The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Flames Of War Gauds Movements

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Protests, revelations, coups, political strife countless chain reactions spread in the various Star Fields.

The root of this storm in the universe was the Flickering War between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance. After the Immortals disappeared, the war became more and more intense, gradually turning from using representatives to sending in official armies.

Even though both sides kept the battles as undestructive as possible, the large-scale battles between advanced civilizations were not things ordinary organizations could take part in.

The various frontlines in the fourth exploration phase exploration area became almost forbidden grounds. Once the war machines of advanced civilizations started moving, they were different from the battles between individuals with great power. It was as if they had taken over the sky.

In the face of the attacks of the three Universal Civilizations official armies, due to the problem of having a limited supply lines, the Super Star Cluster Alliance started to show signs of defeat. Their territories were snatched away time after time, and their battlefronts kept shrinking.

In the midst of all this madness, the Beyond Grade As, however, were unshaken. Their days were spent in comfort, keeping a low profile while slowly completing the associations profit network, linking the Beyond Grade A organizations from various industries.

While heated wars were going on outside, Han Xiao ignored all of it and announced his isolation. Other than the Beyond Grade A meetings, he did not step out of the gates of his workshop at all, spending all his time studying the technology treasure trove from Jayz.

The operation of the Black Star Army no longer required his attention. With the armys resources and partnerships with multiple organizations, it slowly expanded the subdivisions in the various Star Fields. The immense profits earned were used by the Great Mechanic Han to study the technology. The army was making so much money that he could not spend it all. His cash power became ever stronger.

With his current position, no one dared mess with him without good reason. As for those who were overconfident and did not know where they stood, the army could easily deal with them. There was no need for Han Xiao to settle those issues personally.

The various Primordial Ones of the Holy Accord organization were training secretly and peacefully. Manison, Sorokin, and the others who had beef with him were also busy with their own things. No one came to disturb him.

In this peaceful environment, the Great Mechanic Han finally had the time to study technology for several years.

During which, he even obtained the Stuarts Peace Prize once and got himself a Legendary Point, as well as some fame for some time.

High-level beings sense of time varied. They could make one second feel many times longer to themselves, and they could let pass months in the blink of an eye. Therefore, Han Xiao never felt bored being submerged in the sea of knowledge. He even grew more patient.

Days passed in the flames of war. The time now was Galaxy Calendar Year 738.

At a certain secret Crimson Dynasty military training base, all of the lessons had stopped. All the students and drill sergeants gathered in the biggest square and looked up at the enormous virtual screen in the sky.

The screen was split into dozens of smaller windows displaying different images. Most of the screens were showing different angles of a silhouette that was shining brightly from all over his body.

One of the windows that was showing the widest angle was displaying a spherical mechanical satellite that was filled with energy circuits. Condensed chimney-looking devices extended from all over the satellite. Some were absorbing the dark energy that existed everywhere in the cosmic space, and some were shooting out white plasma. The energy circuits on the satellites surface flickered like it was breathing. This seemed to be a certain kind of energy cycling and converting device.

If the people on the square looked at the other side of the sky, they would see that many more similar satellites were hovering above the base. One of them was operating, and it was the one shown on the screen.

This was one of the facilities in this training base. Its official name was High Energy Life Form Enhancing Device, commonly known by the students as the Energy Tower. It only had one function. Through a special method of converting and accumulating energy, it could create a special environment to help Calamity Grades take that crucial step, slightly increasing their chances of becoming Beyond Grade As.

Usually, this device would not be used even once in many years. Now, someone who could use it finally appeared. It was indeed Gaud, who was very famous in the base.

After training for many years in the base, he had finally reached the point where he had to take this step.

All students and drill sergeants came to witness it, holding their breath and waited for the birth of a new Beyond Grade A.

In the images, the shining silhouette was in the middle of the energy vortex created by the device, ravaging the energy around him, creating colorful energy streams that looked like silk as well as fog. It was dreamy.

After some time, the silhouette seemed to have reached saturation and gradually stopped absorbing energy. The brightness of it slowly reduced.

The next moment, Gaud opened his eyes. A beam of light shot out and retracted back one second later.

As he moved his body, he turned into a meteor and flew out from the tunnel within the device. He descended from the sky in front of everyone and hovered above the crowd.

"He did it!"

Deafening sounds of cheers shot up the sky from the square. Everyone present had witnessed the birth of a Beyond Grade A. They were thrilled.

Gaud controlled his body and landed on the ground. The base manager and the chief instructor approached, their faces filled with bright smiles.

"Congratulations on stepping into the territory of the Beyond Grade A. You really did not disappoint the dynasty!"

Back then, the two of them had felt that Grade A had the chance of becoming a Beyond Grade A within eight years, but Gaud had done it in just less than five years. It was better than they expected, and they were happier than anyone because of it.

Gaud moved his fingers around, seemingly familiarizing himself with the new power he had gained. "The dynasty upper echelons should want to see me, when?"

"Yes, the Ruler is already waiting for you."

"Lead the way then."

Gaud tone was normal.

The students were chased away by the drill sergeant. Gaud changed his clothes and went with the manager of the base to a remote communication room.

Then, the base manager left leaving Gaud alone in the room.

Gaud operated the communication device, activated the remote projection, and entered the preset channel. The next moment, the environment in his sights changed. He came to the Rulers office. Urranrell was sitting in her chair, and Clotti was standing right away.

