The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Unbelievable Discovery S Ranked Hidden Mission

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"The Caliste Civilization sent over an anomaly report, claiming that two unfamiliar experts at the Supreme level had violated the ban, appearing out of thin air in the capital of Tudor Province. They refused to obey the handling, and after a fierce battle, both of them fled into space, disappearing without a trace This is the image data they recorded." The huge conference room designed like stairs was filled full of people. Everyone was watching the video on the virtual screen carefully. What was displayed on the screen was Han Xiao and Kasuyis battle with the guardians of Tudor Province.

The video duration was not long, and it soon ended with the shocking blow delivered by the Mechanical Deity.

The screen went black, and the room was enveloped in silence for a while before discussions heated up. "Theres no doubt. Both of them are at the Supreme level."

"The database does not hold their information at all. They are of unknown origins, identity, and ethnicity, and theres no recorded activities on them."

"Thats strange. Even for our Minister of Superpower Security, people with such strength will get the authority to head a department. To think such experts would actually be willing to endure loneliness and be obscure."

"Well theyve been concealing themselves up till this point, so their intentions for the big picture are probably huge."

"Could it be related to the World Reset Plan? Otherwise, why would they only appear at this crucial point?"

"This matter has to be taken seriously. No factors that may interfere with the World Reset Plan will be allowed to intrude."

At this moment, a senior executive who seemed to be a department head knocked on the table to interrupt the discussion. He spoke in an indisputable tone.

"This matter will be handled by the fifth, seventh, and eleventh divisions. Directors of these divisions, please arrest these two and carefully review their origins."

Three of the executives stood up, nodding slightly to accept the mission.

The department head slowly nodded as he said, "This is a pressing time. Theres no time to play hide and seek with them. To end this quickly, I approve the use of the Cosmic Treasure Positioning Star Map to lock in on their coordinates."

Hearing this, everyone on scene let out a faint smile.

The Positioning Star Map was the trump card of the Superpower Security Division. It was a Cosmic Treasure that was formed from unknown means. A complete star map of the universe was stored inside, and as long as one entered the target data, they could locate their coordinates in real time.

All fugitives had nowhere to hide in front of such a tool!

A couple of days later

On a certain gray, barren planet, the underground had been transformed into a temporary base by Han Xiao. There was automated mining equipment that went deep into the veins of the planet to collect various ore resources, transporting them to undergo material processing through assembly lines. The refined ores were made into various raw materials and then put on the production line.

Because of the current shortage of materials, Han Xiao only assembled the basic assembly line, of which the majority were collection and assistant machinery to expand his initial production capacity.

In the central control room of his temporary base, Han Xiao sat in a simple quantum network view magnifier, surrounded by dense virtual screens. Amazing data streams flashed through the screens constantly. He had spent several days deciphering the coded language for this quantum network.

Kasuyi sat on the alloy bench beside him, leaning back against the rock wall as he watched Han Xiao in boredom.

With Black Star doing all the work, Kasuyi had nothing to do, and he could only give moral encouragement and eye power. At this moment, Han Xiaos eyelids trembled, and he opened his eyes as he exhaled. "Ive cracked it."

Kasuyis spirits perked up. "That quickly?"

"Its not too bad. Their coded language is not complicated. As long as you find the entry point, the rest is easy." Han Xiao waved his hand.

The difficulty of cracking the code this time was much lower compared to the original Virtual Mutiny Virus. The Domino Virus was a weapon that contained multiple keys, with no reference target. One could only utilize trial and error to succeed. In contrast, the quantum network shared similarities with the network of the main universe, and because it was open source, there were many references. Han Xiao also had the (Virtual Technology InnovationManison) skill, which enhanced his own Virtual Technology and made it easier to crack.

Having finished the deciphering, his own virtual intrusion means could finally be used.

"What are we waiting for? Use your invincible Virtual Intrusion to collect intelligence," Kasuyi urged.

"Hmm." Han Xiao nodded, closing his eyes before sinking into the quantum network field of vision, collecting data on a large scale. After pacing around and around, Kasuyi saw Han Xiao reopen his eyes and immediately asked, "How is it? Did you find anything?"

