The Last Embrace Book 4 Chapter 471

Volume 4: Past Present Collides Chapter 471 Meeting The Men In Uniform

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The following day.

Jessy called Oliver and informed him that she wants a meeting with Colonel Brown, Capt. Mercado, Police Chief Jackson this afternoon because she's going to introduce to them as a new representative that will represent her since she was required to transform the rest of the vampires into humans.

The venue of the meeting will be in Oliver's apartment at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Jessy and Adam were having breakfast in the canteen together with Sarah.

"What are your plans, children?" asked Sarah excitedly.

"I will take over Jessy's job in the government while she continues doing blood transfusion. Then after the completion of the blood transfusion, Jessy and I will get married and start having a family of our own. We will live in the mansion if that is okay with you, Mother?" Adam said.

Sarah was thrilled. "Of course, I welcome it! I love to see my daughter every day and I can also help take care of my grandchildren. The mansion is big and wide enough for a big family. We'll be happy living together there with my grandchildren!" she said ecstatically.

"Thank you, Mom!" Jessy grinned.

"I'm sure your father will be delighted to hear the good news from you guys!" tears of happiness welled in Sarah's eyes.

Jessy hugged her mother tightly and rubbed her back lovingly. She's excited about the prospect of waking up every day having her parents in the same house which she didn't experience when she was growing up. She's very much looking forward to that day when they can finally be living together under the same roof. "I'm so excited about living in the mansion again! I love that place so much!" she gushes.

Adam smiled. "Alright, girls, let's continue eating our breakfast!" he said.

They resumed eating their meals and engaged in another round of animated conversation.

Finished eating, they left the canteen and went their separate ways.

Susan goes back to her office while Jessy and Adam went back to the mansion. The couple spent the rest of the morning there and eat lunch with Grandpa Waldo and Nana Aida.

After lunch, at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon. Jessy and Adam teleported into Oliver's apartment and landed in the living room.

Oliver, Colonel Brown, Police Chief Jackson, and Capt. Mercado was already sitting on the sofa.

"Good afternoon everyone!" Jessy greeted them warmly. "Guys, let me introduce you to the person who will take over my position as Agent X. He is no other than my husband, Gavin Sanders!" Jessy proudly introduced Adam to them.

Everyone in the room was silently appraising Adam from head to foot.

Jessy started laughing. "Ah, I see. Does he look familiar to you guys?"

Oliver's brows furrowed. "Is he the famous model Gavin Sanders? I bought one of his advertised bomber jackets..."

Jessy nods her head in confirmation. "Yeah, he is. Since I will resume the blood transfusion, my husband will take over my job...and no worries guys...my husband is 100 x more powerful than me. I can assure you that," she concluded.

"Since w-when did you get married, partner?" Oliver asked in bewilderment.

Jessy laughed. "Ah, don't worry guys, on the day of our wedding you are all invited!" she announced happily.

After learning about the wedding invitation the people in the room began loosening up and warming up to the idea.

Jessy introduced Adam to each of them.

"Gavin, this is Oliver, my partner in crime. And this is Capt. Mercado and Colonel Brown, they are the ones who give birth to the idea regarding the Clemency Program... and the last but not the least...this is Police Chief Jackson...he is the one who provided me all the support as Agent X."

Adam smiled to everyone in the room and shook hands with the men in uniform. "Nice meeting you all and I'm looking forward to work with you, Sir!" he said enthusiastically and hand saluted to all of them.

"This calls for a celebration!" Colonel Brown said.

"We need food, beer, and wine!" Police Chief Jackson added.

"Or shall we order blood in the blood bank?" Capt. Mercado joked.

Jessy laughed. "Don't worry guys, Gavin Sanders is 100% human and he loves eating human foods more than anything else in the world!" she gushes.

"That's nice! We'll have an impromptu celebration then!" Oliver said. "What dishes you want to order, Sir?" he looked at his superiors.

"I want to eat seafood!" Colonel Brown said.

"Me, anything spicy and savory and mixed with vegetable, I'll be a happy camper," Police Chief Jackson gave his food preference.

"Spicy chicken wings and braised pork belly are my favorite dishes but I don't consume it every day though!" Capt. Mercado chipped in, laughing.

Oliver looked at the couple. "And you lovely lovers? What do you want to order?" he asked.

Jessy and Adam looked at each other.

"We will eat anything as long it's edible!" Jessy replied.

"Alright, I will order two platters of mixed seafood, pork stew with mixed vegetables, two buckets of spicy fried chicken, one large order of braised pork belly, some beer and rice, as well as soda. Anything else?" Oliver asked.

"I think that's enough, Oliver," Police Chief Jackson told him.

"Okie Dokie, I'm ordering it now," Oliver said and began ordering on his favorite food app.

While waiting for their order, they discussed a lot of things regarding the types of crimes happening in the city, and they also engaged in brainstorming on how crimes can be prevented earlier and in a much quicker time.

The discussion was lively, informative, and intense as six like-minded individuals were united with one common goal to ensure a much safer environment for the masses.

Jessy listened attentively while the men around her discussed many delicate issues concerning drug trafficking, human smuggling, terrorism, bombing, and a lot more.

One hour later.

The food was finally delivered and everyone shifted their attention to the mouthwatering dishes arranged appetizingly in the center table and they began eating with gusto.

Everyone is in high spirits and enjoying great camaraderie, sharing silly jokes now and then... eliciting a bubble of laughter from everyone.

Jessy watched as the group warmed up easily on Adam and he was feeling the same to them as well. Based on her observation Adam will have an easy time working with them in the future.

She feels at ease seeing Adam continuing her legacy as Agent X. He will be a more efficient and more effective Agent than her.

The group continues eating and drinking until the early evening when the clock finally strikes at 7:00 in the evening, the group dispersed and went their separate ways.


The couple teleported into the mansion looking forward to spending more time with each other before they will resume their respective responsibility, Adam as Agent X, and Jessy on her blood transfusion.

Jessy and Adam went shower together in the bathroom and made love in the bed whole night long.

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