The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Mobile War System

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Just as the duo were caught unawares, the six Beyond Grade As had already arrived and encircled them.

The one who seemed to be the leader spoke loudly, but neither Han Xiao nor Kasuyi understood the other party. They were using an unfamiliar language, and it was not in the general translators database.

Kasuyi squinted before releasing his psychic waves to communicate, pulling Han Xiao into the chat channel.

Seeing this scene, the leader was stunned for a moment before he received the mental connection. The moment he connected, he immediately asked, "You guys, where did you come from? Why do you not understand the common language?" "Where is this place?" Kasuyi replied with a question.

"Tudor Province Capital, a colonial planet under the Caliste civilization. Im the Captain of the Protectorate Team, Farlite. I request you to explain your origins and identity immediately as to why you appeared out of thin air over the city. Please answer!"

Hearing this, both Kasuyi and Han Xiao shared a glance, sensing each others doubts through the mental link.

Caliste Civilization? They had never heard of it before. Looking from the history of the exploration era up till now, there were no records of such a civilization. Could it be that this was a civilization borne in the secondary dimension that had never appeared in the main universe? While they did not know their level of technology, just the six Beyond Grade As could already occupy a place in the main universe.

Seeing that the two of them did not respond, Farlite intensified his tone and shouted, "This is the period of martial law in the entire universe. Youve violated the ban set by the Celestial Star Alliance, visiting the colonial planets of other civilizations without permission and showing your power at will. According to the relevant laws and regulations, you have to immediately disarm yourselves and give up resistance, sealing your own Source and accepting our investigation. Otherwise, we will take coercive measures!"

These words could be understood separately, but linked together, they only gave the duo more confusion.

Universal martial law? Celestial Star Alliance? Source? Whats that? While they did not understand the nuances, the overall meaning was clear. It was nothing more than asking them to give up any resistance. However, in such an unfamiliar environment, it was naturally impossible for the two to give up self-protection and allow themselves to be apprehended. Kasuyi wanted to ask more, but upon seeing that the two of them remained indifferent, Farlites expression sank, and he moved without speaking further.


His aura exploded suddenly, and in a flash of rainbow light, Farlite charged in front of Kasuyi as though he had teleported, lashing out with a punch. The shock waves from the compressed air sounded out as a sonic boom.

"You dare move against me?"

Kasuyi frowned, and with a speed even quicker than Farlites, he reached out and placed his hand on the side of Farlites fist. He slightly tilted his body, pushing against Farlites fist. The majestic Pugilist aura was cast aside, turning into a beam of light as it disappeared into the galaxy. His movements then shifted lightly, and an elbow shot forward, hitting Farlites chest. The highly concentrated psychic energy was akin to acupuncture, pouring into the opponents body through the point of contact without a single bit leaked.


The energy erupted internally, and Farlite could no longer control his body, flying back at a speed that was several times faster. He crashed through the skyscrapers, leaving behind large holes that were totally see through as he disappeared into the distance.

Han Xiao could not help but comment, "Oh, looks like you can do hand to hand combat with a Pugilist as well."

"Dont look down on others. I killed my way out from the Void Dimension, so melee is also my forte." Kasuyi shook his arm casually.

While he was used to squandering the limitless mana provided by the Void Dimension, he had been a very precise fighter before, causing the greatest damage using the least energy. As a void creature that lived in the Void Dimension since his childhood, melee would not be his weakness.

Furthermore, he was still a pinnacle Beyond Grade A, and just his raw attributes would already be able to allow him to compete with a Beyond Grade A Pugilist, let alone with his dual abilities of spiritual and psychic powers.

The other five Beyond Grade As seemed to have received a shock, letting out exclamations of surprise. Han Xiao did not know what they talked about, but in the next instant, the five of them rushed over, besieging them. The various weapons on the citys ground level also opened fire toward them, filling the sky with explosions like fireworks.

"Sigh, these people are so irritable. They dare to fight above the city. Arent they afraid that well just blow up their planet?" Han Xiao sarcastically remarked before a wave of his hand brought up the concentrated firepower of his machinery, whilst some of them entangled with the five Beyond Grade As.

The mechanical units that were fighting against the Space Lice outside the secondary dimension had been brought in together by Han Xiao. While his secondary dimensional army box and Dimension Factory could not be opened at this time, leading to a lack of troops that could be summoned, the Great Mechanic Han was not worried at all.

A Mechanics weapons were all crafted by themself. If he could not use his inventory, he could just pick whatever materials he had on the spot and make something!

The stronger his hands-on abilities, the more assurance he had!

