The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Stop Acting. I Know Who You Are

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"Just one person hmm? This presence"

Gauds expression changed slightly. His Esper Ability was very sensitive about ones energy presence. He could basically remember the unique energy presence of everyone he had ever met. He noticed that the presence of this attacker was familiar, so he might have met them before.

As the radar no longer worked, he sensed the environment around too and realized that the spacetime of this area was locked. It was the common effects of a trap. Space-related abilities such as hyperdrive, teleportation, and so on were all disabled.

Furthermore, his senses could not continue extending further when it reached a certain distance. There seemed to be a layer that separated this area from the outside world.

At this time, the captain noticed the attacker and immediately responded. He yelled to the crew, "Try to reconnect to the network and report this to the dynasty. Also, pull out the artificial intelligence chip, switch to manual controls, and retreat immediately!"

As soon as the order was given, the crew hastily moved. The staff in the main control room quickly headed toward the engine room and pulled out the artificial intelligence. They then used the hardware system to cancel all the artificial intelligences authorization to control the spaceship. This was to prevent the spaceship from being controlled by the enemy. Plus, they would only be able to reboot the paralyzed spaceship if it was in manual mode.

This dynasty fleet was only responsible for transporting Gaud, so it was a small team. Although the performance of the dynasty battleships was higher than most spaceship models, the size of this team was too small. Its combat capability was very limited and could not possibly fight a Beyond Grade A.

Most importantly, their communication channel was cut off, and they could not request reinforcements from the outside world. The most important mission right now was to get the information out, so the captain did not want to fight. All of this was the standard response written in the Dynasty Commander Strategy Guidebook.

However, although his idea was decent, with the communication network cut off, the command system was broken, and his orders could not be passed onto the others. Shifting into a magic oriented emergency command system would also require some time and this time dictated the difference between life and death.

Before this dynasty fleet made a move, countless golden electric arcs exploded from the attackers body. Inside the cluster of electric arcs, a black-bean-like particle expanded and turned into an enormous mechanical army, instantly filling up the sights of everyone!

Mechanical ForceSoldier Nest!

Compressed Orb InnovationArmed Body!

Indeed, it was Han Xiaos original body who came to attack Gaud!

He deliberately spread the message to have the various organizations suspect each other, but all of that was for one thingto eliminate Gaud without anyone finding out. Otherwise, it would all be a waste of effort. The other organizations were not going to do it, so he had no choice but to do it himself.

As history and experience proved, the more parts a plan had, the more unstable factors it would have. Many conspiracies and plots were anything but complicated; they did not have so many twists and turns. Therefore, he did not have to be flashy to achieve his goal, focusing on the main conflict was the key.

Now, the waters were muddied. There were way too many possible suspects. He had achieved the first step of his plan, so he could move on to the next step and act now.

Based on the dynastys route, he calculated a location Gaud had to pass by. He had teleported to the frontline stronghold using the King long ago and secretly moved here, found a desolate area, and planted the trap.

Not only did he place spacetime stabilization devices in this area, but he even used a large area detection masking device and sealed this area up. The inside could not detect the outside, nor could the outside detect what was going on inside. No matter how intense the battle was on the inside, the detection devices outside would not be able to sense the energy shockwaves of the battle and see it as nothing was happening. This way, the chances of anyone discovering something were reduced.

Additionally, Han Xiao planted many other devices that blocked all kinds of detection methods, anything he could think of, all to reduce the chance of getting discovered. Only a Mechanic would be able to do something like this.

The universe already had the technology he used, but the ones Han Xiao used were all improved versions of them that incorporated some similar blueprints in Jayzs technology treasure. These devices were very advanced and much more effective than the ordinary versions.

Of course, the battleships of advanced civilizations had respective detection devices for all these traps. If they were travelling normally, the dynasty fleet would have discovered the anomaly from very far away. However, the range of Han Xiaos hacking abilities was extremely far now. He had secretly won the heart of the dynasty fleets artificial intelligence long ago and taken control of the fleet, which was why they did not notice it at all. Otherwise, the dynasty fleet would never have stepped into his traps.

Though Gauds Energy Control Esper Ability was powerful, he was powerless in the virtual territory and could not notice anything.

As soon as the mechanical army appeared, it fired right away at the paralyzed dynasty fleet without hesitation.

