The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Sanctum Revivals And Misdirection

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Chapter 1202 Sanctum Revivals and Misdirection

In the Superpower Security Departments screening office for Warehouse 001, the long track rotated, and a hexagonal mechanical device was transported in from the launch port, resembling a small shield.

Soon, this device was transported to the transparent safe in the center of the room. It possessed a variety of functions such as spatial stability anchors, electromagnetic interference, and biochemical disinfections. It could also withstand powerful impacts and high heat. The two officers stood in front of the safe, operating a virtual screen to view the information about this object. "This is an item sent in from the Leyton Star System. Its purpose is unknown, with no name attached. The object code is C57003A. It will temporarily be transferred to the headquarters warehouse

Oh, theres the express authority sent in by an upper echelon here, and it has already passed the inspection and approval procedures" After comparing to see if the permissions and procedures were correct, the two staff members only conducted a basic inspection to confirm that the item was not dangerous before placing the item in a blank slot of the warehouse and pressing the Confirm button.

Ka ka

The next moment, four automated robotic arms stretched out from the wall, clamping onto the safe and putting it into the opening on the wall. The internal cargo pipeline moved quickly, delivering the safe to its destination.

The cargo pipeline network spread throughout the warehouses, extending in all directions through simple magnetic levitation tracks. Thus, the process of transporting at high speed was not only safe but clearly seen. The warehouse of the Superpower Security Department was humongous, divided into multiple areas. Each warehouse was set up separately and built side by side, isolated from the outside world through high-strength transparent materials, resembling a high-tech prison. There was a booth in each warehouse, which was connected to the cargo pipeline to transport the contents directly without needing to access the warehouse. Furthermore, there were space stability anchors, magic jammers, and automatic defense weapons in the warehouse. Not only was the security thorough, any changes would be quickly noticed. Very quickly, the booth of an empty slot opened, and the safe was transported over with the Throne lying quietly in it.

Meanwhile, the Superpower Security Department was having an emergency meeting. More than a dozen people with varied appearances sat at the conference table. The medallions on their bodies indicated their identities, with the lowest being the Deputy Directors at the Saint level. Ever since they lost track of Han Xiao and Kasuyi, the Superpower Security Department had deployed more personnel to form a task force. There were nineteen Supers this time, with a total of five Supreme level experts, a luxurious lineup. This was not only to capture the two people but also to figure out why the target could hide from the detection of the Positioning Star Map. Thus, the Superpower Security Department spared no effort to organize a large number of supers, wanting the plan to be foolproof. "Its already been a few months, but we still havent found anything on Black Star and Kasuyi. The two of them seem to have evaporated like steam! If we continue to allow such dangerous elements to move freely outside, sooner or later, it will lead to a catastrophe!" one of the upper echelons in the department exclaimed in dissatisfaction, continuously pounding on the table and glancing at Milton.

Miltons expression was gloomy. He had initially led the team but had lost the target. Thus, the blame naturally rested on him. He felt that he had just acted in accordance with the rules, but who knew that his target actually knew how to get rid of the lock from the Positioning Star Map? He could only take this slap to his face and look forward to catching them to redeem his pride. However, over the next few months, the task force did not make much progress, and Milton naturally became the object of much dissatisfaction. They complained that he did not seize the opportunity at that time. While he wanted to refute that, he had nothing to defend himself with and could only sulk there.

Beep beep

Just as everyone was fervently discussing, a communication request came in. It was from the department leader. A virtual screen appeared on the conference table, and the department leader addressed the crowd. "Everyone, the Positioning Star Maps effect has been restored, and we have managed to lock down the coordinates of Black Star and Kasuyi again. The reason for this is unknown, but this is our only clue in the past few months. You should be careful and make sure to catch them."

"Understood! Lets set off immediately!"

Just as his voice fell, Milton stood up abruptly with an expression of impatience, as though he could not wait to send Han Xiao to prison. And this time, despite having the overwhelming advantage, he decided to act steadily. With the advantage of the Positioning Star Map, he planned out an ambush, aiming to catch the opponent by surprise. Everything was created to be foolproof.

