The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Assault

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Chapter 1203 Assault


With a flash of light, a slightly swollen King mechanical suit appeared in the storeroom of the Superpower Security Department, instantly blasting apart the safe. The next moment, the mechanical suit was removed, revealing the figure of three people. Han Xiao recalled his Throne, gazing around at the environment around them.

The trio were currently in a separate warehouse, their front being blocked by a transparent, high-strength material separation wall. Rows of warehouses could be seen outside, of which a small portion were empty whilst the rest had different collections.

"The switching tactics are still as easy to use as always." Han Xiao clicked his tongue.

"It seems like weve arrived. What now?" Kasuyi rubbed his eyebrows. He felt as though he was almost unable to hold back his accumulated Psychic energy any longer. Jayz looked at the code of the warehouse before speaking. "This is No.117, and the closest dimensional consciousness entity carrier is in No. 106."

At this moment, a harsh alarm suddenly echoed throughout the warehouse. A new alloy partition wall was lowered in all the warehouses. The material was opaque, blocking out ones line of sight, and the defense strength was much higher. "The alarm has been triggered, and the warehouse will be immediately blocked while the automatic defense robots will siege us. At the same time, the important collections will be transported away through the pipeline." Jayz was not surprised. With a wave of his hand, a virtual screen appeared in front of him, and he quickly manipulated it before casually continuing. "I just used the backdoor code to cancel the emergency procedure. Theres no need to worry about the carriers being transferred now. However, the changes here will still inevitably alarm the staff at the headquarters, so we dont have much time."

"Then lets hurry up."

Han Xiao nodded, and spinning around, metal alloy fragments scattered around like flower blossoms as the wall of the warehouse was shattered with a kick.

The three swiftly moved toward their destination amid the harsh sirens.

Along the way, the floors and wall continuously slid open, revealing automatic defense devices within. Numerous turrets shot at the trio, firing small-caliber dark energy shots that resembled red chains, chasing after them.

Han Xiao maintained a thick psionic shield, and the dark energy beams were just like raindrops in the storm, falling on the shield with a crackle and creating ripples of red and blue on its surface. It looked harmless, but that was only because the strength of the shield was just too high. The missed beams that struck the metal ground of walls nearby caused everything that came in contact with it to melt instantly. Thus, everywhere they went, a huge mess followed.

Because of the lack of secondary dimensions, psionic energy could not be extracted directly, but the mechanical units that Han Xiao had brought in were equipped with psionic energy reactors. Using the regurgitation capabilities of psionic energy, he could use them to create controllable psionic energy seeds. Thus, Han Xiaos psionic energy tools here had an inherent advantage.

At this moment, the trio sensed two powerful individuals fast approaching. They only heard a loud bang, and two burly figures broke through the wall, exuding powerful Pugilist auras.

Locking onto the three, the Pugilists rushed forward, accompanied by angry roars. "How dare you attack the headquarters of the Superpower Security Department! Youve committed a grave sin!" Jayz swept them with a glance before quickly explaining, "In normal circumstances, there are one to three Saint levels holding the fort daily as part of a shift system. These two are the guardians, so theyre the fastest to arrive. It will take some time for the others to come from the headquarters, so dont waste time with them."

Hearing this, Kasuyi did not speak further, gazing at the two before letting out his stored inventory. Boom!

A shockwave of Psychic energy shook from under his feet before an extraordinary Psychic force shot out. Most Psychic attacks were transparent, but this force was so condensed that it had solidified, distorting the surrounding space around it as it instantly swallowed the two figures. This Psychic force was like a black hole exuding infinite gravitation, and just standing by his side, Han Xiao felt a weird spiritual attraction as though his soul was about to be dragged away. One could only imagine how the two Pugilists felt.


The sound of a balloon being pierced rang out on the spiritual level, echoing endlessly deep in ones soul. Han Xiao focused and saw that the two Pugilists had fallen, violently convulsing. Their noses and mouth were like open faucets, leaking blood. "Their consciousness was shattered by me. They wont be recovering for a while." After emptying his load, Kasuyi felt much more comfortable. "Good job." Han Xiao praised. It was totally worth holding back for a few months. Not only was the impact strong, the compression even allowed two Beyond Grade As to totally lose their combat capabilities. If not for the fact that Psychic attacks were not very effective on the dimensional consciousness entity, Kasuyi would have saved this move to attack the Guardian directly. At this moment, Han Xiao and Jayz were carrying a full mechanical army, and their HP and Energy were suppressed. Only Kasuyi still had his complete combat power and thus could end the fight as fast as possible.

The headquarters of the Superpower Security Department had already gone into action. All the superiors urgently entered the encrypted communication channel, sharing the surveillance in the warehouse areas. Everyone was frightened as they watched.

No one expected that these criminals would be so bold as to directly attack their headquarters with some sort of strange teleportation means! This was the first time since the Superpower Security Department was created that someone had dared to attack it!

Apart from feeling angered, everyone was deeply confused. Why did this group of people lure the tiger away from its den and then attack the headquarters? Did they wish to steal something from the warehouse? "No matter what the other partys goal is, we must never let them succeed!" Everyone had the same determination.

The experts on shift rushed to the warehouse at full speed. When they saw the two guardians of the warehouse arriving, they were overjoyed, but they did not expect them to not even last a second before they were knocked out.

Seeing this, everyones expressions changed. "Kasuyi has hidden himself too deeply. His combat capability is much stronger than we anticipated!"

"Even if we look at all the Psychics in history, he is one of the best."

Just as everyone was feeling jittery, the surveillance picture changed once more.


They saw the No.106 warehouse being destroyed as powerful Supers appeared out of thin air. Without a second word, they rushed straight to the attacking trio.

