The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 The New Ruler

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The Beyond Grade A allies were also invited to attend. They sat toward the back of the middle area, beside the dynastys direct members.

Han Xiao sat between Kant and Milizaus. The ceremony had yet to start, and the three of them were chatting.

"Time passed so quickly. Urranrell is retiring too." Kant sighed.

"Now that I think about it, Ive already met four different dynasty rulers. Although Urranrell wasnt the wisest among them, she was definitely the friendliest," Milizaus mumbled. As a member of the Ancient Ones, his life experience was rich.

"Well, its the first time Ive witnessed the change of head of state."

Han Xiao was quite interested.

In his previous life, players could not reach this level, so it was the first time he had experienced this kind of event himself. He found it refreshing.

Although Im stronger than most Beyond Grade As in the universe, Im still a curious boy.

At this time, Kant subtly pointed forward with his mouth and whispered, "See that? Thats the new dynasty ruler. Any idea who he is?"

"Nope." Milizaus shook his head.

Han Xiao looked over too. The new rulers seat was right beside. From Han Xiaos perspective, he could only see the new rulers broad back.

Long before the handover ceremony, the personnel taking over the top positions in the dynasty had already been decided internally. The path had been set long ago. The new rulers identity was kept a secret to the outside world only because of the dynastys practice. The allies of the dynasty had no way of finding out before the day.

However, Han Xiao was not one of themhe knew who this new dynasty ruler was long ago.

After chatting for a while, the starting time of the ceremony approached. The voices in the venue gradually lowered, and people started to sit up straight.

When the time came, the entire place was already completely silent. The official hosting the ceremony stood up, expressed the dynastys welcome toward the people there, and announced the official beginning of the ceremony.

The dynasty rulers handover ceremony adhered to the civilizations theme completely. The process was short and simple, not flashy and complex like the Federation of Light.

After a few programs, it was finally time for the focus of the ceremony, the handover. Urranrell first had to give a speech.

Under the attention of everyone present, Urranrell walked up to the podium. She wore a simple dynasty uniform. Her hair was tied up high, and there was nothing unusual.

She looked around the venue for three seconds before slowly saying, "Today reminds me of the day I took the position as the dynastys ruler. I was confident, proud, and firmly believed I could make the dynasty better. After so many years, the things I wished to do have already been achieved in different ways. I can proudly tell myself that I did not fail the beliefs I initially had, nor did I fail the dynasty.

"Looking back, weve accomplished many feats in many fields such as politics, economics, order of the universe, and so on. Our biggest achievement was the development of the Flickering World. This will determine the dynastys rapid growth in the future. Along the way of the dynastys growth, we were lucky enough to meet many friends and allies that share our philosophies. The dynasty has been able to achieve what it has achieved today not because of me alone, its the result of the hard work of all of the dynastys allies and friends. For that, I would like to show my sincerest appreciation to all of your contributions."

Urranrell bowed and made a dynasty gesture. Thunderous applause sounded in the venue.

The applause lasted for a few seconds. Urranrell straightened her back, raised her hand, and pressed down, signaling that they did not have to continue clapping any longer.

"Of course, the dynastys path is also filled with obstacles. Our path has never been a smooth ride, and weve faced a lot of challenges.

"The dynasty rose from nothing. Our predecessors fought through hardships and disasters. In the end, it led us to standing as a universal civilization, becoming one of the foundations that maintains the order of our galactic society. The golden spirit of the dynasty has been passed on through generations. Its deeply scorched in our genes. We dont fear hardships. We solved many difficulties including the Intelligent Plaque, not only protecting our civilization but also the safety of the entire universe. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger.

"The trend of the world always is filled with twists and turns. Therell be new challenges and new opportunities in the future. I sincerely wish for all the dynastys people to forever maintain the dynastys spiritno matter what difficulties lie ahead, never fear and face them with a smile.

"Today, my term ends. My duties will be smoothly passed on to the next leader of the dynasty, who will continue to carry on our divine responsibility of our civilization and the universe.

