The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 Master Of Tempo

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Urranrell nodded in return, pointed at the report on the virtual screen, and cut to the chase. "Is this the result of your work? Im not very satisfied. You guys know this kind of evidence thatll only fool outsiders isnt what I want."

Sherlock stepped up, knowing he would be scolded, and said, "Your Excellency Urranrell, weve been trying to find the whereabouts of the real culprit, but the culprit left absolutely no flaws at all. We have found zero leads. While doing that, we discovered that the Super Star Cluster Alliance and Manison were fighting each other, so"

He explained the progress of the task forces work. In simple terms, they did not find a single lead or clue, only a ton of forged evidence.

Seeing that the outside world was having more and more doubts, with the mounting pressure from the upper echelons, Sherlock had no choice but to reluctantly pick out some of the forged evidence and form an evidence chain using his deductive skills. Though fake, after he arranged and analyzed them, it at least sounded real.

Urranrell frowned. "Tell me the truth, how long do you think itll take to find the real culprit?"

" For now, never, unless we find a breakthrough." Sherlock sighed and shook his head.

"Do the two of you feel the same way?" Urranrell asked.

Clotti did not speak and nodded slowly with a poker face.

Han Xiao shrugged as if he was saying that there was nothing he could do either. "The person who attacked Gaud is very slippery and did not leave any clues. Even I have not found any leads. Based on the current situation, I feel that the dynasty can look at the matter from another perspective. Based on the perspective of benefits, the dynasty needs to find a suitable target to take the blame to calm this matter down for the time being, and the Super Star Cluster Alliance is perfect Furthermore, since theyre in such a rush to clear their suspicion, they might be involved somehow."

Urranrell shook his head and said, "But therell definitely be people in the outside world wholl see through our plan. The Super Star Cluster Alliance wont easily admit it either. To the dynasty"

Han Xiao interrupted her. "I know your concerns, but that is not important. The dynasty already lost when Gaud was attacked. All you can do now is save the situation as much as possible. What the dynasty needs now is results. Display its stand and muscles. You cant shut people up, but you can make them afraid. This way, even if someone mocks this result, theyll still be afraid. Thus, the goal is essentially achieved."

"But if we do this, wont the real culprit laugh all day seeing that the dynasty has accused the wrong side? Wont some people with ulterior motives think they can use the dynasty to their advantage because of this?" Urranrell said with a deep voice.

This was what she was worried about. Once the outside world saw through what the dynasty was doing, some people would think the dynasty was easy to fool, which would also damage the dynastys reputation.

"Thats inevitable, but a choice has to be made. Not everything can be done based on ones likings, right?" Han Xiaos skin was as thick as metal. He chuckled and said, "Plus, this might not be a bad thing. This will more or less make the real culprit lower their guard, increasing the chance of them showing flaws, which might one day give us a breakthrough."

An intelligence department upper echelon agreed and said, "His Excellency Black Star is right. Well have to make a choice sooner or later."

Urranrell sighed, signed the order, and said, "Do it then."

The moment this proposal was placed on her table, Urranrell already knew that this was the silent agreement of the dynastys upper echelons. They only needed her signature. Even the ruler could not do whatever she liked; she still had to compromise here and there. Her term was nearing its end. She could not dictate things anymore.

After signing the order, Urranrell felt weirdly relieved. She shook her head.

"Looks like the mission to find the real culprit can only be passed on to the next ruler. Its good, I suppose. I have an easier time."

Han Xiaos eyes flickered, and he said, "Actually, we might have missed something. Theres another possible scenario that might explain how Gaud went missing. Did the dynasty consider it?"

The others instantly turned toward him.

"Oh? Tell us about it." Urranrell was interested.

"Is it possible that this is Gauds own doing?"

Hearing this, the intelligence upper echelon laughed uncontrollably and said, "Your Excellency Black Star, we made this assumption long ago. We came to the conclusion that its not possible. Gaud doesnt have a motive to do that."