Countless beams of light flickered through space. The next moment, the storm of attacks penetrated the dynasty fleets formation!

The shields of the dynasty fleets were frozen. They were defenseless under the rain of attacks. Beams penetrated the ships one after another. The thick exterior armor became twisted and torn. The spaceships exploded in the blink of an eye, turning into colorful fireworks!


At this time, a dark blue psionic barrier appeared abruptly and protected the remaining spaceship. The mechanical armys attacks rapidly shattered one layer of the barrier after another, but its speed was still delayed.

During this extremely short delay, the thrusters of these spaceships suddenly released huge flames. The spaceship accelerated in an instant and barely escaped the attacks.

Inside the main ship, Gauds eyes were gleaming. A cluster of light filled with thousands of light strings floated above his palm.

In the crucial moment earlier, he had activated his ability and created a psionic shield that blocked some of the attacks. Then, he used his Esper Ability to fire up the energy furnace of the remaining battleships, skipping the multiple layers of authorization and forcibly activating the thrusters.

After a round of fire, a small fleet like this was already heavily damaged. There were only seven ships left.

"That was close"

Gauds expression was grave. He was on edge.

In the moment of the attack, he sensed the energy level of the attack and confirmed it had definitely reached the peak Beyond Grade A standard. It was strong by the peak Beyond Grade A standard even in that matter.

There were only so many Mechanics in the entire universe who were at this level. No matter who it was, it was not someone he could defeat Of course, it was still most likely that old b*stard Manison!

"We cant fight. Lets go!"

Gaud glanced at the shocked and furious captain, activated his ability again, and pushed the surviving spaceships toward the edge of the sealed area.

He knew that the crew was of no help. It was not that he wanted to save them, but his flying speed was slower than the battleships; he needed them to escape.

As soon as he left this locked area and out of the opponents trap, he would have a way to contact the outside world.

However, at this moment, a sudden sense of danger appeared in his mind. His intuition felt an overwhelming sense of threat. He instantly charged through the cabin wall and escaped the spaceship.


The next moment, five extremely condensed red beams shot out from Han Xiaos fingers, easily penetrated the layers of psionic barriers, and cut the remaining battleships into pieces like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The next second, the energy cores of the spaceships exploded. The spaceships turned into fireworks and destroyed all the spaceship fragments.

In an instant, the fleet was annihilated, leaving Gaud to hover in the battlefield alone.

"What a powerful energy beam. It seems to have extremely strong penetrating ability against all energy shields. If I was hit by it, I would definitely be hurt"

Fear lingered in Gauds heart. He was very close to being hit by the red beams earlier.

He looked at and saw that Han Xiaos black mechanical suit was covered in red energy circuits like blood vessels, all connecting to his fingertips. As the five red beams were launched, these energy circuits dimmed again as if they had entered a cooldown.

Seeing that his attacks had missed, Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

"These Anti-neutron Beams are completely silent. If it was an ordinary new Beyond Grade A, he would have already been hit. He must have foreseen the threat because of part of the soul he inherited from the past."

In the last few years, Han Xiao had built more Universal Treasures than just The King. This black mechanical suit was originally a Gold blueprint from Jayzs technology treasure. Han Xiao had fused some modern technology into it, improved it, given it a new name, and called it Black KingRanged Gear.

This was just one of the products in the series. There were also Melee Gear, Army Gear, and Defense Gear, which excelled in different areas. He called them the "Black King Series", and they were all Gold Grade mechanical suits!

Without hesitation, Han Xiao charged toward Gaud. Gaud turned around and fled right away.

However, without a spaceship, his flight speed was no match for the mechanical army. He instantly got surrounded by the mechanical troops and fell into a dreadful spot.

As soon as the fight started, Han Xiao immediately noticed just how much of an edge Gauds Esper Ability gave him. Not only did he have an outrageously high resistance against energy attacks, but he could even absorb the enemys energy attacks during battle to recover his own energy at an astonishing speed. Basically, at the Beyond Grade A level, having this Esper Ability meant having infinite energy. It was incredibly overpowered!

The superiority of his Esper Ability was extremely apparent. With the edge his Esper Ability gave him, Gaud shockingly did not show signs of defeat under the attacks of the mechanical army.

