The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Skyrocketing Attributes

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"Warning! Warning! The fourth sector is showing a high-energy response! The specific coordinates"

An alarm sounded in the C0075D space monitoring system within the Fenrir Star System, and the staff hurried over to the radar screens. All of their uniforms carried the emblem of the Black Star Army.

The army had built a large number of space stations in the territory under their jurisdiction, which would monitor the situation within. They were mostly handled by artificial intelligence and supplemented by a small number of staff as insurance.

At this moment, a dazzling spot of light suddenly lit up on the real-time monitoring star map. The staff hurriedly operated the ultra-long-distance astronomical observation device, enlarging the field of view for the location of the energy burst.

The barren planet originally in this position had vanished, replaced by a cloud of golden energy that was constantly expanding, as though a dying fixed star was turning into a Red Giant. Brilliant arcs of lightning surged around it constantly.

Seeing this, the staff in the room all displayed confused expressions. "What sort of phenomenon is this?"

"Looks like stellar delay but theres only one barren planet here. Where did the Fixed Star come from?"

"Energy fluctuations are high. It feels more like that of a Beyond Grade A energy rank. It couldnt be a Beyond Grade A that sneaked in, right?"

Everyone spoke before unanimously deciding to conduct a field survey in accordance with the provisions of the operation manual.

An unmanned spaceship flew out of the space station, soon arriving at the planets location. They saw that the golden energy was still expanding, its volume overwhelming at this point. The unmanned spaceship could not approach but only cruise around to collect data.

This continued for a period of time before the golden energy stopped expanding, shrinking hundreds to thousands of times smaller before suddenly exploding out in a shock wave. The observation screen turned blank from the shock wave.

The shield of the unmanned spaceship flickered, and the durability plummeted. Fortunately, it was far enough that even though it was damaged, it was not destroyed. When the spaceship finally stabilized, the staff far away in the space station hurriedly looked at the location of the explosion. The area was completely empty, with all matter of the barren planet annihilated.

Even after surveying for one round, they could not find the shadow of a person.

"Observation complete, source of outbreak not found. Requesting to return."

Hearing the emotionless reply from the artificial intelligence, everyone present shared a glance.

"This matter is too strange. Its not at our level. Report to our superiors."

At the same time, Han Xiao, who had swapped into another King mechanical suit, was now situated on another barren planet.

"Hu, I almost got caught."

Taking off his mechanical suit and collecting the Throne he had placed here, he let out a breath filled with gold lightning.

This time, his promotion had brought about a huge improvement. The energy in his body was nigh uncontrollable, his cells constantly producing energy that had blown up the planet when released. In order to not be seen, the moment he completed his promotion, he put on the spare King suit and teleported away.

He had chosen this position within the depths of his own turf to keep it a secret. His current strength had already made the various major organizations jealous, so if the outside world learned that he had improved yet again in such a short period of time, they would not show jealousy but fear. This might backfire on him, so he chose to keep it a secret, not wanting others to know about it for the moment.

"Master, hum The command center of the Fenrir Star System has reported the high-energy response you triggered. They do not know the reason. How do I reply, hum?" Phillips voice sounded in his mind.

"So fast? Not bad, you can reply as usual. Send some exploration troops there for a symbolic


Han Xiao shook his head and chuckled.

Looking past this small episode, Han Xiao reopened his interface. The notification of the completion of his promotion had popped up. Rubbing his hands in excitement, he observed the changes.

Total Level: 324

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Black Star Race

Attributes: 15,914 STR, 15,423 DEX, 27,010 END, 56,460 INT, 13,107 MYS, 6,430 CHA, O LUK

Free Attribute Points: 135

Awakening Point: 9

Health: 41,039,094

Stamina: 31,662,700

Energy: 293,475

Lv.25 Energy bonus stat: +6,620 STR, +7,745 DEX, +10,308 END, +14,187 INT, +6,060 MYS, +4,382,600 Stamina Limit, +9,806% Machinery Affinity Energy Rank: 98,510 Grade: SS

Grade SS Bonuses: +150 END, +45% All Resistances. +40% to Highest Attribute , +25% Other Attributes, awarded additional 750 Free Attribute Points and 50 Potential Points

Remark: The door to an even higher realm is slowly being opened for you

"Hiss" Han Xiao took a deep breath.

