The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 Werewolf Becoming The Detective

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The dynasty also made a public response based on the Beyond Grade A Associations announcement, praising Vice President Black Stars act of taking the lead, not at all mentioning Manison, the actual president. The difference in treatment was clear.

At the same time, the Beyond Grade A Association publicized a universe kill order. Every member chipped in some money, making up an outrageous reward as high as four billion Enas. Among them, the Black Star Army alone contributed half a billion, expressing their determination to find the culprit to the outside world.

The outrageously high reward immediately triggered the enthusiasm of the entire Flickering World. Almost everyone was guessing who the real culprit was every day.

Plus, the dynasty exploration army dispatched a ton of manpower and resources to search for clues, causing the focus of the Flickering World to shift. Although the Flickering World was still the main focus of the galactic residents, the search for Gaud also attracted a lot of attention. Other than fighting in the war, these organizations were also sending their men all over to look for clues.

The federation and the church did not only watch either. They both made announcements stating that they felt just as provoked as the dynasty was and would be sending forces to assist the dynasty in their investigation.

Organizations in the galaxy got questioned one after another. The dynasty collected all kinds of information related to the time surrounding the incident, but they had yet to find any clues.

In the remote conference room of the Super Star Cluster Alliance, a meeting was being held.

" After this, theres no way the dynasty will put it behind them. Theyll have to settle it no matter what. Never mind if they solve it, but if they end up not being able to solve it, theyll undoubtedly find a temporary culprit to take the blame, save the dynastys reputation, and vent their anger. Were the best choice for the dynasty."

The remote projections were all of the Super Star Cluster civilization leaders. Listening to the Star Arc Civilization leader speak, everyone had a serious expression.

At the start, they had doubted one of their own and asked if they did it as soon as they met, thinking this was the stupid act of one of their allies. However, after sharing their internal information, only then did they clear each others doubts and unite on this matter.

The Star Arc Civilization leader brought up his opinion at the right timing, receiving agreement from many other leaders.

Everyone knew that their situation was against them. Whether the dynasty could find the real culprit or not, the Super Star Cluster Alliance would still very likely take the blame. The three Universal Civilizations would definitely not mind using this opportunity to frame them for a crime they did not commit.

The Tragedy of the Pinnacles was a bloody lesson. No Super Star Cluster civilization wished for that to happen again, so they had no choice but to let the three Universal Civilizations take the moral high ground among the public and toy with them. Therefore, the Star Arc Civilization leader spoke to their hearts.

The others nodded. "Thats right. We cant sit and wait for our doom. We have to turn the situation around. Explaining ourselves wont work. Its best to find a clear culprit and announce it so that the three Universal Civilizations cant use this against us Manison is a suitable target."

Seeing this, the Star Arc Civilization leader heaved a sigh of relief and smiled with satisfaction.

He had brought this proposal up in the meeting because he wanted the help of the entire Super Star Cluster Alliance.

They would only have a higher chance of making Manison take the blame if they worked together; the Star Arc Civilization alone was not enough.

Now, the entire Super Star Cluster Alliance had come to an agreement to frame Manison.

In the Mechanic Emperors secret base, Manison did not look happy. He hung up the call from the federation and frowned slightly.

"The dynastys request is too much, telling me to show all my Felons, submit the logbooks of all the spaceships under my command, and even open up the memory database of all my mechanical soldiers for them to check Hehe, they say they hope I can cooperate with the investigation, but theyve actually already marked me as the main suspect. The only thing thats left to do is to bring me over and interrogate me."

Manison shook his head. He could clearly see that the three Universal Civilizations were also planning to use this opportunity to find out the coordinates of his various bases.

Although he did not do it, he was not so naive as to think he could stay out of it completely.

From Manisons perspective, the Super Star Cluster Alliance was most likely the culprit. The Super Star Cluster Alliance would certainly not be willing to sit and wait for their doom, so they would definitely do something about it. Manison, however, happened to be between the three Universal Civilizations and the Super Star Cluster Alliance and was the most suspicious. He was the most suitable sacrifice; someone was probably going to pin the incident on him.

