The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 A New Calling

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The message left behind by Jayz was full of expectations.

Han Xiao glanced at the technical information now saved on his communicator and suddenly felt a heavy weight.

The phantom of history had disappeared, so before the three Universal Civilizations could study the mystery that was the Sanctums, the technology he held would be unique. While it was only a part of the technology obtained by Jayz, it was still precious.

The meaning behind this was not just a personal benefit but also a method to change the development direction of the universe, and the initiative to change the direction was now in his hands.

Since this was A Relay Across Iterations, then according to his current situation, calling him the successor technically was not wrong This technology had already made him qualified to control the development of the universe in the near future on a whim.

If he chose to undertake such a calling, how he dealt with this technology would become a problem.

" No matter what, everything will have to wait until my research is completed," Han Xiao muttered.


Within the technical materials available, there was a huge portion that would be beneficial to the development of the civilizations. If he hid it away like a baby, then it would be wasted. The final place they ended up in should be toward the Galactic Society, to contribute toward the entire universe and change the lives of the galactic residents.

It was just that, with his temperament, it was impossible for him to make a contribution for free. He would only develop it to sell or exchange part of the technology for resources from the three Universal Civilizations. Regardless of which he chose, his status and the power of the Black Star Army would rise to a whole new level, becoming an unmatched giant.

As for Jayzs request, Han Xiao could not decide if he should agree.

These thoughts passed him by in a flash. The collapse of the secondary dimension was still occurring, and this situation was exactly the same as the decay and demise the other secondary dimensions faced.

The speed of decomposition slowly grew faster, as the scope of the chain reaction expanded in an exponential manner. Space was pulled and torn apart, while the stars dimmed one by one as they were extinguished. Replacing them was a weird light glowthat was the external manifestation of the thinning of the space wall.

The light spots suddenly split open, turning into holes in the space wall. The chaotic space stream outside instantly poured in, and the space storms raged and accelerated the decay of the dimension.


Seeing this, Kasuyis eyes lit up, and he flew out along the hole in the space wall. Han Xiao did not stop him, following him closely.

The two of them returned to the chaotic space stream outside the secondary dimension world, and they felt that all of their pressures seemed to have vanished. Every breath they took was like a new lease of life.

"Were finally out."

Sensing the connection of the Void Dimension, Kasuyi breathed a sigh of relief. He hurried to refill his lacking Energy before he finally felt safe.

The two then turned to look at where they came from, only to see that the secondary dimension, which had been almost boundless when they first arrived, was collapsing inward as though it was an inflated balloon being released of its air.

Under their gazes, the secondary dimension was finally torn apart by the turbulent chaotic space stream, disintegrating with bursts of iridescent energy as it blended into the space storm.

Kasuyis eyes suddenly brightened up. He released his Psychic energy in a direction, taking out a few pieces of source energy fragments as he smiled.

Han Xiao swept him with a glance. "You found your opportunity for transformation?"

"If Im not mistaken, my senses point to the source energy fragments of this dimension. Ive vaguely felt the entry point of the next level of Gods Trait Transformation. So long as I go back and ponder for a while, Ill definitely be able to enter the next stage. Its all thanks to your help."

Kasuyi was satisfied.

He was now feeling fortunate that he had chosen Han Xiao as a teammate. If he had chosen someone else, the trip would likely have been more of a death encounter, but with Han Xiao around, he was in no danger at all.

While this guy is shameless, hes just too reliable!

"Congratulations." Han Xiao gave some perfunctory words before pointing to the core fragments. "He who sees it has a share. Pass me one."

"Hey, you really have a thick skin. Youve swallowed all of Jayz technical information, yet you still dare to say this."

Kasuyi looked disgusted at him but still threw a piece of the core fragment to Han Xiao.

Right now, he was in a good mood, and so, he could not be bothered to squabble with Han Xiao. Besides, his senses told him that he only needed a piece of the source fragment, so he would not be stingy.