"Congratulations on becoming a Beyond Grade A. The dynasty is proud of you." Urranrells tone was friendly.

"Greetings, Your Excellency Urranrell." Gaud nodded.

"Youve done a great job. Your growth exceeded our expectations"

Urranrell gave him some words of praise and encouragement. This was the patriotic education every direct Beyond Grade A had to go through. It was to encourage them to contribute to the dynasty.

After saying that, Urranrell quickly got to business and said, "The dynasty will adjust your authority, privileges, and position as soon as possible. Do you have any thoughts about the position youd like to take?"

"My power isnt solid yet. I dont wish to take on any positions for the time being. As for the future I think my ability is very suitable for the research and developments area. I hope to take on a position in the dynastys Science Institute."

Gaud smiled faintly.

"Hmm, the dynasty will consider your suggestion." Urranrell nodded.

This time, Gaud narrowed his eyes and said, "Speaking of which, Im already a Beyond Grade A now. Is the plan regarding the Evolution Cube going to be carried out?"

Hearing this, Urranrells movements paused for a second.

Many years ago, the dynastys upper echelons had secretly made a plan to use Gauds Esper Ability to analyze the energy composition of the Evolution Cube after Gaud became a Beyond Grade A. This way, they would have a chance to secretly crack part of the mechanisms of the Evolution Cube, so the dynasty would acquire this technology as a form of insurance.

However, the Black Star Army had been growing stronger too quickly over the past years. The risk of this plan had increased rapidly. After Black Star became the Special Safety Consultant of the three Universal Civilizations, this plan was indefinitely postponed.

Urranrell went silent for a few seconds, shook her head, and said, "This plan wont be carried out yet. We dont wish to damage our relationship with Black Star for now, even if the chance of that is very low."

Gaud narrowed his eyes and asked, "Alright, will I still have the privilege of using the Evolution Cube?"

"Yes. If you want it, submit a request. Well arrange to put you in the next fleet headed for the Flickering World to use the Evolution Cube."

Then, Urranrell paused and added, "When you arrive at the Flickering World, go to Planet Finn while youre there and join the Beyond Grade A Association. The dynasty needs more direct members in the association to keep an eye on their movements."

"Sure, Ill go."

The two of them talked for a while more before cutting off the communication. From the start to the end, Clotti did not say a word.

After the remote projection was deactivated, Gaud returned to his room. His eyes were flickering.

He pondered for a while, then as he was about to exit the room, his private communicator suddenly rang. He received an encrypted communication request. It was surprisingly from Bekorodi.

Gaud made contact with the hawk faction very long ago. Bekorodi was one of the upper echelons of the military hawk faction. After the plan was postponed, the two of them had not spoken in a very long time. He was curious as to why Bekorodi called him.

The communication was picked up very soon.


"Its me. What is it?"

"Congrats on becoming a Beyond Grade A. Remember the plan back then? Stick to it. When youre going through the evolution process from the Evolution Cube, use your ability to analyze the Evolution Energy." In the encrypted channel, Bekorodis voice was very blurry.

"Oh? Thats not what the ruler said." Gaud found it interesting.

Bekorodi seemed to have expected this. He lowered his voice and said, "The Flickering War wont last for long."

This reply did not seem to answer Gauds question at all, but he understood what Bekorodi meant.

The entire dynasty knew that Urranrells term was about to end, and that would certainly happen after the war ended. Then, the already chosen new ruler would take her place.

Toward the end of her term, Urranrells control over the upper echelons weakened unavoidably. The identity of the new ruler was a secret to the outside world but not to someone like Bekorodi.

Although Gaud did not know who the new ruler was, he was almost certain Bekorodi telling him to continue the plan of analyzing the Evolution Cube was already secretly approved by the new ruler.

Through this, Gaud could see that the next ruler seemed to be more controlling. It was no wonder the next ruler was close to the hawk faction.

From another perspective, this might also be because the new ruler did not wish to execute such a risky plan during their term, so they wanted to carry out this plan at the end of Urranrells term.

Gaud thought for a while before slowly saying, "Understood, Ill find a way."

"Good, Im counting on you."

Bekorodi gave a short response before hanging up.

Gaud did not take this matter to heart at all. He looked like he was thinking of something in the past.

"Black Star, were finally going to meet again"

A few days later, in the Black Star Army commanders private workshop, Han Xiao was debugging the machines when he suddenly received a report from Phillip.

"Master, Ive received the name list for the next batch of candidates from the dynasty who are going to accept the evolution process from the Evolution Cube hum."

Han Xiao continued to do his things and said casually, "Anyone worth paying attention to?"

"Yes, yes. A new direct Beyond Grade A of the dynasty is on this list. His name is Gaud, hum!"

Han Xiaos movement suddenly stopped.


He put down the work in his hands, brought the list up, and looked at the basic information of Gaud. His eyes instantly narrowed as he searched through his memories.

"I think I met him a few times decades ago when fighting the Kunde Race. He seemed to only be an aide-de-camp back then"

Thats weird. I didnt expect this guy to become a Beyond Grade A. This guy did not exist in my previous life. Is this because of the butterfly effects Ive caused again?

Han Xiao grinned slightly.

"Interesting. When this guy gets here, Im going to find out whats going on."

Anyway, no matter who Gaud was, since such a person did not appear in his previous life, there were definitely some secrets within him. He might even come across a hidden mission or sorts, so there was no reason for him to let it past.

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