The effect of his promotion this time was astounding! All his attributes had increased tremendously, by almost a third compared to before his advancement except his luck. It had fallen back to zero when his attributes were washed during the creation of his last Universal Treasure, and he had yet to place it back.

Compared to his current attributes, they were much stronger compared to when he first entered the Beyond Grade A realm. In particular, energy would showcase its strength in the later stages, each level giving a stronger increase. The bonus provided by the level 25 energy was much higher compared to when it was level 15. Sure enough, suppressing his energy was the best way to boost himself!

The increase in his attributes brought about by his Race Evolution was equivalent to getting the bonus from level 21 to 25 for his energy. The increase was huge.

Especially with his current HP. Let alone the enemy, Han Xiaos own tankiness made him wish to vomit when he saw it. He had an impulse to imitate Wei Yan from the Three Kingdoms, screaming out loud, "Who can kill


"Even if I dont use machinery, and just rely on my body to fight Beyond Grade As below the Energy Rank of 52,000, I could probably still defeat them! And with my current Intellect attributes, plus the various bonuses, the state of my machinery is now terrifying." Han Xiao clenched his fists, feeling the explosive power surging in his body. He could not hold back his smile.

With his current strength, even without his skill (Virtual Purification, Restore), he would not be scared of Manison bringing out the Felons. As long as he dared to appear using his true body, Han Xiao would use him as training. Right now, within this era of pinnacle Beyond Grade As, the only one that could threaten him would probably be (Gods Chosen] Wuornos, who was unfathomable.

The more ones Energy Rank increased, the greater the span between each point. To be unable to achieve 100,000 this time made Han Xiao feel a bit of a pity. After all, this was like a threshold, so he had thought that maybe something would have been triggered.

However, considering that the entry to Beyond Grade A was not a whole number, the value of 100,000 did not carry any meaning at all.

His Grade did not change, and Han Xiao thought that Grade SS should be the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm. The next tier should be the realm that the EsGod was always searching for, which would give one a qualitative change in their life form, just like from the Calamity Grade to the Beyond Grade

The Free Attribute Points given from level 331 to 340 had been left untouched. Han Xiao threw a point into Luck before assigning the rest to Intellect.

Taking a look at the experience needed to upgrade, the amount had once again skyrocketed. It was such an astronomical figure that it even made a leek expert like himself speechless.

After admiring his new attributes for a few more moments, Han Xiao finally dragged his gaze away, pulling up the Ability section.

Because he was busy with his promotions before, he did not have the time to observe the changes in his Gods Trait Transformation. This time, his promotion met all five conditions of the Gods Trait Transformation, and he obtained five points.

However, [Gods Trait TransformationMachinery] required six points to reach the eleventh stage, more than what he currently had. He decided to see if the Mission Completion Card could work on the skill as well to reduce the cost.

"Theoretically speaking, the Mission Completion Card should work since it is usable for promotion missions."

Muttering to himself, Han Xiao took out the Mission Completion Card, selecting the requirement of self developing a Gold Grade blueprint before looking at the interface.

You have used a Mission Completion Card!

Mission Completion Card has taken effect.

You have completed one of the upgrade requirements of Gods Trait TransformationMachinery. Points required to upgrade have been reduced by one. You currently need: 5 points.

"Oh, it works." Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Over the years, he had obtained many Random Reward draw chances and had accumulated quite a few Mission Completion Cards. They now had another purpose-being used for his Gods Trait Transformation skill.

"Although this is good news, I dont know if the requirements for each upgrade will increase. Its better to still save them and try to complete the upgrade requirements on my own. Theres no harm in raising my strength anyways."

However, he still decided to prioritize his upgrade of (Gods Trait TransformationMachinery]. If the limit was still ???, he might have switched to the (Gods Trait Transformation-Void) route, but now that the upper limit was not far away, he intended to try to complete the Gods Trait Transformation

Machinery first, to find out what would happen if one of the routes was maxed out.

