The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Thanks Little Soro For The Assist

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Chapter 1189 Thanks, Little Soro, for the Assist!

The change in the Limitless Financial Group was just a small episode in the entire national war. After some players changed factions, the heat of this episode quickly subsided, and the various guild alliances redirected their attention to competing against each other.

The battlefield developed day by day, with a large number of players being eliminated. Because the number of resurrections decreased, the surviving guild alliances had become more cautious, not daring to be so aggressive. In addition, because many of the guilds had been eliminated, the battle was not as intense.

Because the Golden Alliance was constantly ranked first on the list, their lead kept on snowballing, and their current advantage was too huge. They were ambushed by the anti-Black Star troops, those from the three Universal Civilizations, and a bunch of loose guild alliances. This was one of their most tragic battles since the beginning of the war.

While the Golden Alliance had an advantage in terms of strength and number of resurrections, they also suffered from a loss in numbers and could not continue to maintain an excellent battle loss ratio. Their average number of deaths jumped from 5.89 to 7.38.

However, the advantages accumulated by the Golden Alliance were too solid, allowing them to maintain their position at the top despite the losses they sustained in this battle. The Golden Alliances average deaths did not exceed 6 before this battle, while the averages for the other guild alliances were too high. For example, in second place, the September Council belonging to the three Universal Civilizations saw their average deaths rising from 6.71 to 7.68 after the battle, which was a net win for them, but overall did not allow them to beat the Golden Alliance.

According to the forums, the analysis of average death ratio was at 9 points. Any value higher than that meant that the troops had lost their combat capabilities, and right now, many of the major guild alliances were approaching this number.

Thus, on the sixth day, those who had yet to be eliminated did not wish to rashly start a war. They seemed to tacitly agree to refresh their number of resurrections on the day. Thus, Planet Milton suddenly became quite deserted, with only sporadic battles taking place.

However, when it came to nighttime, the scene suddenly got lively. The various guild alliances began to fight wildly, exploiting the loophole in time.

Because a player that ran out of resurrections within the six days would count as being permanently eliminated, even after the refresh time of six days, they would still be ineligible to continue the battle. Thus, the guilds planned to use troops that still had enough resurrection times to eliminate the seriously wounded guilds with an average rate of 9.0 on the sixth night, weakening their opponents troops. In this manner, after the resurrection count refreshed in the morning, it would be basically equivalent to having no battle losses.

Thus, the night of the sixth day gave rise to a huge battle royale, where those who wished to live past the night fled in all directions, whereas the healthier ones turned into hunters, chasing after the wounded with a smile.

Of course, the hunted and the hunter roles were easily swapped, and from time to time, there were hunters who turned into prey and joined the fleeing team. Compared with the tragic and bloody battles the previous few days, the sixth night seemed to be reminiscent of a horror comedy.

But this very night displayed the largest wave of elimination since the start of the war. A full seventy percent of players were sent off that night. On the morning of the seventh day, when the number of resurrections was refreshed, the guild alliances of the three mainstream factions had less than half of their troops left. The other scattered organizations were worse off, leaving only a quarter or even a fifth of their total population.

The plan to solve all battles within six days went through, but the scale of the troops for every guild were also reduced, so the resources that needed to be invested were also reduced. The major guild alliances could only fight with their remaining troops for another six days before they ran out of ammunition and food.

And when it came to the third cycle, that was, the morning of the thirteenth day, there were only six guild alliances left on Planet Milton. The Golden Alliance was one of them, and it was, relatively speaking, the best-preserved power. None of the eliminated players left, instead remaining to watch the battle from above Milton in their spaceships, betting on who would be the final winner.

Because the margin of error had become even lower, everyone started to behave more cautiously. In this situation, it would be difficult to clear out every single one of their opponents, so the six guild alliances unanimously decided to attack each others strongholds and remove them to win.

After the first two weeks of war, the number of troops had decreased, resulting in a far less intense battle compared to at the beginning. At this time, another advantage of the Golden Alliance was greatly magnifiedthe Evolution Badge!

The Aberrations had strength far beyond a players current level, but the flaws were also obvious; they were restricted to melee battles, and most of their skills would be frozen. This had led to the inability to fully utilize the superiority of the biological Aberrations in ultra large scale group operations due to the high concentration of firearms.

However, this was a different case in the small and medium scale battles where the enemy would have less firepower.

At the current stage of the war, the Golden Alliance no longer deliberately pursued the advantage of having lower damage, and using the powerful attack capabilities of the aberrations, they traded their resurrection times to invade the strongholds. By the fifteenth day, two other guild alliances had already been eliminated by them.

By the seventeenth day, only two alliances were leftthe Golden Alliance and the Galactic Business Alliance. Both sides reached an agreement to not attack strongholds but rather settle the war in a decisive battle without regrets.

Having decided to end with a bang, both sides chose the battlefield to be Dragon Hill, which had already been renamed to Dragon Grand Canyon. They fought from morning till night, and in the end, the Golden Alliance won with a weak advantage, having less than two thousand players on the battlefield when the last member of the Galactic Business Alliance was killed.

