The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 Elderly Killer

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As the saying went, as long as your fists are big enough, you can make people sensible and calm.

" You guys are absolutely not in a state to reappear in the universe. After all, your strength has decreased after reviving, and youre now behind the era. Its best for you guys to think of ways to make up for that. In my opinion, you guys should spend more time training in isolation. Learn new technology and new knowledge," Han Xiao said.

This would not be convincing at all before the spar, but now everyone agreed with it strongly. They thought that they could only revive once, so now that they had finally been revived and had an opportunity to make up for their regrets, satisfy their ambitions, and reach new heights, they treasured it very much. They all wanted to make sure they did everything correctly.

The opportunity was extremely rare, these Primordial Ones were all very patient. They could wait.

"Black Star, you have really helped us antiques learn something new today. Not many would have been your match even in the exploration era." Beiger sighed.

They had lost a lot of face in the spar earlier, but they did not hate Han Xiao for it. At this level, no one would be that stupid.

They were not enemies. Although Han Xiaos words were harsh, they were the truth. As someone who not only saved them but was also much stronger than them, Han Xiaos words clearly carried weight.

"Ive always suggested that you join the Beyond Grade A Association. Although the present is more peaceful than the exploration era, its still shaky below the surface. Beyond Grade As are not in a safe position. You can search up the Tragedy of the Pinnacles online. Thats a cleansing operation the advanced civilizations carried out against us. Theyve always been trying to control our numbers, so staying together is the certain trend." Han Xiao started promoting the association again.

This time, other than Pangon, who decided to take the revenge before life path, the other four all started to take Han Xiaos suggestions seriously and considered taking this path.

Seeing this, Han Xiao continued. "There are more benefits to joining the association. You guys have only just revived, so you have nothing but your own strength. Theres no organization or force under your command, and starting one from scratch will take a lot of time. Furthermore, the various Star Fields territory is already split up by the various forces. Even with the strength you have, youll still meet many obstacles However, if you become members of the Beyond Grade A Association, you can instantly lend intelligence, resources, military forces, and so on from other members. If you want to start your own organization, we will also come together to help and provide assistance, helping you to become a part of the profit network"

The others nodded. They were tempted.

The universe was too vast. Without manpower or money, nothing would be easy to achieve.

During the exploration era, their various civilizations provided the things they needed to them. They were used to having power. They would not be able to adapt if they had to start from zero now.

Lady Lust pondered for a while and said, "Were willing to support you, but youre only the vice president and cant be completely in charge. Furthermore, since youre this strong, the president definitely wont be much weaker"

"Hmm, thats true. We appreciate what you did for us, but we have to think on our own behalf. Comparatively, isnt it better to support the top man in power?" Beiger asked.

Han Xiao smiled.

"Now that is something you guys dont know about. My path is different from the presidents. Hes very ambitious and aggressive. He wants to tie the association with him on a path with no return, which has already enraged quite a number of people. Theres no chance hell be reelected. Furthermore, hes old now. Who knows hell just be gone one day? Hence, theres no future in supporting him. I, however, have a lot of friends and have basically already obtained the president position in the next election. Plus, theres a very high chance Ill be reelected multiple times after that. Investing in me is the best choice. Im not just exaggerating. You guys can search it online all you like By the way, Ive defeated him too."

Although he had only beaten the Mechanic Emperor once and lost more than he had won overall, saying he had defeated him was not wrong. After all, the Mechanic Emperor was not there, so it was not like he could object it.

"I see."

Just like that, Old Manisons image was damaged once again.

The few of them discussed it for a while. Han Xiao gave many suggestions and described the current situation of the universe to them. Beiger and the others all listened carefully and learned a lot.

After Han Xiao finished talking about the intricate relationship between the three Universal Civilizations, he stopped, changed the topic, and said, "By the way, Im very interested in the exploration era, but what I know is limited to the information on the internet. You guys are all from that era, so could you tell me more details of the situation of that era?"

He had not just gone there to set things up for the Calamity of the Supers but also to exchange information with the Primordial Ones. Seeing that the time was right, he brought up the topic.

"Youve asked the right people. Who alive knows more about that era than us?"