"I dont feel the same way." Han Xiao shook his head. "Just because hes a direct member doesnt mean hes totally loyal. Is it possible that he only wanted to use the dynastys resources to become a Beyond Grade A, then fake his death and free himself from the dynastys restrictions and hide?"

After saying that, he subtly glanced at everyone and saw the unconvinced looks on their faces. He then added, "Of course, this is just speculation based on logic. I dont know Gauds origins nor personality, so I dont trust him completely. Anyway, in my eyes, its not completely impossible for something like this to happen. After all, it has happened before."

Sherlock thought for a moment and said, "Hmm, your suspicion makes sense. The amount of time Gaud has served the dynasty is too short."

Urranrell gave him a glare and said with a typical politicians tone, "You dont have to worry about that. The dynasty has its own system of checking through its direct members and wont take in anyone suspicious. The dynasty trusts the loyalty of its direct members completely"

Han Xiao glanced at Clottis poker face and understood that Urranrell did not want to continue this topic here.

He shook his head, smiled, acted casual and said, "Alright, Im just saying."

Sherlock, however, continued asking. "Im curious, why do you think Gaud might have faked his death? Something must have caused you to have that speculation. Did he act suspicious on any occasion?"

Han Xiao looked at him surprised.

Are you really that interested? I dont know if I should say that you have a strong desire for knowledge or that you dont know how to read the room. Didnt you see the look on that upper echelons face?

Han Xiao suddenly realized that this was an opportunity to set the tempo. He fake-coughed and said, "One reason is that we could not find any clues at all. Its way too clean and doesnt look like he was attacked. Another well, its not that Gaud acted suspicious or anything, but I just happen to know someone who successfully faked his death, so it came to mind."

"Whos that?" Sherlock was curious.

"This person is quite famous actually. You guys definitely know him. Its that Limitless Financial Groups Sorokin."

Before the others asked anything, Han Xiao continued. "I coincidentally discovered his little secret. Hes not as weak as he looks. I sensed danger from him. He might not be any weaker than me, yet he has always presented himself as being very weak. No one knows what his plan is. Plus, his souls true age seems to be much higher than his current age. I tested him a bit and discovered that he might be a Beyond Grade A from history who possibly faked his death and lived till now using different identities"

He kept some of the key information and exposed Sorokins identity using ambiguous words, making the others doubtful.

"How do you know?" Urranrell wondered.

"This involves a certain Universal Treasure I acquired not long ago. It has special uses in the soul field." Han Xiao smiled and did not give any details.

Urranrell knew that Han Xiao did not want to share, so she did not continue asking. Thinking of Sorokins actions in the past, she said, "If this is true, Sorokin definitely has a big plan. Well have to adjust our approach for him"

She would not instantly believe what Han Xiao said. However, Han Xiaos Political Asset count was quite high. He even had the bonus from the weird [Civilization Leader Slayer] talent, so what he said was taken more seriously.

Urranrell planned to secretly investigate Sorokin. Compared to Black Star, Sorokin was even more of an outsider.

Seeing this, Han Xiao stopped talking about this topic. He did not want to say too much; getting the dynasty interested in Sorokin was enough.

After all, making the Super Star Cluster Alliance take the blame was only the dynastys temporary solution. They would continue to search for the culprit in the future. Therefore, Han Xiao wanted to use this opportunity to mess with Sorokin.

This guy was a master in knowing when to be a coward. He was way too well hidden, so God only knew what he was planning. If Han Xiao could expose him, it was definitely a good thing.

With what had happened to Gaud, once Sorokins real strength was exposed, he would also be a suspect.

Although, from the way the Great Mechanic Han looked at it, Sorokin did not have any motive. However, at least he could disgust this b*stard

Humph, who told you to plot against me secretly all the time. Did you think my little notebook is empty

"Alright, thats the situation for now. I dont have anything more to ask, so if theres nothing else"

Urranrell was just about to end the communication. However, before she finished, she heard Han Xiao speak again.

"Wait, one last thing."

" Go ahead." Urranrell clenched her teeth in her mind.

