The Legend Of Futian Chapter 2724

Vol 10 Chapter 2597: Can it be killed?

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Tianzun Mountain Lord and Clan Chief Mo had different opinions, but in the end, both decided to destroy Tianyu Academy first.

Divine light descended one after another, and they looked towards the direction of Tianyu Academy. The mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain had cold eyes, filled with astonishing killing intent, and the rumbling sound of horror came out, and his footsteps slammed into the sky. Cracks appeared in the space, the space collapsed and shattered, and the terrifying heavenly might swept toward the direction where the Tianyu Academy was located.

As if he wanted a kick, he flattened the Tianyu Academy.


There was a loud noise, and the terrifying attack fell, but it did not flatten the Tianyu Academy. A brilliant curtain of stars enveloped the Tianyu Academy. The vast and endless magnificent Academy seemed to have turned into an independent Like a world of stars, guarded by the stars' divine light, without breaking.

"Magic circle!"

Tianzun Mountain Lord stared at the lower sky, Tianyu Academy still has a powerful magic circle, who is in the main circle?

I saw a figure appearing in the magic circle, it was the Supreme Elder of the Purple Star Territory, Chen Tianzun.

He held the scepter of stars, held the magic circle, blocked this terrifying blow, and kept the Tianyu Academy immortal.

The two giants frowned, but they didn't break through.

The aura on the Lord of Tianzun Mountain is even more terrifying, making the sky above the vast Tianyu City covered by a terrifying coercion. His palm is facing the sky, and suddenly a terrifying divine mark appears on the sky, covering the sky. day.

There are countless patterns on this divine seal, golden divine light shining, gorgeous, extremely heavy, the entire Tianyu City, at this moment, feels the coercion of suffocation, extremely heavy, like a sacred mountain above the head.

All the monsters in Tianyu City crawled on the ground, bowing their heads under the mighty power.

"Be careful." In the outer area of Tianyu Academy, many powerful people saw this divine seal covering the sky and covering the surrounding area. The practitioners fled madly and left this space. Patriarch Mo did not see this scene. What to say, the Lord of Tianzun Mountain came with anger, killing intent, and he couldn't stop his killing intent at this time.

Moreover, Tian Zun Yins attack has a degree, and it is normal.

Seeing the scene of destruction above the sky, in the direction of Tianyu Academy, the divine light of the stars became more dazzling and sacred. The scepter of stars in Chentianzuns hand was raised towards the sky, and the divine light immediately gathered and turned into a purple divine sword. He threw out unparalleled stars and splendor.

The rumbling sound of horror came out, and the Heavenly Imprint on the sky was like a world-killing attack, descending with the heavenly power, covering the sky, covering one sky, the practitioners in the distance showed a look of despair, and the sky above their heads, The **** seal has already covered the sky, and they are all under the **** seal, appearing extremely small, like ants.


Just listen to a loud noise, this world is extremely suppressed, the aura of destruction swept out, tearing the space, a series of dark and terrifying cracks appeared, centering on the Tianyu Academy, the vast area was destroyed by this Covered by the storm, many people screamed and were drawn into the cracks by the storm. People with strong cultivation bases insisted on it. After all, this was just the aftermath of an attack. The real attack was blocked by Chen Tianzun. Fall directly on them.

Otherwise, with one blow, all will die without a place to be buried.

But even so, the aftermath of the collision of the two attacks still smoothed the boundless space, causing many innocent people to die unjustly.

In this devastating attack, the surrounding area of Tianyu Academy was covered by a storm. Within that storm, a brilliant divine light suddenly descended, falling from the sky, dazzling and dazzling, like a piece of darkness. Dawn.

The practitioners of Tianyucheng all saw the light, descending from the sky, as if it were light coming from outside the sky.

They naturally recognize this light, which is the divine light of space, which penetrates the purple star field and the heavenly realm.

Someone came from the purple star field and descended on the sky.

Tianzun Mountain and the Mo family of power naturally saw this scene. They stared at the light, frowned slightly, and guessed that the divine light of this space came down from the purple star field, but at this moment, the purple star field shouldnt be moving. Was it besieged by the six ancient gods allied forces?

Why, some people dare to come to the world of heaven, and they can't die.

The devastating storm dissipated, and there appeared a figure with white clothes and white hair, magnificent and magnificent, besides Ye Futian, who else could be.

After he repulsed Wang Xiao, he knew that this side was under attack, and he came directly from the purple star field. Before, he asked ordinary disciples of Tianyu Academy to move and let Chen Tianzun stay, which was also the intention.

Even, including that he has been hiding his true strength and sweeping the original world, he also has a purpose in himself, attracting people from China to attack.

When he arrived in the land of the original world, it was his home court.

Tianzun Mountain Lord and the patriarch of the Mo clan came to the Heavenly Envelope.

"Ye Futian!" The mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain and the patriarch Mo saw Ye Futian appear, their expressions were cold, especially the mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain, whose killing intent was blazing and becoming more terrifying, he vowed to punish Ye Futian.

Now, he dare to come from Ziwei and appear here.

