The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 Black Star I Have Mastered Your Ways

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Chapter 1187 Black Star, I Have Mastered Your Ways!

The Dragon Hill battle was like a signal. Flames of war erupted everywhere on Planet Milton in the next two days. The bloodshed of the guild alliance players was never-ending. Battles happened on hundreds of battlefields across many strongholds every moment. It was as if Planet Milton was being bombarded continuously for two days. The surface was completely wrecked by the hundreds of millions of players.

The forums were basically filled with only two types of posts, the ones that kindly greeted the families of the opposing players and the battle reports of the various battlefield reporters.

As there were way too many battles going on across the various battlefields at the same time, even Han Xiao could not follow all of them. He only watched the Golden Alliances performance on the first day, saw that the Golden Alliance had emerged victorious in the Dragon Hill battle, and stopped paying close attention. He only looked at Bun-Hit-Dog and the Galaxy Times reports once every few hours to get an idea of the overall situation of the World Server War.

In general, the Golden Alliance had the biggest advantage. The guild alliances such as the Galactic Business Alliance suffered large losses on the first day, so they clearly became much more cautious.

As for the Three Universal Civilizations Faction led by the Golden Alliance and the September Conference, they did not organize any large-scale battles, only smaller partial battles. Instead, the scattered neutral factions were the ones that had fought most intensely so far. The scattered neutral factions had the most players. Many smaller guilds formed small alliances. Not only were they fiercely fighting each other, but some daring players even formed teams and attacked the strongholds of the big factions such as the Black Star Army Factions. Most of them were defeated, but a small percentage of them managed to take over some strongholds from the three mainstream factions.

In similar events, cleaning up the scattered players was normally the first thing that needed to be done. However, that was not the case here. The war was extremely brutal, and the revival count that basically no players cared about usually now became the most crucial resource.

The three mainstream factions had the ability to eliminate any scattered factions they wanted, but doing that without taking at least some damage was impossible. The players were fearless and would never give up resisting. Even the three mainstream factions would certainly incur some losses. To them, using the crucial revival counts on these scattered players was an utter waste.

Furthermore, attempting to cleanse the scattered players on a large scale would most likely cause them to unite and fight back. By then, they would have shot themselves in the foot and gotten trounced by the scattered players.

Although the rules did not state a time limit, everyone had an unspoken agreement to decide the results of the war in six days. Otherwise, their revival count would refresh again by then, which would be extremely costly for the guild alliances.

Although the players could revive again, their resources would undoubtedly deplete as time went on. If they were to fight another round, the inventory of the guild alliances would suffer tremendously. Furthermore, normal players would not be willing to go through the death penalty too many times.

In his exclusive workshop in Black Star Palace, Han Xiao stored away a newly built King mechanical suit, casually opened the forums, and browsed through the battle reports for today.

Golden Alliance 8 Hours Report: Continued Increase in Win Probability By Bun-Hit-Dog: "The Golden Alliance has carried out forty-one battles in the past eight hours, four are million level battles, eleven are five hundred thousand level partial battles, twenty-two are a hundred thousand level partial battles, and four small group battles. No ten million level battles. Of them, the Golden Alliance won twenty-nine and lost twelve, winning 70.73% of the battles, a 3.16% increase compared to yesterday. The overall average death count increased from 2.375 to 2.814, maintaining at the top of the average survival leaderboards, further increasing their lead over the second in place. The difference now has already reached 0.703!"

Flying Stone Cliff Quick Report By Galaxy Times (Chinese Zone): "Today, the Galactic Business Alliance and the Northern Battlefronts stronghold in Haywood Valley was assaulted by the September Council and Denland. As their teleportation arrays were disrupted, the Galactic Business Alliance and the Northern Battlefront dispatched the closest forces to travel to the Haywood Valley stronghold as reinforcements. However, when they passed by Flying Stone Cliff, they fell into the Golden Alliances ambush and suffered heavy losses. According to reliable sources, the Golden Alliance secretly dispatched a team there and had them log off. By logging in at the Flying Stone Cliff, they took the enemies by complete surprise, achieving a huge victory!"

There were many similar reports, Han Xiao scanned through them with a smile to see which guild alliances were eliminated for about half an hour before exiting the forums.

Beep beep beep! At this time, his communicator rang. It was surprisingly the dynasty exploration armys Marshal, Brother Tarrokov.

Han Xiao accepted the communication and asked with a smile, "Yoho, Old Tar, whats


"Have you been paying attention to the war between the Immortals?" Tarrokovs tone was serious.

"Hehe, I have a ton of Immortals under my command. How can I not pay attention? Come on, do you have to test me like this? Did the dynasty upper echelons send you?"

Han Xiao had a rough guess of what Tarrokovs intentions were.

