The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Problem

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Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

While this secondary dimension might only be a phantom of the actual world, this was a treasure trove to Han Xiao. Not only could he obtain new Class abilities, he could also gather a lot more advanced technology that would be different from the current explored universe. For a Mechanic, this was the jackpot!

Han Xiao originally only planned to get some skills before returning. With a willing teacher to impart his Knowledge now, the efficiency would be twice the result with only half the effort needed.

Furthermore, this mysterious man had already undergone so many cycles. Even if his bodily condition was constantly reset, making training meaningless, his memory could still be retained. This meant that all the technology he had learned would always be in his mind. With such a terrifying background, it could only mean good things.

By the side, Kasuyi stared with wide eyes. "What about me?"

The mysterious man shot him a look before shaking his head. "Youre not a Mechanic, so theres nothing I can teach you." "Hey, thats not very nice!" Kasuyi was a little aggrieved in his heart.

It was obviously I who came first, be it forming the team or leading the way, but the benefits all landed at Black Stars feet instead. Why is that so?

The mysterious thought about it before speaking again. "If you really wish to have some technical data, its not as though theres no way. Once the cycle is broken, everything here will vanish, and that includes any sort of material objects. Only information can be circulated. According to the principle of Information Forms, information that is transformed by outsiders can be retained. Since you cannot learn the Knowledge, you can use any recording machines brought from the outside to store this information"

Hearing this, Kasuyis expression got a lot better. He felt that this was more like it.

Even if he was not a Mechanic, he understood the value of this technology. He could hand it to his subordinates to bolster his organization or even trade it with the Arcane Church.

At this moment, Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and he said, "Dont forget that your goal is the Gods Trait Transformation. You shouldnt bother yourself with such trivialities. Leave the matters here to me instead. If I dont step into hell, who will?"

"Youre being shameless again" Kasuyis expression changed. "You want to swallow everything on your own?"

Han Xiao shot Kasuyi a glance. "When you came to me to form a team, you told me you owed me one. I havent asked you for any compensation yet. Monopolizing this can be considered my compensation. Besides, youre also not a Mechanic. Why do you need this technology? At most, when we leave, Ill give you some other form of dividends. Do you mind?" "Of course I mind! This is this, and that is that. The technology is not within the scope of our agreement."

Kasuyi definitely would not want to give up on this treasure.

Han Xiao suddenly stroked his chin, saying meaningfully, "Are you sure you want to fight? Dont forget, youre in your main body now"

Hearing this, Kasuyis expression slightly changed. "And besides if the plan to break the cycle fails, how are you planning to leave?" Han Xiao laughed. Kasuyi was speechless and could only helplessly wave his hand. "Fine, Ill give up. I dont want this technology."

While he wanted this technology, in comparison, his life was more important. Since he had come over with his main body, if he pissed Black Star off, his path of retreat would be completely sealed. He thought for a bit before realizing that he had to compromise.

However, while Kasuyi gave up fighting for the technology, he did not intend to let things be. He looked at the mysterious man and said, "My partner has a special device that can allow him to teleport without restrictions. This task in the secondary dimension is difficult, so if you dont stop him, he can get away at any time. I suggest you only teach him a part of this technology and only give him the rest when were about to complete the mission."

"Oh? Theres such a thing?" The mysterious man turned his head toward Han Xiao.

Han Xiao glanced at Kasuyi, not surprised, as he calmly nodded. "Thats right. I do have such an ability, and I agree with such a way of doing things."

Of course, he was aware of what Kasuyi was thinking. He was worried Han Xiao would abscond once he got his hands on all the data.

Han Xiao did not think that there was a problem with Kasuyi doing such a thing. If it was him, it was likely that he would have taken the same measures.

The two of them were merely temporary teammates. While they had some friendship, in the face of benefits, their relationship was insufficient to bring unreserved trust. People at their level would not easily put hope in others.

At their realm, as long as they were not close relatives or friends, no one would easily give in when faced with their own interests.

While Han Xiao was shocked to learn about the secrets of the universe, he would not change his behavior and purpose of arriving just because of that. After all, their universe iteration was just too far away, and even if he knew about it, he could not be of help for the time being. In the end, one still had to live in the present.

No matter how lofty one was, when it came to an issue that concerned personal benefits, one had to handle them from a practical perspective. The value of such technology was amazing, so there was no reason for Han Xiao to allow Kasuyi to easily share a piece of the pie. Regardless of whether he would work together with the advanced civilizations in the future, he had to take the initiative to obtain such benefits first.

That was especially so since he was a Mechanic. He was aware of the importance of not leaking his technology, so he did not hesitate to threaten Kasuyi If the other party did not compromise, let alone mentioning their backup escape plan, he would not hesitate to attack on the spot.

As for Kasuyis little trick, Han Xiao thought little of it. He did not intend to only take and not give. With the technology in his hands, he would fulfill the agreement to help break the cycle. He still had his morals to some extent, and he also had to provide some insurance for Kasuyi.

While such a method would offend the other party, if both sides compromised, the relationship could still continue.