She thought Han Xiao was about to make another report, but saw that Han Xiao suddenly put on a serious expression and said,

"Your Excellency Urranrell, Im now speaking to you as the vice president of the Beyond Grade A Association. I fully support the dynastys decision to target the Super Star Cluster Alliance, but I hope this wont impact the associations members."

Hearing this, the others looked at Han Xiao with surprise and became serious too.

"Go on." Urranrell narrowed her eyes.

"I believe we both know that there are direct members of the Super Star Cluster civilizations hidden among the neutral Beyond Grade As. I am all for the dynastys plan to target the Super Star Cluster Alliance, but I dont wish to see the Super Star Cluster Alliances Beyond Grade As included in the revenge target. Im not covering the culprit. Im asking the dynasty not to vent its rage on some neutral Beyond Grade As who might be direct members of the Super Star Cluster civilizations. The culprit might be among them, but before the real culprit is found, theyll be protected by the association."

Han Xiao spoke with a serious tone that felt like he was going to fight for this even if he would offend the dynasty for it.

Urranrell and the others understood what he meant immediately. Black Star knew how the evidence had come about. Though he supported the dynastys decision, he did not want it to become an excuse for the dynasty to target the Beyond Grade As. He was planning ahead.

You can beat up the Super Star Cluster Alliance, but you cant drag down the unrelated Beyond Grade As!

His identity swapped smoothly. One second ago, he was the dynastys ally giving suggestions for the dynastys sake, the next he became the Beyond Grade A Associations vice president thinking ahead for the association.

"Youre really thoughtful." Urranrell had a complicated look in her eyes.

"If I dont speak for the association, when word gets out, how can I remain vice president?"

" Alright, I understand. The dynastys target is only limited to the Super Star Cluster Alliances forces. Before we acquire solid proof, we wont target their hidden direct Beyond Grade A members. After all, the association has made a stand to help us too."

Urranrell sighed.

Seeing this, Han Xiao finally smiled again. He thought for a while and said with a chuckle, "Alright, if the dynasty doesnt mind, can you help me promote it? Just say that the dynasty initially wanted to investigate the neutral Beyond Grade As or even forcibly interrogate them, but I quarreled with the dynasty using logic, protecting the associations members, and in the end, convinced the dynasty of only targeting the Super Star Cluster Alliance. And please emphasize the fact that I played a crucial part in the dynastys decision."


Although the others did not speak, they had the same looks on their faces.

Wow, just how f*cking shameless can you be!

" Okay."

Urranrell took a few deep breaths to calm her emotions, or she was worried she might grab the cup on the table and throw it at Han Xiao.

Although she complained about how shameless Black Star was in her heart, she still decided to help him to promote, increasing Black Stars position and reputation in the association. There were more pros than cons to having Black Star control the association.

Having received a definitive answer, Han Xiao only then bade farewell with a smile.

After deactivating the remote projection, his sights returned to the office where his original body was. He heaved a sigh of relief.

"This tempo Ive set has finally completely deviated the dynastys direction"

Han Xiao felt much more relaxed.

Luckily, he had enough Political Assets, which made making the dynasty accept his proposals easier.

If not because Manison and the Super Star Cluster Alliance were going at each others throats, he would have had to spend more effort. It could be said that these two sides helped him to make things easier. He grabbed the main conflict and did not need to make any flashy moves.

Furthermore, making the associations members see that their vice president was so responsible he argued with the dynasty to protect their interests would increase his reputation considerably. This would probably make more people see the benefits of letting him lead them.

Even Han Xiao could not say how many birds he killed with this one stone. He only knew that the negative impact caused by Gaud being attacked was tremendously reduced. When the dynasty announced their plan to act against the Super Star Cluster Alliance, this matter should be considered settled for the time being.

As for the other unknown chain reactions, the only thing he could do was find out in the future.

On the other side, Urranrell and Clotti were the only ones left in the rulers office.

Urranrell pressed her fingers subconsciously with a hesitant expression. After some time, she finally softly said, "Do you think hell be the next Mechanic Emperor?"

Clotti glanced at her and shook his head.

"Hes a hundred times more dangerous than the Mechanic Emperor."

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