The Last Embrace Book 4 Chapter 470

Volume 4: Past Present Collides Chapter 470 Welcome To A New Day

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Adam smiled affectionately at Jessy. After seeing her in action, he trusted Jessy's plan completely and always been supportive of her decisions. He will always protect her and understand her decisions and judgment and he wouldn't hesitate to insert a little bit of his wisdom if needed.

"I will support you all the way my love," he said. "By the way... who is this other volunteer vampire that makes up with the two representatives of the vampire clan? How come I didn't know anything about him? When shall I meet him?" he inquired curiously.

Jessy smiled. "He's a friend. You will meet him once he's back from aboard fighting another kind of battle for the government," she responded.

"Okay, so, when the clemency will take effect?" Adam asked excitedly. The Clemency Order will signal a breaking of a new dawn for the vampires hiding below the ground.

"Starting on the day I signed the Clemency Agreement, it already becomes official. From now on, the residents in the Habitat and Facility will enjoy safety and peace of mind permanently. I just can't believe that this day has finally come! I'm so happy!" she exclaimed in happiness.

She jumped up and down in the bed to demonstrate how happy she is.

"I'm so happy too! We should go back to the Facility and share the good news to my parents and all the residents in the Habitat and Facility!" Adam suggested.

"Of course, we will return there before midnight. For now, let's just enjoy each other's company," she grinned.

"I love that!" Adam chuckled and his mouth landed on Jessy's lips.

The couple shared a beautiful kiss that took their breath away.

During dinner time.

The couple went downstairs to eat dinner with Grandpa Waldo and Nana Aida in the dining room.

After eating dinner, the couple volunteered to wash the dishes and clean the table.

Nana Aida and Grandpa Waldo retired into the living room to watch the evening news on the television.

Done with the kitchen chores, the couple joined the elders in the living room to watch the evening local and international news.

A piece of breaking news was currently airing regarding General Smith's condition.


"Good evening everyone, here's our breaking news for tonight regarding the condition of General Smith who was taken to Lazarus Hospital this morning due to difficulty in breathing. He was now comatose as of today's reporting. Family, friends, relatives, and colleagues gathered in the hospital to pay their visit. We will provide more updates on his condition in the coming days. This is Amanda Keaton reporting live from Lazarus Hospital for LLC News."


Adam and Jessy looked at each other.

Jessy smiled.

Then the couple stood up heading for the stairs.

"We will retire for the night, Grandpa and Nana Aida," Adam said.

"Goodnight...Nana and Grandpa!" Jessy said while smiling fondly at the elders.

Grandpa Waldo and Nana Aida nodded their heads at the couple.

The couple climbs the stairs holding each other's hands, looking adoringly at each other.


Inside Jessy's room.

The couple cuddled in the bed, luxuriating in their sweet embrace.

Jessy gazed into Adam's eyes. "I will introduce you to Oliver, my partner, he is the one in charge of providing me all the info about the criminal's history. In short, he makes my job easier. I will also introduce you to Police Chief Jackson, Capt. Mercado and Colonel Brown, they are good officials who help me all the way, since you will become my proxy for the time being it's only right that you have to meet your superiors," she said excitedly.

"Correction my love! I shall take over your job as Agent X permanently so that you can take care of our babies in the future," he grinned lovingly at her.

"Alright, as you wish, husband!" Jessy smiled radiantly.

"Thanks for agreeing, wife!" Adam beamed.

Their lips met in the middle and they shared another passionate kiss while they lounge in the bed enjoying each other's marvelous presence.


After making sweet beautiful moments inside the bedroom.

The couple teleported into the Facility at 11:00 in the evening.

Everyone gathered in the queen's study room.

Jessy looked at them and opened her palm, doc.u.ments appeared in her right hand. "Guys, I'm holding now the copy of the Clemency Order/Agreement between the government and the existing surviving vampires living in the Habitat and the Facility," she blurted out and smiled broadly. "Hooray! Finally! We're free!" she smiled happily at everyone in the room.

She handed the doc.u.ments to King Antone and Queen Margaret.

The royal couple began reading the Clemency Order, a bright smile appeared on their lips.

After the royal couple read the agreement, the doc.u.ments were passed on to Prince Zain, Princess Abigail, Hector, Sarah, and Roden.

After Roden finished reading the agreement, he had a good suggestion. "I can volunteer as one of the representatives. This way, we can make a rotation, every 6 months or every year so that each of us can also spend a few months of bliss with our family in peace. How about that?"

Jessy and Adam smiled brightly at Roden's fantastic suggestion.

"What a brilliant idea you had, Roden! I love it and approved it!" Jessy clapped her hands with glee.

King Antone and Queen Margaret smiled happily at everyone in the room.

"This calls for a celebration!" Queen Margaret said in an exultant voice.

The door opened and servants brought food and drinks for everyone in the room, they arranged the food properly in the center table, done with their job, they left the room.

King Antone addressed everyone. "Guys, let's make a toast! For our freedom and the survival of our clan. The wonderful day is finally here and we can continue living our lives in safety, without fear and worries. This used to be an elusive dream but now becomes a reality. To the longevity of our clan and our bright future! Cheers everyone!"

"Cheers to our hard-earned freedom and looking forward to a bright future ahead!" everyone said in chorus.

There was much rejoicing in the air, the happiness and gladness were overflowing from every corner of the room.

Everyone looked at each other teary-eyed... a mixture of happiness and excitement marring their smiling faces.

"Welcome to a new day!" Jessy and Adam said to each other.

Everyone in the room clapped their hands to celebrate their freedom.

They began chatting merrily how they would spend their freedom outside. The places they would love to visit and so on. After hiding in the Facility for many years...freedom has finally arrived in their doorsteps.

There were jolly smiles on everyone's faces, the atmosphere inside the room was like they're all floating in the 7th heaven.

The celebration filled their hearts with overwhelming happiness looking forward to the bright future that was waiting for them ahead.

Their celebration lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

They all retired to their rooms and went to sleep that night with smiles tugging on their lips. Their hearts were filled with joy and renewed enthusiasm for the arrival of the new day in their lives.

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