The Legend Of Futian Chapter 2725

Vol 10 Chapter 2598: The Fall of the Giant

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Tianzun Mountain Lord stared at Ye Futian, the Nine Realm Emperor, why can he have such a fighting power?

He is very aware of the destructive power of his Tianzun seal, which contains his perception of the Dao, and his Dao will is there, but from Ye Futian's attack, he also felt the Dao will power that belongs exclusively to Ye Futian. .

Although it is a kendo, it is a sword that breaks the dao, as if to destroy all dao.

This kind of realm does not belong to the emperor of humans. After crossing the existence of the great tribulation, he will start to walk on his own path and have his own will, but Ye Futian already has it.

So, what realm is Ye Futian now?

"Have you already survived the calamity?" The Lord of Tianzun Mountain stared at Ye Futian and asked. This is only possible, otherwise, Ye Futian's combat effectiveness cannot be explained.

Human Sovereign realm, it is impossible to achieve such a combat power.

"Guess!" Ye Futian did not give an answer, but in fact, he has experienced two calamities, but his calamity is different from others.

He has gone through two calamities in the Ninth Realm of Human Emperor. From a logical point of view, his calamity is easier than others seem to come. However, the power of calamity is not weak at all. He suffered two great calamities. Baptism, his body was reborn, he was originally a divine body, and he was incomparable, so in many cases, he could directly resist the simple attack of the second major power of God.

What's more, his divine body is already the body of Tao, the body of Tao. In this world, people who can be stronger than him in the flesh may really be counted.

Hearing Ye Futianyun's breezy tone, the Lord of Tianzun Mountain knew that Ye Futian had been robbed.

He has a special method to hide his cultivation, make him stay in the realm of the emperor, and deceive everyone in China.

"You didn't reveal your true strength when you attacked the Divine Land, just for this day?" Tianzun Mountain's owner opened the mouth. Ye Futian attacked Divine Land Haotian City at the time, and he had always used his supernatural powers to evade. The strong robbery has never confronted the strong robbery head-on.

It can be said that he has been hiding his true combat effectiveness.

"There are too many powerful enemies in Shenzhou. If you don't hunt and kill a few people, how can you be worthy of this battle with the forces of China? How can you frighten the powers of China without killing a few people." Ye Futian looked at the Lord of Tianzun Mountain and said: "Unfortunately, You will be the sacrifice of this war."

When the Lord of Tianzun Mountain heard Ye Futians words, he was silent at first, and then smiled on his face. This smile became more and more presumptuous, and then he laughed wildly. Above the sky, the space trembled violently, and the terrifying coercion enveloped the boundless space. Suppress the entire Tianyu City.

Even if it was protected by Ye Futian's domain, the wild laughter still shook the people in Tianyucheng's scalp and their heads were severely pained, as if they were about to burst. They covered their ears with their hands and looked up at the sky. The figure of I.

Tianzun Mountain Lord, seems to be irritated by Ye Futian's arrogance.

"I dominate in the immeasurable realm and dominate the Tianzun Mountain for thousands of years. In the land of Shenzhou, not many people dare to say that I can beat me. Now, a junior from the original realm regards me as a prey, which is extremely ridiculous." Tianzun Mountain The Lord roared, the sound was rolling, stunned the void, as if the sky was about to burst.

In this world, the avenue seems to be collapsing, the terrifying space cracks swallowing the power of the avenue, and there are sacred peaks blasting down, as if the whole world is collapsing and destroyed.

The mad laughter is still there, turning into a great sound wave, shattering everything and killing the soul.

The mountain peaks were suppressed, blasting on Ye Futian's body, but still couldn't shake his divine body, but the other party's attack was not only an attack on the body, but also the soul, making everything around him illusory.

Being able to dominate in China and become the second sacred land of Mount Wuliang in the Wuliang domain with the ancient gods, Wuliang Mountain, how can it be the name of Lang to gain a false name? The strength of the Tianzun Mountain Lord is undoubtedly a real giant.

At this moment, the body of the other party even disappeared. The practitioners of Tianyu City saw that the figure of the mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain merged with the realm. He incarnates in the realm of the avenue, becoming a part of the sacred mountain that covers the space, the sky. Above, his face appeared.

The sound of mad laughter came from all sides, everywhere, sound waves attacked and killed everything, and the patriarch Mo and Chen Tianzun on the other battlefield were also affected.

"Ye Futian, you said I can't kill you, and now I also ask, you want to hunt me, **** me?" The overbearing voice fell along with the sound waves, and kept banging on Ye Futian.

At this time, he is the master of this world, the supreme existence, this is his domain, his world.

Ye Futian raised his head and glanced, his eyes seemed to shoot out a brilliant divine light, which was extremely dazzling. Suddenly, a flaming Buddha light lit up on him, turning into the figure of a Buddha, not moving the body of the Ming king. He made a Buddhist seal with his hands. The sound is lingering, thousands of Buddhist characters are flying out, around his body, turning into an absolute realm, isolating everything, whether it is physical or spiritual attacks.