Somewhere in the universe, a small spaceship kept at the low speed as it cruised. Han Xiao, Kasuyi, and Jayz were seated within. Kasuyi watched the star map as he muttered, "Weve already removed the Heaven Concealing Apparatus, so why are the pursuers not here yet?". Han Xiao glanced and casually said, "Most likely, theyre planning an ambush. After the previous lesson, they will not move so rashly any longer."

"In the past, there were nine of them. How many do you think they will send this time?"

"At least eleven or twelve? To be safe, maybe fifteen?" Han Xiao guessed.

Jayz interrupted him. "Around eighteen to twenty people, five of whom are at the Supreme level. I understand their mode of operations very well."

"Tsk, so many helpers" Han Xiao smacked his lips. Jayz did not deny it but instead explained, "The same will be true in the later stages of your universe iteration. Unless your advanced civilization regularly conducts a major cleansing, your numbers will only grow larger than ours. Those at the Saint level and above will have their data written as Information Forms, so even if they die, they still can be revived. Hence, the cleansings are actually quite limited in effectiveness"

Hearing this, Han Xiao could not help but remember the Holy Accord Organization. "You mean, as long as a Super reaches the Beyond Grade A level, they can be resurrected in some way, such as through the Sanctums?" Jayz glanced at him, nodding. "The Sanctum focused on recording information that can optimize the universe, such as new Cosmic Treasures, advanced technology thats developed by advanced civilizations, and personal breakthroughs. This is all valuable information, so when one reaches the Saint level, which is the Beyond Grade A in your universe, you will be given attention to by the Sanctum and will be recorded.

"Furthermore, each Saint level is a unique existence within the universe. When your life level has undergone sublimation, you will be recorded as an Information Form. The projection will be transformed and imprinted within the Sanctum, so death is not the end for you. The Information Form allows you to achieve, in a sense, immortality as someone can use your biological Information Form as a medium to resurrect you and use the Sanctum to reshape your body and soul if they have a connection with the Sanctums." Han Xiao was a little surprised to hear this. Based on his understanding, the Beyond Grade A was a turning point, and once someone achieved this level, they would have the privilege of backing up the data in the Sanctum. Even if they died one day, there was still the opportunity to resurrect through the Sanctum. This was also the goal of the Holy Accord. "Of the ten thousand Beyond Grade As here, a portion of them were probably revived in this manner."

"Some?" Jayz shook his head. "More than eighty percent of these people were revived from the Sanctums, and not just once!"

"Speak in detail." Han Xiao was interested in this, as such information was not available on the internet, being a classified secret. "Its very simple. Because the goal of resurrection from the Sanctum is left to your descendants, the targets of resurrection for the advanced civilizations are their direct descendants and obedient allies. Thus, people join the advanced civilizations or other major organizations to work in exchange for this future resurrection. It is basically a resurrection agreement. In contrast, there is some uncertainty in leaving your descendants to revive you since the cost is great and the Sanctums are not so easily contacted. Once it fails, the entire information is lost, so everyone choses a reliable advanced civilization as their object of cooperation over time"

"I see." Han Xiao was enlightened. It was no wonder the Celestial Star Alliances governance was so good, with the Beyond Grade As so well-behaved. It turned out that most of them were obedient babies who were revived after going through screening. As for those thorns, no one wished to help them revive, so they stayed dead. In order to continue being resurrected, the majority of the Beyond Grade As had thus buried their ambitions.

Furthermore, as the advanced civilizations continued to revive their direct descendants and staunch allies, as time went by, there would only be more powerful people under their command, and their control over the universe would naturally increase.

Under the influence of various factors, there would be fewer troublemakers.

Thinking about this, a phrase jumped out in his mind.

Why does this sound like the Investiture of the Gods?

The three Universal Civilizations had yet to come into contact with the Sanctums, but when they developed to this point, would the future situation of the Beyond Grade As turn into something like this? Han Xiao could not help but ask, "Are there any restrictions on the recovery of the Sanctums?"