The six opponents consisted of two Pugilists, a Mage, and three Psychics, all of which were ordinary Beyond Grade As with Energy Ranks below 52,000 Ona. As soon as both sides clashed, the five Beyond Grade As fell into a disadvantage, only being able to resist with difficulty. Even if Farlite managed to return to the battlefield, he would not be able to reverse their predicament, only holding on bitterly. With the advanced attribute bonus brought about by the Promotion to level 340, coupled with the explosive output brought by his [Legendary Battle Technique] and [Fearless Heart] skills, an ordinary Beyond Grade A wanting to go against him was simply deciding that they wanted to cut their lives short. Furthermore, there was yet another pinnacle Beyond Grade A, Kasuyi, beside him. Against these normal biological life forms, the latters Psychic skills could finally exert their full lethality. Together, it was a simple task to beat the ordinary Beyond Grade As.

However, even if the six were not opponents of Kasuyi and Han Xiao, it was still possible to contain them for a period of time. This was even more achievable given that the duo were unaware of the situation and thus did not wish to unnecessarily kill.

While using his Psychic Acupuncture technique to cause hemorrhage to his opponents brains, Kasuyi communicated to Han Xiao through the mental channel

"Black Star, were not in our strongest states now. Theres also another pinnacle Beyond Grade A outside the secondary dimension. If he joins in, the situation will be unfavorable to us. We dont need to continue this battle and instead should leave this place to obtain more intelligence as a long-term plan."

"My sentiments, lets shake them off."

Han Xiao nodded. He was very concerned about the information these people revealed, wanting to figure out his current environment as soon as possible.

With a thought, he pulled all his mechanical soldiers together, gathering them.


The Mechanical Deity descended once again, stretching out a hand to grab Kasuyi and integrate him within before igniting all its thrusters and rising into outer space.

Farlite shouted, as though telling them not to run, while leading the other five along in pursuit. Pugilist flames, Psychic impacts, and Magic spells continued to blast toward the Mechanical Deity, all of which were shielded by the honeycomb structure of its Emperors .

"Still want to chase? This group really do not know how to count their blessings. They must have suffered from a lack of love[1]."

Han Xiao helplessly raised his Celestial Punishment Edge, and the surging psionic energy formed on the blade. Following the pathway of the Getta Hadoken, it condensed before slashing out in a solid arc of light.

The faint blue light blade shredded the space around it, leaving cracks as it flew forward.

The strength behind this blade caused the expressions of the six to drastically change, and they hurriedly utilized their strongest defensive skills to go against it. Boom!

The resulting frenzied shock wave spread out in all directions from the impact point, turning the atmosphere around it into a cloudless area.


Tragic screams sounded from afar as the six of them were smashed downward from the force of the blow. A large area of tall buildings shattered and collapsed. Looking from outer space, it seemed that six mushroom clouds had suddenly grown on the surface.

"You didnt kill them, right?" Kasuyi was worried.

"I didnt even use my strength. How could this sort of attack kill anyone?" Han Xiao did not put much thought into it.

Kasuyi immediately rolled his eyes.

He had already realized that Black Star had obviously made some significant improvement, and yet he deliberately pretended to be modest and hid it. Did he think that everyone around him was blind? The Mechanical Deity turned around and flew off, crossing the starry sky and moving away from the planet.

At this moment, Farlite and company crawled out from the rubble on the ground. Everyone was wounded, and as they watched the Mechanical Deity disappear from their vision, they could not help but feel a lingering fear.

The blade just now had given them the feeling of an extremely terrifying threat to their lives, and they almost thought that it would be the end of them.

The group surveyed their surroundings, and upon seeing that the city they were guarding had turned into ruins, they could not help but burst into anger.

"What do we do now?" someone asked. "The two of them are Supreme Ranked experts and are not people we can deal with," Farlite said angrily. "Their appearance is just too weird. I suspect that they will interfere with the World Reset Plan. Immediately report up to the Celestial Star Alliance Superpower Security Department. Ask them to send a hunting team and issue a universal arrest warrant!"

The secondary dimensions were strange and had their own laws of operation. But this secondary dimension was similar to the environment in the main universe, with a boundless galaxy that was rare even in the secondary dimension world.

While this dimension had the environment of the universe, the star map of the main universe could not be used at all. After Han Xiao controlled the Mechanical Deity to leave the planet, he used the parts and materials of the mechanical soldiers to build an astronomical observatory to plot their surroundings. He discovered an asteroid belt, so they went over there to camp there temporarily.

Very quickly, the asteroid belt appeared in front of his eyes. Han Xiao released the Mechanical Deity, turning it back into soldiers to guard his surroundings while he boarded one of the asteroids with Kasuyi to discuss their next countermeasures.

"This secondary dimension is too exaggerated. I dont even know where the end is. What about you?" Kasuyi frowned.

"Same here. This feels like an actual universe." Han Xiao opened his hands.

