The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Speculation

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According to the introduction of [Esper AbilityRebirth], it was similar to how Psychics could possess others minds, as well as Sorokins ability to keep changing identities. Judging from the several anomalies on Gauds attributes in the interface, he was most likely someone who started a new account.

The detailed mechanisms of this ability were still unknown. It should be in the form of changing a body but keeping the same soul. If that was the case, judging from Gauds Intellect and Mystic attributes, he should have been a Beyond Grade A before he was reborn.

This was where the problem laythe ability [Esper AbilityRebirth] almost had no combat capability and extremely limited uses, as well as a very low growth potential. It should not allow the user to become a Beyond Grade A.

Either Gaud did not have [Esper AbilityRebirth] and received help from another Super who had it to complete the rebirth, or a Grade A became a Beyond Grade A with both Energy Control and [Esper AbilityRebirth].

There was not much speculation to be done if it was the former, but if it was the latter, Han Xiao only knew one person who had this ability


Could it be that b*stard? His body is locked in the Spacetime Amber but his soul escaped?

Han Xiaos eyes flickered. He was used to making daring speculations.

The chance of EsGod breaking out of the Spacetime Amber was very low, which meant he would have done it before he was captured.

The possibility of this was not low. EsGod had enemies everywhere, so he would have most likely prepared for it. Plus, he absorbed so many strange Esper Abilities. There was a high chance he had this type of ability. Maybe this was why he dared to make enemies everywhere, since he could start a new account once his main account was done for.

However, [Esper AbilityRebirth] was somewhat different from other ways of changing bodies. For example, no matter how many times Sorokin changed bodies, his abilities would remain the same. His soul was his foundation. However, the foundation of being able to absorb Esper Abilities was in the genetics of EsGods body, and his body was trapped in the Spacetime Amber. If Gaud was really EsGod, by changing into another body, his abilities should have changed too. He would have lost the ability to absorb Esper Abilities and only have one Esper Ability, [Energy Control].

Could it be that Gaud is a secret container EsGod prepared for himself? Hmm, EsGod was always driven to create Super High Risk Esper Abilities. Energy Control might be the results of many years work. That b*stard might have really succeeded in fusing a ton of Esper Abilities into one overpowered ability and somehow planted it into Gauds body

Han Xiao pondered.

Gaud did not appear out of nowhere; he had a complete life. Since the dynasty was confident enough to pour resources onto him, the dynasty was definitely certain that Gauds background was clean.

If this was EsGods doing, he definitely started to prepare for it a very long time ago. Somehow, he was able to create an identity with a clean background.

If this speculation was true, EsGod joining the three Universal Civilizations after being reborn would not just be to simply join them if you cant defeat them but part of a very ambitious and huge plan.

This might be how it happened

To achieve his goal, EsGod committed countless crimes, became an enemy of the world, and finally created a Super High Risk Esper Ability with infinite potential. However, the identity EsGod was too notorious, so he would never have peace even though he obtained this ability. Furthermore, his genetic chain became overloaded as a side effect of absorbing countless Esper Abilities. He might have planned to give up this identity long ago!

Therefore, EsGod planted the Super High Risk Esper Ability he created into a container, waiting for the day to use Rebirth and shift his soul into it. Thus, he got a new life, a new identity, and joined the three Universal Civilizations with the Super High Risk Esper Ability he had obtained. He was raised by the three Universal Civilizations and wiped his history completely clean!

Han Xiao pondered.

EsGod is definitely someone who could do something like this. He does not care about whether hes a wanted criminal or a member of a civilization. All that matters is how much he will benefit from the faction hes in. He only ever had one goal, to step into that higher territory

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed. This should be one of EsGods many plans.

However, all of this relied on the assumption of Gaud is EsGod being true. Actually, just having [Esper AbilityRebirth] could not prove this to be completely true.

Although he felt there was a high chance Gaud was EsGod, the evidence was not enough for him to fully believe it.

Make daring speculations and cautiously search for evidence its a pity Bold Explorer cant be used on people.

Han Xiao shook his head.

No matter who Gaud really was, he did a perfect job of rebirthing, not leaving any clues behind. He thought no one would notice it, which was why he was so confident and relaxed when he was with Han Xiao.

Luckily, my level is higher than his, so I saw all of his abilities. I might be the only one whos discovered Gauds secrets

Han Xiao did not leave but sat on the side and waited while brainstorming.

After a while, the black cocoons in the room shattered one after another. Dynasty elites completed the evolution process and came out of it one after another, feeling refreshed. Seeing that Han Xiao was still there waiting for them, they could not help but feel flattered.

Gaud took the longest and came out of the cocoon last.