Since they were all people with statuses, few of them were actually stubborn creatures. Negotiation of ones interests was a norm, and even if one had a grudge, they would not really throw aside all pretenses.

The mysterious man looked a little hesitant, but he finally said, "In that case, Ill teach you a part of the technology first. By the way, you should take advantage of this period to draft your action plan. In addition, the resources of the Eye of Insight are completely open to you. You can expand your machinery and manpower here".

He could not determine if Han Xiaos teleportation ability was real or not. Since he was just an Information Form in this secondary dimension, if Black Star teleported him away, he would immediately die and achieve his freedom.

However, he knew that this proposal was tantamount to abandoning Kasuyi. The latter would never agree to it, so they could only do a trade in private. However, he did not know if Black Star would be willing to kill off any witnesses.

He actually wished for Black Star to use his teleportation ability to move reinforcements from outside. That would be the most beneficial to him, but no one would agree to this proposal either. If Black Star wished to teleport out, Kasuyi would strongly oppose it. Black Star would also not agree to the move in order to monopolize the technology.

All three parties had their own positions, so it was difficult to reach one best decision. The final result was to have a compromise that everyone could accept.

The mysterious man understood everyones concerns and knew that their behavior would not change even if they believed in the secrets he revealed. Thus, he did not intend to deviate from his original plan.

"After speaking so much, you still havent told us your name," Kasuyi said. "You can call me Jayz." "Speaking of which, why can you keep your memories?"

"I have no idea either. I was not like this in the beginning and only awakened around a thousand cycles ago. Before that, I was just resetting repeatedly like everyone else.

At this moment, a notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

The first chain mission of (A Relay Across Iterations] has been completed!

You have received one billion experience.

The second chain mission has been opened!

Mission Requirements: Destroy the dimensional consciousness entity, breaking the spacetime loop, and bringing relief to Jayz, hereby obtaining his legacy.

Mission Reward: 1.5 billion experience, 1 Random Reward, 1 Character Summon Card, and unlocking of the next mission.

Han Xiao scanned through and nodded.

The second chain mission has begun, and the rewards are higher However, the technology from Jayz is my greatest reward. I estimate Ill have to stay much longer than expected in this secondary dimension

With a thought, Han Xiao opened up the forums to take a look. The fourth Pro League was about to start, and it seemed like he would not have the time to pay attention to it this time.

After coming to an agreement, Han Xiao did not bother acting polite, asking Jayz to teach him some Mechanic class skills that he did not have. He conveniently pushed the coldly snorting Kasuyi out as well. Very quickly, the sound of the interface rang.

Jayz (Lv.367) has passed on the skill [Mechanical Force-Soldier Nest). Current progress: 0.0001%

Jayz (Lv.367) has passed on the skill [Compressed Orb Innovation-Armed Body). Current progress: 0.0001%


Seeing the large number of notifications, Han Xiao was elated.

In the explored universe, somewhere in the Primeval Star River

"Ive finally succeeded!"

In a secret machinery factory, Manison gazed at the cloud of virtual data in front of him, unable to hide his smile of satisfaction.

Ever since the Intelligent Plague ended, Manison had spent most of his days in the workshop, attempting to imitate the Virtual Mutiny Virus. After slogging his guts out for so long, he had finally managed to make some progress, creating a prototype virus. While there were many functions still missing and it was far weaker than the original, Manison believed that this represented a correct direction in his research. As long as he continued to overcome all technical difficulties, he could recreate the complete Virtual Mutiny Virus sooner or later.

"Black Star, you destroyed the unique virus core, thinking that it would ruin my plan, but you did not expect that I would be able to restore this technology! Hehe, in terms of technology R&D, youre still too green!"

The corner of Manisons mouth curled up, and he disappeared.

He carefully collected this embryonic form of the virus, making multiple encryptions for experimental data before deciding to retain this technology as his hidden trump card. However, he suddenly thought of the weird means that Black Star had used to snatch his two Felons a while ago, and his eyes once again narrowed.

"My current technology isnt enough. I must find a way to crack the weird Virtual Technology that Black Star possesses, or I will only be restrained"

Manison opened his research schedule, and after reviewing it, he deleted a few unimportant projects before adding the new research goal of cracking Han Xiaos purification ability.

After finishing his work, Manison took out his communicator, and after checking the date, he announced the time of the next regular meeting in the chat group of the Beyond Grade A Association.

"Speaking of which, Black Star and Kasuyi have not attended the past two meetings, nor can they be contacted. Im not sure where theyve gone"

Every meeting, Black Star would cause trouble for him, so without the annoying voice of Black Star in the past two meetings, Manison only felt as though his body was relaxed, finding his inner calm once more.

Furthermore, without Black Star taking the lead, the people in his area were all guarding themselves, so no one jumped up to make trouble. The past two meetings had gone quite smoothly, and Manison once again felt the joy of holding great authority.

While he did not know what Black Star was up to, Manison wanted Black Star to delay his return even longer. In other words

Just dont turn up to meetings for as long as possible!

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