"I believe, the dynasty will reach new heights in his hands, just as I believed in myself.

"Last but not the least long live the dynasty!"

Then, Urranrell bowed again. Her speech was not long, nor did she boast about her achievements. It was simple and clean.

Clap clap clap!

The next second, thunderous and deafening applause sounded in the venue, giving the highest approval and praise to a ruler who was about to retire.

Han Xiao clapped too. Memories of his interactions with Urranrell flashed past his mind as he sighed.

He had known her for decades. Putting aside their identities, they were more or less friends.

Well probably rarely ever see her again in the future

After a dynasty ruler retired, they would still continue to enjoy the same level of privileges and treatment, only they no longer had any political power. They would usually live on the dynastys mother planet and hardly ever show their faces at any public events. After their life span ended, they could choose whether or not to upload their backup memories into the dynastys main artificial intelligence, Heroic Soul.

The thunderous applause lasted a full minute before stopping slowly. Urranrell stepped aside, and that hefty new ruler walked up to the podium and showed his face in front of everyone.

This mans face was tough and angular. His hairline was rather high, showing his smooth forehead. He was tall and muscular. His huge chest muscles and biceps stretched out his uniform tightly, outlining his body shape. He was giving off an assertive and firm vibe all over his body, like a cluster of walking male hormones. He was confident, proud, and ambitious.

Marbruce Peel Stanson, the dynastys new ruler. He used to be an officer in the dynastys military. He then moved into the political field. Starting as a planet manager, he rose all the way to becoming the manager of a Star Cluster before moving to the central department of the dynasty. During Urranrells term, he qualified to be trained by the Doyens, becoming one of the candidates for the next ruler. In the end, he surpassed everyone else and was confirmed as the next ruler.

Related information flashed past in Han Xiaos mind. This person was the dynastys ruler the players in his previous life were most familiar with.

Urranrell was considered a semi-special case. Someone like Marbruce was actually the norm for the dynasty rulers. Of the many dynasty rulers throughout history, most had the same vibe.

Marbruce looked around, introduced himself briefly, and said with a serious tone, "I give my highest admiration to the contributions Urranrell has made in the past years. Shes the key reason the dynasty stands where it stands today. For many years in the future, Ill be leading the dynasty. Just as she believes in me, I believe in myself too. I will not fail my duties and will lead the dynasty to continue forward"

His tone was filled with a strong sense of confidence.

Compared to Urranrells speech at the end of her term, his speech to kick-start his term was different. He analyzed the current situation, talked about his plans for the future, shared his political philosophies, emphasized on the growth route of the dynasty, created political goals for himself, and so on. It was much longer than Urranrells speech, lasting for more than an hour.

If Han Xiao had to conclude what was said, the key words were strengthen centralized political power, reinforce area control, expand military power, encourage partnerships in multiple fields, reduce unnecessary resource wastage, and so on. This was quite different from the dynastys policies when Urranrell was in office, emphasizing the dynastys control over different fields.

Though they did not show it on their faces, many guests were already impacted by his new policies.

As the dynasty changed its policies, many forces would be severely impacted, and the firm philosophy of the new ruler was, of course, not good news for them. This was only a heads-up.

The eyes of many Beyond Grade A allies were also flickering.

"I didnt expect the new ruler to be so firm. I thought hed choose to take the steadier path at the beginning of his term," Kant mumbled softly.

Milizaus shook his head. "What he said has definitely been approved by the internal members of the dynasty. Since they have no problems with it, its not like us outsiders can influence who will become the leader of the three Universal Civilizations. His position is rock solid to begin with."

"Sigh, my honeymoon period with the dynasty is probably going to end."

Han Xiao shook his head and had this feeling.

Urranrell trusted him so much because they had experienced many incidents together, so they had built a trusting relationship. Marbruce, however, had never met him. Even if he heeded him, he would not be as friendly as Urranrell.