"How are you feeling?" Han Xiao acted completely normal and spoke with a friendly tone.

"Quite good." Gaud glanced at Han Xiao. "When I was inside, I felt someone poke me with a needle. Was that you?"

"Haha, dont mind it. Thats a needle used to check if the evolution process is going smoothly. Youre a direct member of the dynasty, so I have to pay more attention. After all, the evolution process is not completely safe. There are still risks, and I dont want anything to happen to you." Han Xiao smiled and easily found an excuse to cover it up.

Gaud nodded and calmly said, "Thanks for your concern. I have to go to Planet Finn, so I wont disturb you any longer."

Seeing that Gaud intended to leave, Han Xiao did not stop him. "Alright, I wont keep you then. See you in the association."

Then, Han Xiao turned around and left the hall, quickly disappearing from everyones sights.

Gauds eyes gleamed, followed the receptionist and returned to the dock, led the dynasty elites back to the fleet.

The dynasty fleet quickly left the dock, shot into the galaxy, and split up into two groups. One headed back with the dynasty elites, and the other carried Gaud to head to Planet Finn deep in the Flickering World.

In the spaceship, Gaud looked at Black Star Palace getting further in the porthole. A slight grin appeared on his face.

"Black Star, oh, Black Star, I said we will meet again sooner or later, but never would you have expected not to recognize me when I stand in front of you again, even enthusiastically trying to befriend me"

Seeing how Black Star had absolutely no idea, Gaud could not help but laugh in his mind.

Tricking Black Star right under his nose felt strangely thrilling.

During the evolution process earlier, he used his ability to try to analyze the Evolution Energy. With the edge his ability had, he already had some clues.

"No wonder this is an ability only thought to exist in theory. With enough time, Ill have a sixty-percent chance of figuring out the Evolution Energy. My position will then skyrocket in the dynasty, and the upper echelons will also be more likely to agree with my request of being stationed at the Science Institute when they see the results. This way, Ill be closer to the dynastys research results of that set of data from back then"

A snicker appeared on Gauds face as he went through the plan in his mind.

Han Xiao watched the departing dynasty fleet from his office.

"I did not act differently. Gaud should not know that Ive already seen through his secrets. The most important thing now is to find out who this guy really is. Hes a big uncertainty"

Han Xiao frowned slightly.

The situation was not in his favor currently. Gaud was a direct member of the dynasty. This identity protected him. There were many things Han Xiao could not do because of it.

The imminent issue was to acquire evidence to prove there was something abnormal with Gaud. Only then would he have sufficient reasons to do something.

Otherwise, if he beat up a new direct Beyond Grade A whom the dynasty expected a lot of for no reason, he could easily imagine just how strongly the dynasty would respond.

The dynasty had to take responsibility for all of its direct members, so they would certainly never compromise or take a step back. In the worst case, the dynasty would instantly become his enemy, which would destroy almost all the preparation he had done up till now. Even though he was very useful to the dynasty, when it came to this kind of thing, there was zero room for negotiation. The dynasty would not hesitate to lose him as an ally.

As long as there was no evidence, any explanation for such actions would be meaningless.

If he really had to act without enough evidence, he had to do it secretly and wipe out all the clues. There could not be witnesses, clues, or anything else, and he must not fail

"The risk is too high. Therell be tons of problems if Im even slightly careless."

Han Xiao shook his head.

Clearly, giving up the profit network and connections he had built up over all the years just for Gaud was certainly not worth it. Unless he had no other choice, he would never do it.

There was a less risky path now, so Han Xiao did not want to take this risk.

If Gaud really is EsGod, something has definitely happened with the body he left in the Spacetime Amber Looks like Ill have to request from the dynasty to visit EsGod.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

Gaud still had to stay in the Flickering World for some time. It would be best to figure things out before he returned. Otherwise, things would be much more difficult once Gaud returned to the dynastys territory no matter what he wanted to do.


While he was pondering, a notification popped up on the interface.


You have triggered the hidden mission [Gauds Secret]!

Mission Introduction: Gaud is a new direct Beyond Grade A of the Crimson Dynasty. During your contact with him, you noticed something abnormal about him. This might be a shocking secret.

Mission Requirements: Figure out Gauds secret.

Reward: 1 Character Summon Card, draw one ability/talent from the target.

Tip: This mission might affect your relationship with the Crimson Dynasty faction. Please decide how to act cautiously.


Han Xiao looked at the interface.

A hidden mission Was it triggered because I saw his abilities? Thats not an easy trigger condition I can only see all of Gauds abilities because my level is higher than his. Im probably the only person who can trigger this mission.

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