The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Gods Trait Transformations Secrets An Extreme Mission

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Somewhere in the Void Dimension, a light flashed, revealing Han Xiaos figure, which was transmitted via Void Control.

"Kasuyi should have arrived. Ill go look for him."

With his Void Control, a small map of the Void Dimension conveniently appeared in his mind. Han Xiao found his position, moving toward the middle area of the Void Dimension, which was the territory of Kasuyi. The effect of Void Travel was greatly increased, and each usage brought him a great distance. It did not take long for Han Xiao to reach the outskirts of Kasuyis territory. After thinking about it, he stopped in an area that served as a border post, releasing his aura.


The surrounding Void Energy blew up in a storm, alerting the guards. A huge army flew over quickly, led by a Void Duke. "Who dares to intrude in Lord Kasuyis Oh, its Lord Black Star!"

This Void Duke did not finish speaking before he saw Han Xiao, and he immediately dropped the hostility.

Han Xiaos reputation in the Void Dimension was not insignificant, since the deeds he had left there the last time had spread all around. Most of the strong people at the top of the Void Dimension knew about this void species that was at the same life form level as Kasuyi, and the milestone (Void Dimension Conqueror] helped too.

"Kasuyi and I have an appointment. Where is he?"

"Lord Kasuyi is already waiting for you in the main hall. Please follow me."

The Void Duke dispersed the troops, leading Han Xiao into the outpost and approaching the platform with mysterious lines on it. He then took out a deep blue crystal, whose insides were swirling with void energy. The next moment, the surrounding Void Energy surged, forming a gray-blue spatial vortex on the ground of the platform.

"A transportation door made from Void Technology?" Han Xiao sized it up.

Because the rules of the Void Dimension were different, they had their own system in place. This was a method based on utilizing the Void Energy and its characteristics, which could only be used in the Void Dimension.

Stepping in, Void Energy flooded his body. The next moment, he instantly appeared before a magnificent and luxurious palace, made out of crystals of various colors.

"Black Star, youre here."

A familiar voice came from behind him. Han Xiao turned around to see a small table, with Kasuyi seated by it.

Just as he was about to continue speaking, Kasuyi sensed something, and he showed a look of surprise.

He suddenly sensed the aura of a similar life form on Han Xiaonot the aura of the same species but one of a high-level bloodline.

"Youve evolved again?" Kasuyi revealed a look of shock.

"No, no, its just a trivial increase." Han Xiao put on a humble expression.

As void creatures, his own Race Evolution could not be hidden from Kasuyi, but the other party was also unable to ascertain his exact growth.

"Every time I see you, I get more surprised" Kasuyi narrowed his eyes. "Just now, the one who intruded cough, who formed a connection with the Void Dimension couldnt be you, right?"

"Oh, you indeed discovered it." Han Xiao waved his hands. "I was just trying it but didnt expect it to be so simple. I succeeded in a try. I remember you mentioning that you do not mind others linking to the Void Dimension as well, correct?"

"Thats alright. I was just curious"

Kasuyis eyes twitched, and he put on a nonchalant expression. However, his inner self was twisting in agony.

Simple? Ill be d*mned if its simple!

To pass off your connection with the Void Dimension as a simple test, then what about my effort!

As he was internally scolding Han Xiao, the latter suddenly stepped forward, stretching out a hand to pinch his face.

Kasuyi paused, staring up at Han Xiao.

"You, what are you doing?"

"Checking to see if its your main body or your clone." Han Xiao was curious. " Im in my main body!" Kasuyi angrily slapped off Han Xiaos offending hand.

Han Xiao asked with suspicion, "Didnt you say that exploring the dimensions would be dangerous? I thought you would send a doppelganger and not come over with your main body With just your health, you dare to do this?"

Kasuyi felt his face cramping up.

What sort of words are you saying? You think Im so paper-like?

Alright, Im more like paper than you, but Im still a pinnacle Beyond Grade A. There will be a limit to my paperness!

