The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 The Pursuing Soldiers

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Chapter 1196 The Pursuing Soldiers

"This mission"

Han Xiao was shocked. Not only was it an S-rank hidden mission, it was even a chain mission. The experience reward in just the first mission already matched with what Old Man Manison gave, so the overall difficulty might really be through the sky.

In the absence of any intelligence, the mission guidance was one of the few reliable sources of information, especially since the name of the mission was quite intriguing.

No matter what, this mysterious person took the initiative to contact me. He seems to have some special information in his hand. That will require us to meet. As for the hunter team in the mission introduction

Han Xiaos eyes gleamed.

While he was searching online previously, he had discovered a wanted order issued by the Celestial Star Alliance Superpower Security Department, offering a reward for the two wanted people. Their bounty was worth 300 million units of their common currency, its name different from the term Ena used in their main universe.

Since his whereabouts were a secret and he had yet to encounter any alarms or detection device scanning, it was logically difficult for them to discover their location. However, the mission reminder as well as the content of the mysterious persons message seemed to imply that the pursuing team would definitely locate him.

Upon thinking of the weird concealment device left by the mysterious person, Han Xiao guessed that the pursuers might have a precise remote location detecting method, including but not limited to the possibility of prediction, technological means, or even Universal Treasures

The mysterious person sent me a blueprint but did not explain in detail what sort of methods the soldiers would use. This feels more like a test

Han Xiao stroked his chin and fell into thought.

This technology had to be studied, but Han Xiao did not intend to put it to use immediately. He wanted to test whether they could be found by the pursuers first. If that was confirmed, then he would utilize the device again in order to verify whether the device really had the effect of concealing its target. As a Mechanic, he believed more in the results of experimentation rather than what people told him.

On the other hand, Han Xiao wished to contact their pursuers, obtaining information from them Of course, while he was confident in his own strength, he would still arrange some insurance to stabilize any rough waves that might appear.

Currently, both of them were illegal immigrants, and they did not even possess an account in the Intergalactic Bank, let alone the universal currency. They suddenly fell from being the wealthiest in the universe to abject poverty. Han Xiao could only resort to collecting the resources himself, and for the time being, he could not scrape up enough materials to make a new King mechanical suit. Thus, he could only resort to using the King that he had brought with him. He had already placed some of the corresponding Thrones on different coordinates in the universe, acting as fixed-point transporters, whilst some of his King mechanical suits still had the Thrones with them, ready to be positioned at any time.

Having been in the universe for so many years, and with the example given by Manison, Han Xiao was now well versed in the saying a sly rabbit has three burrows. Days ago, a few of his mechanical troops had scattered the different Thrones around this universe at suitable locations, leaving him with a way out.

The biggest problem currently was not personal safety but his mechanical army. Because his secondary dimensional army box was frozen, he could only transport his troops through the normal method. His portability was severely affected, so if he chose to teleport away, his mechanical army would still be left in the area, and he would be unable to recover them.

Based on reasoning, since there was no secondary dimension that existed in this universe, all mechanics should be the same. However, he found through the internet that because of the lack of secondary dimensions, the five Super systems seemed to have some subtleties in their Class skills.

For example, the Beyond Grade A Mechanics still had the ability to summon mechanical armies on a large scale. However, because they had not crossed paths yet, Han Xiao could not see their combat information and thus did not understand the principle.

"Just the technology alone makes it worth the trip." Han Xiao was ecstatic.

In his opinion, this place was akin to a huge material library, stocked with endless new technology and different applications and development paths for ones Class related skills. These were all extremely valuable resources.

The Manison of his previous life must have learned quite a bit when he came over, further increasing his own power. And now, this rare learning opportunity had been taken away by himself.

"Rest in peace, Old Man. Ill study hard on your behalf."

Han Xiao had a solemn expression.

The destroyed mentality of Kasuyi had finally recovered from Han Xiaos comforting blow. Seeing this, Han Xiao explained the situation and his plan.

Kasuyi was surprised, and after hearing everything, he said, "You mean were now waiting for our pursuers to come knocking before we negotiate? If not, well fight?"