"Hmm" Tarrokov did not deny it and slowly said, "What I want to ask is, how much do you really know about the Immortals?"

"Be more specific."

"Alright the Intelligence Department and the Dynasty Science Institute have never stopped observing the Immortals. One of the earliest batches of Immortals appeared on Planet Aquamarine, which were almost all recruited by you. You seem to have a very deep understanding of them. Wed like to know, why do the Immortals disappear every so often? Why does all of their strength increase after appearing again after they disappear? Does this strength increase of theirs have a limit? Can they really be fully controlled?"

A chain of questions was thrown at Han Xiao. He did not immediately respond. He felt the attitude change of the Crimson Dynasty.

The three Universal Civilizations had always been studying the Immortals, and now they finally came to him, who was an expert in this matter on the surface. This was clearly because of the World Server War. It had made them take the Immortals even more seriously!

The nickname Cancer of the Universe had existed for more than half of the version. The players had always been active in different events everywhere. Even though there was the Black Star Cup not long ago, that was just a competition. This time, however, was the first time the various organizations finally witnessed a large-scale battle only Immortals took part in.

The weapons and fleets they used were nothing extraordinary, nor was the scale as marvelous as the galactic battles. The only thing that was shocking was how fiercely the Supers fought. The Immortals from different factions had fought before too, but this time, it was much bloodier and more brutal. The advanced civilizations were only shocked, but those smaller organizations were almost spooked!

So, this is what a war between the Cancers of the Universe is like. We still underestimated the violence of these people!

Thinking about the specialties the Immortals had shown in the past, the dynasty no longer had the leisure to slowly carry out their studies, so they approached Han Xiao, hoping to obtain more detailed information.

"I dont know them that well. You guys probably already know what I know"

Of course, Han Xiao was not going to tell the entire truth. He casually said some things. Most was information the others could also obtain, nothing rare or new. "Is that all you know?" Tarrokov was not convinced yet.

"What else? I was only able to find some patterns before others. Im not an Immortal. How can I know everything?" Han Xiao joked.

"Youre right" Tarrokov nodded.

Actually, the Crimson Dynasty had suspected that Black Star was an Immortal decades ago.

However, no one had been able to kill him, so there was no way to know the truth.

Then, since Black Star did not disappear periodically like the Immortals, the dynasty had let go of this suspicion.

After Tarrokov was gone, Han Xiao wiped off the smile on his face and looked serious.

He opened the interface, looked at the EXP gauge, and made an estimate.

"At this rate of harvesting EXP, when this fight is over, Ill have more than enough EXP to complete the level 340 Promotion before the Pro League starts Hmm, I can use the Evolution Cube again this time."

Han Xiao frowned slightly.

As the strength of the players increased, the state of the universe would become more and more chaotic. He would only be able to deal with all kinds of changes by becoming stronger as quickly as possible. By then, no matter how the advanced civilizations responded, he would be able to deal with it.

The players of the Limitless Financial Group were also part of the World Server War. They were one of the large forces among the scattered factions.

Sorokin was also paying attention to this battle, but not just to observe it-he had other plans.

"This seems like a good opportunity to attract Immortals" Sorokins eyes flickered.

He had always been passionate about recruiting the Immortals. Although he did not know the truth about the players, the path Han Xiao had taken gave him some ideas.

Sorokin had carefully studied the Black Star Armys history, especially the methods the Black Star Army used to attract the Immortals. By concluding what had happened in the past, he had found quite a lot of patterns.

By now, Sorokin felt like he had already mastered Black Stars methods.

"This war between so many Immortals is a good opportunity for the Limitless Financial Group to make a name for itself among the Immortals. If the Immortals of the Limitless Financial Group win in the end, it should attract more Immortals"

Usually, the Limitless Financial Group Immortals did not have an edge. In order for them to win, he had to interfere. Anyway, he was not restrained by his reputation like the other Beyond Grade As. Even if word of him, a Beyond Grade A, shamelessly interfering with a war between Grade B supers got out, his reputation would not be affected because he never had one to begin with. As a Beyond Grade A, even without using his full strength, he would be able to decide the results of battles at this level. Furthermore, his methods were extremely sneaky. He believed that these Grade B Immortals would not be able to discover them.

"Looks like this is worth a try. I shall do it" Sorokin made up his mind.

His speculation actually made sense. However, he could not see the forums, so he lacked the most crucial piece of information He had no idea the players were fighting, and more importantly, he was completely clueless about the fact that the rules forbade NPCs from interfering!

The players of the Limitless Financial Group did not dare break the rules. They had invested a ton of resources and worked hard trying to maintain the good results they had achieved.

What they would never have expected was that their own faction leader was preparing to get them instantly disqualified.

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