The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Technology Treasure Start Of Operation

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Numerous days later

You have mastered Mechanical Force-Soldier Nest!

You have mastered Compressed Orb Innovation Armed Body!

You have mastered

On his workbench was a compressed orb. Han Xiao controlled the robotic arm to complete the processing before picking up the special compressed orb and placing it flat on his palm. Mechanical Force shot from his finger to cover the compressed orb.


The next moment, the compressed orb suddenly shrank to the size of a cell before being absorbed into his body by the Mechanical Force.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, sensing an extremely weak sense of burden on his body. With but a thought, a Mechanical Force arc wrapped this particle-like special compressed orb and zapped it out. The compressed orb instantly unfolded as it appeared, turning into a mechanical soldier amid the arcs of electricity. It looked as though Han Xiao directly shot a soldier from within his body.

"This is the ability to transform oneself into a military base"

Han Xiao nodded secretly to himself. After several days of study, he had finally mastered this set of abilities.

The principle of all Class related Knowledge was the same; only the content on secondary dimensions was slightly different. This caused the basic strength of the Supers here to be incomparable to those in his explored universe. Han Xiao did not expect these skills to be very powerful either. The greatest advantages of Class-related skills was to bring about new directions of battling and more bonuses.

Because the Class Knowledge foundation was the same, he had no difficulty in learning it. With the help of the interface, he basically mastered all the Class skills taught by Jayz in just a few days. In his opinion, the more useful one was the ability to transform himself into a military base.

The level of burden is however not low. When a mechanical army is stored, the HP and upper limit of Energy will be reduced. While this upper limit is restored the moment the army is released, my HP and Energy will remain at the initial level instead of being restored

The mechanism behind this ability was similar to that of Apostilization. To an ordinary Mechanic, even if an army was released in battle, because their current HP could not be recovered instantaneously, this would result in the Class becoming more brittle.

But this ability was tailor made for him. His strong resilience coupled with his high Energy-HP conversion meant that he could completely restore his optimum state during battle. As a result, the side effects of this Self Barracks could be almost ignored, equivalent to getting a free meal.

Furthermore, with his own tankiness, the size of the troops his main body could carry was far beyond all normal Mechanics

Indeed, developing the tankiness of a Mechanic was the path of Gods!

By the side, as Jayz watched Han Xiao experimenting with the abilities, he could not help but speak out with a weird expression.

"Youve already learned it?"

"Isnt it simple?" Han Xiao did not think much of it.

"Thats thats right" Jayzs face twitched.

He had thought that he would not be able to feel surprise again, but Han Xiaos incredulous learning speed managed to dig out emotional ripples in his dried-up husk. Did I just meet a genius among geniuses, or did the Mechanics of subsequent iterations have such insane learning capabilities? Furthermore, during the past few days, the two of them had sparred a little. Jayz had never seen a Mechanic with this style.

During his universe iteration, due to the lack of secondary dimensions, the strength of the Mechanics was not so overpowered, most of the time losing out due to their brittleness. Furthermore, logistics had to be done in advance to prepare the battlefield.

However, it was the first time he had seen someone like Han Xiao as a Mechanic, and he could not help but feel puzzled How is it that this guy could take more punches that the Pugilists themselves?

Could it be that the pursuit of a strong physique is now the mainstream route of development for the subsequent iterations of Mechanics?

This is really the case of if you live long enough, youll see everything

Han Xiao naturally would not know what Jayz thought. After trying the new ability for a while, he turned to ask, "Next, should you pass down the techniques you have accumulated tome?!

Hearing this, Jayz calmed himself down before clicking on a virtual screen. He fiddled around a little, and soon, a dense list of technical projects was displayed on the screen. "These are the technical materials Ive compiled. You can copy some, and the rest will be sent to you when youre about to complete your mission." Sweeping his eyes across the screen, Han Xiao was overjoyed.

