to appear here, it was estimated that his men would not be able to resist his invasion.

"Boss of the system, if there is something awesome, quickly take it out for emergency, it's dying."

Thats right, Su Chen played the fine traditions uploaded by his ancestors, but couldnt beat others.

The red alarms are all made by the system, so if you ask the system for help, there is nothing wrong with it.

The system was very cold and ignored Su Chen. No matter what Su Chen said, it didn't say a word.

"The opponent is a Tier 9 big guy, even super weapons can't deal with it, how can you fight this, you can just let me go back." Seeing that the system ignored him, Su Chen started his own performance.

In the end, Su Chen couldn't help the system, and only said one sentence, "The people of Atlantis civilization have a weakness, and their mental defense is very weak."

Su Chen couldn't wait to kiss the system at this time, this weakness is simply too useful for him.

The psychic defense is weak, which is simply too good for him. You must know that he has just upgraded his psychic technology, and now of all his attacks, the psychic attack is the strongest.

Just when Su Chen was communicating with the system, Lance appeared not far from the main base. The moment he appeared, he was greeted by an overwhelming attack.

Such a huge attack, even the eighth-order powerhouse, would not dare to underestimate it. After Lance saw it, he just waved his hand. Those attacks were like being blocked by some invisible barrier, completely unable to get close to his body. ,, everyone remember to bookmark the URL or remember the URL, the URL, the fastest update for free, no anti-theft, no anti-theft error report chapter, ask for books, find books and chat with book friends, please add qq group 647377658 group number

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