"I must prepare some way to fight back and make the Super Star Cluster Alliance take the blame they deserve Hmm, speaking of which, if they try to frame me, that should prove theyre the real culprits."

Manisons thoughts were very clear.

If possible, he might have wanted to frame Black Star and teach that b*stard a lesson.

However, that was way too difficult to do, almost impossible really, so he could only forget about that idea.

In the Holy Accord organizations base

"To think that this happened in the outside world"

The various revived Primordial Ones gathered, watched the images on the communicator in Oathkeepers hands, and chatted continuously.

"The times are so terrifying now. Even an Esper Ability as powerful as Energy Control has appeared."

"Pity, he got killed right after he entered the Beyond Grade A territory. Black Star is indeed right. The world outside is dangerous.

"This culprit messed up. No matter how perfectly he executed the plan, as soon as the dynasty figures out the Sanctums and revives Gaud, the truth would be revealed"

The others nodded.

Oathkeeper, however, was a little worried. "If the dynasty cant find the culprit, once you revivors appear, the dynasty will suspect you guys too. This isnt good news."

Beiger sighed and said, "So, were affected by the culprit too. Well have to be more cautious when we decide to go public."

The people sighed and felt that the problem had just fallen down the sky out of nowhere.

In the Black Star Army Commanders office, Han Xiao said in his chair. Virtual screens hovered before him, displaying the activities on the quantum network.

Over the past few days, he had been doing this to pay attention to the direction this matter was taking. He had witnessed the spark he lit spread like wildfire, affecting bigger and bigger areas. He felt more and more like a mastermind behind the curtains stirring up storms in the universe.

"This is probably going to be the norm for some time. The dynasty will not stop till they find the real culprit, its like a hornet nest."

At this time, his communicator suddenly rang. He took it out. It was surprisingly a call from Tarrokov.

As he picked it up, Old Tars remote projection appeared in the room.

"Old Marshal, its been some time."

Tarrokov nodded and said with a serious expression, "Black Star, Ill keep things short. The dynasty needs your help now."

"Go ahead."

"Gaud has been missing for many days. The dynasty has already searched all the records of the area within a months duration before and after the incident, but we have yet to find any solid evidence. Therefore, the upper echelons have decided to form a task force especially in charge of this matter. The dynasty hopes to invite you to join as an expert, relying on your abilities to search for leads on the quantum network. What do you think?"

Han Xiao almost laughed out loud.

"Ahem, Im the consultant of the three Universal Civilizations. This is my duty. Im ready anytime."

"Okay. The task force will gather online in a days time. If you can find any clue, the dynasty will reward you generously."

Tarrokov did not waste any time. He pointed out a few more things and hung up the call right after. He had been busy as hell lately; he really had no time to stay for a chat.

Han Xiao put the communicator down and smirked.

As a werewolf, I successfully got others to believe Im the seer and even got voted as the detective!

By inviting him, the mastermind, to investigate this case, anyone could be captured but the real culprit

Furthermore, he would even join as an expert, meaning he had a lot of control over the direction of the investigation. With his capabilities, doing something without anyone noticing was too easy.

This way, he had more targets he could frame

However, forging clues was still risky. Han Xiao planned to be cautious and see how the suspects reacted.

While he was being secretly glad, a notification suddenly popped up on the interface.


You have triggered the mission [Wanted Order]!

Mission Introduction: An important member of the Crimson Dynasty is suspected to have been ambushed and is now missing. The dynasty trusts your capabilities and has asked you to join the investigation team.

Mission Requirements: Solve the case and capture the culprit.

Reward: Depends on the Mission Rating.


What the hell?

Han Xiaos expression froze, he was stunned.

The situation now was still within his control, but the interface gave him a surprise.

Excuse me, Im the one who did it. How can I still trigger this mission?

How am I supposed to complete it? By capturing myself

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