Hearing this, Han Xiaos expression turned weird.

He took a deep breath before suddenly exploding. He grabbed Kasuyis neck with both his arms, shaking him repeatedly as he screamed, "F*ck your ancestors! What sort of hell did you bring me to?"

Kasuyis head was shaken so fast it formed an afterimage, and he had an expression of confusion.

"What what do you mean?"

"See for yourself!"

Han Xiao flicked his hand, opening a virtual screen, and dumped all the information inside.

As Kasuyi scanned it, his eyes grew wider, an incredulous look spreading across his face.

"This How is this even possible?"

Kasuyi retreated involuntarily after he understood the information.

This intelligence was not the top-secret files in the universe but basic information that Han Xiao had collected. But the content was out of all their expectations. The area in this secondary dimension was even wider than the entire explored universe! There were thirty-three Star Fields, six to seven hundred Star Clusters, and countless Civilizations of all levels!

As for the ruling party, it was a civilization known as the Celestial Star Alliance. Just the introduction told them that it was stronger than the three Universal Civilizations and had a longer history. Even if they looked at the oldest of the three Universal Civilizations, the Arcane Church, its civilization age was but a fraction of the Celestial Star Alliances. There were also five different types of Superpower systems present: Mechanic, Psychic, Pugilist, Esper and Magic. However, their term of Energy was known as Source, and even their realms were separated differently. They called their Beyond Grade As Saints and the pinnacle Beyond Grade As Supremes.

In terms of individual strength, this secondary dimension also trumped the main universe. According to the data, there were nearly ten thousand Saint level experts recorded in their universe! The equivalent of Beyond Grade As numbered almost ten thousand, of which there existed hundreds of pinnacle Beyond Grade A! The reaction of the duo was that this was unbelievable!

What did this mean? Although Beyond Grade As had long life spans, most people still grew old and died. To have nearly ten thousand living Beyond Grade As, how long exactly had this secondary dimension existed?

The two of them had thought that this secondary dimension was at best a universe that had managed to develop itself, but they did not expect that there was actually a civilization many times stronger than the three Universal Civilizations.

"Black Star, are you joking with me? You made this material up, right?" Kasuyi had a look of shock.

"Why would I joke with you at this time? All of this was picked from their web, and its all the most fundamental intelligence you can find."

Han Xiao had frowned the first time he saw all this material online. He had actually doubted its veracity, but after repeated searches, he had discovered that it was all true.

Could this secondary dimension actually be stronger than the main universe itself? Was the Celestial Star Alliance stronger than the three Universal Civilizations? This was too exaggerated! How could there be such a freak in this secondary dimension?

Or could this actually be an unexplored area of the main universe?

Then how did Kasuyi and Manison go back the moment they arrived there?

Han Xiaos mind ran quickly. Because the information from his past life was limited, he did not know what was going on for a while.

Kasuyi had not recovered from his shock at this point. He was murmuring to himself, "If the people in this secondary dimension run out into the main universe, then"

Hearing this, Han Xiaos eyes gleamed, and he hurriedly went back online. He decided to scan the internet to search if this universe had any information regarding secondary dimensions. If the Celestial Star Alliance truly existed within the secondary dimensions, then it would be impossible that they had never explored the outside world.

Han Xiao soon found what he wanted, but the result surprised him yet again.

This universe had no secondary dimensions!

There was no division between the main universe and the secondary dimension!

All they had was a single cosmic plane, without any outside in which they could explore. They too were unaware about the Space Lice swarm and the Supreme Guardian that was stationed outside.


This is too strange!

Han Xiaos curiosity grew stronger.

"By the way, when we first came in, those six Beyond Grade As seemed to say something about martial law in the universe. Lets see whats that about"

Han Xiao hurriedly entered the keywords, and his vision was soon replaced with a headline.

World Reset Project!

The announcement stated that this was a universal-level plan launched by the Celestial Star Alliance. This was a special measure to prevent any future disasters that could not be solved.

