The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1229

Chapter 1229 The Thief Calling The Cops

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"About a day, boss," the captain hastily answered.

Hearing this, the neutral Beyond Grade A on the side sighed and said, "I dont think we can catch up to Gaud. Lucie, do you really have to spar with him?"

"I must find out what his ability really is."

"Sigh, hes a direct member of the dynasty. He can totally not accept your request. Its not like you can force him to fight, right?"

"Humph, Im going to try it at least." Lucie looked determined.

After the welcome meeting, he had brought his fleet along with a Beyond Grade A friend and chased behind Gaud along the route they took, hoping to stop Gaud and ask for a spar.

Of course, he did this not just to satisfy his curiosity. As a secret member of a Super Star Cluster civilization, he received a secret order from the upper echelons that asked him to find a way to force Gaud to fight and verify if Gauds ability was really [Energy Control]. This was why he kept chasing after Gaud.

The Super Star Cluster civilizations did not want to attack Gaud, but a test of this degree was doable. They all wanted to know Gauds real ability.

At this time, the spaceships radar suddenly rang.

"Alert! Spacetime stabilized area ahead. Hyperdrive will be shut down. Please stop hyperdrive mode or go around the area"

The two of them were surprised.

Spacetime stabilized areas usually meant trouble. Neutral Beyond Grade As did not like getting into unnecessary trouble.

Lucie was just about to have the fleet go around the area when the spaceship suddenly received a message.

"This is the Crimson Dynasty exploration army. Were carrying out a check on all passersby. Please stop your ships immediately and cooperate. I repeat, please stop your ships immediately"

Hearing this, Lucie told the fleet to stop. He looked outside the window and saw a line of defense formed by the dynastys battleships that seemed to have locked up a large area ahead.

Three dynasty spaceships quickly approached and activated all kinds of detection devices to scan Lucies fleet.

At the same time, a projection of someone who looked like a dynasty military officer appeared on the communication screen. He looked at Lucie and the Beyond Grade A beside him and said expressionlessly, "Please show us your IDs, spaceship sailing certificate, crew list, logbook"

Though unhappy, Lucie told the captain to do as he was told. After all, his real identity was sensitive. Plus, he did not think there was anything he had to hide.

The military officer started checking through the information provided. Having realized that Lucie and the person beside him were both Beyond Grade As, his expression changed slightly. A strong sense of suspicion flashed past his eyes.

"What are you doing here? Why are you passing by this area? Where are you heading?"

"The dynasty needs to know that too? This is one of the routes leading to the border stargate station. Is it weird for me to pass by here?" Lucie frowned. "In fact, why are you guys locking this area down?"

"To search people." The dynasty military officer did not want to say much and went back to checking through the records.

At this time, he suddenly realized that there were records of tracking Gaud in Lucies logbook. His pupils instantly constricted, and he yelled with an indisputable tone, "Everyone, leave the spaceship immediately for further checks!"

The neutral Beyond Grade A on the side frowned. "Isnt this too much? Were just passing by."

"Ill repeat myself one more time. Leave the spaceship immediately for further checks, or well do so forcibly!"

After that, the dynasty fleet at the back activated their weapons and aimed at Lucies fleet immediately, clearly ready to fire at any time.

"Are you threatening me?" Lucie was annoyed.

The dynasty was powerful. Forget their officer not showing him any respect, how dare an officer attempt to order around him, a Beyond Grade A, like that? Did he really think Beyond Grade As were easy to mess with

Sure, as a neutral Beyond Grade A, he did not have the strength to mess with the dynasty. However, he did not think that just anybody in the dynasty had the right to disrespect him. Furthermore, with the Beyond Grade A Association behind his back, he was not someone who had absolutely no backup at all anymore!

Beep beep beep!

Just as Lucie was about to vent his anger, the communicator of everyone in the ship rang.

Lucie frowned, suppressed his anger for the time being, and took out his communicator. Only then did he see the dynastys announcement that popped up, and his expression changed drastically.

Gaud is missing

Who did it? Who had the audacity to do it

Lucies body suddenly shook. It suddenly occurred to him.

Wait a minute, Ive been tracking Gaud all this time, wanting to spar with him

If nothing had happened to Gaud, this would have been completely normal and would not lead to the dynastys hostility. However, now that something had happened to Gaud, anyone who was related became a suspect. Although he was only trailing behind Gaud and did not even meet him, he was still suspicious in the eyes of the dynasty. The dynasty was not going to let go of any leads!

