The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Promotion

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Half a month passed by in a flash. Because the battle of Planet Milton had been settled, the preparations for the Pro League began to rapidly heat up. Players liked the new and fresh concepts, so analytical posts about the strength of professional players began to be posted on the forums, and various teams had also begun to promote and mobilize themselves. But Han Xiao did not pay attention to all of this. As soon as he obtained the Gold Grade blueprint, he threw all his affairs to Sylvia, concentrating on production.

Because it was his first time creating this blueprint, Han Xiao worked for half a month, experiencing many failures and accumulating a lot of proficiency before he obtained a Gold Grade end product, obtaining his Gods Trait Transformation point. "Its done!"

In the machinery modification room, Han Xiao could not hide the joy on his face, casually throwing aside the Gold Grade equipment he had just created to open his interface and use up the point.

Gods Trait Transformation Machinery) has reached the 10th Stage.

There are now unknown changes in your Life Hierarchy.

You have obtained a new understanding of Machinery. +15% chance of forming a new exclusive expertise. The skill (Universal Simulation] has obtained a sublimation.

You have begun to perceive part of the power of the transformation route (Talent Unknown).

You have received (The First Sanctum) Ability Fragment x 1.

"Oh, thats right. Every fifth increment indicates a new realm." Han Xiao nodded to himself.

When he reached the fifth stage for his Gods Trait Transformation, the same notification had appeared. This time, he had obtained a fragment of the First Sanctum.

He glanced at the effect of the tenth stage. It increased the level of all Mechanic skills from the (Apostle Mechanic) to the [Divine Throne Mechanic) Classes by three, along with a 1.2 times bonus to Machinery Affinity, a forty percent bonus to skill effect, and a 1.3 times bonus to damage and shield durability It was basically a replica of the fifth stages effect, with an increase in the bonus range provided.

"This is similar to the fifth stage in that it provides an increase in combat abilities, not bad eh? Whats this?"

Han Xiao suddenly realized that the progress bar behind the ability name had changed. The expected (10/?) had become (10/15).

"The unknown question marks are now revealed Is the highest level of Gods Trait Transformation capped at fifteen? And it seems like you can only see this limit when you reach a certain level"

Scanning it carefully, he found that the change was more than just these factors. From the 10th to the 11th stage, the number of points required to level up the skill had inflated to 6 points. At the same time, there was also a surprising notification.

Your (Gods Trait TransformationMachinery] has reached the 10th Stage.

You have triggered the transformation requirement. For each requirement completed, you can reduce the cost of upgrading by one Gods Trait Transformation point.

"Going above the tenth stage not only requires points but also missions to be completed. This is a little like the advancement missions Will the Mission Completion Card be effective here?"

While he was surprised by the changes in the Gods Trait Transformation skill, he had no intention to experiment with it now. He turned his head, letting his mechanical assistant clean up the workshop while he directly teleported to a barren planet where he had previously placed a Throne beforehand.


His vision spun, and he found himself now in the middle of a desolate gorge. Looking up, the walls on both sides stretched up all the way, forming a straight vision toward the sky.

This was a planet located in the hinterlands of the Black Star Army. He had chosen to advance here because he did not wish to make such a big commotion.

Han Xiao stowed the Throne away that he had his machinery place there beforehand before taking out the Evolution Cube and activating it.


The dark strands of Evolutionary Energy seeped out, and Han Xiao guided it into his body. A wave of pain burst out, as a black cocoon was formed outside his body. On his interface, the notification of the effect of the Evolution Cube used swept through his screen like a waterfall.

You have utilized the Evolution Cube (Gold Grade)!

You have received a permanent special benefit [Gene Optimization: Evolution Cube)!

Identifying species Identification complete.

Your current species is: Void Star Pursuer

Your genetic structure is being optimized

The first optimization has succeeded. Your potential qualities have increased. It is detected that you have received this level of optimization before. You have received +O STR, +O DEX, +1 END, +2 INT, +O MYS, +O CHA, and +3 Energy.

Your Energy Level is above Level o. The second optimization has automatically succeeded. It is detected that you have received this level of optimization before. Your potential qualities have increased, and you have received +1 STR, +1 DEX, +2 END, +3 INT, +0 MYS, +0 CHA, and +4 Energy

Because your Energy Level is above Level 24, the 26th optimization has succeeded. Your potential qualities have increased, and you have received +85 STR, +90 DEX, +113 END, +148 INT, +76 MYS, +60 CHA, and +560 Energy

During this period, he had taken the time to learn the Dragon Emperor Star Energy Extraction Technique, and just yesterday, he had broken into the twenty-fourth level for his Energy Realm. The first time he used the Evolution Cube, his Energy Level was only at fourteen. Thus, the first sixteen levels of the gene optimization had been triggered previously, and the effect of repeated use was far worse than before. But the effects from the seventeenth to twenty-sixth optimizations were normal because it was being triggered for the first time.

In total, his Strength and Dexterity had increased about 700 points, Endurance by almost 900, and Intellect over 1,100. Mystery and Charm had also increased by around 500, giving him a total of almost 4,500 Attribute Points. His energy had also gone up by around 4,000 points.

"The effect is pretty good, with a greater increase than when was used for the first time. This is probably because of the higher-level bonuses."

Han Xiao scrolled to the back of the notifications and was startled.

You have obtained 26 rounds of gene optimization. +40% Experience needed to level up. Lasts for 26 months. You have fulfilled a special condition: Possess a Racial Talent and obtain more than 20 levels in gene optimization.

You have triggered a Special effect.

The next time you undergo a Race Evolution, you will receive +30% to your attribute balancing, and your Racial Talent will also be additionally strengthened,

Gene Optimization has ended.