Kasuyi was speechless for a long time before pointing to the seat opposite him in resignation. "Have a seat and eat something. Ill explain our objective."

A few void creatures holding trays appeared as he spoke, carrying plates of food and wine and putting them on the table. The plates were made out of colorful translucent crystals, sparkling beautifully.

However, Han Xiaos mouth twitched upon looking at the food.

If he was not wrong, this thing on the plate seemed to be the excrement of the Void World Worm and was even the most concentrated part of it

"Whats wrong? Eat some."

"Its alright. I dont have such heavy tastes."

Han Xiao hurriedly waved his hand.

This could be considered the local cuisine of the Void Dimension, containing pure Void Energy. But Han Xiao had acquired this species and thus had no habits of eating such stuff.

Seeing this, Kasuyi did not force him, raising his glass to take a gulp of wine before beginning his explanation.

"At our level, the Gods Trait Transformation is indispensable for us to go further. You must also have touched on this, but you might not know that as the degree of Gods Trait Transformation gets higher, there will be some sort of intuition for you to perceive certain opportunities to obtain objects or complete some illusory things to reduce the difficulty of promoting to the next stage.

"And this time, I sensed an opportunity that guided me to the secondary dimension that were going to explore later. There seems to be something in it thats attracting me, which might help in my Gods Trait Transformation"

"Oh?" Han Xiao suddenly had a thought.

Opportunity for transformation? This is similar to the prerequisites that appeared when my Gods Trait Transformation reached the tenth level.

So, it turns out, this is how the prerequisites are reflected in the NPCs Kasuyi must have a type of Gods Trait Transformation that has gone above level ten.

To a Beyond Grade A, information about Gods Trait Transformation was precious knowledge, so Kasuyi did not hesitate to share more about it at this point. Han Xiao also listened for a while and learned more about it.

It seemed vague, but Kasuyi gave a few real examples, such as his senses telling him that if he became the most powerful overlord of the Void Dimension, it would be conducive to his Gods Trait Transformation. This was the same as Manison, who had a gut feel to become the leader of the Machinery Faith, which was what the Old Man had told him in private.

As for why this would happen, Kasuyi also had a few hypotheses.

In his opinion, the Gods Trait Transformation was not only the evolution of the individual but also the entanglement of ones fate line with countless external factors. Only through assuming and integrating the luck of every group could the final Gods Trait Transformation then be completed, as though it was a fate that the strong had to bear. "Theres actually such a thing?" Han Xiao was secretly surprised. But thinking about it from another point, since there were the two words Gods Trait within the Gods Trait Transformation, one could not rule out such a possibility. However, it was still unknown as to what would happen after the transformation was complete.

It was no wonder Kasuyi was so impatient. It turned out that he saw another possibility for further improvement.

It was just that from Han Xiaos perspective, this matter could actually be explained simply using an interface. It was probably that what the Gods Trait Transformation was looking for was no longer just limited to levels, attributes, or energy. Rather, like the Class Advancement, he needed to complete a certain mission to earn his promotion. To a normal person, it would seem like they had received the call of destiny.

Because he had already seen the Mission Completion Card work on the Gods Trait Transformation mission, Han Xiao did not find it too difficult to believe. In fact, he got happier.

It doesnt matter how a normal Beyond Grade A should train because we dont follow the same system at all. I just need to rush through all of these.

At this moment, Han Xiao suddenly realized a problem.

"Im also a void creature, so my transformation route should be the same as yours. Will we then become competitors?"

Kasuyi shook his head. "Even if its the same transformation route, the things we feel are different. While I dont have much information, my intuition tells me that everyones path will be unique at least within the same generation."

"Then your intuition must be really good," Han Xiao said. "I understand the goal now. Its to help you find an opportunity for your Gods Trait Transformation in the secondary dimension, right? Hows the situation there now?"

Hearing this, Kasuyis expression became more serious, and he frowned.