Han Xiao had always been the one speaking while they listened. Seeing that Han Xiao had brought up a topic they were much more familiar with, they immediately became interested. They started talking about their glory days in the past all the way from the dark ages to the days of intense wars, bringing up anything that came to their minds.

Han Xiao listened, nodding and asking questions from time to time. He obtained quite a number of secrets about the exploration era war from them, as well as the information about some Primordial Ones.

"Speaking of which, do you guys know this Soul Emperor guy?"

"Rovell Sissock? I fought him a few times on the battlefield. That guys quite capable, but I died earlier than him. I dont know what happened to him afterward," Lady Lust said.

"He was killed in action." Beiger shook his head. "By me."

"You killed him?" Han Xiao was immediately interested.

"Hmm, to be more details, I participated in an ambush on the Soul Emperor, along with two others. But I dealt the final blow."

Yo, now isnt this an interesting coincidence?

Han Xiao was very curious about what expression Sorokin would have when Beiger joined the association.

Hmm, given how Little Soro is, even if theres a tsunami in his mind, hell probably still have that signature fake smile Should I give him some stimulation by then?

Han Xiao suppressed his wicked thoughts and asked, "Are you sure hes really dead? His soul Esper Ability is rather special. Maybe he shifted his soul without anyone knowing."

"Youre saying he faked his death?" Beiger was surprised for a moment. He thought for some time, shook his head, and said, "I wouldnt know about that then. Anyway, I didnt notice anything strange at that time."

"Im just guessing. If he remained alive till now like Oathkeeper, and you see him again, will you be able to recognize him?"

"Hmm Im not sure. If he didnt change, my soul detection spell would recognize him. By the way, Soul Emperor is also the previous master of the Soul Flame. Oathkeeper should sense it if they met but that also depends on if he changed his soul frequency or not. Everyones soul frequency is unique."

Hearing this, Han Xiao rubbed his chin and pondered.

Sorokin was an expert in the soul area. He should not have left such a flaw but that might not certainly be the case. After all, Sorokin had lived all the way till now. He would never expect to meet the Primordial Ones whom he once had contact with.

No one in the present could prove that Sorokin was the Soul Emperor, so these revived Primordial Ones became the most solid evidence

Tsk, if Beiger recognizes Sorokin right on the spot when he joins the association, things will get very interesting.

"Black Star, I have a feeling youre trying to say something. Do you know something? Is the Soul Emperor really alive?" Beiger could not help but ask.

"Who knows?" Han Xiao shrugged. He had yet to decide whether to expose Little Soro yet. It was not the time to obtain the most benefits from doing that yet.

He paused and said, "By the way, there was a pair of sisters during the exploration era who possessed the vital and death energy respectively. What do you guys think about them?"

"Nerkese and Eros They were very strong. They created the Underworld. Not many people dared to mess with them." Pangon finally found an opportunity to say something.

"Whats the Underworld?" Han Xiao acted like he had no idea.

"Thats one way of reviving too but with more cons. Youd become the vassals of the two sisters," the few of them explained.

The Oathkeeper listened for a while and said hesitantly, "Many Primordial Ones were looking for a way to revive back then. We chose the Holy Accord, while some placed their hopes in the Underworld, but"

Lady Lust shook her head. "Ill say it. Those two sisters got lost on the path of searching for the meaning of life and death. They were very unreliable. We once invited them to join the Holy Accord, but they rejected us. Afterward, we lost contact with them and dont know what happened to them. They probably died."

Not just died, you might not believe this, but they committed suicide

Suddenly, his body turned stiff as he realized something.

When Onicelu explained the Underworld to him back then, he did not know much about the Sanctums, but thinking about it was the act of the two sisters leaving Information Form Esper Ability seeds behind the equivalent of snatching the information of their own Esper Abilities out from the Sanctums? Was that why these two Esper Ability seeds passed down their life knowledge?

The Great Mechanic Han was baffled. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was not as simple as he thought.

Could the reason for the two sisters to suicide be that they found out about the Sanctum being able to revive them and wanted to attempt to revive themselves right after committing suicide to prove their theory and confirm that their path was right? Maybe they failed in the end and only left the information of their Esper Abilities behind but not themselves

Linking this with the situation Kasuyi was in, could the impact of Gods Trait Transformation missions have played a part?

