The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Revived Primordial Ones

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Several Holy Accord spaceships were suspended in the planet’s orbit. Law and Fay were heading a group of technicians to manipulate various detection instruments. The monitor was aimed at the surface of the planet, showing Oathkeeper standing in the center of the picture.

Amid the sandy yellow desert, Oathkeeper glanced at the Sanctum Resurrection Brand on the back of his hand as he took out a palm-sized, disc-shaped device with the other.

The fragmented memories in his mind showed that this brand was more like fuel. In order to activate its function, he needed to prepare a switch, a device capable of converting Information Forms. If there was no technology in the area, then this brand would only be ornamental.

This disc in his hand was part of the Holy Accord’s Esper Ability technology. Researchers had developed an information state disturbance device through analysis and research on Destiny’s Child. This was not black technology but rather a by-product that was accidentally made. It was just a coincidence that it could act as a switch for the Sanctum resurrection.

Oathkeeper pressed the button, and the disc began to buzz. The next moment, as though hot oil was being poured on cold water, a fierce reaction took place.

The Sanctum brand suddenly shone, separating from the back of Oathkeeper’s hand before turning into a dazzling ball of white light, quickly expanding to cover a large area in front of Oathkeeper.

The surrounding energy fluctuations spiked, and Oathkeeper subconsciously took two steps back. At this time, the technician in the spaceship exclaimed in the communication channel.

“The reading of the information state disturbance has broken through all historical records! Oh my god, it’s still skyrocketing!”

“An abnormal phenomenon has been detected, being matched to relevant records in the database Suspected to be an [Information Form Projection] or [Reality Distortion]!”

“Warning! Time and space coefficients in this area are rapidly declining in stability. There is a cosmic energy surge, but there seems to be some kind of force to constrain the fluctuations here without spreading!”

Oathkeeper was vigilantly staring at the light cluster in front of him, his body tense and prepared for a quick response.

After a period of time, the light clusters transformed from the Sanctum Resurrection brand split and turned into luminous individuals with different shapes. At the same time, the light slowly faded, and the individuals turned from virtual to real, forming many different biological entities.

Seeing this, the noisy communication channel suddenly ground to a halt.

Including Oathkeeper, every member of the Holy Accord held their breath, their eyes filled with incredible and ecstatic looks.

Those people were exactly the characters that were recorded in their minds.

Each of them was actually one of the Primordial Ones, with known names and identities!


Law and Fay were overjoyed, while the technicians embraced and cheered each other.

Many of them were the descendants of the Primordial Ones, so seeing that their ancestors had been revived, how could they not be happy?

At this moment, these Revivors recovered their wits, surveying their surroundings.

“Where are we?”

“Why am I here? Shouldn’t I be at war?”

“Eh, aren’t you already dead? I was the one who even scattered your ashes. Don’t tell me you faked your death”

After clearly seeing the people around them, some of whom were even opponents who had faced each other on the battlefield, many of the Primordial Ones rushed to distance themselves, vigilant and confused.

The Beyond Grade As that were resurrected in the Sanctum only retained the memories of their past, at the final moments of their deaths. To them, it was as though they had woken up after a sleep, and they hardly felt the passing of time.

At this time, Oathkeeper walked over, immediately attracting the attention of everyone. Many of the Primordial Ones were shocked, only now realizing that there was one more person at the scene.

They all watched as Oathkeeper slowly lowered his hood, revealing his face as he spoke in a tone full of complex emotions.

“I have accomplished the original Oath. Congratulations on your rebirth.”

After seeing his appearance clearly, the many Primordial Ones were stunned. They all recognized Oathkeeper.

“It’s actually you!”

“Our original idea actually came true”

“We have been resurrected?”

Everyone was stunned. Shock, ecstasy, and disbelief covered their faces.

The objects to be resurrected by the Sanctum required a corresponding medium. Thus, the people chosen in the first batch by Oathkeeper were all the original founders of the Holy Accord, which were only a portion of the Primordial Ones.

These people served different civilizations during the exploration era, thus engaging in endless killing because of their factions. However, they formed secret associations in private, striving for a common goal.

But as the exploration era war continued, the Primordial Ones died one after another, reducing the number of members in the Holy Accord. The Holy Accord Organization at the end of the exploration era thus became almost an organization in name, left without hope, but never did anyone think that their originally envisaged road would finally come true!

“What did you do”

Everyone was curious, coming up to ask.

“During that time” Oathkeeper slowly let out a breath, recounting his experiences in the years after.

At the time when only he remained in the Holy Accord Organization after the exploration era, he took a low-key approach, no longer participating in any events, only devoting himself to the development of the organization, gradually restoring the dying Holy Accord. The vitality had grown to the scale it is today, and they had always regarded the original Oath taken as the purpose of the organization.

While Oathkeeper casually spoke, everyone could understand the difficulty involved. This operation had gone against the currents and saved them all.

This spirit of living up to one’s words really deserved to be praised.

For a while, most of the people in the field were moved, patting Oathkeeper on the shoulder again and again with gratitude.

“Good work. Thank you.”

“It was nothing. I was just abiding by the original Oath.” Oathkeeper waved his hands, donning his hood once again.

“How did you revive us though? Is it really the effect of the Sanctums?”

“Not really. Luck took up a majority of it, and this method may also only work once” Oathkeeper narrowed his eyes and spoke, not revealing the true mechanism of the Sanctums.