Nonetheless, it was enough. Having benefited from the partnership for many decades, the Black Star Army had already completed its rise. As long as he could maintain the current situation, he would be quite happy about it.

Everyone had their own plans, but they all looked like they were paying full attention to the ceremony, not showing anything on their faces.

Not long after, the handover ceremony finally came to its end. Urranrell and Marbruce shook hands firmly, announcing the completion of the handover of the dynastys power. This moment would forever be recorded in the dynastys history as a photo.

On Galaxy Calendar Year 740, February 15th, the ruler of the Crimson Dynasty changed. Urranrell retired, and the dynasty entered the age of Marbruce.

Two days later, the Federation of Light hosted a handover ceremony too. Bader retired as the president, and the new Federation of Light president took over. His name was Louis Rocky.

Two of the three Universal Civilizations changed their leaders in just a few days, attracting the attention of the whole galactic society. The majority of the galactic residents were speculating how this would change their everyday lives.

On the third day, Han Xiao finally received Marbruces invitation to meet in private.

Han Xiaos remote projection appeared in the rulers office. Marbruce was sitting on where Urranrell once sat, but his personal guard remained the same. It was still Clotti.

"Black Star, Ive heard a lot about you." Marbruce gave a manly smile.

"Your Excellency Ruler Marbruce." Han Xiao nodded respectfully too.

"Youre a legend in the universe. Ive always wanted to meet you, and today, my wish is finally fulfilled." Marbruces tone was liberal and somewhat friendly.

Seeing this, Han Xiao praised Marbruce in reply.

The way Han Xiao looked at it, as Marbruce just became the ruler, he had to meet with every important member of the dynasty. This meeting was just purely to get to know him; there was no special agenda.

The two of them chatted for a while before Marbruce brought up the key point.

"I wont make any changes to Urranrells agreement with you, nor will the dynasty interfere with the territories that have been given to you. I also wont stop the support and assistance weve been providing to you. So, you have nothing to worry about."

"Hehe, Ive always believed the dynasty is fair and just. Ive never had any doubts." Han Xiao gave a formal and standard reply.

Marbruce grinned, suddenly changed the topic, and said, "About the issues with the Beyond Grade A Association, the dynasty is still discussing it. If you have any suggestions, feel free to bring them up to me anytime. Ill consider them carefully."

Han Xiao maintained his smile, nodded, and did not reply.

The two of them chatted for a while more before Marbruce expressing the intention to end the conversation.

As Han Xiao was just about to bid farewell, he suddenly looked at Clotti, smiled, and said, "Can Your Excellency Dark Lord escort me out?"

"Escort a remote projection?" Clotti frowned.

This time, he suddenly noticed Marbruce nod at him, so he led Han Xiao out of the room.

Closing the door, Han Xiao looked at Clotti and asked curiously, "Hows Urranrell?"

"Her? She joined the Doyens," Clotti said. "Why ask?"

Unlike the Federation of Light, the dynastys doyens had no power. They were only responsible for raising the successors of the ruler at most. It was really a place for retirement. The doyens hardly had any contact with the outside world.

"Just curious. Anyway, why are you still the rulers personal guard?" Han Xiao smiled.

"Well, originally, Gaud might have taken over after he grew stronger. Now hes gone, and the other direct members all have their own tasks, so I can only continue as the rulers personal guard."

Clotti shook his head. Although he still had a poker face, his tone had a hint of resignation.

While the two of them chatted outside the door, Marbruce, who was in the rulers office, looked at the closed door, and a tint of worry flashed across his eyes.

"The ex-ruler really left me a difficult problem. Youve given Black Star way too much"

As the representative of the hawk faction, Marbruce did not like an ally who was too strong to be controlled, like Black Star.

However, for now, he did not plan to do anything to Black Star. He was going to maintain the current situation till further in the future.

Marbruce still remembered Bekorodis reportGaud, whom they had high hopes in, might have fallen into Black Stars hands. Although he was not sure if it was true, with the Mechanic Emperor as a prior example, he was already cautious toward Black Star.

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