The Legend Of Futian Chapter 2726

Vol 10 Chapter 2599: The disappearance of China's 2 major forces

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After the death of Clan Chief Mo, the sky above Tianyu City returned to calm, and the suppressed and terrifying aura dissipated invisible, as if nothing had happened before.

But only the people in Tianyucheng know what a terrible battle has just broken out in the sky above.

Ye Futian, first punishes the mountain lord of Tianzun, then kills the powerhouse of Shenzhou, and then joins forces with Chentianzun to punish the patriarch Mo.

In this battle, the people from China invaded the Tianyu, the whole army was wiped out, and all of them were killed. The two giants died here.

Do not say that it is the heavenly world, even if it is on the land of Shenzhou, how many years have there been no two giants falling away?

But today, it happened in the heavenly world.

In Tianyu City, everyone looked up at the sky, looking at the beautiful white-haired figure. Some old people in the Tianyu world experienced several battles that year. Of course, this was not the first time Shenzhou invaded Tianyu. Before that, China has encircled and suppressed.

In addition, there is also the Heavenly Enchantment Realm who has experienced encirclement and suppression by the Protoss, the Holy Land of the Beginning and the top forces of the Nine Realms.

This land can be said to have been weather-beaten, destroyed and rebuilt again and again. Almost everyone from every force has invaded it, but today, the Tianyu Academy, which has been destroyed many times, still stands there.

This feeling is beyond words.

Some disciples from the Tianyu Academy have become middle-aged or even old people. They are full of emotions in their hearts. In the silent space, they look at the peerless figure in the void and whisper: "Tianyu Dang Xing."

"Tianyu should be a joy." Many people also murmured, and some even knelt on the ground when moved, and worshiped Ye Futian.

Looking to the heaven, I will never be robbed again.

Today, Ye Shen, slashed two giants in the world of Tianyu, punishing the existence of a number of people who crossed the catastrophe, from now on, how many people in the land of Shenzhou dare to break into the Tianyu?

After Chen Tianzun plundered the relics of those strong men, there was a strong wave in his heart. Before that, no one knew Ye Futian's strength. Although he could guess that Ye Futian should have the ability to fight against the giants, he did not expect. He was actually able to punish the existence of the second divine calamity.

He looked down at the countless figures of worship in Tianyu City, and then at the white-haired young man standing proudly on the sky.

Although Ye Futian has had too many brilliant records, today, it can still be said that the first battle is to confer the gods.

The meaning of today's battle is different from the past. The real battle of the gods punishes the strong in the second stage of crossing the robbery. From today on, he embarks on the road to the top, under the emperor, he is at the top of the ladder.

Killing and fighting are not the same thing.

The heir to the Great Emperor Ziwei, he will lead Ziwei to a new glory, and will also create a new prosperous age in the original world.

Without the participation of the great emperor, in the future, the original realm will become another superpower independent of the world, different from the Divine State, the Sky God Realm, and the Dark World. Of course, only on the day when Ye Futian truly becomes the emperor, the Purple Star Territory will There are capitals juxtaposed with emperor-level forces such as Shenzhou.

Will it be far this day?

The change of heaven and earth originated in the original world.

Will this sentence be fulfilled in Ye Futian's body?

The powerhouses of China, including the King Xiao of Tianyan City, who do not want to be heroes in troubled times and the protagonist of the era of great changes in heaven and earth, but there is only one protagonist.

Who will belong to this era!

Shenzhou, the Mo family, this glorious clan with an ancient history, there are countless practitioners, and the strong are like clouds.

At this time, a group of elders in the Mo Family Hall looked at the broken crystals in shock. They felt violent fear in their hearts. Their hearts were beating, and they trembled slightly involuntarily, as if they couldn't believe what they saw before them.

"Patriarch, no more."

A difficult voice came out, not only the clan chief, but the strong men brought out by the clan chief have all fallen.

Mo, it's over. From now on, it will no longer be a giant force.

At this time, the Mo family did not know it, and they were still busy in their own practice.


At this time, a bell rang, as if it were the death knell of the doomsday.

All the strong Mo clan raised their heads, looking towards the towering hall, their hearts trembled violently, what happened?

"Clang, clang, block..."

The bell sounded continuously, everyone stopped and looked over there.

The bell rang nine times in a row. This is the death knell of destruction.

What happened?

I saw a group of elders appearing in the sky above the main hall, all of the older generation of cultivators of the Mo family, looking towards their family land.

In the silent space, no one spoke, as if there were no children crying.

"The patriarch, I'm sorry."

An old man said, like a bolt from the blue, all the practitioners of the Mo family were trembling.

Patriarch, fallen.

What happened?

The patriarch and the six ancient gods of Shenzhou went to the original world to participate in the war, punishing Ye Futian, destroying Ziwei, and now they have fallen. What does it mean?

