The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Successor

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Chapter 1204 Successor

The dozens of Beyond Grade As were suspended in midair. This scene was magnificent, but Han Xiao and Kasuyi had no time to appreciate them. Both of them focused on dealing with the Guardian.

The effect of the spacetime interference was limited, so now was the time for them to burst forth with explosive strength. If the Guardian could not be killed directly before the effect of the interference device ended, then Han Xiao would have no choice but to use the King and escape with the other two.

The more outsiders who died in this secondary dimension, the more clones the Guardian would have. Right now, they were the fourth batch, and the difficulty was already frightening. The main body and its seven clones were not affected, still moving around freely. Even if Kasuyi took the initiative to contain the clones, he had limited Energy and could not deal with everything. From time to time, the attacks of the clones managed to bypass his defenses, falling on Han Xiaos Mechanical Deity body.

In order to maintain his damage output, Han Xiao did not evade any attacks, rather simply tanking them head on without defending. This was completely a trade damage for damage playstyle. With his own tankiness, the occasional attacks that came through not only did not cause much threat to him but also continuously accelerated the speed at which he stacked temporary attribute bonuses, making his damage output higher.

At this moment, he did not hold anything back, completely utilizing all his explosive abilities and even using his armies and the Mechanical Deity in a blitzkrieg strategy. All his overload abilities were activated. [Legendary Battle Technique]s true damage was triggered, and [Painful Revenge] allowed him to exert a powerful lethality, which could cause his melee damage to increase by 1.5% of his HP every time his total HP decreased by 3%.

This ability came from the leader of DarkStar. At the beginning when he obtained it, he was only a Calamity Grade with a total HP value of over a hundred thousand. However, he was now a Beyond Grade A hegemon with HP value over forty million, and even 1.5% of his total HP converted to damage would still be around six hundred thousand extra damage!

Furthermore, in order to continue to regenerate his Energy, Han Xiao had controlled his weapon within the Mechanical Deity to fire on his body, so his HP dropped and rose constantly, triggering the (Painful Revenge] skill again and again Even if ordinary damage could be shielded against or reduced, his enemy could not cover against the lethality caused by [Painful Revenge). The power of his every hit was far beyond what a normal Beyond Grade A could deal.

Coupled with his bonuses from the Machinery Faith, his level ten Gods Trait TransformationMachinery, [Fearless Heart], and (Polar Channel Flow-Blood Rage] along with all his Gold Grade equipment, not forgetting his post-explosive attributes obtained through the level 340 Promotion even Han Xiao was unaware now terrifying his damage would be when he attacked with all his strength.

He only saw that under the concentrated firepower, the energy shield summoned by the Guardian basically exploded the moment it appeared, and its HP value steadily dropped at a fast speed. It might have been a dimensional consciousness entity with inexhaustible energy, but the strength of its body limited its energy output. The speed at which it replenished its own energy shield could not keep up with the efficiency of destruction that Han Xiao wrought.

If it was a life form individual with consciousness, then it would naturally understand that it was not Han Xiaos opponent. However, the Guardian did not have any emotions and could only act according to the incomplete preset procedure it had, unable to violate its core mechanism to fight to the end.

The Guardians advantage would be its flexibility. Within its territory, Han Xiao racial talents were frozen. He was unable to use his Void methods, making him unable to keep up with the Guardians speed. While his Mechanical army was powerful, most of their long-ranged attacks were avoided by the Guardian.

"A lot of output is being wasted. It has certain characteristics of an energy life form, and its HP can be restored quickly. If this drags on, my success rate of destroying it before the jamming device fails will be about forty percent, which is a bit low My (Gene Liberation] has not been used yet, but the Cooldown is rather long, so Ill only have time to use it once. The output of that needs to be maximized" Han Xiao kept pouring out firepower, as his eyes shifted around.

It seemed like he had to utilize his trademark skill

The Mechanical Deity suddenly disintegrated, turning into a mechanical army that filled the sky. Han Xiaos body escaped, opening his arms in full to show off his weak body, as though he planned to seduce the Guardian.

Sure enough, without another word, the Guardian took the initiative to rush over. In his default model, the strategy to combat a Mechanic was to attack them directly when they were exposed.

Han Xiao did not dodge but greeted him and allowed the Guardian to smash his hard pectoral muscles. A shock wave was emitted, but Han Xiao did not care for the HP lost in his blow. His arms circled and bound his target tightly as he grinned. "Little kid, you still dare run? Come to papa."

He had not used this method for a long time. The main reason was because the explored universe knew of his reputation, so only a fool would respond to his provocation. Only in the face of a person who was unaware of his abilities could his trademark shine.

Without any hesitation, Han Xiao activated (Gene Liberation), at the same time giving instructions to his Mechanical army. "Eat this! Heaven! Earth! As! One!"


