The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Finals And Reorganization

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Chapter 1207 Finals and Reorganization

In his past life, Version 5.0 represented the Calamity of the Supers. The Beyond Grade As of history revealing themselves, conflicts intensifying between the Supers and the ordinary citizens, the emergence of the Grade A players, and the unwillingness of the Super Star Cluster Civilizations in losing the war all combined to throw the universe that had just stabilized back into turmoil.

Under his own influence, there were too many variables, so he could not properly predict what the specific changes in the next version would be. The only thing Han Xiao could determine was that the importance of players would rise once more and become the focus of more factions. No matter how much reservations the factions had, they would introduce welfare measures to recruit more players.

While the army had greatly expanded its scale of players in Version 4.0, this was an opportunity and yet a trouble. Not to mention the potential confusion that the players would bring, the other factions would also attempt to poach the armys own players. As long as they were willing to fork out a sum of money, it will naturally have an effect. Han Xiao was not so arrogant and self-confident that no player would not succumb to such a measure. Moreover, the idea of being a big fish in a small pond might appeal to some players, rather than staying in the army and being a small fish in a big pond. This was especially so for players who would reach the level of Calamity Grade. They would naturally have a huge impact on the Super employment market in the universe.

A true Calamity Grade would have the qualification to dominate an entire area on their own, so the majority of factions could not afford to employ them. However, even if the regular remuneration was reduced to a fourth or even a fifth of the usual rate, it would be enough to feed the players. While the strength of the players for their Calamity Grades would be at the bottom of the barrel, they were the cheapest Calamity Grades that some small factions would be able to afford.

The only way I can deal with the other factions is by continuing to strengthen the construction of the faction, increasing the status and attractiveness of the army during the Version update. Even with my personal influence, this will be a step-by-step process, but if I can take out some of the valuable civilian black technology, it will greatly speed up the progress. In the eyes of the public, it will seem as though I developed this The armys operations in the Flickering World were on the right track and had limited room for further development. To continue expansion, he could only target other Star Fields by developing branches.

The following few decades while the version updated would be a good time for him to lie low and develop. With the aid from the Association, the army did not need to participate in the war between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance, thus not being dragged down. They could all just sit this one out and reap the spoils later.

On the other hand, this was also conducive to the construction of the Associations community of interest. The final structure had to exist as a multi-faceted interest network, where the most powerful Beyond Grade As sold various resources and services while the weaker ones obtained support, maintaining a balanced relationship. With the size of the current Black Star Army, it was naturally qualified to become one of the facets.

Each term of office for the President was stated at fifty years. Han Xiao had already thought about it, planning to oust Manison when his term was up and sit in this position. With his current right to speak in the Association, so long as Manison did not make any underhanded moves, he was quite assured.

The moment he sat in the position of President, with his results of exploring the Sanctum, there would be no suspense when it came to future re-elections.

"The specific plan will depend on the actual situation"

Han Xiao opened his memo, beginning to write out the prototype of the plan.

Because Han Xiao and Kasuyis actions were carried out in secret, the time of their disappearance did not cause any alarm. After all, the risk of exploring the secondary dimensions was too great, so it was normal that the major organizations would not pay much attention to the duos actions.

The news of Black Star returning quickly spread through the army, and players noticed, but the International League had already reached the quarter finals, and everyone had already run out of blank Character Summon Cards to use. It was with pity in their hearts that they refocused on the event.

Since the start of Version 4.0, Chinas major clubs had enjoyed the development benefits the Black Star Army provided them, making a lot of money in the process. The better their official guilds developed, the greater the support for the professional teams. At present, Chinas first-tier professional teams basically all belonged to the To and T1 tiers internationally, with outstanding strength. They had performed strongly during the quarter finals. Because they met with such harassment, the Chinese teams were unable to obtain many points this time round. Both Dynasty and Rivervale entered the quarter finals at second and fifth place respectively. After three victories in the best of five, they both reached the semifinals, succeeding in occupying two seats. This meant that they would get at least a third place.

However, after three versions, the Chinese players had grander ambitions. No one was satisfied with just third place. In the eyes of the players, only three consecutive championships was worthy of being their goal.

The semifinals were decided through lot drawing, and this caused the Chinese players on the forum to be divided into two sides. One hoped that both Dynasty and Rivervale would not meet each other in the semifinals, and the other side hoped that they would meet. If both Dynasty and Rivervale could defeat their opponents, that would of course be the most ideal situation. However, if both sides lost, then China would be halted at the semifinals. However, if both faced each other, this would be a sort of insurance to guarantee that one of them would definitely step into the finals.

Under the prayers of the two sides, the semifinals list appeared. The Chinese teams were not facing each other. Dynasty went against Team Thunderbolt Pythons from North America, whereas Rivervales opponent was Team Kimchi from South Korea.

The Chinese players who supported having their teams meet in the finals got their wish, but for the players on the other side, they were all depressed, worrying about the possibility that both teams might be defeated. As the saying went, one would only know what they wanted after the matter had taken place. In the end, most players discovered that rather than having two teams meet in the final, they would rather have a shot at winning the championship.

Both teams tried their best, but Dynasty missed out on a round, being defeated two rounds to three. They failed to qualify for the finals, and the hope of replicating the scene of having two teams from the country in the finals was dashed.

Rivervale, on the other hand, performed wonderfully, qualifying with three rounds to one. There was a saying in Galaxy that every version would have a god-like respective class. The Mechanic class gradually began to exert its strength in the middle to late stages, and because of the limitation of level cap in each version, the Mechanics feature of burning money to continuously increase strength was favored by professional teams. Rivervales team was made up of Mechanics as the core, which explained their strength.