"Thats right. This is in order for us to obtain more information. Dont be scared by the number of Beyond Grade As here. Ive checked the cases from the Superpower Security Department over the years, and the majority of them consist of teams formed by three to five Beyond Grade As. There are dozens to hundreds of people there, but they are responsible for a large area, and thus, manpower is limited. Furthermore, Ive also arranged a path of retreat in case things go awry," Han Xiao said.

Old Ka was his only companion here, and it could be said that they could only truly depend on each other. While the other party did not have his limitless MP any longer, he was still a pinnacle Beyond Grade A and was a great source of combat power.

" Alright, then dont bother me during this period of time. Ill prepare an ace in the hole and strive to heavily injure a pinnacle Beyond Grade A," Kasuyi solemnly said.

Han Xiao was startled. He sized him up before curiously asking, "I really didnt expect that, but you have such ability?"

Kasuyi immediately rolled his eyes. Who are you looking down on? At our level, who doesnt have a trump card or two in their hands? When I was roaming the universe, your grandfather had probably yet to be born!

In the pitch-black universe, a wormhole suddenly opened, and three spaceships appeared as they exited the hyperdrive. All three were special spaceships that belonged to the Superpower Security Department, led by three Supreme level directors to capture the offenders.

"The Positioning Star Map at the headquarters shows that the two targets have been stationed on the target planet and have not left in the past few days."

"We are still unaware of the intentions of these two people. Do not lower your vigilance."

Milton stood in front of the porthole, listening to the communication channel. His face had nary a smile on it, and his entire person exuded a serious vibe.

He was the director of the Fifth Team from the Superpower Security Department and the temporary captain of this special pursuit team. Every established division would consist of one Supreme level Director, four deputy directors of the Saint level, and a large number of middle tier officers. Milton had brought two deputy directors with him this time, and the other two directors used the same configuration. Thus, there were nine people at the Beyond Grade A level.

Because of the lack of the strength data for the target, in order to make it a quick fight, the Superpower Security Department equipped the nine of them with the special combat suit, which included a mechanical suit, with melee, long-range, and imprisonment equipment of Gold Grade. With such special equipment, the staff from the Superpower Security Department would have an advantage among people of the same level.

Their opponents were only two Supreme level experts, but they had mobilized nine people on their side, alongside equipment. Milton felt that this mission should be a piece of cake.

He stared at the arrest warrants of Han Xiao and Kasuyi, muttering to himself. "What year is this? To think that there are still people who dare to openly violate the universe ban of the Celestial Star Alliance, trying to whatever they want with their strength. Do you think its like the old era? Such good times are long gone"

Time passed quickly, and another three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Xiao had been constantly studying the blueprint provided by the mysterious person in seclusion. It was not difficult to make, but the principle behind it was quite incomprehensible. In some areas, he could not understand it at all, and he did not know what sort of effect the combination would produce.

After a few days of research, there was still no progress. Han Xiao felt that he might lack the key Research Theory or Knowledge, so he simply stopped his research, building the device according to the blueprint given. The process went smoothly, and his failure to understand theory did not hinder him from turning the blueprint into machinery error free.

Ten palm-sized pieces of green and gold metal lay quietly on the workbench. They appeared smooth, but when Han Xiao swiped them with his fingers, he could feel the dense lines engraved on them, filled with countless nano-level energy circuits.

Han Xiao picked up a piece of the alloy, playing with it carefully. Traces of electrical arcs jumped now and then as he extended his senses deep into the metal, feeling the structure within.

"The manual states that so long as the concealment function is activated, objects within its range would be freed from tracking. The more energy inputted, the greater the range"

Han Xiao was a little skeptical as he had mastered a variety of concealment devices but was unable to see through the principles behind this blueprint.

Even the interface did not give any detailed introduction but rather simply naming it as a Special Cloaking Device. It said that this would take effect under certain conditions but did not state what those conditions were.

Just as he wished to further study it, his expression changed as he sensed an unexpected situation. The space exploration buoys he arranged around the planet were destroyed.

"Theyve really found us"

Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and he put away the ten Cloaking Devices. He left his base with his mechanical troops, heading to the surface.


Before long, three spaceships appeared in outer space. Nine figures descended from the sky and landed on the wasteland not far in front of Han Xiao in a fan-shaped encirclement, not bothering to conceal their energy fluctuations.