"He has only just entered the Beyond Grade A territory, and hes already this strong. Will there ever be anyone who can defeat him in the distant future?"

Seeing this, even Han Xiao was astounded by how talented Gaud was. At the same time, his thoughts of eliminating this hidden threat as early as possible became firmer.

The next moment, he personally stepped into the encirclement and charged toward Gaud, deflecting the energy beam attacks from Gaud one after another, successfully closing the distance. Without saying a word, his leg swung down like an axe.

Gauds expression changed as he hastily raised his hands to block it.


An enormous force came from Han Xiaos leg. Even though he protected his body with energy, his body could not endure it. His bones broke one after another, and intense pain flooded his mind.

"To think I got physically beat up by a Mechanic. If my Grade was a little bit higher, youd be done for"

Gaud clenched his teeth and endured the pain. As he attempted to back away, he realized his arms felt like they were stuck to the armor on Han Xiaos leg, and he could not pull it away.

He hastily looked at it and saw black nanoparticles spreading at the area of contact, rapidly covered his arms, and headed toward his entire body.


Gaud hastily controlled his energy attempting to get away. However, at this time, his mind suddenly trembled. His soul was dragged into a world made of data streams, and he lost control of his body.

Before he could react, a gigantic silhouette appeared and slapped his soul into the ground.

This is Virtual Soul!

Gaud had vivid memories of this ability. He clenched his teeth and shouted, "Manison! Is that you

Han Xiao ignored him and continued attacking.

Inside the Virtual Domain, Gauds soul was powerless and was thrashed. Luckily, the strength of his soul far exceeded normal new Beyond Grade As. Only because of that was he able to quickly escape.

As Gauds consciousness returned to his body, before he could catch a breath, he realized his entire body was wrapped by machines as if he wore a mechanical suit.


Before he could start resisting, he saw Han Xiao snap his fingers.


The next moment, Gaud disappeared without a trace. The King mechanical suit took him away through teleportation, ignoring the spacetime lock in the area.

"Execute the second plan."

Han Xiao turned around immediately and told the mechanical army to bombard the area, wiping away all possible traces of the fleet. At the same time, he folded and compressed the mechanical army and placed them back in his main body.

He had prepared multiple plans. If he could quickly eliminate Gaud right here on the spot, it would be the best. However, if Gaud had the ability to hold on for an extended period of time, he would find a way to change the battlefield.

Although he had set up many traps, the fourth exploration stage area of the Flickering World was way too boisterous. There were uncertainties everywhere. The longer he took, the more risk he would have to bear. He did not want to spend too much time there to avoid running into someone.

The last time he traveled with Kasuyi, he had recorded the coordinates of many Deep Layer secondary dimensions on the way. While waiting for Gaud to arrive, he had chosen a stable dimension no one had ever visited and placed a few Thrones there. He had also left some mechanical armies in that dimension to transform it into a larger sealed area.

When they arrived in the Deep Layer secondary dimension, only then would all of Gauds ways of escaping be eliminated.

Han Xiao quickly finished up cleaning the traces, stored his troops, hastily changed into another King suit, and instantly disappeared.

As the images in his eyes flickered, he arrived at a new area.

There, the earth was white. It was desolate. There were absolutely no signs of life, as if it was a black and white world. Only outsiders carried colors with them.

In midair, the mechanical army that had set up an ambush in this secondary dimension had surrounded Gaud and was attacking him so that he could not escape.

Seeing that Han Xiao had appeared, Gaud instantly turned and looked at him. His eyes were filled with shock.

The teleportation function of the King was already one of Han Xiaos signatures. When he fell for it, he finally knew who the attacker was, and he could not believe it!

While barely holding on against the attacks of the mechanical army, Gaud stared at Han Xiao. His tone was filled with shock and confusion.

"Black Star! Its you! What do you mean by this!"

He had absolutely no idea why the person who attacked him was Black Star.

Arent we buddies now?

Didnt you want to befriend me?

Why attack me

Knowing that Gauds doom was certain, Han Xiao finally spoke in a calm tone.

"Stop acting. I know who you really are EsGod. Do you really think you can cut off your past completely and get a new life?"

The moment his words sounded, Gauds pupils constricted into dots. He completely lost it!


My plans perfect. How could he possibly know

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