No wonder the dynasty military officer had that attitude!

Lucie knew how huge the matter was. This was not the time to be concerned about whether that officer disrespected him or not. He had to find a way to clear his suspicion.

If he did not cooperate with the dynastys investigation, he had absolutely no doubts that the dynasty would vent their anger on himthis was not the time to be stubborn.

Lucies rage instantly extinguished. He did not dare explode and could only tell everyone to leave the spaceship and obediently cooperate with the dynastys checks. He was extremely frustrated.

Whos the b*stard that did this Now Ive been dragged down too!

"What? Gaud is missing? Someone really attacked him"

The Federation of Lights president, Bader, stood right up from his chair, stunned.

What, whos the idiot

No, this isnt an idiot. Its a maniac!

The Chief Elder was in dismay too. "Whos so daring as to really attack a direct member of the dynasty? This will affect the entire explored universes situation, create a huge storm and cause problems for everyone!"

Bader frowned tightly and said with a deep voice, "If we didnt make a move, nor would the church so its most likely the Super Star Cluster Alliances doing."

"Yes, it must be the Super Star Cluster Alliance." The Chief Elder nodded.

Before it happened, the two of them did not think the Super Star Cluster Alliance would dare act. However, when it really happened, to the two of them, since they did not do it, it could only be the Super Star Cluster Alliance!

Who gave them the guts! They dared to attack the dynastys direct member today. Are they going to attack ours tomorrow

"The Super Star Cluster Alliance is getting cocky. Looks like the Tragedy of the Pinnacles was not an effective enough of a lesson. Looks like its time to educate them again"

Baders eyes flickered.

He was actually secretly happy about the dynasty being the one that took the hit. He basically enjoyed the benefit of the dynasty being weakened without having to do anything. However, on the other hand, the dynasty represented one of the ruling civilizations, and the federation was also one of the ruling civilizations. Seeing their authority get challenged, he was still angry. These two emotions were not in conflict.

The Chief Elder thought for a moment and said with a heavy heart, "Although were not the culprit, our specialty is assassination since we have the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device, so well most likely be one of the suspects to the dynasty."

"Hmm, this is a problem. Therefore, we have to make a stand and actively help the dynasty investigate the case. However, were not the only ones who have this kind of teleportation technology. Who knows if the Mechanic Emperor stole it? Plus, Black Star also has a type of mechanical suit that has similar teleportation abilities"

"The Mechanic Emperor is suspicious indeed. Hes still the federations ally. If he did it, well be responsible too. As for Black Star" The Chief Elder laughed. "Hehe, as long as the dynasty upper echelons have not gone crazy, its impossible for them to suspect Black Star."

"Youre right." Bader sighed and shook his head.

"Who the f*ck did this"

The Star Arc Civilization leader was dumbfounded, as if struck by lightning.

Although this was indeed something they wanted to do, the Star Arc Civilization leader knew that no matter who attacked Gaud, the Super Star Cluster Alliance would certainly be the dynastys top suspect.

This was pushing them into the flames!

The Star Arc Civilization leader was puzzled. Possible suspects flashed through his mind one after another.

"I didnt do it. Is it another Super Star Cluster civilization? Who has the motive to do so Modo"

Modo had exited the war long ago. The current battle had nothing to do with, so they would really not be afraid of doing something like this. Even the possibility of them wanting to burden the Super Star Cluster Alliance was not out of the question. They had lost the chance to compete, so they wanted to make the other Super Star Cluster civilizations fail just like them!

The brain of the Star Arc Civilization leaders spun quickly.

Was it the plan of the federation and the church, killing the dynastys talent and framing them

Was it the dynastys own plot, making Gaud go missing and framing it on the Super Star Cluster Alliance, giving their direct members a reason to participate in the war and using it as an excuse to start another Tragedy of the Pinnacles? If not, how could it happen so suddenly, and how could Gaud possibly not be able to resist

The Star Arc Civilization felt as if he had seen through everything.

This was a plot against the Super Star Cluster Alliance!

The three Universal Civilizations wanted them dead!

"Were too passive. We must do something! We cant allow the three Universal Civilizations to make things up!"

The Star Arc Civilization leader clenched his teeth.

You want to frame us? We know how to do that too! We must find a scapegoat thatll shut the three Universal Civilizations up!

