The Last Embrace Book 4 Chapter 472

Volume 4: Past Present Collides Chapter 472 The End

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Two years and six months later.

Jessy had successfully transformed all vampires into a human being and they were now living in the Habitat as one community.

Jessy was now living happily in the mansion with her mother and father.

Adam continues to work in the government as 'Agent X' together with Jagger aka Alexander Moore and Roden.

The government stays true to the clemency program, allowing children and a.d.u.l.t 'ex-vampires' to be integrated into society.

Adam, Alexander, as well as Roden were rotating every six months to give each other a chance to have a life outside the grueling work of being an agent.

The government was satisfied and happy with the services and great contribution of the ex-vampire agents. Crimes related to drugs, human smuggling, and kidnapping, hostage-taking as well as terrorism and bombing went considerably lower and few in between.

The powerful agents were sought most often to hop from city to city in helping to solve dangerous and complex situations around the country.

Hiring ex-vampires as crime busters is a brilliant decision from the government's side and everyone benefited from it.


One glorious afternoon.

The weather is nice and the wind is cool to the skin.

Jessy was sitting on the swing that Adam had built for her. She looked around her, everything is beautiful.

The sun would set two hours from now.

All of a sudden, Adam materializes behind Jessy and planted a kiss on her head. "How's my darling wife doing today?" he asked softly.

Jessy grinned and looked at him. "I'm doing fine. Hows' work?" she asked.

"Easy peasy as always," he replied. "And how is our baby today?" he asked placing his hands on her 3 months old baby bump in her tummy, caressing it lovingly.

"The baby is fine, my OB says it is growing healthy every day," she answered, looking every inch a jubilant expectant mother.

"Our wedding will take place next week, on Sunday. Is everything okay with the preparation? Do you need help in organizing things?" he asked.

Jessy shook her head. "No need. I have my mother, your mother and Princess Abigail to prepare everything. It's just a garden wedding. We already rented chairs and tables, and the selections of foods were already pass onto the catering services and the flowers will be delivered on Sunday morning so that the wedding coordinator and his team will be able to decorate the place using the fresh flowers," she explained.

"Ah, I see. I'm glad to know that you are not stressed out with the wedding planning and everything," Adam said.

"I'm enjoying the process of planning the wedding it's super fun. But what I enjoyed the most is being a pregnant woman," she smiled radiantly.

"That's wonderful, my love! I can't be with you nowadays but in the next six months, it's now my turn to rest. So yeah, I'm looking forward to spending more time with you and our baby," he said looking at his wife adoringly in the eyes.

"Let's go now upstairs 'coz I wanted to take a nap in my bed, I'm feeling sleepy," Jessy said and went down from the swing.

"Alright my love...walk slowly..." he said, feeling concerned with his wife as he holds her hand. "You want me to carry you?" he offered.

Jessy looked at him and giggled. "Nah, I can manage. I can walk with my two feet. You forgot that I'm strong as OX," she laughed in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Adam chuckled and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

The couple went upstairs to rest and cuddle in the bed.

Two hours later, Adam left to report to his job.

Thirty minutes later.

Jessy received a text message from Oliver reminding her that it's General's Smith's birthday today.

It's been two years since she put the general in a coma. It's about time to wake him up. But before she will resurrect him, she has to read his mind first to know if he's still thinking of getting revenge. If he's not into revenge anymore then she will resurrect him.

She rose from the bed, went to the closet and took her brown jacket and put it over her shoulder.

She transformed into her invisible self and initiated the teleportation process.

A minute later, she landed inside the general's room.

He was lying in his bed with the help of the breathing machine. The nurse was sitting on the sofa nearby reading a magazine.

Jessy looked over the window into the garden, she saw some people decorating the place and there's a 'Happy 65th Birthday Father' attached on the tree, looks like there will be a birthday celebration going on a few minutes from now.

She went to the general's side and placed her hands on his head.

She began reading his mind...

Thirty minutes later she was done.

There's not much happening in his memory because he was already comatose but his mind was alive and he knows that he's in a coma, and he was thinking of planning to retire and wanting to rest and spend more time with his children and grandchildren. His recent thoughts are made up of wanting to travel to another country and have a grand vacation.