This scene left them stunned. "Why is there now another group?"

"Who are these people? I dont know any of them. Are they accomplices?"

"It doesnt seem like the case. Theyve started fighting among each other!"

"Damn it. Do they think this place is somewhere they can enter as and when they please?"

Everyone was stunned, their brains filled with question marks.

However, while they did not know the origin of the group who appeared later, they could identify them as allies since they were blocking the original offending trio.

The three of them continued to move forward, but before they reached No.106, they sensed eight powerful energy fluctuations appear out of thin air. Jayz narrowed his eyes. "The Guardian and its clones are here!"

Clearing out any foreign variables was the core mechanism of the Guardian. At this moment, all that was left of it was a rigid preset program, so as long as an outsider was detected in a certain range of the carrier, the Guardian and its clones would attack the outsiders. This was its core mechanism and could not be violated. "Their appearances can change at will. Even I dont know which is the main body. Give me some time to let me identify it, otherwise we can only try our luck."

Hearing Jayz, Han Xiaos eyes flashed, and he said, "Theres no need. I have a method to lock onto the opponents main body." As his voice fell, Han Xiao liberated his body barracks. A large area of Mechanical Force burst out, and one by one, the mechanical army was born within the lightning.

The mechanical army that was shot out directly from his body instantly shattered this warehouse area. The lower limit of five million HP that he was suppressed to because of the barracks rebounded instantly, immediately regaining its original value of forty million, and his Energy also rose up simultaneously.

"Hu, this is much better"

Being relieved of his burden, his entire body felt much more comfortable. All his suppressed strength had recovered.

By the side, Jayz also quickly emptied his inventory and prepared the area quickly. The next moment, eight figures appeared in their field of vision, quickly approaching them. Without another word, Han Xiao controlled the mechanical army to provide covering firepower. He saw the eight figures all using their own means to prop up different types of shield, causing energy shockwaves to burst repeatedly in the air around them.

The combat information instantly refreshed, and opening his interface, the corners of his mouth curled up as he pointed decisively at one of the figures. "Found it. Thats the main body!"

It was not difficult for him to distinguish the main body from the clones, as the interface exposed the enemys information.

"So quickly!" Jayz was stunned, almost unable to react.

Weve just fought face-to-face, and I havent even established a connection, but youve already locked onto the target? How is your efficiency even higher than mine?

Jayz could not help but think of the previous few batches of outsiders. Except for the first batch, the other two had fallen at this step as they could not distinguish the main body, thus becoming embroiled in a bitter battle where they were finally surrounded and killed by the Superpower Security Department directors.

This time, the outsiders are much more reliable as compared to the previous three, especially this Black Star. In his Universe iteration, he is probably someone who can call on the clouds and winds

Jayz was secretly pleased. "Ill leave the main body to you. Ill delay the clones!" He did not doubt Han Xiaos judgement, immediately controlling his army to wrap up the other seven.

He then threw out a special targeted device to constrain the dimensional consciousness entity within the carrier. While the opponent could not violate the core mechanism, he did this as an insurance to ensure that the entity would not escape.

Han Xiao did not hesitate either, absorbing part of his troops to turn into a medium sized Mechanical Deity, launching a fierce attack on the Guardian. Kasuyi cooperated on the side to attack the Guardian while holding onto the other seven clones, giving Han Xiao more room for battle.

The Guardian was originally the incarnation of the dimensional consciousness entity, and thus, it was capable of controlling a part of the dimensional energy. It only temporarily shaped itself as an entity in order to kill the outsiders. Due to the pre-set program, it possessed extremely high combat capabilities, at least in the Supreme realm, even having inexhaustible Energy.

Naturally, Han Xiao would not hold anything back and went all out, the Celestial Punishment Edge slashing away at the energy shield surrounding the Guardian.


The eleven Beyond Grade As battling directly blasted the warehouses around them into pieces. Junk and fragments floated in the universe, and it was unknown just how many Cosmic Treasures were destroyed. Seeing that the warehouse had exploded, all the upper echelons of the Superpower Security Department almost felt their hearts stop.

"Argh! Kill this damned group of criminals on the spot! Dont even allow one of them to run!"

The department leaders eyes turned red with anger.

In outer space, Han Xiao was manipulating the Mechanical Deity to give the Guardian heavy hits. At this moment, he suddenly felt a sudden warning from his senses. He turned around to see seven to eight of the directors quickly approaching, with more than ten Saint levels close behind.

Before they arrived, various long-ranged attacks had already come pouring in, forming a floor of colorful energy within the universe as they attacked the Mechanical Deity from all angles. Even if the data showed that Black Star had an amazing physique, the experts present did not believe that he could withstand the firepower of dozens of people.

Han Xiao only glanced at them, not even bothering to dodge as he threw out a strange prismatic device. This device shook in midair, and a strange wave spread out, forming a huge spherical dome as it covered this area. The next instant, the time flow in the field slowed down drastically, with all the members of the Superpower Security Department and their attacks suddenly stagnating. Only Han Xiao, Kasuyi, and the Guardian were unaffected by this slow motion; even Jayz was hit by it.

This was one of Jayzs special inventions, specifically targeting this secondary dimension, which could cause this phantom spacetime to be strongly disturbed and stagnate. Only outsiders and the dimensional consciousness entity were unaffected.

Without this technology, the plan to attack the Superpower Security Department would have been nigh impossible. "What the hell is this ability P" While their actions had slowed down, the Superpower Security Department present retained their acuity, and their anger turned into horror. Rendered unable to move, watching the enemy ravage the warehouse at will caused everyones heart to bleed. It felt as though they were husbands watching their wives cheat right in front of themselves.

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