The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 Dust Settled

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As the public opinion was getting more and more intense, the dynasty finally made a new announcement, producing a full chain of evidence that pointed directly at the Super Star Cluster Alliance. The public opinion was stirred up once again.

The dynasty claimed that this chain of evidence was carefully verified. They had discovered that the Super Star Cluster civilizations planned the attack on Gaud. Hence, the dynasty used a harsh tone to question them, demanding these three Super Star Cluster civilizations open up their databases and cooperate with the investigation, or the dynasty would take further actions.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance originally wanted to make Manison take the blame, but their moves against Manison were defused by a mysterious force time after time. In the end, it led to the dynasty being one step ahead. Facing such an obvious method to divide them, the Super Star Cluster Alliance strongly denied it and refused to cooperate with the investigation. They also made an announcement claiming that the Crimson Dynasty was only using this opportunity to accuse them of something they did not do. Since the two sides were already at war, they even stated the unfair treatment the three Universal Civilizations had been giving to the Super Star Cluster civilizations all these years, hoping to gain the moral high ground in the eyes of the public.

The federation and the church came to support the dynasty too.

The two sides conflict stirred up a storm in the galactic civilization. Most people trusted the three Universal Civilizations more, but there were some who saw through the dynastys plan. However, even though they knew something was going on, the situation would not be affected.

No matter how much was said, fists still spoke the loudest. After a few days of the situation fermenting, the dynasty took further action. They claimed that since the Super Star Cluster Alliance had already attacked a Beyond Grade A, the agreement they had made in the past was considered voided. The dynasty announced that they would be sending direct Beyond Grade A members into the Flickering War. The federation and the church followed and did the same after.

The Beyond Grade A Association who had made an agreement with the three Universal Civilizations long ago expressed their support, claiming that it was the Super Star Cluster Alliance who broke the rules first.

Very soon, the direct Beyond Grade A members of the three Universal Civilizations were heading toward the frontlines one after another.

With the Beyond Grade As joining the war, the intensity of it rapidly escalated. The three Universal Civilizations penetrated one stronghold after another. The Super Star Cluster Alliance was losing territories even quicker.

Originally, the outside world thought the Super Star Cluster Alliance would also send in direct members, but that did not happen. The Super Star Cluster Alliance only relied on the troops they had to fight the direct Beyond Grade As of the three Universal Civilizations. Even though they were losing quickly, they still did not bring out any hidden Beyond Grade As.

Questions related to this matter got brought up and spread on the internet, secretly guiding more galactic residents to feel curious about. When this matter attracted enough attention, a mysterious person finally appeared and explained the reasons behind it with so-called inside information.

According to the information, the Super Star Cluster Alliances direct members might be hidden in the Beyond Grade A Association, and one or more of them might be the culprit who attacked Gaud. The dynasty planned to thoroughly investigate all neutral Beyond Grade As. However, when Black Star found out about this, he went to argue with the Ruler, despite knowing it would put him at a bad spot in his relationship with the dynasty. He insisted on protecting the associations members interests, stating that unless solid evidence was found, he would not allow the associations members to be affected.

After a negotiation that went on for days and nights, the dynasty was finally convinced by Black Star and decided to cancel this plan. Because of Black Stars hard work, the Beyond Grade A Association did not receive the forced investigation treatment. The public speculated that the Super Star Cluster Alliances hidden members could only remain hidden because of this. Therefore, the Super Star Cluster Alliance would rather get beat up than expose their identities.

This news shocked countless organizations. In the face of the dynastys furious investigation, almost everyone would obediently cooperate. However, Black Star dared to reject it. Furthermore, the dynasty clearly knew that the culprit might be in the association, but they still agreed to Black Stars request. Just how much weight did Black Stars words carry

The galactic residents were dumbfounded.

No wonder he became the first ever consultant of the three Universal Civilizations. The dynasty had to give him face even when they were furious!

In the Super Star Cluster Alliances remote conference room, the leaders of the various civilizations had gathered. The atmosphere was tragic.

"We guessed right. The three Universal Civilizations decided to make us take the blame Everything feels like it was planned!"