In an instant, endless psionic cannon fire drowned the two figures, and a dazzling light ball expanded, occupying everyones sight. "A Mechanic can battle in this manner?" Jayz, who was unable to move, gaped at the scene, feeling that his knowledge had been broadened. "Do all youngsters these days play with such high stakes?" By the side, Kasuyi, who was fighting with the clones, felt his right eye twitching. The energy fluctuations caused by the feedback made his heart beat fast, and he felt a strong threat to his life. The tens of Superpower Security Department members had an expression of disbelief.

They were all wondering what sort of hatred and resentment these two groups actually had to fight so desperately with each other. Didnt these two wanted criminals attack our headquarters? Why did they even concentrate on dealing with this group of mysterious Supers rather than sneak attack us while were stuck in place? We seem to have become onlookers now As this thought flashed through everyones mind, the ball of light caused by the energy reaction suddenly exploded, bursting out as a terrifying energy shockwave.


The surrounding machinery and people were all swept away, revealing a large empty area. As the light ball dissipated, everyone saw Han Xiao hovering alone at the center of the explosion, covered in blood, with a shattered shell of a body in front of him.

Han Xiao was expressionless and appeared as though it was a normal occurrence, but in fact, he was breaking out in a cold sweat internally. F*ck me, that was a close shave. To think that my attack has reached this level. I almost gave myself a one-way ticket to heaven

Because the random coefficient of (Gene Liberation] gave him the highest increase at twenty percent, the lethality that his army exploded with shocked him, the large fluctuations in his HP giving him multiple heart attacks.

The scale of my troops I control now is enormous, and their attack power is completely different from before. This trick should be used with caution in the future, or else it will one day be me perishing together with my enemy Han Xiao secretly sighed in relief. With him even in danger of dying, the Guardian would naturally be more tragic, being killed on the spot. From fighting to going to heaven, it did not even have time to leave behind its last words although it would not have said anything. "You killed him just like that?" Kasuyis eyes widened.

He had thought that it would be a vicious battle, but he did not expect Black Stars current lethality to be so terrible that the target would be eliminated so quickly. Such efficiency was frightening. While he did not express it clearly, his tone said it all

it was actually so simple? Hearing Kasuyi, Han Xiao knew what he was thinking and snapped, "You thought it was easy, but thats because Im that good! If it was you, we would definitely have had to escape today." Lets not bully him anymore. Even if it was another pinnacle Beyond Grade A, it would be a situation where it would be a miracle if they could survive. Only someone as abnormal as him would be able to handle such a mission.

The communication between both of them happened in an instant. At this moment, the chain reaction caused by the destruction of the dimensional consciousness entity finally appeared. They saw the remains of the Guardian automatically decompose into dust-like particles, disappearing in an instant. With it as the epicenter, the same signs appeared in the surrounding space. The affected area continued to spread in all directions, as if a singularity had collapsed and the entire dimension began to collapse as a chain effect.

This mutated Information Form phantom of the spacetime cycle was like an intricate instrument that was barely maintaining its balance. The dimensional consciousness entity was the core component of this entire instrument, so when the core met with a problem, the entire instrument would naturally stop operating. The error would probably also result in a chain effect of the entire instrument breaking down.

Only the two outsiders Han Xiao and Kasuyi, along with the objects they brought in were unaffected. The other materials belonging to this spacetime cycle were beginning to decompose. The first ones to go were the mechanical armies, as well as the seven Guardian clones.

Because the foundation of the spacetime cycle had been unraveled, the effect of the interference device was naturally rendered ineffective. When the members of the Superpower Security Department saw this scene, they all looked surprised, subconsciously moving to continue the encirclement. However, one of the directors who was the closest to the epicenter also began to automatically decompose. Before everyones horrified eyes, he turned into flying ash in merely the blink of an eye. His Supreme level strength had no way to resist this. "Whats happening? What did you guys dop"

"Quickly run! Youll die!" The crowd was so shocked that they no longer bothered about arresting them, instead turning to escape.

Jayz, however, stayed where he was, smiling slightly at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao felt a vibration from his communicator and took a look. The rest of the technical information had been sent by Jayz; he had upheld his end of the deal.

In addition, Jayz had felt behind another message.

"Black Star, our World Reset Plan was not a complete failure; at least we have left this legacy for the future. "I know you have always been guarded against me, and I admit that I indeed have some selfishness to this. I dont need to hide it from you now. I poured all my knowledge into you due to the deal and also my experiment

"Remember the mechanism of the Sanctums I told you about? Reviving a Beyond Grade A requires a medium with the target information and you, who have inherited my knowledge, can serve as my medium now.

"If a day comes when you ever manage to succeed in communicating with the Sanctums, please try to revive me across iterations. Whether it succeeds or fails, it will be a precious piece of intelligence for you.

"However, even if the resurrection is successful, I will not retain my memory from this loop. It will be a brand new me, so this should be our last time meeting. While our time was short, I am happy to have met you my successor of this iteration." Looking up, Han Xiao saw Jayz with a relieved smile as his whole body gradually turned into flying ash, disappearing without a trace. Seeing this, Han Xiao muttered, "Successor, huh?"

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