Kasuyi paced as he thought aloud, "Could it be that the secondary dimension is actually a giant wormhole that transferred us to an area of the universe not controlled by the three Universal Civilizations. Could we have come to another corner of the universe?"

"I doubt thats the case." Han Xiao shook his head. "My Dimension Factory is locked, as is the Void Dimension. This sort of unique characteristic is not like returning to the main universe."

"Thats true" Kasuyi suddenly thought of something. "Your Dimension Factory cant be opened? Then it means were trapped here since you cannot retrieve your mechanical suit?"

"You dont have to worry about that." Han Xiao fiddled with the compressed orbs hanging on his neck. "I have a habit of carrying spares. Theres enough to get us both out."

Spacetime anchors naturally restrained his secondary dimensional army box, so he would not be unprepared. He would always leave some of the more critical machinery on his body for quick access.

"Then Im relieved." Kasuyi breathed out. He did not wish to leave just like that, but he was worried that he did not have any routes of retreat.

"By the way, this secondary dimension seems to be completely isolated from the outside world. I cannot even contact my main artificial intelligence through the quantum network," Han Xiao said.

Because Phillips mainframe was in his base camp, Han Xiao had been cut off since he entered the secondary dimension. He could only replace it with Phillips backup sub-body that he carried with him and use it as a local area network connection. However, he was unable to lock onto his avatar outside the secondary dimension to return to the main universe.

He opened up the quantum network vision, connecting to the quantum network in this secondary dimension. He had tried it during the battle just now, finding that the coded language of the quantum network in this dimension was different compared to the main universe. This situation was similar to that of the Virtual Mutiny Virus, where the basic code had to first be deciphered before his virtual intrusion methods could be used.

"By the way, what about your senses regarding the Gods Trait Transformation?" Han Xiao asked.

"Its still present, but it has turned blurry," Kasuyi helplessly replied. "I feel as though my senses are pointing to this entire space, with no determined direction."

"This isnt good. Without your locator, given the size of this secondary dimension, how are we going to find it?".

Han Xiao shook his head.

If his senses were still accurate, that would be easy for them to just follow the directions to obtain the opportunity and then use the King to escape. But now, without a direction, it was a lot more troublesome.

"We can only find it slowly." Kasuyi looked hopefully at Han Xiao. "You dont have anything to do, right?"

"I dont, but if this takes too long, I can only choose to retreat temporarily."

Han Xiao shrugged.

He did not need to worry about the Pro League of the players and originally intended to grind his skills here. The Kunde Races Spacetime Splicing Technology was a good choice, and this secondary dimension might even hold some black technology that he could obtain.

Thats right, speaking of the players

Han Xiao had a thought and opened the forums to check. He discovered that everything was working as usual, and he could still see the posts that the players had put up.

Currently, all sorts of external communications had failed, so the forums had become his only channel to receive information from the outside world.

Kasuyi paced back and forth as he pondered, "Black Star, whats your next step?"

Han Xiao threw him a glance before replying, "We are still unaware of what is happening in this secondary dimension. I recommend we treat it as another universe for now. Were outsiders and thus have to collect information.

"Give me some time to decipher their coded language of the universe quantum network before I hack in to collect information Before that, though, we need a temporary star map. Ill just draw this. The observatory can solve this problem "In addition, the degree of danger is unknown. Ill expand the current machines to find some resource rich planets, establish temporary strongholds, and make engineering equipment to collect various materials, creating a new assembly line"

Han Xiao rattled off a series of plans.

Since his Dimension Factory was frozen, he planned to open up a base in this secondary dimension, copying a set of military factories to solve the problems of combat, logistics, detection, and concealment. Kasuyi listened for a long time before he could not help but ask, "What do I need to do?". "You" Han Xiao stroked his chin as he sized up Kasuyi before saying with confidence, "Just dont cause trouble." Hearing this, Kasuyi could not help but let out a bitter smile.

It was no wonder that among the five Super systems, the advanced civilizations were the most afraid of the Mechanic class, which was basically a mobile interstellar war system!

He secretly rejoiced that he had brought along a Mechanic. If he had brought a Pugilist that could only beat people up, they would only be able to stare at each other right now. The Pugilist system was really unreliable!

In a metallic machinery room, a man with pipes all over his body slowly opened his eyes. He had two pairs of green eyes, a pair larger than the other, which were symmetrically distributed on the left and right of his face. A vertical scar ran along the left side of his face, only leaving the two eyes on the right side of his face open.

His breathing was labored, and only after a long while did a deep mutter sound through the room.

"Theres finally another outsider This person had better be of use this time"

[1] Theres this saying that scolding means I care; beating you means I love you. Its mainly used to describe the hidden care of the parents toward the child.

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