The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 A Strange Dimension

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In the chaotic space that resembled a thunderstorm, a silver prismatic spaceship cut through the waves at a high speed, like a small boat traversing the open seas, experiencing endless turbulence.

Han Xiao and Kasuyi were inside the cockpit, observing the map model of the secondary dimension.

"Were going deeper" Han Xiao looked at the jumping coordinates, smacking his lips. "Are you sure we didnt go the wrong way?"

"The direction my senses are telling me has not changed. Based on my experience, we should be almost there." Kasuyi nodded.

Because Kasuyi had never managed to enter the secondary dimension of his target, he did not have any anchored coordinates, so he could only travel through the known secondary dimensions first to shorten the distance as much as possible before they barged through the chaotic space stream.

The duo had been in flight for a few days and had left the area of control of the three Universal Civilizations far behind, delving deeper into the secondary dimension and passing through many bizarre planes.

The world of secondary dimensions was just like the main universe, constantly expanding. With every passing second, countless worlds would be born or would die. The three Universal Civilizations had only explored a portion of the relatively stable areas and called this explored area the Shallow Layer, whilst the unexplored areas were known as the Deep Layer. However, there was actually no essential difference between the shallow and deep layers in the secondary dimensions.

Because it was difficult to move forward without proper coordinates, the only thing the duo could do was rely on Kasuyis senses as their only navigator. Fortunately, because he had been there twice, there was proof that this method was feasible.

At this time, an almost invisible crack suddenly appeared in the turbulent space ahead. Kasuyis eyes brightened. "Its there!"

The moment he heard it, Han Xiao turned the spaceship in a sharp arc, dashing straight into the crack


By theory, encountering cracks in a space storm meant that one could directly enter a secondary dimension, but this time was different. Both of them only felt the hull slightly shake, but the world outside their porthole still showed an empty space. In front of them, an endless honeycomb-shaped space wall appeared, glowing in a mysterious bluish purple. This was the external barrier of a secondary dimension world.

And outside the space wall, there was a large group of weird creatures, the monsters mentioned by Kasuyi.

"Its here?"

"Yes, be careful. These creatures are not only aggressive but very resilient to attacks, having amazing resistance to both mental and energy attacks as well as being able to release a sort of energy similar to dimensional lightning. They can resonate with each other, forming a huge shield to isolate the outside world, which cannot be broken without killing the creatures. This was why I could not rush in," Kasuyi replied.

Han Xiao studied the creatures carefully. They were all quite large, and while he lacked a reference, he estimated that they were three hundred kilometers in length. They had the characteristics of a beetle, with a milky white exoskeleton all over their body and segmented body parts. At first glance, they resembled a centipede without feet. However, along the gaps between the carapace, they possessed light blue membranous wings instead.

Every section of the membrane wing had a limb-like joint, with a hollow bone tube attached at the end, as though serving as a breathing organ. On their abdomen, there were two rows of symmetrical nubs for feet, extending all the way to the tail. Their head had no visual organs nor mouthparts, only a huge pointed cone with rows of holes densely packed around it.

"What a look. Just because no one can see them, they chose to grow in any manner they wish?" Han Xiao secretly insulted them.

As they chatted, the wandering creatures spotted their spaceship, immediately attacking. They saw one of them inhaling a large amount of space turbulence before black and purple lightning appeared around it, shooting out to attack the spaceship.


Kasuyis eyes lit up, and a huge Psychic shield popped up to protect the spaceship. All the black purple lightning bolts landed on it, exploding into fireworks, but he continued to inject power to ensure that the psychic shield was stable. With a huge amount of MP as his support, Kasuyi was totally not afraid of his consumption. "They have very thick skin and good Psychological Resistance. My efficiency in damaging them is very low Ill leave it to you, Black Star."

"You can defend. Leave the attacking to me."

Han Xiao opened his secondary dimensional army box, and mechanical soldiers rushed out and bombarded the creatures with fierce firepower.

Army-Style Mechanics were the best at such large-scale team battles. While Kasuyi was also good at area of effect damage, his class leaned toward mental damage. As long as he encountered targets with high Psychological Resistance, his damage efficiency would decrease.

The Psionic energy bombarded the monster, blasting a charred gap in his exoskeleton. The resistance of this group of monsters was indeed amazing, but Han Xiao was not his past self. After his promotion, his attributes had sharply increased, improving his attack power and Mechanical Force bonuses. Under the large-scale Mechanical Force concentration, the monsters were easily bombarded into scattered pieces.

At this moment, more of the creatures rushed over. Their numbers seemed to be endless, and they came up to fight with the mechanical troops without the slightest fear.

Their energies constantly resonated and connected with each other, forming an extremely thick black-purple shield that covered each individual body, slowing down the rate of casualties. As more of them arrived, the strength of their attacks and defense also rose.