"Ive already sent two doppelgangers over. This area is within the deepest parts of the secondary dimension, and the space there is very chaotic, the environment dangerous. This is not the main issue, however. Theres a group of powerful creatures guarding that area, and my doppelgangers have been repelled twice!"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

To be able to repel Kasuyis clones meant that the total combat power of these creatures could be compared to a pinnacle Beyond Grade A. This was undoubtedly the most dangerous place in the secondary dimensions. A Beyond Grade A would likely not be able to survive.

"Have you tried talking to them?"

"Their memories were empty, having no valuable information, and they seemed to also have no self-awareness. They did not respond to me, and I didnt recognize what species they were either. Theres no record of them in the database."

"Let me look at it."

Han Xiaos brows furrowed. He was afraid that Kasuyi would have encountered those from the World Tree Civilization. That would be bad.

However, after seeing the image Kasuyi shared, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. He also did not recognize this creature, so it was likely not to have any relation with the World Tree Civilization. "Just the guardian of this secondary dimension has such strength. Im not sure what it will be like inside Have you managed to get in?" "Nope, I cannot break through the blockade of these creatures."

"If the outside is so dangerous, its definitely not any better inside. Maybe its the nest of these creatures" Han Xiaos expression was strange. "You really want your main body to set off?"

"The only way for me to discover the opportunity is for my main body to go over. With your help this time, there should not be any problems. The Mechanic class is the most proficient in large scale battles. This should be your forte." Kasuyi laughed and spoke honestly. "Furthermore, my intention of inviting you was not just based on your strength but also to borrow your mechanical suit, the King. If the situation becomes too bad, then only you will have such mobility." "I see." Han Xiao nodded.

"Then Ill accompany you with my main body. The machinery is too weak and might not be able to guarantee your safety."

Hearing this, Kasuyi did not know what expression to make. Of the entire Universes mechanics, probably only you can say such words Ding. At this moment, Han Xiao heard the notification from his interface, indicating the acceptance of the mission.

You have triggered the mission (Kasuyis Invitation).

Mission Introduction: In order to find an opportunity for his Gods Trait Transformation, Kasuyi has decided to explore a dangerous and mysterious unknown secondary dimension. Because he acknowledges your abilities, he has asked for your help.

Mission Requirements: Help Kasuyi find the goal of his trip.

Reward: 450 billion Experience, 6 Random Rewards, 3 Character Summon Cards, +30 Favorability for Kasuyi, 1 Gods Trait Transformation, Milestone Unknown

Remark: This mission is extremely risky. It is recommended that you proceed with caution.

450 billion experience? Han Xiao almost doubted his eyes.

The experience reward was often linked to the difficulty of the task, but he only obtained ten billion for fighting against Old Man Manison. The highest experience reward he had ever seen was the one for the mission (Ending the Darkness), which was basically impossible to complete[1] appeared at chapter 1064, with a requirement of ending the slave trade in throughout Galaxy.).

And this experience reward was set at 450 billion, with a further remark warning about the difficulty of the mission?

At this moment, Han Xiao could tell for sure that the mysterious secondary dimension was hiding a huge secret!

In the past, he did not exist, so Kasuyis closest friend would probably have been Manison. Since both of them had come out unscathed, this meant that while the danger was high, it would not surpass that of a pinnacle Beyond Grade A.

Furthermore, since he had just undergone his promotion, his strength had greatly increased. It should not be a problem to do something that Manison and Kasuyi could manage. Im taking Manisons spot, which means that if theres anything good in the secondary dimension, Manison will be deprived of it Thinking about it, was this not him robbing another opportunity of Manisons?

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

His greatest hobby now was causing trouble for that old man.

In a certain corner of the Primeval Star River


Manison, who was studying his blueprints, suddenly sneezed, and his expression turned gloomy.

With his experience, he did not need to think to realize that it must be that b*stard Black Star who was cursing him!

[1] In case anyone needs a refresher, the mission (Ending the Darkness

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