Names quickly flashed through his mind, and suddenly, it stopped at one name.

This person did not lack motive, had more than enough ability to do it, and was very suspicious

I choose you, Manison!

In just a few days, the dynastys announcement swept over all Star Fields like a storm, causing sensations in countless areas.

Some thick and overconfident local terrorist organizations claimed to be responsible for it. Then, in less than a day, the dynastys fleet arrived at their bases right away and wiped them all out, not leaving a single survivor!

Everyone could feel that, this time, the Crimson Dynasty was really furious!

Many organizations smelled that a storm was about to come

The Beyond Grade A Association held an emergency meeting to discuss how to deal with this matter too.

In the large round table conference room on Planet Finn, the remote projections of many Beyond Grade As gathered and discussed intensely.

"How could this happen? Its so sudden!"

"Its only been a few days since we last saw Gaud, and now hes sigh!"

"It has to be someone in the association who did this. Who did it? Step forward!"

They were infuriated.

Although Gaud was a direct member of an advanced civilization, what happened to him impacted the others too. They glanced at Gauds empty seat from time to time, feeling sympathetic.

The meeting was as noisy as a wet market. This time, Sun Hunter opened his mouth. His thunderous voice covered everyone elses voices.

The others looked over and saw that he was staring at Manison with a suspicious expression.

"Mechanic Emperor, tell us the truth, did you do it?"

"Nonsense! Have you people been brainwashed by Black Star Im the president. Why would I possibly take the lead to violate the rules" Manisons face twitched. He was frustrated.

However, the others still stared at Manison and did not trust him.

Han Xiao had never stopped damaging his reputation. He had planted the seed of doubt in everyones heart long ago.

Seeing this, veins popped up on Manisons forehead. He was extremely irritated.

No matter how much he explained himself, he would not be able to clear the suspicion. The Beyond Grade As would still suspect him and Black Star was the one who caused all of this!

Manison glared at Han Xiao and almost wanted to fight him right here in front of everyone till he could vent all his anger out.

This time, Clotti slowly stood up and said with a freezing tone and expressionless face, "No matter who here caused Gaud to go missing, we will drag you out and make you understand the consequences of challenging the dynasty!"

As he was speaking, he glanced at Manison faintly.

The three Universal Civilizations direct members usually did not speak, but now, they all made serious statements, expressing that they would catch the culprit no matter what. Many glanced at the Mechanic Emperor from time to time.

Manisons expression became worse and worse.

However, Sorokin was looking at Manison more and more gently.

If not because this was not the right time, Sorokin would have given Manison a thumbs up and praised him.

At this time, Han Xiao, who had not said much, cleared his throat, attracting everyones attention.

"Gaud joined the association before this happened. Hes also one of our members and is protected by the association. Now that hes missing, this isnt just an act of provoking the dynasty but also the associations authority. Its our duty to find the culprit. This is the purpose of the association!

"Therefore, I propose that the association shall announce to the public that well be investigating this case thoroughly. All Beyond Grade As will be searching for leads together and releasing a kill order across the universe!"

After he said that, whether sincere or fake, everyone expressed their approval and agreement.

"The vice president is right. The association must not be excluded!"

"Who dares target our member? Do they think were all decorations"

Han Xiaos proposal matched how the majority of people felt. Some were worried that if they did not make a stand, the dynasty would take revenge like the Tragedy of the Pinnacles and threaten their lives.

Since Han Xiao had proposed to provide assistance, it would more or less direct the dynastys hatred somewhere else so that they would not be the target for the dynasty to vent its anger.

Furthermore, protecting its members was one of the associations duties. Most people were glad to see the association make a move. This meant that they would receive the same treatment in the future.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became united.

Clotti glanced at Han Xiao. His expression became slightly less cold as he nodded at Han Xiao and sat back down.

He had intended to acquire the associations help. After all, this many Beyond Grade As was an extremely powerful force. Gaining their help would largely increase the chances of finding the culprit.

Black Star was the dynastys ally, and he had given them a lot of face by making the decision on the spot to provide assistance. Seeing this, Clotti agreed more with the dynastys strategy.

Letting Black Star control the association was definitely a good thing for the dynasty.

Looking at everyones reaction, Han Xiao maintained a serious expression on the surface while secretly heaving a sigh of relief in his mind.

This was the effect he wanted to achievehaving all the organizations suspect each other while not knowing that the true culprit was right under their noses

He had completely muddied the waters.

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