It was the first time that a strong man in Tianyu City saw Ye Futians return. The Lord of Tianzun Mountain turned into a god, and he turned into a Buddha, vomiting a vajra mantra, his body was immobile like a mountain, and the opponents double attack was impossible. Shake him a bit.

"Today, you must die!" The Buddha spit out the sound of killing. The voice was not loud, but it contained an unquestionable meaning. He was extremely domineering. It was a kind of almost arrogant self-confidence.

How can he not kill the Lord of Tianzun Mountain after experiencing two divine calamities.

"Really, this seat will wait and see." The voice of the Lord of Tianzun Mountain fell, and above the sky, the avenue area lit up with an extremely dazzling light. A celestial seal was gathered together, suspended above the head, covering the entire area, with no dead ends. .

This attack covered this area, obscured the sky and covered the sun, and directly blasted down. There were many rune lights flowing above the seal that day, and each rune light seemed to contain boundless and overbearing power to suppress and kill.

After a thought, the attack fell, Ye Futian could block the attack on Sonic Avenue, could it block the overbearing Tianzun Yin attack?

The strong people in Tianyucheng only felt that the sky was submerged. They were all shocked, their bodies trembling slightly, and some of the weak and weak legs were weak.

This level of battle is too terrifying. For them, the land of one world can be easily destroyed.

But Ye Futian also reached this state.

Can Ye Shen, whom they believe in the Heavenly Envelope Realm, be able to stop the opponent's attack?

If it can't stop it, I am afraid that Tianyu City will be destroyed.

"Since Ye Shen did this, he must be sure to hunt down the opponent." Someone thought in his heart, firming his faith, and looking at the sky battlefield.

The Buddha's light was flaring, and beside Ye Futian, thousands of Buddhas appeared. These thousands of Buddhas chanted the Buddha's name at the same time, and the Great Sun Tathagata Seal came out. At the same time, an extremely sacred and huge ancient Buddha appeared, and the Buddhas bloomed in the Great Sun Tathagata. The seals gathered together, condensed into a big sun Tathagata seal, blasted above the sky, and collided with the celestial seal that blasted down.

For a time, the sky fell apart and the earth cracked.

Tianzun Seal, there was a crack, and it was shattered. The Great Sun Tathagata Seal continued to blast out into the sky, boundless and domineering.

In the realm of the sacred mountain of the road, the divine light shines, and another seal of the celestial **** is hanging down, suppressing the world, and blasting on the big sun Tathagata seal, followed by the third and fourth ways, as if, as long as the realm of the sacred mountain is in, the seal of the **** is It can kill endlessly until it destroys everything in this domain.

Buddha sound lingers, the six-character mantra is uttered, and the Buddhism power suddenly becomes stronger. Thousands of Buddhas appear in different directions in this space, and at the same time they stretch out, blasting out the Great Sun Tathagata seal, blocking the endless Tianzun seal.

At the same time, Ye Futian's true body separated from the Buddha's body, and a blazing divine light emerged from his body.

With both hands stretched out, Ye Futian's divine light lingered on him. In this area of avenue, there were countless divine swords. These divine swords screamed loudly, and they all bloomed with dazzling divine splendor, and every sword swallowed out the power of destruction. And, every sword is boundlessly huge, giving people a heavy sense of strength, and also contains the meaning of destruction that tears apart the space.


Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at the void, and suddenly countless divine swords flew out at the same time, ignoring the spatial distance.


A divine sword blasted on the downward seal of the Heavenly Sovereign, followed by the second sword, the third sword... the endless divine sword, piercing the Heavenly Sovereign Seal.

At the same time, Ye Futian's deity is also like a sword, which is invincible and breakable. He is a sword body.

In other words, he is a magic sword at this time. UU reading www.uukanshu.com


A light flashed across, the divine sword pierced through the sky, penetrated the Tianzun seal, and blasted above the Shenshan Avenue domain high above the sky. It pierced the location of the face of the Tianzun Mountain Mountain Lord, causing the entire highway domain to make a dull sound.

Then, the second sword, the third sword...the endless swords followed one after another, blasting at different positions in the sacred mountain domain.

Divine Sword, filled with the sacred mountain domain, the destructive divine light bloomed, causing cracks in the sacred mountain domain, and from the cracks, brilliant rays of light were emitted.

The face of the mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain appeared on the divine wall, showing a look of horror. He no longer had the majestic and domineering spirit before, but became panic.



The sacred mountain domain was constantly exploding and began to collapse, and countless cracks lit up at the same time. Then, an extremely gorgeous divine light bloomed, and the sky collapsed and shattered, as if the sky was shattered.

Soon, the sky above Tianyu City returned to its original appearance, and white clouds flowed above the sky. There was no pressure, and there was no figure of Tianzun Mountain Mountain Lord.

Only Ye Futian, still standing there, with white clothes and white hair, is magnificent.

Tianzun Mountain Lord, Fallen!

A person who had survived the second major divine calamity died in the hands of Ye Futian.

The hearts of several other strong men from China were beating violently. They couldn't help but want to escape, fleeing in different directions, but they saw a ray of divine light ignoring the distance of space and descending on them. Everyones body was Stopped.

Ye Futian burst out of real strength, killing the strong, with a snap of his fingers!

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