Everyone had some doubts about this statement, but their level of suspicion was not high. After all, they were still impressed by Oathkeeper.

The most important thing was that there was no way they could identify it, as only Oathkeeper had been to the Sanctums, so no one could not refute this.

After a while, the emotions of most of the Primordial Ones had calmed down. Various questions rose up in their minds.

“What year is it now? What happened to the exploration era war?” someone asked.

Oathkeeper sighed.

“The exploration era war has long ended. The Federation of Light, the Crimson Dynasty, and Arcane Church are now the hegemons of the universe. You’ve lost touch with the times and need to catch up on information.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded, feeling an itch in their hearts, as though they could not wait to understand the modern universe.

At this moment, a tall figure who had always been standing quietly by the side suddenly spoke.

“Does my civilization still exist?”

Everyone turned over and their expressions changed. They recognized this person, the [King of War] Pangon Filet, a well-known war addict.

Following this question, everyone became aware of some thorny problems. Their original excitement turned stale as the atmosphere became more tense.

Their primary goal was to revive themselves in the future, but everyone’s goal of resurrection was not the same. Some just wished to escape the war, while some wanted to achieve their ambitions. Others wished to live forever.

There were some people whose civilizations were destroyed in the exploration era. Would they want revenge? Some people belonged to the current advanced civilizations in the universe today. Would you then return? These were all issues left over from history.

When the common goal of resurrection was achieved, people would then lose the basis of their unity, destined to part ways.

After understanding this, everyone’s position slowly changed, shifting into various factions as they guarded against each other.

Oathkeeper was not surprised at all. He had long anticipated this and did not try to force it. He just replied indifferently.

“As for the situation of the various civilizations, you can check the information for yourselves when the time comes. Anyway, I only brought all of you back to life to keep my Oath. I don’t care what you do, and I will not retaliate either, so long as you don’t betray the Accord It’s just that you all still lack understanding of the current era. I recommend that you stay with me for now and learn about the situation.”

“Will do.” Pangon nodded.

Seeing this, no one voiced any disagreement. No matter what their relationship would become, at least, everyone right now was a founder of the Holy Accord, with many descendants in the organization.

Furthermore, they had just resurrected and were no doubt weak. It seemed like their strength had declined, so they restrained themselves at this moment, unwilling to cause trouble.

One of the Primordial Ones addressed Oathkeeper. “What about you? Since you’ve revived us, what do you intend to do in the future?”

“The Holy Accord is the result of my efforts. I’ll continue to develop it. If there’s anyone that is willing to stay and help, that would be good, but I will not force you Right now, our advantage lies in the fact that we’re hidden. None of the Universal Civilizations have any data on us. As long as we don’t reveal ourselves, it’s easy to live in freedom, without the control of any faction,” Oathkeeper calmly replied.

“Other than us, there’s no one that knows of our resurrection?” Another asked.

Oathkeeper was about to reply when a figure flashed past in his mind.

His expression changed, and he hesitated a while before answering dully. “No, there’s someone who knows.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Who is it”

Oathkeeper helplessly answered, “His nickname is Black Star, a Beyond Grade A. He’s only been around for a few decades, but his power and influence are top notch in this era. I’m not sure where he heard of my goals. Maybe the organization has a traitor.”

“It’s a newcomer.”

Most of the Primordial Ones had never heard of Han Xiao’s name and did not pay too much attention. As the first batch of characters to be promoted to Beyond Grade A, they were naturally arrogant.

Oathkeeper explained, “However, Black Star has no malicious thoughts, and I even made a few deals with him. He could be considered our ally at the moment, and he has also provided help for us to complete the resurrection.”

“So, I guess we owe him one. It seems like this little kid’s pretty good.” Everyone nodded.

While they had never met, this younger generation named Black Star was technically their savior, so they had some positive feelings for him.

“ Thus, I plan to explain the resurrection to Black Star and seek his help. Right now, among the Beyond Grade A, there are few people who have the same influence as him. Since he’s friendly toward us, the resources in his hands can also provide a lot of help to us.”

Oathkeeper explained as he schemed in his heart.

He had already concealed the mechanism behind the Sanctums, and now he had a new idea, which was to use this method to recover more Beyond Grade As, thoroughly mastering this channel. He could see the significance of this to the Beyond Grade As.

He could use the cooperation with Black Star on the premise of occupying the advantage of intelligence. While it was put as cooperation, in Oathkeeper’s eyes, he was just using Black Star’s resources. After all, Black Star did not understand the importance of the Sanctums. Therefore, he could fool the other party into thinking it was a one-off thing.

Before entering the Sanctums himself, Black Star would always be hidden from the truth.

Oathkeeper estimated that this method could fool Black Star for a long time. The Holy Accord had prepared for many years before entering the Sanctum, so in his opinion, even if Black Star was powerful, it was not a place that one could casually enter.

He had agreed to tell Black Star about the news of the Sanctums, but that was limited to the information his organization had previously, not about his own experience in the Sanctums. Oathkeeper did not intend to violate the transaction, but he did not mind telling Black Star half-truths either.

He did not have any negativity toward Han Xiao, but he had always been on the passive side due to the ‘traitor’. He did not know how much intelligence Han Xiao had obtained, which made him depressed.

Right now, he finally got some exclusive information of inestimable value, so naturally, he chose to conceal it.

The resurrection plan has succeeded. It’s time to talk to Black Star. I have to hold him so he would divulge the news

A light flashed through Oathkeeper’s eyes.

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