The Legend Of Futian Chapter 2596

Vol 9 Chapter 2472: Dharma Practice

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Although the "Heart Sutra" is the foundation of Buddhism, it is also the sacred text of Buddhism, which is infinitely wonderful.

Ye Futian was immersed in it. The content in the Heart Sutra was not much. It was a bit obscure for beginners. After entering the ecstasy space, Ye Futian seemed to be in the world of Buddhism. He sat cross-legged and surrounded by Buddhist characters. Surrounded, there is faintly lingering Buddha's sound, which is transmitted to the ears, and it is deafening and deafening.

Next to him, a Buddha lamp was lit up, which seemed to light up the Buddha's heart for him. Ye Futian even had an illusion that he himself was a Buddhist practitioner and was enlightening the Buddhist scriptures.

As time passed, Ye Futian was surrounded by Buddha's light, as if he was plated with a golden body, and the white clothes on his body had a faint golden brilliance.

Others looked at the Buddhist scriptures, but they just read it. Even if they don't practice, it is good to understand the Buddhist scriptures.

Ye Futian stayed here for a month before leaving, and then Hua Qingqing took him to other ancient temples to observe the Buddhist scriptures and practice the Buddhist magical powers. After entering the sacred soil of the West, Ye Futian was immersed in the practice of Buddhism.

In a blink of an eye, two months passed. Ye Futian wandered among the ancient temples and temples during these hours. His stay time became shorter and shorter. When he arrived at the back, he seemed to just simply observe, and then left directly, like a horse watching. It's like a flower, it doesn't seem to be practicing at all.

In the sacred land of the Western Heaven, the atmosphere of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Day is getting stronger and stronger, and the whole Western Heaven is more prosperous and lively. There are already many people discussing the upcoming Ten Thousand Buddhas Meeting.

It is said that nowadays, on the spiritual mountains of all the heavens in the Buddhist world, there have been big Buddhas coming, and they have stepped into the sacred soil of the western sky, and some people have even seen it with their own eyes.

At this time, in a place of Buddhist practice in the western sky, the light of Buddha surrounds this space, and it is peaceful.

In one place, there are Buddhist monks preaching, and many Buddhist practitioners sit on the futon and listen quietly, with their majestic appearance and Buddha light lingering all over their bodies, as if they are preparing for the coming of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association.

After a while, the lecture was over, the phantom of the Buddha statue in front gradually disappeared, and the Buddha's light was still circulating in the quiet space. After a while, he opened his eyes one after another and recited the Buddha's name.

"How do the Buddhas feel?" A Buddha asked with a smile.

"Buddha preached and gave enlightenment, which benefited a lot." Humanity said.

"The Buddha's Dharma is profound, and some doubts about the scriptures are suddenly clear. The little monk feels that his cultivation has improved a bit." Another human said.

"The Buddha's cultivation has reached the pinnacle, and now the Buddha Dharma is more exquisite, I must be not far from crossing the Buddha's calamity. This time the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association, the Buddha's light will shine." Everyone complimented and said that the Buddha is a **** eye. Buddha.

"What is Ye Futian doing now, are you still reading the scriptures?" God Eye Buddha asked. In the Holy Land of Western Heaven, Ye Futian's movements can't be hidden from their eyes. The top Buddha can see through the sky with a glance. In the endless space, in the land of the west, they can even directly see where and what Ye Futian is doing.

Therefore, Ye Futian was practicing Buddhism and did not hide it from them.

Of course, Ye Futian didnt even think about concealing it. He naturally knew that his every move was under the observation of Buddhism practitioners. The fellow Tianyin Fuzi had been watching him in secret. He was chatting with Yumu before. The guy heard clearly.

"Well, I have been wandering among the ancient temples of the Western Sky, and I don't know what I intend to do." Someone said.

"If you talk about practicing Buddhism, go in for a day or two and walk out. In this way, what kind of Buddhism can you comprehend?" Some practitioners said with a smile, his smile seemed to be slightly ironic, as if he was making fun of Ye Futian. Capacity.

"Dharma practice is the most avoiding impetuosity. Although Ye Futian is talented, he claims that he is super talented, or he wants to be anxious to improve his cultivation level from insight and enlightenment of Buddhism. However, it is just a waste of time."

"Even if he can really observe and enlighten the Dharma, and cultivate some Dharma, what is his purpose?" Someone asked, seemingly curious.

"He wants to follow the example of Emperor Donghuang, participate in the Ten Thousand Buddhas Dharma, and want to defeat all the Buddhas." A Buddha cultivator smiled, and all the practitioners suddenly laughed. The scene seemed a little funny and full of irony.

"Destroy all the Buddhas?" The golden Buddha eyes shot a terrifying edge, and said: "If he participates in the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association and asks about the Dharma, then it is no wonder that we are."

Ye Futian has not yet settled the account of killing their disciple. The other party actually wants to participate in the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association, defeating all the Buddhas, foolishly dreaming.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Association is their Buddhist event. What happened hundreds of years ago when the Emperor Donghuang came to visit. Many people dont know what happened. Only some ancient Buddhas who have practiced for many years know what happened back then. But in their generation, they decided This kind of thing is not allowed to happen again in Buddhism.

Although after Emperor Donghuang became the emperor, this matter became a good talk in the land of Shenzhou, and it was talked about by many people. UU read www.uuknshu. Com, but from their Buddhist stance, being beaten into the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association and defeating all the Buddhas is definitely not a glorious thing, especially the Buddha's cultivation that was defeated by Donghuang in Buddhism at the beginning, it must be difficult.

It is said that some big Buddhas have been in good retreat so far. Influenced by events hundreds of years ago, they have not yet fully come out. It seems that they have sworn not to pass through the main road. Even more, a big Buddha passed away because of this incident.

In any case, this matter is definitely not a good talk within Buddhism.

Of course, there are also some top Buddhas who don't care. In their opinion, all beings are the same, and they even admire Donghuang the Great. This is because they have different concepts in cultivating Buddha.

However, Ye Futian didn't know what happened here, he was still immersed in his own practice of the Buddhadharma.

Unknowingly, there were only seven days left before the Ten Thousand Buddhas Association, and Ye Futian also stopped enlightening on Buddhism and did not continue to practice in the ancient temple.

At this time, Ye Futian and his party were here on a spiritual peak in Xitian.

On the edge of the cliff, he can look at the boundless space below the western sky. Ye Futian sits cross-legged, surrounded by golden light. Now, it is no longer a simple Buddha light. His body seems to have turned into a golden body. The whole body is bright, as if it is a golden body. Like an ancient Buddha, it turns into a Buddha, surrounded by many Buddhist characters, and the sound of the Buddha is bursting.

In Ye Fu's Palace of Heaven, at this moment, the entire Palace of Life is surrounded by golden Buddha light, as if it has turned into a world of Buddha. In this world, a huge and boundless Buddha shadow appeared on the sky, like the image of Dharma, and cross-legged. Sitting Ye Futian reflected each other.

Behind Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu and Hua Qingqing stood there quietly, watching Ye Futian practice.

"It seems that he doesn't need my help anymore." Hua Qingqing said softly, and Ye Futian's understanding of the practice of Buddhism made her feel shocked!

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