Before they completely died, the word heritage was mentioned among their last words Could they have been pointing at not only their Esper Ability seeds but also The Great Reboot, the Eons of the universe

Thinking deeper, could Nerkese and Eros be revived through the Sanctums by using Hila, Aurora, or the Underworld as the medium? If that failed, would it mean that they were still alive in a certain way?

Han Xiao felt the more he thought about it, the more complicated it seemed.

Suppressing the shock and doubts he had, he skipped this topic and continued chatting with the others.

The few of them chatted for a while. Seeing that it was about enough, Han Xiao interrupted them and said with a smile, "Lets call it a day for today. Ive already relayed my suggestions. We can be considered friends, so dont hesitate to come to me if you need anything in the future. Keep in touch."

Hearing this, everyone nodded, expressing their friendliness.

Han Xiao bade farewell one after another and then equipped the King mechanical suit before disappearing.

Beiger and the others exchanged looks after he left.

"Lets get going too. Black Star is right. Im going to focus on training from now on. Weve acquired such an amazing opportunity. Lets use it to find breakthroughs and hope to recover to our peak strength," someone said.

"Hmm I dont plan to leave for twenty no, forty years. Ill be staying in the Holy Accord."

Hearing their discussions, Oathkeeper smiled with comfort.

His buddies mindsets were finally fixed by Black Star.

My efforts were not wasted

Han Xiao teleported all the way back to Black Star Palace, which was multiple Star Fields away, and opened up the interface immediately. He saw the mission notification that had been flickering for quite a while right away.


[Fists Speak the Loudest] Completed!

Your actions have earned the respect of the Primordial Ones. The results were excellent. This will cause unknown affects to the future.

Grade: Unbelievable

+20 Lady Lust Favorability

+20 Tripp Favorability

+20 Pangon Favorability

You have received 240 Billion EXP, 8 Random Rewards, and 3 Blank Character Summon Cards.

You have received 10 Awakening Points.

You have received a [The Third Sanctum] Ability Fragment.

You have received talent [Elderly Killer].

[Elderly Killer]: When facing opponents older than you, your basic attack will increase over time up to 15%. At the same time, your CHA will increase by 40%.



Han Xiao was speechless.

The rewards were very rich. Very rarely did missions reward Awakening Points directly, and he even got a new talent.

The effect of the talent was quite good, giving him bonus basic attack damage just like [Fearless Heart]

But what kind of name is this

I beat up a group of Primordial Ones, so I became an Elderly Killer

Also, I can understand the bonus attack damage, but whats with the increased Charm? Did they feel I looked cool fighting? Are they going to cheer for me while I beat them up? Are all elderlies masochists?

Other than these things, the triggering mechanism was quite perfect for himamong the current Beyond Grade As, no one was younger than him

What a weird talent. Plus, it seems to go against the traditional virtue of respecting the elderly

Han Xiao shook his head. He went through the reward one more time and closed the interface to ponder about the impact of the things he did this time.

"I beat up the Primordial Ones, getting rid of their pride. This way, they should keep a low profile for a very long time. The Calamity of the Supers will be delayed because of it I can be less worried for some time now."

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

He had a lot of things to do such as study the treasure trove of technology, expand the army, collect the Sanctum fragments, and many more. Time was what he lacked most. The later the Calamity of the Supers broke out, the better it would be for him. It would be best if the signs of it only showed after he became the Beyond Grade A Association president. His position would be very firm if that was the case. Furthermore, guiding the direction the Calamity of the Supers took would be easier.

Currently, the three Universal Civilizations were fighting with the Super Star Cluster Alliance. The universe was unstable, but this was the most stable time for Beyond Grade As. There were no exterior conflicts for them, so they could grow stronger while keeping a low profile. The association would also be able to build a more complete interest network All things aside, it had only been a few years since the founding of the Beyond Grade A Association. There were way too many things that had to be done.

Its time to focus on growing for some time Han Xiao thought.

At the same time, Manison and Sorokin, who were in different places, both suddenly felt chills down their spines.

"Weird, why do I feel as if something bad has happened?"

Sorokin was troubled. Dozens of speculations flashed past in his mind.

The response of Manison, however, was much more direct and immediate.

"That little b*stard Black Star is definitely plotting against me again!"

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