"It's impossible..." Some practitioners still can't believe this is true, questioning what the old man said.

"The patriarch and the mountain lord of Tianzun Mountain went to attack the Tianyu Realm and were ambushed by Ye Futian. Before the patriarch fell, the elders sent a message that Ye Futian has now been able to punish the strong man in the second stage of the tribulation. If the patriarch and them fall, then the family will be disbanded. The old man said loudly, the real thunderbolt shook everyone into a numb, and stood still on the spot.

The patriarch and the elders killed the Tianyu and were hunted and killed by Ye Futian!

Mo's, disbanded.

"I don't agree." Someone shouted loudly, and it was difficult to accept for a while. Will the top clans, who are arrogant on the land of China, disappear?

The elder in the sky above the hall glanced down and continued: "The death of the patriarch means that Ye Futian's strength is unfathomable. If there is revenge, the family will perish. In order to preserve it, the elder must be disbanded and the elder sends back to protect it. The Mo family."

"Back then, invading the original realm and targeting Ye Futian was the most fatal mistake I made by the Mo family. I made repeated mistakes and failed to punish him in time and eradicate future troubles. That being the case, the Mo family is committed today. The mistake of downloading has paid the price." There is a strong sense of sorrow in the old man's voice.

From today on, the Mo family will become the history of China.

His voice fell, and many of the Mo family fell to their knees, feeling endless sorrow.

On Tianzun Mountain, the sacred mountain of the immeasurable realm has broken, but there is still a gray-haired old man standing there.

He guarded the jade slips of the lives of the last few strong men on Tianzun Mountain. After seeing them broken one by one, the old man knelt on the ground, tears running and crying, and said, "Tianzun Mountain, it's gone."

Since today, Tianzun Mountain has been removed from China, and it has truly disappeared and become history.

Besides, there is no hope of revival.

He sat there, closed his eyes, and there was snow falling from the mountain, his breathing gradually stopped, until there was no breath of life, everything seemed to be still, sitting here.

Shenzhou, Tianzun Mountain, has become history.

The news of the demise of the two giants spread in China, and the whole China was shocked.

The name of Ye Futian resounded once again across the land of China. The white-haired young man seemed to be an undefeated legend.

Is he now able to punish the existence of the second major divine calamity?

The original world, outside the Purple Star Territory, the six ancient gods alliance forces naturally also got the news. They were shocked for the first time, and they were speechless for a long time.

Ye Futian successively killed the mountain lord of the Tianzun Mountain and the patriarch of the Mo clan, and when they encircled and suppressed the purple star field, they killed two giants.

Only one battle directly interrupted all their plans and broke their self-confidence.

Everything stopped running, and they did not continue to create a floating city. Although the patriarchs of the six ancient gods were a bit stronger and came prepared this time, when Ye Futian was able to kill the giants, Everything is different.

They are here, it's not so safe anymore.

The city lord of Tianyan city remained silent after learning the news, and the wounded Wang Xiao also knew. When he learned that Ye Futian could kill the giant, it was also deadly silence, silent.

Wang Xiao, the emperor Wushuang?

Ye Futian walked in front of him again. They thought that when Wang Xiao passed the second major divine calamity, they would be able to use the emperor's soldiers to break Ziwei, but now they dont have this confidence anymore. Ye Futian has already killed the second one. The robbery giants exist, UU reading www.uukansshu.com even if Wang Xiao breaks the boundary, why can he break the defense of Ziwei?

Wang Xiao stood there, staring at the infinite void ahead, standing with his hands behind him.

He Wang Xiao was born extraordinary, inherited the great emperor's heritage, communicated with the emperor's soldiers, and possessed world-class resources, but why, in the same era, he met Ye Futian.

In this state, he lost to Ye Futian, even if it is broken, can he defeat Ye Futian today?

Wang Xiao didn't have confidence, he seemed to be no longer what he used to be, or in other words, his confidence was destroyed by Ye Futian time and time again.

The king of the world, the unparalleled emperor?

Now that it sounds, he himself feels a little ironic.

In front of him, there is a person who can never cross.

Tianyan City Lord walked behind him, looked at the lonely figure, and sighed secretly in his heart. Now, he didn't know what to say.

He has such an enchanting character in Tianyan City, he is so talented, why did he meet Ye Futian?

Now, he has only one thought to kill Ye Futian.

As long as Ye Futian dies, Wang Xiao will remain invincible.

In the distance, a group of figures broke through the air. They were the strong men of other ancient gods. After they got the news, they rushed here to join the city of Tianyan. Ye Futian was able to kill the existence of the second major divine calamity. The plan this time meant that it could not be implemented at all, and it was another complete failure.

They can't help but the Purple Star Territory.

At this moment, in the lower sky, an illusory figure appeared. It was Ye Futian's figure. It came towards this side, causing the strong men to show a strange color, and their eyes were all looking at the figure walking towards this side!

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