Compared to his Class Knowledge, these technical materials were the highlight, representing countless new blueprints! Within were more than just Jayzs projects. Throughout the thousand cycles, Jayz had been a wanted criminal at least nine hundred times. Relying on the cycle restart provided, he boldly invaded the database of the advanced civilizations and learned their advanced technology, which they had spent countless hours, energy, and resources collecting. His foundation was amazing, and he was willing to hand it all over.

Han Xiao quickly copied it with his own device. While this was only a part of it, it was already a huge technological treasure, enough for him to study for a long time. There were many Gold Grade blueprints among them. When converted, it would be equivalent to saving a lot of Contribution Points from the three Universal Civilizations since there was no need to keep working for them in order to acquire blueprints.

As long as he managed to obtain the rest of Jayz technology and complete his research, his own background would rise like the speed of a supercar, leaving that Old Man Manison so far behind he would not even be able to smell his exhaust fumes.

"By the way, can you also obtain the Class Knowledge of the other four Super systems?". Han Xiao asked.

"Ive collected such things before, but due to the clash between Classes, I could not learn it. I could only store it in the system. When the cycle resets, this information will be gone as well." Jayz shook his head. "However, if you want it, I can get it for you."

After so many cycles of resets, Jayz was just like a living textbook on war strategy. This was nothing difficult to him.

"Then Ill trouble you." Han Xiao nodded.

If he could obtain all the Class Knowledge of each Super system, he would have completed his Knowledge of the five major systems without the three Universal Civilizations knowing. While the content of the secondary dimensions would be lacking, the value was still huge enough.

It was just that this would be different from being taught by someone else, so he did not know if others could comprehend the Class skills on their own through just reading the content.

At this moment, Jayz slowly said, "Since Ive already handed all I can to you, its time for you to help me. Do you have a plan yet?" Hearing this, Han Xiao nodded. "I have some ideas. I intend to borrow the resources of the Eye of Insight to build a mechanical army, first supplementing the combat power" Invading the Superpower Security Department was no easy task, and there were also many clones of the dimensional consciousness entity. At present, his army was insufficient, and Han Xiao intended to spend some time expanding his army.

Because this secondary dimension was merely a phantom existing as an Information Form, the mechanical army built with the Eye of Insight materials could not be taken away. They were one-off, built for this mission, so he would not have any war damages.

Meanwhile, in the explored universe, the opening ceremony of the fourth Pro League was less than ten days away. In this Version, countless foreign players who had joined the army went crazy trying to search for Han Xiaos figure.

During the previous few Pro Leagues, the Black Star Character Summon Card had proven its dominance, tankiness, and damage output, causing the foreign players to feel envious and jealous. Unfortunately, due to geographic reasons, they could not come into contact with Black Star, so they were unable to obtain the Character Summon Card, making it a signature of the China players. But Version 4.0 changed everything. Players from all over the world gathered in a Star Field, resulting in countless foreign players joining the Black Star Army. Their dreams had now come true; they now possessed the opportunity to obtain the Black Star Character Summon Card.

However, at this critical juncture, Black Star went on the business trip and could not be found!

No matter how many times they inquired about it, they returned without success. Countless newcomers in the army were in pain. Seeing the date of the Pro League fast approaching, they had no choice but to change their target for their blank Character Summon Card.

While the effects they got were still good, many of them felt regret that they were unable to obtain the Character Summon Card of Black Star once. Everyone had the perception that the blank Character Summon Cards they had failed to be utilized to its maximum value.

Compared to the previous Pro Leagues, the competition system during this current version did not change much, but a few more entertaining games had been added. The fourth Pro League officially kicked off under the high expectations of the players.

Compared to the previous seasons, the smell of gunpowder in this version was much stronger. No club wished to see a country win the championship for the third consecutive season. China, which had already won the title twice consecutively, was thus constantly targeted.

In a flash, several months passed.

In the meeting room of the Eye of Insight, Han Xiao, Kasuyi, and Jayz were gathered together.

"Are we going to act now, Black Star?" Kasuyi asked.