In the previous Pro League, Rivervale barely eked out a victory against Team Key in the semifinals, allowing China to dominate the finals. Though they failed to win the championship, they still received endless praise. This time, they really had a chance to obtain the championship, shouldering all the expectations of the Chinese players.

The date of the finals was set a few days later, and the forums were discussing this matter enthusiastically.

Outside of the players field of vision, a new regular meeting of the Beyond Grade A Association was held.

A series of Beyond Grade A remote projections descended on the headquarters of the Beyond Grade A Association, walking into the round-table meeting room and sitting down, whispering to their neighbors.

Sitting in the Presidents seat, Manison looked at this harmonious scene, glancing at the empty Vice Presidents seat as he felt as though the air was fresh and the atmosphere relaxed.

At this moment, an untimely voice sounded outside the door, breaking his harmony and tranquility.

"Hehe, Im back! Did everyone miss me?"

Hearing the familiar voice, everyone turned around to see Han Xiao, who had vanished for a few months, walking into the conference room with a smile that asked to be slapped.

"Oh, Black Stars back!"

"Its been a few months, but you look pretty good!"

"Where did you go these few months? To not even inform us."

Upon seeing Han Xiao, many people present smiled, beginning to chat and wave to him. Even the direct subordinates of the three Universal Civilizations also nodded in greeting, and the place became lively

Han Xiao was quite comfortable in the Beyond Grade A circle, having a good relationship with most people. He smiled in response to the crowd, walking to his seat and plonking himself down before turning to look at Manison and joking, "I heard that youve been very comfortable these few months. Its alright, Im back now."

Manison displayed a passive expression as though he had not seen or heard him. The moment Han Xiao appeared, he had put on this poker face.

Seeing this, all the Beyond Grade As were full of spirits, their eyes jumping between both of them as they revealed expectant expressions.

A meeting without the Vice President spitting nonsense did not feel complete. The last few months meetings had been too dull, causing everyone to feel drowsy and lethargic. With Black Star finally back, they could enjoy his repertoire again. No one allowed their minds to wander.

At this moment, Kasuyi also walked in, and after some greetings, he sat in his position. Everyone could not help but cast suspicious glances.

The duo had disappeared for several months and reappeared at the same time, which left a lot to their imagination.

Manison also looked at Kasuyi a few times before suppressing the doubts in his heart, not asking on the spot.

Surveying his surroundings, he coughed twice before saying, "Since everyone is present, lets start"

Before he could finish, Han Xiao immediately raised his hands. "I have something to say."

Manison was interrupted in his opening speech, but he was not angry at all. He was already used to it. As long as Black Star was present, he would never have the chance to finish a sentence.

Everyone elses eyes lit up.

Its here. Its about to get nasty. Black Star is indeed our source of joy. Hes so dedicated that he starts his job the moment he comes.

Han Xiao looked at everyone, seeing them anticipating what he was about to say. He then turned to Manison and spoke in a deep voice.

"Recently, Ive been thinking about it, and I feel that Manisons Felon technology is not conducive to the unity of the Beyond Grade As. Having this living body transformation is going overboard, and I feel that Manison should take the initiative to abandon his technology, releasing the Felons."

Hearing this, Manison burst into flames.

This matter had long been tacitly understood by everyone. You did not choose to talk about this a few months ago, and suddenly bring up this topic, this is obviously you causing trouble!

The request to give up his Felon technology was obviously a fantasy. Black Star knew that this topic would not produce any results, but he still chose to raise it. In Manisons eyes, this was just him deliberately picking faults in him.

"Black Star! Dont be an embarrassment! How long ago was this matter already?" Manison hollered.

"What about it? We dont have any limitation of a prosecutive period whatsoever. If you can do it, why cant I say it?" Han Xiao waved his hands. "Ask everyone here, who has no issue with this?"

"Thats right, transforming a living body is not right. While this was before the establishment of the Association, its still okay to bring it up." Kant was happy to see that Black Star had managed to pick on something, and he immediately followed up.

Hearing this, everyone present also began to discuss the issue.

While it had already been a long time since the incident, Manisons Felon technology had always been a thorn in everyones hearts.

Usually, everyone would tacitly not speak about it, but now that someone had dug it up, they would not mind throwing sh*t from the sidelines The main thing was to provide firepower for Black Star. All those people wished to see the world burn.

Manisons eyelids twitched, and he boomed, "Enough! Black Star only knows how to fool around, but why are you guys also joining in?" "This sentence is wrong. What fooling around?" Han Xiao crossed his arms, pretending to be serious. "So long as you are still doing this sort of unethical practice, were qualified to blame you. Even if you cannot restrain your greed and do not wish to give up this technology, you still have to apologize."

"Apologize to whom? They were originally my spoils of war, and I have the right to dispose of them as I see fit. Ive never heard of any reason to apologize to prisoners," Manison coldly said. "Not apologize to them, but to us. You broke the unity of the Association, and the most important part is that you broke everyones trust." Han Xiao spouted nonsense with a straight face.

"Youre bullsh*tting" Manison was just about to retort, but a silent voice sounded out at the side, from Kasuyi.

"Mechanic Emperor, your actions indeed are not beneficial to the unity of the Association."

The moment his voice sounded, everyone stared in shock.

The environment that was noisy and raucous turned silent.

Everyone stared at Kasuyi in unison, feeling a little surprised.

Kasuyi had always been neutral, and he did not help anybody. Besides, he had been long-time friends with Manison, but to think he would actually side with Black Star? Manison was also left stunned

Old Ka actually decided to help Black Star go against me. When did they get so close? Could it be that we are not friends who have played together since we were young?

The two only disappeared for a few months. What did they do together for their relationship to progress so quickly! He closely scrutinized Kasuyis passive expression, feeling disbelief at this situation.

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