The national war thus came to an end with such a result. Once it was over, the forums became the carnival grounds for the Chinese players. Even those who were eliminated politely sent congratulatory messages, acknowledging the win of the Golden Alliance for the first national war. The Galaxy Times as well as various reporter groups also released reports and articles, especially the group led by Bun-Hit-Dog. They were full of flowery praises, so cringy to the point that even the Chinese players that saw it felt their scalps tingle in discomfort.

The Galaxy Chronicles was also updated, classifying the first national war as the Milton Battle, recording all the wars that took place, large or small. Because the Chronicle was one where players could add in their own input, everyone just had to upload the battles they had experienced to completely restore the entire process of the national war.

Even after the national war ended, the players did not leave but rather reluctantly returned to Planet Milton, treating the environment and using their engineering machines to transform their strongholds into cities.

Because it was a rare occurrence for people of all factions to gather, some players set up stalls, and soon, many more joined in, turning the place into a trading area. PVP players also felt an itch to look for people to spar, and thus, Planet Milton became lively again, as though it had turned into a new Main City for the players.

In the office of Black Star Palace, Han Xiao closed the forums with a smile on his face.

"Its finally over, after more than half a month. The time taken was much longer than in my past life."

He did not provide any help throughout the whole process and thus was very happy to see that the Golden Alliance had won. The Chinese players had achieved good results, showcasing his fruitful efforts in the past four versions toward them.

The first national war in his previous life had a far-reaching impact, being marked as one of the major landmark events in the Galaxy Chronicles. The rules of the battlefield were passed down from then and eventually became a tradition recognized by the players. If they chose to fight again in the future, the same set of rules would have to be observed. The victory of the Golden Alliance would inevitably increase the attractiveness of their faction. As new players in the future considered which factions to join, with the older players blowing their own trumpets, the former would definitely choose the Black Star Army over the rest, due to its potential benefits.

The most important thing was that with the length taken to fight the national war, it had brought him far more benefits than expected!

Han Xiao opened the interface, glancing at the value of his EXP gauge as he smiled.

"Its about two months before the Pro League. I didnt expect this wave of experience to give me what I needed" Based on his calculations, he had enough to upgrade from level 331 to 340. This was much earlier compared to his initial estimations!

Within this wave of experience, there was a huge portion that was contributed by the former Limitless Financial Group players who switched factions midway.

"Little Soro, Little Soro. I must sincerely thank you for your help. Half of the labor belongs to


Han Xiao was extremely satisfied.

With enough wealth and foundation on his hands, there was no need to hesitate. He directly invested all his experience into his levels.

Divine Throne Mechanic leveled up to Lv.32. +500 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +18 END, +25 INT. You have received 20 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

Divine Throne Mechanic leveled up to Lv.40. +500 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +18 END, +25 INT. You have received 20 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

You have received the Promotion Mission for Lv.340!

Lv.340 Promotion Mission: Raise one of your (Gods Trait Transformation) skills to at least the 10th level.

"Hmm?" Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

His (Gods Trait Transformation Machinery] had already reached the ninth level. Constructing another Universal Treasure would allow him to reach the tenth level.

The upper limit of his Divine Throne Mechanic Class was capped at sixty. Thus, there was no mission for a change in class at 340, only the Promotion mission.

"This seems quite easy this time round" Han Xiao mumbled, but then he laughed to himself.

Its not that the mission is easy, but rather, Im too good.

He was originally intending to use a Mission Completion Card for his Promotion, but he now dispelled the thought. Regardless, he had to increase his Gods Trait Transformation skill, so there was no need to waste a Mission Completion Card on it. After the Intelligent Plague disaster, the dynasty had opened up a Gold Grade blueprint exchange channel for him. As long as he had enough faction Contribution Points, he could redeem a blueprint and craft it. He had the patience to wait for a while. Furthermore, the effect of his Evolution Cube depended on his Energy Level. Now that he had the Dragon Emperor Star Energy Extraction Technique on hand, Han Xiao intended to raise his Energy Level to the next tier, obtaining an extra stack of bonuses from the Evolution Cube. This would also require some time before he reached his target.

Han Xiao directly took out his communicator to contact the Crimson Dynasty. After expressing his needs, he soon received a list of blueprints to choose from.

After scanning it carefully, he selected one of them, sending out a redemption application.

The next step would be to await the approval of the dynastys senior officials to obtain his blueprint.

While the Gold Grade blueprints were precious to mechanics, to the point that having money alone could not buy it, with the fame and influence of the Great Mechanic Han, this was not an issue. Having authority in ones hands really made things a lot better.

Han Xiao was in a joyous mood, playing with his communicator whilst waiting for the dynasty to reply. Casually looking at the lively scene that was taking place in Planet Milton, he suddenly had an idea.

In his past life, the location of the first national war was also on Planet Milton, so it was regarded by the players as a commemorative Main City. However, after the version update, the planet was requisitioned and no longer opened to the public, thus becoming a regret for many of the players.

"When the fight between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance is over, officially concluding the fourth exploration phase, Ill buy Planet Milton and the several surrounding planets to give them to the Golden Alliance"

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

This move would not only deepen the armys presence among players but also reward the Golden Alliance. The excellent results of the Golden Alliance have brought us huge benefits. Though its an internal matter of the players, I should not be too stingy and make a statement to deepen the sense of belonging for the army players.

Isnt it just a few planets? Just this paltry sum, I can buy it directly!

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