"Of course there are, and many of them at that," Jayz whispered. "The first is that only those at the Saint level or above can be revived. You can think of the Beyond Grade A realm as a resurrection license. "The second will be the paradox of personality. Since ones subjective consciousness is the criteria for distinguishing individuals, even if the body and memories are the same, if the subjective consciousness is different, they will turn out to be different individuals.

While the strong can be revived in the Sanctum, are they still the original ones? This has always been a subject of controversy, where people think that it is more like a clone being brought back to life. "The third is that individuals revived through the Sanctum will randomly lose some abilities, which seem to be directly related to the strength of your body. The stronger you were before dying, the more complete your abilities will be.

"The fourth would be the recovery of the Sanctum. Since you are a unique existence, only one of you can exist in the universe at one time. If you are not dead, then revival through the Sanctum is invalid.

"Fifth, you can only revive individuals in the same iteration. Even I dont understand this restriction. It is suspected that the recovery of the Sanctum is not its original ability but rather the ultimate plan of one of the iterations. In the end, mutations changed the Sanctum into this form Thus, many iterations have treated the Sanctums as a breakthrough point. No one knows now how many functions the Sanctums have developed through mutation."

As he quietly listened, Han Xiao engraved all this into his memories.

From a certain perspective, the Beyond Grade As seemed to have the same characteristics as players, being able to be revived.

In this manner, controlling the Sanctums would be equivalent to controlling most of the lives of the Beyond Grade As? I can always go to Oathkeeper to confirm my suspicions later. Boom!

At this moment, the hull of the spaceship shook violently, and it was knocked out from its hyperdrive state. An ear-piercing alarm sounded. "Wuwuwu! Warning! Warning! A space stabilization anchor has been detected. Hyperdrive state forced to terminate! An unknown energy source is approaching. Please watch out!" The radar showed nineteen fluctuations at the Beyond Grade A surrounding them.

"Looks like youre right. Theres indeed nineteen of them." Han Xiao raised his brows.

"Its a normal occurrence." Jayz did not care.

The three of them gazed out, immediately seeing Milton and his friends at first glance. They also saw that their spaceship had fallen into a space trap and could not escape.

At this moment, Miltons sonorous voice sounded through the public communication channel. "Black Star, Kasuyi! Know when to give up. Leave yourselves some face!"

"Call me Void Overlord!" Kasuyi exploded in anger. Han Xiao opened the hatch, and the trio flew out to the middle of the encirclement. Heavy auras pressured at them from all directions. "Eh? Theres another?"

Seeing Jayz, Milton frowned but quickly relaxed.

From his perspective, their prey had been forced to the point of no retreat.

He was full of confidence for this operation. With nineteen people, there was no chance they would fail. After chasing them for several months, these wanted criminals could finally be arrested and brought to justice!

"Immediately give up all resistance and obediently follow us back to the Superpower Security Department for trial and to explain your methods of shielding from the Positioning Star Map. You might get a lenient punishment then." Milton was confident and immediately started a psychological war, intending to weaken their resistance. Han Xiao, however, revealed a meaningful smile before speaking in an inexplicable tone. "Theres no need to trouble you. Well go there ourselves."

Hearing this, Milton frowned in puzzlement.

"What are you talking Where did they go?"

Before he could finish, three sets of mechanical suits unfolded, enveloping the bodies of the trio before they disappeared in a flash of light. The next moment, all nineteen members stood in shock.

"Where did they go?"

We set up a space anchor and transmission jammer. How did they even escape?

Milton paused for two seconds before flaring up in anger, his veins throbbing. To think that this bunch managed to run once more!

Utter humiliation!

He immediately took out the communicator and searched for their real-time coordinates on the Positioning Star Map, intending to lock onto their position before they shielded themselves once more.

However, the moment he saw the coordinates, Miltons angry expression warped into one of panic and disbelief.

The other partys coordinates were surprisingly at the headquarters of the Superpower Security Department!

This is them surrendering?

Bullsh*t, theres something fishy going on! Their true target was actually the headquarters? Are they crazy? Milton raged. He was unable to understand why these people were so bold.

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