Han Xiao nodded. "Yes. Ive expanded the size of my troops. There is no need to keep delaying things." In the past few months, he had borrowed the resources of the Eye of Insight to maximize the [Billion Mechanic Empire-Manison) skill granting a five-hundred-percent increase in the efficiency of creating troops. A few days ago, the size of his Mechanical Army had finally reached the storage limit of his bodily barracks, and thus, he stopped production.

"Very well, lets solve this matter fast, lest more variables appear. My Gods Trait Transformation probably requires me to swallow the source energy fragments after the destruction of this secondary dimension," Kasuyi said.

He had not been idle these few months, constantly sensing the location of opportunity for his Gods Trait Transformation. He finally obtained some gains. It was no wonder the object of his senses was the entire secondary dimension. Kasuyi discovered that his opportunity was like the source energy fragment at the core of the dimension, so he became more concerned with breaking the spacetime cycle.

Han Xiao tapped to open a map. The screen displayed the location and topographic structures of the Superpower Security Departments warehouses, all of which were the results of Jayzs efforts in the previous cycles.

"The warehouse of the Superpower Security Department is within the headquarters, with many Beyond Grade As on standby as well as a large number of troops. The success rate of any frontal attack is extremely low. Thus, our first task is to infiltrate The Heaven Concealing Apparatus can shield us from the Positioning Star Map, but normal detection methods are still effective against us, so we need another plan to infiltrate, which requires Jayzs help." Hearing this, Jayz said, "I joined the Superpower Security Department for quite a few cycles, managing to control most of their authorities and passcodes. I can forge your information and let you sneak in, which is what I did for the outsiders previously, but there is a risk of exposure" The Superpower Security Department might be heavily guarded, but they could not withstand the continuous cracking from Jayz throughout the cycles. He was akin to a backstabber in the company, able to see through the flaws in the Superpower Security Department.

"Thus," Han Xiao said, "this time, we will not be using this method. The warehouse has been shrouded with a space stabilization device, and normal teleportation methods are invalid, but we only need to find a way to get people of the Superpower Security Department to send in the Throne linked to a King mechanical suit. Once it is inside the warehouses, we can bypass everyone and teleport directly."

"Nice, one step to success!" Kasuyis eyes lit up. He loved such straightforward methods the most.

"All the items in the warehouse will be screened and isolated to remove any dangerous and useless items," Jayz explained. "It is divided into both intelligent and manual procedures, repeated thrice to prevent errors.

"But there are also exceptions. If the obtained item has been authorized by the department leader or director, it will be temporarily stored in the outer warehouse without being screened. If its a secret order from the upper echelons of the Celestial Star Alliance, it can be stored directly in the innermost warehouse."

"So, you plan to fake the authority of the Superpower Security Department director?" Kasuyi asked.

Jayz shook his head.

"Theres no need. Ive kidnapped the upper echelons of the Celestial Star Alliance several times in the previous cycles. While I was killed in the end, I also obtained their authority cards. Its all in my mind, and its not difficult to forge. So, I can send the Throne to the inner warehouses, where the dimensional consciousness entity also resides."

Kasuyi was suitably impressed. Being able to restart means you can do anything you want. What a lad.

Jayz slowly continued. "Every item in the warehouse will be stored separately. Ill send you the number where each carrier is located.

"However, once you teleport in, there will be an alarm. The supers who stay at the headquarters will come over to suppress you, so I have some technology here that can temporarily interfere with the phantoms of the Information Form, causing an effect of spacetime delay or even stagnation. However, the duration is limited, and it can only hold them off for a short while.

"You have to utilize the time to quickly kill off the dimensional consciousness entitys core. Dont get entangled with its clones. Once its program is disintegrated, the Information Form transformation technology of the World Reset Project will also be terminated, and this spacetime phantom will collapse as a chain effect."

Han Xiao nodded before adding, "To minimize resistance, we will need to show up elsewhere before teleporting. Thus, we should remove the Heaven Concealing Apparatus and let the Superpower Security Department track us with their Positioning Star Map so as to attract a group of supers to lure the tiger away from its den."

"That will do." Kasuyi expressed agreement.

The trio underwent another round of discussion, finalizing the finer details before splitting to perform their own tasks.

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