Receiving the fragment, Han Xiao played with it a little. Gazing at the item details, he shook his head.

While the secondary dimension was special, the source energy fragments were not unique. It would be impossible to re-cultivate a similar spacetime cycle loop. That place was a Space Wonder of its own.

However, neither of them left immediately. They stayed where they were, watching with their own eyes the complete disappearance of the dimension as it disappeared without a trace.

At this time, a notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

The second chain mission of (A Relay Across Iterations] has been completed!

You have received 150 billion EXP, 1 Random Reward, and 1 [Character Summon Card Jayz]

Character Summon Card Jayz: (MechanicInsight] You have obtained extraordinary insight and can summarize the laws of the world more efficiently, improving your ability of mechanical research. When using this ability, the skill (Universal Simulation) is strengthened, and when developing blueprints, the efficiency and success rates are higher. Theres also a chance to generate black technology. Number of times used: 0/5

"This is an ability related to R&D"

Han Xiao nodded in his head.

Jayzs abilities in R&D were undoubtedly among the best, able to produce technology with specific effects such as the Heaven Concealing Apparatus. Han Xiao had a lot of combat abilities in his hands in the form of Character Summon Cards, so this time, the support effect of this Character Summon Card met his needs.

Scrolling down, he discovered that the notifications had yet to end.

The third chain mission begins!

Mission Requirements: Succeed in entering at least one Sanctum and establish a connection.

Reward: 200 Billion EXP, 2 Random Rewards, 3 Fragments of the Related Sanctum, and unlock the next chain mission.

"The next mission requires me to enter the Sanctums"

Han Xiao squinted his eyes.

Based on what Jayz had said, Sanctums stored multiple iterations of materials, but it was not a public library where anyone could enter to view. Be it an individual or a civilization, there needed to be a certain action to allow them to connect with the Sanctum before they could obtain information from within.

Oathkeeper had mentioned before that there were six Sanctums in total, but no one knew if the different Sanctums had different methods needed for communication. Furthermore, Oathkeeper had yet to return even after such a long time, so it was estimated that this should be no simple matter.

Within the reward, they also provided Sanctum fragments. Han Xiao possessed quite a few fragments of the First Sanctum, and he originally thought that it was needed for entry, but now it seemed like it served another purpose.

After obtaining so many secrets, Han Xiao had already made up his mind. Even if he did not get the mission, he would still have chosen to go and visit a Sanctum once. This mission was an unexpected coincidence and gain for him.

As for the other mission, (Kasuyis Invitation) also showed as completed. He obtained another 450 Billion experience and got six random rewards as well as three Character Summon Cards.

The Character Summon Cards were all from Kasuyi but with different abilities, one improving mental resistance, the other a Void Talent. The last was (The Ancient Ones), providing amazing burst damage.

Kasuyis Favorability also went up by thirty points, and he obtained a Gods Trait Transformation point. At the same time, he was also rewarded with a new Milestone, (Witness of the Old Times). The introduction showed that due to his rich experience in life, his Intellect and Mystery attributes all improved by three percent. The effect is pretty strong. It will be quite useful

While he was browsing through the mission reward, Kasuyis voice suddenly sounded in his mind, with mixed emotions.

"What are you going to do now?"

Turning his head, he saw a rather complicated expression on Kasuyis face.

Having witnessed the disappearance of the final vestiges of the previous universe iteration, albeit a phantom, Kasuyi felt it a regret, yet he felt that this entire adventure was pretty dreamlike.

Han Xiao knew what Kasuyi was thinking, so he shook his head. "Ill withhold this technology for now and conduct my own research. Now is not the time to expose all these secrets." "Thats right. The universe iteration is still too far away from us. Those are issues that the three Universal Civilizations should consider. Although a Beyond Grade A is a powerful individual, we are small in the face of the big picture." Kasuyi sighed. "Anyway, the technical information is in your hands, so youre in control. What you do with it is your own business; it has nothing to do with me."