The Star Arc Civilization leader clenched his fists with rage.

Originally, Manison alone could not stop them. However, they discovered that a secret mysterious force was obstructing them and supporting Manison, slowing their plan down by a large extent.

The mysterious force that was helping Manison could only be the three Universal Civilizations!

"The three Universal Civilizations planned to make us take the blame. Therefore, after discovering what we were trying to do, they obstructed us secretly so that we wouldnt have a chance of escaping the accusations and would have no choice but get targeted!" a leader said with an enraged tone.

The Super Star Cluster Alliance guessed what the three Universal Civilizations wanted to do. They were afraid of taking the blame, so they tried to frame Manison. Manison knew what the Super Star Cluster Alliance wanted to do, so he tried to protect himself. The three Universal Civilizations were one step ahead. They guessed that the Super Star Cluster Alliance had guessed what they wanted to do, so they helped Manison. Their final goal was still to target the Super Star Cluster Alliance.

Their hearts were filled with a strong rage and sense of powerlessness. It felt like the three Universal Civilizations had knitted a huge net. They had nowhere to run and no way of struggling.

"What do we do now? The three Universal Civilizations have sent their direct members, and we have limited reinforcements. If we dont bring our direct members out, our loss is certain," someone said with a worried tone.

The people exchanged looks and all looked troubled.

Someone sighed and said what everyone was thinking. "Forget it, dont we all see the situation? Even if we bring our direct members out, wed have no chance to turn the tables. Wed only be exposing their identities for nothing.

"Instead of that, we might as well let our direct members continue to hide their identities Things are different now. Black Star is protecting the Beyond Grade A Association, so as long as our mens identities are not exposed, they wont be affected."

Everyone else nodded.

Without the Beyond Grade A Association, the three Universal Civilizations would definitely thoroughly investigate most of the neutral Beyond Grade As, and no one would dare object. The result of that would very likely be another Tragedy of the Pinnacles.

With the Beyond Grade A Association, the three Universal Civilizations could no longer do whatever they wanted. Due to Black Stars existence, the dynasty could not target the neutral Beyond Grade As without any consequences. This way, their secret members would also be protected.

"Black Star"

Many civilization leaders felt complicated.

They did not like this guy at all, but what Black Star did protected their men. This was the indisputable truth.

The Star Arc Civilization leader sighed in his mind and said, "Our days are past. Dont make any unwise moves. The three Universal Civilizations are forcing us to expose our direct members. Once we fall for it, theyll have reason to carry out checks Dont waste the safety Black Star fought for. Let them continue hiding in the association."

At the Beyond Grade A Association headquarters

"Its all thanks to Black Star this time, or wed all be affected."

Inside the round table conference room, the atmosphere was joyful. Many normal Beyond Grade A members had relaxed looks on their faces.

Ever since the incident happened, many neutral Beyond Grade As had been worried they might be affected by it. Now, the dust had finally settled. If not because this information got out, they would not even know that Black Star had argued with the dynasty and successfully protected their interests.

This really touched many Beyond Grade A. Only a leader who cared about the interests of his subordinates could be considered a good leader. Although they were not bosses and subordinates, it was exactly why they admired Han Xiao so much. Their sense of recognition increased too.

Facing everyones enthusiasm, Han Xiao waved with a Sorokin smile on his face.

"Im the vice president. I only did what I should have done. Dont have to be so formal, guys.

"That wont do. I have to properly thank you!" Lucie suddenly bowed toward Han Xiao. He said with an appreciative tone, "If not for you, God only knows when Id be free. Youre being too humble."

He had been caught tracking Gaud by the dynasty, and the dynasty had captured him. Lucie had spent many days in fear and only been released not long ago.

With such an experience, Lucie knew more clearly than anyone that without Black Stars help and the associations protection, he would most likely have died in the dynastys hands. There was no way he could regain freedom. Therefore, although he was a secret member of a Super Star Cluster civilization, the appreciation he was displaying now was not fake.

Lucies words were recognized by the others. Everyone had a balance in their heart. By placing the president and the vice president on the two sides of the balance, they could easily see that Black Star had brought more benefits to the association than the Mechanic Emperor.