Right at this moment, his communicator rang.

"Beep beep beep!"

Kasuyis washbasin-sized face appeared on his screen.

"Black Star, are you done with your stuff? When shall we depart?"

Han Xiao had previously agreed to Kasuyis request to team up, but he had been delayed by the affairs of the Modo Civilization. After the Modo Civilization was dealt with, Kasuyi would send out a request every few days, but Han Xiao had replied to ask him to wait due to his promotion mission.

"Alright, alright, such a coincidence. My business has just finished. Let me know when you want to go," Han Xiao helplessly said.

Kasuyi finally revealed a smile. "Right now."

"Such a hurry?" Han Xiao was surprised.

"Thats right. Do you have time?"

"I do have time, but I dont know where to go. What sort of preparations are needed?"

"Theres no problem. We can meet up in the Void Dimension first before I brief you."

Kasuyi did not even wait for Han Xiao to reply before hanging up. Han Xiao toyed with the communicator, his curiosity increasing.

He had agreed to Kasuyis invite initially purely out of their friendship, but now he was getting more interested about this matter. What sort of event would make Kasuyi so desperate?

It was not known how long he would be gone this time round. Han Xiao thought about it before sending word to Sylvia.

"Ill be going to the secondary dimension world. Its unknown when Ill come back, so Ill leave you in charge for the time being."

Han Xiao quickly got back a reply. "You might as well not come back."

Han Xiao felt helpless.

It seemed like Sylvia had been working overtime endlessly all this while, and thus, she was a little resentful. He would not argue with someone whose hairline was in danger of receding

Han Xiao was about to summon the Mysterious Energy Host to bring him into the secondary dimension before he suddenly paused. "Oh, thats right. I have the ability of Void Control and should be able to enter the secondary dimension at will without using the Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy."

He closed his eyes, activating the talent and communicating with the Void Dimension.

His consciousness seemed to sink into a colorful world, and bubbles quickly passed through his field of vision. Soon, a large gray-blue bubble appeared in his line of sight, growing larger.

With a thought, he inserted his consciousness into the Void Control from his macroscopic perspective.


There seemed to be a sound going off in his mind as his consciousness was inserted into the Void Dimension without any hindrance. It was smooth as though the entry had been greased, leaving his own mark in the core of the Void Dimension.


The next moment, Han Xiao felt that his consciousness seemed to have expanded, covering the entire Void Dimension. The energy within was like an extension of his body, and he could ignore the distance to absorb the energy of the Void Dimension, like an invisible energy transmission pipeline.

"Turns out, this is the same feeling as described by Hila"

Han Xiao was astounded.

Those who could connect to secondary dimensions were few. Kasuyi was connected to the Void Dimension and Hila to her Underworld Dimension. Traveler had connected with the Evil Convergence secondary dimension through his own efforts, and now Han Xiao had joined their ranks. Having a secondary dimension that would provide a constant flow of energy to nourish the body was indeed different.

At this moment, he recalled something.

"Thats right, Kasuyi is also connected to the Void Dimension. Im not sure if he will find


While waiting for Black Star in the Void Dimension, Kasuyi sat in his palace, absorbing the Void Energy to adjust his state.

He suddenly jerked and raised his head in shock.

"Someone else has connected to the Void Dimension?"

Kasuyi did not mind others connecting to the Void Dimension, as the energy was endless. He was not like Traveler, who treated the secondary dimension like his wife.

However, this was not something that could be done overnight. Only the Void species had the qualification to connect, but even so, they had to use their mental strength to slowly remove layers of obstacles in order to reach the core and establish a connection. At the beginning, Kasuyi had tried countless times before he finally established a connection.

But this unknown newcomer did not even make a commotion, reaching the core on their first try. This was inconceivable.

"Who could this guy be?"

Kasuyi was secretly shocked, at the same time feeling a little sour.

"Even I could not do it so quickly. Just what qualifications does this person have"

The more Kasuyi thought about it, the more unpleasant it was. The void energy he took in no longer felt as good as before.

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