Han Xiao did not speak but instead stared meaningfully at him.

He only felt Han Xiaos meaningful gaze, but Kasuyi already understood what Han Xiao wanted to say. He spoke with a smile. "Relax. While Im in the know, I will not cause trouble. Once I disclose this information to any outsider, I wont be able to stay out of trouble as well Dont worry about me reporting this to the Arcane Church. Im not that close to them."

For the operation this time, Kasuyi once again gained a brand-new impression of the strength Han Xiao had. He was frightened, and thus, he did not wish to face Han Xiao if possible.

Since only the two of them knew of this information, if anything leaked out, Black Star would know that it was Kasuyi who did it right away. In his opinion, having one less matter to worry about was better than one more. Unlike the Old Man Manison who always liked to make the headlines, Kasuyi preferred to stay low.

Moreover, he was not a direct subordinate of the Arcane Church, so he had no intention of reporting this. If he was so loyal to the Arcane Church, he would not have bothered to put on a show during the attack on Hila.

Han Xiao finally nodded before changing the topic.

"Youve also seen what happened to the Beyond Grade As under the rule of the Celestial Star Alliance. The Sanctum is our lifeblood, and we cannot allow the advanced civilizations to monopolize this information, or else we will repeat the same mistakes." Hearing this, Kasuyis expression also turned solemn.

With this episode, he deeply realized that the Beyond A realm was a glorious yet despairing presence.

"Youre right. The three Universal Civilizations will research this step sooner or later. Since we have discovered the meaning behind the Sanctums ahead of them, we should prepare for it."

"In order to avoid becoming like the Celestial Star Alliance, our Beyond Grade A Association itself must first gain control of the Sanctums," Han Xiao muttered. "Fortunately, weve now established an association. As individuals, were unreliable. Only an association is qualified to assume this future so that future Beyond Grade As need not surrender their freedom and beg the advanced civilizations for benefits."

"In the beginning, when you promoted the establishment of the association, you really had some foresight," Kasuyi praised.

I never expected that the association would be so useful Han Xiao grinned secretly to himself.

"Cough, in any case, I have some clues about the Sanctum in my hands. After some time, Ill begin to pursue these traces." "If you need any help, just let me know," Kasuyi said.

If they were to wait until the advanced civilizations mastered the means of revival through the Sanctums like the Celestial Star Alliance, it would be too late for the Beyond Grade As to unite. On the road of development, many opportunities only came knocking once.

In this respect, both of them had no selfish thoughts. The Sanctums were the lifeline of the Beyond Grade As, and monopolizing them would only make them enemies of all Beyond Grade As in the universe, a target of public criticism.

Only when the association undertook such an important mission would it then be accepted by all. In this manner, the nature of the association would become extremely important, and the alliance between all members would be unshakable, not breaking due to internal factors.

Right now, only the two of them knew of this inside information, and both had the same goal. With this bond, it was equivalent to them signing a pact. For Han Xiao, his advantage was that Kasuyi who had always been neutral was supporting his faction, which would increase his influence.

While the two of them had reached a tacit agreement not to divulge what they saw this time, they both knew that there were some things that had already changed.

Based on the intelligence they received, they had already formulated a new plan, which would inevitably have an indirect impact, just like the butterfly effect. Unless both of them pretended that nothing had happened, the scope of the impact would only grow, and sooner or later, it would affect the entire universe.

With this matter resolved, both of them prepared to return. However, a movement in their senses made them pause. They looked over to see a huge group of Space Lice wandering aimlessly.

"Oh, a few months have already passed, yet these little cuties have not left."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled as he thought of his previous idea of breeding these Space Lice.

Kasuyi had also completed his Gods Trait Transformation and was more relaxed. He smiled as well. "I should get some specialties on the return trip back, so I might as well catch some and see if they can be raised in the Void Dimension."

Both of them shared a smile, a similar weird aura surrounding them.

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