With a cracking sound, the black cocoon shattered, and the evolutionary energy returned to the Evolution Cube.

The pain caused by genetic optimization slowly faded. Han Xiaos nerves were now extremely tough, and this sort of pain could not even distract him. He only stared at the notification on the interface with joy.

He only thought that the Evolution Cube would give a bonus for the first ten energy levels. The additional effect for the twentieth was something he did not expect. No player had ever reached this level back in his previous life.

"The last time provided me an additional opportunity for Race Evolution, and this time, it will increase my attributes in Race Evolution. Wonderful."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

At his level 300 Race Evolution, there had already appeared the option of (Void Archangel]. This meant that during his level 340 Evolution, he could reach the pinnacle of his Void Genes, which would likely give him a path that would lift his gene limiter!

Because the Race Evolution for one that lifted the gene limiter would give a lot more attributes compared to a general evolution, he was even more overjoyed.

"Good things come in pairs! It was worthwhile spending all my free time with Feidin!"

Han Xiao was ecstatic. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down his emotions, keeping the Evolution Cube.

Looking at the indication of Completed on his level 340 Promotion Mission, he solemnly chose to complete the mission.


The ground quaked!

Surging Mechanical Force exploded out from him, rising to the sky!

Lv.340 Promotion Mission completed!

Promotion succeeded!

+120 END Bonus! 1 END = 690 Health = 700 Stamina

On the road of Evolution, you have taken yet another step forward.

Race Detected: Black Star Race (Specialty race, unchangeable)

Randomly selecting five suitable evolutionary directions Extraction complete!

Please select two from the five Race Evolution choices below and receive one talent from each:






"What the hell are those two options?"

Enduring the drastic changes in his body, Han Xiao looked on with doubt.

Of the five options, he had never heard of the names of the (Saint-Carmel Race) or (Innate Star Body). Even after checking his database, there was still no record.

"At this current level of evolution, things that Ive never seen before have finally appeared."

While Han Xiao was curious, since he had already walked on his void evolutionary pathway to this point, there would naturally be no meaning in changing it. The two options provided unknown abilities, so he did not wish to take the risk.

As for the Void World Worm, he was aware that it was a symbiotic life born within the Void Dimension, forming an important part of the natural cycle in the Void Dimension. It fed on void energy and the chaotic space stream to form materialized excrement, which was one of the sources that made up the Void Dimension.

Both the Void Deity and Ancestor of the Void were the pinnacle form of the Void Evolutionary route, and both had the effect of lifting the gene limiter. Han Xiao did not hesitate, choosing these two races directly.

You have received the talent (Gene Limiter Removal]!

You have received the talent (Void Control)!

Gene Limiter Removal: Your physical strength breaks through the limit of your species, greatly liberating your potential. You will obtain a huge number of attribute points and have a chance to raise related attributes when you perform your daily activities.

Void Control: You can control the Void Dimension to a certain extent (including but not limited to borrowing void energy to strengthen yourself, high-speed absorption within the void dimension, transform void energy into energy, summoning the void dimension to descend at your location)

"Void Control Kasuyi definitely has a similar ability, or else his recovery speed would not be so terrifying"

Han Xiao nodded secretly to himself. This ability was the most valuable talent, equivalent to obtaining permissions to operate a part of the Void Dimension.

Scrolling down, he noticed that the talent of the Black Star Race had also been strengthened.

Your Black Star Race talent (Mechanical Genius) has been upgraded.

Mechanical Genius: Your Machinery Affinity bonus has increased from x1.28 to x1.38, Machinery Creation Performance increased from 44% to 54%, and +1 to all Mechanic Class skills levels.

(Gene Optimization-Evolution Cube]s effect has been triggered!

Your Black Star Race talent (Mechanical Genius] has been upgraded.

[Mechanical Genius: Your Machinery Affinity bonus has increased from x1.38 to x1.48, Machinery Creation Performance increased from 54% to 64%, and +2 to all Mechanic Class skills levels.

Molecular structure is improved, organ structure strengthened, metabolism changed

Black Star Race potential upgraded. You have received bonus attributes: +410 STR, +384 DEX, +561 END, +901 INT, +659 MYS, +347 CHA, and +10,000 Energy. Energy Level bonus attributes have been changed!

Gene Limiter Removal has taken effect. According to your current life level, race potential, and current attributes, you will obtain additional attributes. You have received +1,876 STR, +1,670 DEX, +2,348 END, +3,971 INT, +1,350 MYS, +966 CHA, and +23,400 Energy.

(Gene Optimization-Evolution Cube]s effect has been triggered!

Your attribute replenishment effect is increased by 30%. +685 STR, +616 DEX, +872 END, +1,491 INT, +602 MYS, +393 CHA, +10,020 Energy.

"What the?"

Han Xiaos eyes grew wide.

This attribute point replenishment was by far the greatest he had seen. Including the bonus of Evolution Cube, the attribute points awarded totaled more than 20,000!

At this moment, the continuous surging energy within his body became more and more unstable, Han Xiaos body exuded a dazzling light as though it had become a planet core.

The energy rushed around his body, as though looking for an exit.

The next moment, his entire body shook as the energy was released to his surroundings.


With Han Xiaos energy as the epicenter, oppressive energy burst out.

The earth shattered and melted instantly, turning into an ocean of magma.

This barren planet was akin to an egg, exploding into pieces as though it had been smashed on the floor! Han Xiao only had a single thought in his mind at this moment.

"Thank goodness I didnt advance in the base, or else this daddy would have lost his home"

[1] Saint-Carmel Race

[2] Void Deity (Human Form)

[3] Innate Star Body

[4] Ancestor of the Void-New (Human Form) [5] Void World Worm

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