Despite the fierce fighting, the two remained in the spaceship without moving.

Observing the battlefield outside the porthole, Kasuyi seemed surprised.

"Black Star, why is your machinery lethality so high now?"

Having crossed arms against these creatures, he was clear of their defenses. In his opinion, even if Black Star could handle the enemy, it should not have been as easy as this.

Kasuyi had also known Manison for many years and was knowledgeable. This time, the combat power of Black Stars Mechanical army was beyond his expectations. Compared to the last time he personally experienced Han Xiaos strength during the attack on Hila, Black Star had improved too much. "My standard is just average."

Han Xiao smiled and waved his hand, not intending to reveal anything.

Seeing Han Xiaos reluctance to speak, Kasuyi also did not ask further, moving away from the topic. He exclaimed, "A Mechanic is truly a convenient class, able to solve such a trouble just by sitting in the spaceship."

"Its an advantage of our class. While we Mechanics have many weapons and underlings, are able to adapt to any situation, and especially for me, have the recovery abilities of a pugilist I will never have Psychic abilities," Han Xiao joked.

" This is not exactly consoling me either."

As they continued to talk, Han Xiao was glancing at the interfaces combat information. While Kasuyi did not know about the origins of these creatures, he could find out just by looking at the interface.

The interface had named this creature Space Louse, with an average level of 240 to 260. It was a special biological life form with extreme racial talents. Just judging by their attributes and skills, it seems that the strength of a single Space Louse was already slightly higher than a normal Calamity Grade Super but far from reaching the Beyond Grade A realm. It was mainly because of their amazing resistance obtained from living in the chaotic space stream. Those Interstellar Beasts he had met before this all paled in comparison to them.

The Space Louse also had the ability to share energy. The more of their race within a certain distance, the higher their boost would be. They could share damage and transfer attributes, but there was a limit. However, at this limit, they could even resist the attacks of a pinnacle Beyond Grade A.

"This sort of creature is quite powerful. As long as their numbers are large enough, they can be compared to a pinnacle Beyond Grade A. Id like to get a bunch of them to breed, but I dont know their habits or if they could survive in the main universe" Han Xiao stroked his chin.

"I dont care about that right now." Kasuyi waved his hand. He only wanted to enter this secondary dimension to obtain an opportunity for his Gods Trait Transformation.

"Thats right. Lets finish our business first."

Han Xiao nodded and was about to command his machinery to fire and blow up a portion of the Space Louse group to create a channel into the secondary dimension.

At this moment


A tyrannical energy wave erupted in the distance, quickly approaching.

Sensing the fluctuations, Han Xiao and Kasuyis expressions changed.

"This energy" Kasuyi had a solemn expression.

"This is a real pinnacle Beyond Grade A. His realm is probably no lower than you or me!" Han Xiao frowned.

In their perception range, the source of this energy was fast approaching them, bringing about a strong sense of threat.

Both of their figures flashed as they finally left the spaceship. They also revealed their auras, gazing at the distance where the fluctuations were coming from.

Not long after, a comet shot over, stopping in front of them and revealing itself to be a three-meter-tall figure, with weird armor covering their entire body and only leaving two blue light dots where the eyes of the helmet were.

Han Xiao and Kasuyi sized up the visitor, quietly exchanging a glance before communicating mentally.

"Did you see this person the last two times?"

"Nope, his aura is foreign to me."

"Could this person be someone who hid in the secondary dimension his whole life, cultivating until he reached the pinnacle Beyond Grade A realm?"

"Its possible."

"Ill try conversing with him."

The two quickly reached a consensus. Kasuyi immediately released friendly mental signals, sending a spiritual message to attempt to communicate.

Han Xiao did not intervene in the exchange between them, but after a few seconds, he saw Kasuyis expression turning ugly.

"What did he say?"

"No matter what I say, his replies were exactly the same, asking us to leave, otherwise they will kill us invaders."

"He called us invaders?" Han Xiao was full of surprise. "Could this secondary dimension be his territory?"

Considering the difficulty of the mission, Han Xiao had known that the mission would not be easy from the beginning, but he had only thought that this secondary dimension was a nest of the Space Lice. Now it seemed like they were wrong. Furthermore, the Space Lice around did not attack the mysterious newcomer, as though they were bred, so the truth was not so simple anymore. "How would I know? It seems like theres nothing to talk about anymore. Get ready to do it." Kasuyi narrowed his eyes. He had to obtain his opportunity for his Gods Trait Transformation, and it was impossible to compromise.

"Alright, but theres no need to fight him. We just need him to retreat, and we can directly enter the secondary dimension to see whats going on inside," Han Xiao suggested

Kasuyi nodded, and without warning, a sudden violent mental attack burst out from him, shattering the surrounding chaotic space stream.