The intelligence Han Xiao discovered was all from announcements and news, and it only provided a general outline. It seemed as though the Celestial Star Alliance was planning to utilize a sort of new Information Form technology to reproduce the data of the entire universe as a data library, treating it as tinder. If there would be an irresistible disaster in the future, they would restart the universe based on the tinder data library.

This re-engraving process was during the period of martial law throughout the universe. The Celestial Star Alliance required everyone to stay in one place and not move around, to prevent interference with the construction of the tinder library. Thus, the interstellar area was deserted, without any spaceships.

As for the specific plan, the Celestial Star Alliance did not disclose it to the public, so Han Xiao was still unaware of the details.

"I have a feeling that this plan is not some insurance" Han Xiao muttered before going up to knock on Kasuyi, seeing him still stunned. "What shall we do now? The space in this area exceeds your imagination. Your senses are also malfunctioning, so even after hundreds of years, you might not find your so-called opportunity." In his opinion, this should be the reason the difficulty of the mission was expressed through the astronomical sum of 450 billion experience. Kasuyi came back to his senses, but his expression was uncertain, and he did not speak for quite a while.

Seeing his reaction, Han Xiao also sighed to himself.

It was alright for him, since he had a different growth system and also knew about the existence of the World Tree. Thus, while shocked, he felt nothing else. But Kasuyi was different. It had taken him countless years to finally become a hegemon that had reached the pinnacle of the universe, but he suddenly discovered that there were many more people outside his world that were as strong as him. It was no wonder that his mentality would be shaken up.

Han Xiao thought about it before consoling him. "Old Ka, dont be depressed. We dont even know how long this secondary dimension has existed. This number of Beyond Grade As has been accumulated over so many years. Theres nothing to envy. If you want to be jealous, why not be jealous of me? It only took me a few decades to reach this point, surpassing your accumulation of thousands of years. How hateful is that?" Are you really trying to console me? The words f*ck you come to mind, but Im not sure if I should reply with that.

Seeing his constipated expression, Han Xiao was about to continue comforting him when he received a message alarm.

Beep beep "Youve received a new message." "Eh, who could it be at this time?" Han Xiao spoke subconsciously before he reacted.

Thats right, no one has my contact details here. How were they able to find me!"

Han Xiaos expression changed, and he opened the quantum network, finding an email within. The sender was shown as a bunch of garbled code. The sender had manipulated his address to cover up all traces.

Frowning, he opened the mail and found out that it contained a set of complicated blueprints as well as a short message.

"Learn this technology as fast as possible, or else therell be no escape for you. If you can avoid the pursuit of the troops, then go to a place and wait. Ill contact you again then. The coordinates are"

"Who is this guy?"

Han Xiao wanted to communicate with the other party, but without a path, he had no method to send a reply.

He could only browse through the blueprint sent by the mysterious person. It recorded a kind of weird instrument, which seemed to have some sort of special hiding function. He did not know what sort of detection device this was guarding against. "Things have become more interesting" Han Xiaos eyes flashed.

From the strange Supreme Guardian outside the secondary dimension to the unexpectedly powerful Celestial Star Alliance and now this mysterious man contacting him, things were getting more confusing, and he seemed to be getting involved in some unknown storm.

He decided to stay and explore, not just to aid Kasuyi but also to collect more technology and discover the truth behind this space. Otherwise, not just Han Xiao, the entire explored universe would also remain uneasy.

However, this trip to the secondary dimension was always out of his control. He was lacking in intelligence, and he was only receiving poor information, only able to see the surface level.


At this time, a notification popped up on the interface.

You have triggered an S-ranked hidden mission: A Relay Across Iterations!

This mission is part of a Chain Mission. This is currently the first of many parts.

Requirements: Escape from the hunting team and succeed in meeting the mysterious person who sent this message. Failure Condition: The mysterious person dies.

Reward: 100,000,000,000 experience, unlocking of the next mission.

Warning! This mission may result in unpredictable effects, please choose carefully!

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