Jessy smiled. It looks like, the general just want to retire, rest and enjoy the rest of his life with his children and grandchildren.

She placed back her hands on his head, this time she uses her power to restore the general back to his former health.

A few minutes later...

The general opened his eyes slowly...

That was also the time the nurse saw the general's eyes opening slowly.

"OMG! The general is wide awake!" she shouted aloud in joy.

Soon enough, everyone rushes to the general's room and they rejoice with his waking up from a coma on the day of his 65th birthday.

It's gonna be a joyous birthday celebration for the general and his family.

Jessy smiled, it's her way of sharing her joy, she teleported back into the mansion to continue her rest.


One week later.

It's a beautiful Sunday. The sun still up and will set within the next two hours.

It's the Wedding Day of Gavin Sanders and Jessy Evans!

Attended by about 100 people.

Everyone gathered in the garden sitting on the chairs and the tables were loaded with mouth-watering dishes meticulously displayed and prepared for the beautiful wedding of the couple.

There was a makeshift altar in the center.

On the right side... Hector, Sarah, King Antone, Queen Margaret, Princess Abigail, Prince Zain Hanna, and their son were seated. Behind them was Aunt Ruby, Aunt Ruth, Grandpa Waldo, Nana Aida, and her son and daughter Ivy and Nathan.

On the left corner...Colonel Brown, Capt. Mercado, Police Chief Jackson, Oliver, and some police officers were seated. Behind them is Jagger, Roden, his wife Mahlia, and two children, Granny Alicia, Antonia, and the five kids, the doctor in the clinic and his assistant.

The rest of the chairs were occupied by the royal family's entourage.

Adam was looking dashing in his tuxedo while waiting on the altar together with the priest who will officiate the wedding.

A lovely wedding song floated in the air played by the sound system.

A few minutes later.

The bride can be seen walking towards the makeshift altar, she was a picture of a smiling bride. She was walking slowly on the carpeted ground feeling like she was floating on cloud 9.

Jessy was wearing an ivory elegant ball gown wedding dress. Her long hair was styled in a gorgeous bun. Her smile was the most radiant. A tear fell from her eyes after seeing all the important people in her life joining her on her big day.

She met Adam's gaze, they were both smiling as profound happiness radiated from their eyes.

A few minutes later, the wedding ceremony began and unfolded wonderfully, magically witnessed by everyone close to the bride and groom's heart.

The wedding ceremony was over in thirty minutes.

Everyone congratulated the bride and groom.

The merrymaking started as wines, foods, and drinks flow in abundance.

Colonel Brown gifted the couple a five-minute magical fireworks display to the delight of everyone.

The newlyweds were having a good time chatting with the guest and families until 11:00 in the evening.

Time for the guest to go home.

Adam and Jessy were holding each other's hands while watching the last of the visitor leave the mansion.

The couple gazed at each other's eyes.

Adam hugged his wife lovingly. "I love you so much, wife!"

"I love you more, hubby!" she giggled.

"Now that we're finally husband and wife, no one can ever separate us from each other. Are you happy, wife?" Adam planted a kiss on Jessy's forehead.

"I'm very much happy. Finally, it's our wedding day!" she grinned.

"So, let's go upstairs now so that you and our baby can rest," he suggested in high spirit.

"Alright, let's go now to our room to rest," Jessy replied.

The couple teleported into their room and spent the whole night cocooned in their sweet embrace.

~~~~THE END~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~THE END~~~

Authors Note:

Hello everyone.

Thank you very much for reading...

The novel finally ended. I'm going to miss Jessy and Adam.

They were like a friend to me. A friend that I could never had in the real world. I wish Jessy and Adam are real....hehehe.

Thank you guys for reading from chapter 1 up to the ending.

I wish you well. Wishing you all the best in your life...good health...prosperity and peace of mind.

Thank you very much for the support, very much appreciated by me.

Take care everyone!

P.S. I have a new fantasy novel titled~~~ The Tale of Three Sisters~~~ please readit if you have free time and add in your library if you like it. Thanks!

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