Putting those purposes and claims on paper aside, they had joined the association for safety and benefits. They were willing to have anyone who could bring more benefits as their representative.

Not only was the president, Manison, of no use at all, he even caused the association to be suspected. The comparison was way too stark.

"Alright, alright, dont get so excited guys. Its good to not be wrongly affected. At least Manison cleared his suspicion. Dont target him for today. Wait till tomorrow."

Han Xiao coughed and interrupted.

Although this was an act of building his reputation, this was enough. He was worried that if these members got too excited, he would be wearing a golden robe very soon.

Hearing this, the others had extremely dumbfounded looks on their faces.

Black Star spoke for Manison

Our youth has ended!

The others could not believe it. Manison glanced at Han Xiao with a complicated expression but was less hostile than before.

The others had no idea, but how could he not know? After the Super Star Cluster Alliance took the blame, he knew that the mysterious force that secretly helped him was most likely Black Star.

He probably did this for the sake of the big picture.

Manison sighed.

Back when Hila was attacked, he had helped Black Star. Now, Black Star helped him in return.

The two of them had been in conflict for many days, but at this moment, Manison uncontrollably felt an indescribable emotion in his heart.

Han Xiao noticed Manisons look too. He glanced at him and said, "What you looking at?"


Manison looked away, closed his eyes, and hid his emotions.

Han Xiao ignored him, looked to the other side, and saw Sorokin.

Sorokin did not have his signature fake smile on but instead looked very concerned and was dazing off.

From the way he looks, the dynasty has probably made moves secretly.

Han Xiao snickered in his mind.

Letting the Super Star Cluster Alliance take the blame was only a short-term solution; his mission was not shown as completed. However, he was not very concerned about it.

Things had settled. The storm caused by him secretly beating Gaud up finally came to an end for the time being. Overall, he was quite satisfied with the current situationhe had cleared the hidden threat and did not get impacted. This result was quite good.

After the people spoke among themselves for quite a while, Han Xiao suddenly put on a serious expression and said, "Guys, we cant be glad yet. The situation is clear now. The three Universal Civilizations will certainly win the war, and the Super Star Cluster Alliance wont be able to last long. Once they lose, theyll at least keep a low profile for many decades. When the three Universal Civilizations have more time on their hands, well be their next target!

"Dont forget, the three Universal Civilizations have been planning to do that since the start. It was only delayed by the Flickering War. Weve been growing smoothly in the past years because the real obstacle has yet to arrive. Be mentally prepared The day the three Universal Civilizations pressure us isnt that far away."

Hearing this, the others nodded with a serious expression.

After the direct members of the three Universal Civilizations joined the war, like the last straw, the battle rapidly became completely one-sided.

Most people predicted that the war would still go on for two to three years. However, due to the impact of what happened to Gaud, this duration was tremendously reduced.

In only eleven months, the three Universal Civilizations cleared out the Super Star Cluster Alliances military power in the Flickering Worlds fourth exploration phase area, retrieving all territories.

The Flickering War ended with the Super Star Cluster Alliances tragic loss. They invested countless resources and ended up crushed. In the end, they could not change their fate and could only lick their wounds in the dark.

The Crimson Dynasty redistributed the fourth exploration phases territories. Those who participated in the war could keep their territory. Part of the remaining territory would be developed by the dynasty. The rest would be leased, sold, or rewarded to organizations who made contributions. This time, no Beyond Grade A ally was rewarded any territory.

Han Xiao, however, successfully bought the venue of the players national war, Planet Milton. He stationed a regiment of the army on the planet and only slightly modified it, keeping the marks left by the players during the national war.

As the flames of war extinguished, the Flickering World temporarily entered a time of peace. The three Universal Civilizations started to deal with the aftershock of the war, recover the law and order of the various territories, and rest.

However, the impact of what happened to Gaud did not end with the Super Star Cluster Alliances loss but continued to ferment where no one could see.

In this atmosphere, more than half a year passed.

On this day, the big event finally arrived for the Crimson Dynasty.

Urranrell retired. The new ruler had taken office!

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