Seeing this, Han Xiao revealed a knowing expression.

Nine Beyond Grade As, with three of them being pinnacle Beyond Grade As

The strength of this team was not small. Their overall combat power was higher than the level shown during the attack on Hila. Furthermore, this group of people would not be like the original Kasuyi, where they pulled their punches.

He also discovered that their equipment was extraordinary.

Both sides confronted each other from afar, sizing each other up without moving.

Milton surveyed the area before casually asking, "Wheres your accomplice?"

"Since you can come knocking, how could you not know where he is?" Han Xiao crossed his arms.

Over the past few days, he had purposely devoted a little time to learn the interstellar lingua franca online, so communication was no longer a problem for him.

Milton looked at him from top to toe before nodding and speaking in a business-like tone.

"I advise you not to have any thoughts of resistance. Obediently put on the Source restraints and come with us. Confess your origins, abilities, and reasons for violating the prohibition before undergoing a public review and going to jail for five to ten years. After completing that, you will regain your freedom. The current punishment is considered light; you dont need to aggravate your crimes."

Han Xiao did not agree nor refuse, returning with another question. "May I know your identities?"

"You dont recognize us?" Milton frowned. "I am the Director of the Fifth Division under the Superpower Security Department, Milton. These are my assistants"

He briefly introduced everyone before asking about Han Xiaos identity.

"You can call me Black Star, and for my comrade, you can just call him Kakasu"

"Call me Void Overlord!"

Kasuyi suddenly appeared before Han Xiao, correcting his words in a dissatisfied tone.

"Any name is fine." Milton did not care, only taking out two sets of mechanical devices similar to collars and throwing them in front as he said, "Hurry up, put on the Source imprisonment devices and go back to settle this business."

Han Xiao pondered for a while before he spoke.

"I believe theres a better choice. My friend and I have been in retreat all this while, and were unaware of the so-called ban. We are not deliberately causing trouble. Maybe theres room for discussion. For example, were willing to join your Superpower Security Department. Is it possible for you to inform your superiors" From his point of view, Kasuyi and him did not commit any major incidents. With their strength, they should be able to enjoy this treatment.

However, Milton did not buy it at all. He bellowed, "Im ordering you, not negotiating! If you have any words, then wait till we return! And no matter what you say, dont think you can escape the punishment just like that. Even if youre a Supreme expert, so long as your stain is not removed, we will not accept you!" Hearing this, Han Xiaos brows twitched.

He had spoken not because he was trying to prevaricate; rather, he did not intend to be limited by the mission. While cooperating with the Celestial Star Alliance might not be the best option, Kasuyis mission was simply looking for a needle in a haystack. If he could obtain help from the Celestial Star Alliance, then it would definitely make things easier, and there would be more opportunities to access their secrets.

There were two possible ways to cooperate. One would be to expose his identity as an outsider from another world, while the other was to pretend to be a local Obviously, Han Xiao could not choose the former. Until things became clear, he would never reveal the existence of the three Universal Civilizations, otherwise it would be bad if the opponent began to covet his universe. That was no different from being a traitor.

Thus, Han Xiao could only choose to pretend to be a local in order to join the Superpower Security Department. He originally felt that with his and Kasuyis strength, the other party had no reason not to accept it and would wipe their slates clean. However, the other party did not seem to show them any face at all.

This should not be the case here. With over ten thousand Beyond Grade As, were a force to be reckoned with. However, for the advanced civilization to not have any thoughts of stabilizing us with better privileges and treatment, instead treating us all fairly, arent they afraid that these people would revolt?

It was impossible for Han Xiao to put on the source restraint and go to the headquarters of the Superpower Security Department. This was tantamount to handing over his own fate to the other party. He frowned before asking once more, "Is there no room for discussion?" Milton pointed to the two sets of Source restraints on the ground. His meaning could not have been clearer.


At this moment, extremely condensed and violent Psychic power suddenly shot out from the side. It was Kasuyis trump card that he had been preparing for the last few days!


Milton suffered a heavy blow, his eyeballs bursting and his nose spurting blood as he was sent flying out like a comet. Turning his head, Han Xiao only saw Kasuyi revolving his Psychic power, shooting forward while snapping at him, "What the f*ck are you still waiting for? Just take action!"

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