Tianyu Academy, but without the will of Emperor Ziwei, what would he use to stop himself?

The practitioners of the Tianyu world also saw Ye Futian appear in the sky above the academy. They all gave birth to the meaning of worship. For the Tianyu world, Ye Futian is the **** of the Tianyu, which is called by many people. Ye Shen.

The two top giants came to the heaven and killed many innocent people in one blow.

Now, Ye Futian is here.

Many spiritual practitioners have red eyes and clenched fists.

Ye Shen, will wash them with blood, and take revenge for the people who died just now.

"Boom!" The Lord of Tianzun Mountain released his domain in the first time. In an instant, in the vast expanse of space, sacred mountains appeared. The surrounding area was full of mountain walls, and on every mountain wall, there were Rune of destruction.

Wuliangyu has two superpowers, namely Wuliang Mountain and Tianzun Mountain. They are named after the mountains. They are the two sacred mountains of Wuliangyu. There are rumors that Tianzun Mountain was actually inherited from the Emperor Wuliang, and later became a self-made portal. , With Tianzun Mountain.

It is impossible to verify the specifics in ancient times, but the two major forces still have some similarities in certain aspects, such as attacks.

The boundless realm envelops half of the Tianyu City, and countless practitioners are shrouded in it, looking up at the surrounding sacred mountains that reach the sky. The main mountain of Tianzun Mountain stands high in the sky, overlooking Ye Futian below, and said coldly: "You are good at supernatural powers, and you can't help you when you are outside. I didn't expect you to dare to enter the realm of the avenue."

"Today, the legend of the original world will end here."

"Really?" Ye Futian looked at the Lord of Tianzun Mountain, moving towards the sky. At the same time, he also had the aura of the avenue permeating his body, covering the boundless space, as if arranging his avenue field, separating the void. , To isolate the battlefield from Tianyu City, and prevent outsiders from being corroded by the aftermath of the battle.

Clan Chief Mo also released a terrifying aura, but Chen Tianzun walked out of Tianyu Academy in a tacit understanding, walked towards Clan Chief Mo, and came to his opposite, as if he absolutely trusted Ye Futians strength. The super powerhouse of the second stage of the robbery, Tianzun Mountain Lord, handed it over to Ye Futian.

In the sky above, there are several Chinese experts who crossed the first stage of the Tribulation. They all looked at the battlefield.

Ye Futian, he didn't even use his magical power to fight with his own body. Could it be that he has already dared to fight head-on against the strong man in the second stage of the Tribulation?


A dull sound came out, and a supreme pressure covered this area. On the walls of the sacred mountains, runes flowed, and in an instant, like the collapse of the heavens and the earth, the mountains fell in the direction of Ye Futian. Below, there is the power of supreme killing.

Ye Futian didnt move, he just stood there so quietly, Gu Shan brought the terrifying power to fall, and blasted on Ye Futians body, but directly collapsed and shattered, not only did not injure Ye Futian, but the Shenshan collapsed, as if , Hitting a stronger fetish.

"Ye Shen!"

The people of Tianyucheng looked at the sky, clenching their fists one by one, looking excited.

That is a giant-level figure, the mountain descended and landed on Ye Shen, but he couldn't shake Ye Shen's Dao Divine Body.

How tyrannical is this divine body?

The lord of Tianzun Mountain gave a cold snort, he raised his hand to the sky, and the light of God was shining, and the imprints of Tianzun were gathered together, boundless and overbearing, the overwhelming force swept out, suppressing the world, his eyes were cold , Killing the sky.


The Tianzun seal blasted down, covering this Fang Tian, suppressing all existence in this space, and the powerhouses in the heavenly world felt a slight change in their expressions. This divine seal blasted down, as if a Fang Tian was killed. unstoppable.

Thick, domineering, shattered the power of the avenue, and killed Ye Futian's body.

Ye Futian's thoughts moved, suddenly the vast world, the sword intent was overwhelming, as if the whole world had turned into a sword that shattered everything, his body also turned into a sword, and his sword intent was overwhelming. He saw the immortal imprint blasting down that day, and his footsteps Moving forward, with a finger pointing towards the sky, at this moment, the avenue is one, and the power of the vast space avenue converges and turns into a magic sword of destruction. The brilliant light of destruction penetrates the sky and blasts towards the imprint of that day.

The dazzling sword light makes it difficult to open the eyes. Under the sword, the crowd saw that the immeasurable and overbearing imprint that fell on the sky collapsed and cracks appeared under the sword, and then split and collapsed, covering the sky. His Tianzun seal was broken by a sword.

This scene made everyone in this space field beating their hearts, including the mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain and the powerhouse of Shenzhou in the void, as well as the patriarch Mo next to him.

They all seemed to feel an unusual breath.

Ye Futian, a sword shattered the Tianzun seal, what does it mean?

means that Ye Futian's combat effectiveness is not the peak of the first stage of the tribulation, but the level of the second stage of the tribulation.

The white-haired figure still stands high in the sky, with sharp eyes like a sword, piercing the Lord of Tianzun Mountain, and indifferently said: "You want to kill me? Can you kill it!"

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