The mysterious person instantly attacked, surging blue energy gushing out to collide against Kasuyis psychic energies. Boom! The violent energies exploded, clearing the entire area of the machinery and Space Lice. Kasuyis MP was nigh infinite, so his style was aggressive. However, his opponent was not stingy with their energy either. Both of their energies clashed to a stalemate in midair, radiating outward as shockwaves.

However, the strength of the mysterious person was actually as impressive as Kasuyis!

Seeing this, Han Xiao immediately joined the battle, fighting two against one as his Mechanical Force dragged the countless soldiers toward him.

The next moment, a small-scale Mechanical Deity descended on him, throwing out a slash from his blade.

Because the other partys combat power has undoubtedly reached the SS rank, the effect of [Fearless Heart] was immediately activated!


The Celestial Punishment Edge cut through like a hot knife through butter, slashing away the energy that the mysterious person was using as a shield and striking him backward so quickly that he turned into a comet, disappearing in their field of vision.

Kasuyis psychic energy suddenly had no resistance left, and he could hardly react in time. He spoke in a stunned tone.

"You knocked him flying? Isnt that too quick"

Kasuyi was in a delicate mood. He felt that Black Star seemed to be far stronger than he expected. There was a huge error in his impression on the strength that Black Star had.

"Alright, cut the extra talk. I only knocked him away. If he returns, well have to continue fighting him. Lets just enter and check the place out."

Han Xiao personally took action, manipulating his Mechanical Deity to lead the way using his blade and smashing open a route through the Space Lice. He exploded the shield formed by the energy resonance of the Space Lice, exposing the space wall of the secondary dimension.

Seeing this, Kasuyi did not have time to question Han Xiaos strength. He hurriedly followed him as they rushed into the secondary dimension with a large wave of machinery.

At this moment, the mysterious person finally flew back. Looking at the gradually closing space wall, the blue light spots at the position of his eyes flickered rapidly, suddenly turning red.

"Intruders succeeded in breaking through the second line of defense. Immediately adopting the third set of response plans. Changing operation mode Change completed. Current mode: Pursue and Kill!"

Han Xiao had just entered the space wall, and seeing the chaotic space stream of blue and purple colors, along with the feeling of suffocation, he got a big surprise.

"This feeling seems to be different from when Ive entered other secondary dimensions"

Before he could even sense the scene carefully, his sight took an abrupt change.

Seeing the new scene, he paused in astonishment.

He was situated high above the sky, with an extremely prosperous galactic city facing him. The city had tall buildings and bright lights, along with countless flying vehicles and an endless flow of people on the street, all of which were a race he had never seen before.

"This Whats the situation here?"

By the side, Kasuyi was also shocked. He did not expect the inside to look like this.

Han Xiao now remembered that the combat information about the mysterious person was termed Supreme Guardian. So, the object of the persons protection was this civilization?

Looking behind them, they got a shock once again. What appeared was not the space wall of the secondary dimension but rather a sky full of galaxies like the main universe.

Just as the two were puzzled, a sudden change occurred!

"Wu Wu Wu Wu! Emergency evacuation! Emergency evacuation!" A harsh alarm suddenly sounded in the entire city, and the ground shook, with the steel surfaces sliding away to reveal various refuge entrances. The countless pedestrians and flying vehicles seemed to have practiced this thousands of times, hurriedly flying into the shelters.

At the same time, turrets with weird forms protruded from the ground, aiming at the two.

"Hey, were being treated as invaders now What is this?" Before Han Xiao could finish, he sensed the aura fluctuations of six Beyond Grade As, and his eyes widened.

In the distance, six figures rose into the sky from all directions of the city, rushing toward the duo.

Seeing this, Han Xiao and Kasuyi shared a glance, their eyes brimming with surprise. In addition to the previous pinnacle Beyond Grade A outside, there were now at least seven Beyond Grade As in this secondary dimension! What the hell is this place?

"Luckily, the six of them are only at the Beyond Grade A level. We should be able to handle them huh?"

Kasuyi suddenly stopped mid-sentence, his expression turning unsightly.

"Whats wrong?"

"My connection with the Void Dimension seems to be disconnected?" Kasuyis eyes got wider as he spoke.

Han Xiao frowned, secretly feeling it before realizing that he too could no longer connect to the Void Dimension.

Opening his interface, he checked if he was suffering from any abnormal state, but his status was as usual, not affected by any space interference device.

But as he scrolled down, he found something strange.

Not only did his talents related to the Void Dimension turn gray, but even his secondary dimensional army box and Dimension Factory were frozen, unable to be activated.

"Whats going on?"

Han Xiao was confused, feeling that this secondary dimension was revealing an indescribable weirdness.

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