The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 Inspection And Conclusion

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Han Xiao shook his hand and invited them to sit. They briefly introduced themselves and took out the documents for the main topic.

"Currently, there are 113 residential planets for the Kunde Race, with a population of trillions. The dynasty colonial review department gave us the allocation for twenty-five planets to open up for this time. This is the maximum allocation, not a fixed one. If no planet reaches the standard, we can also choose not to open up any planets."

"At most, a quarter of the population can be freed, got it." Han Xiao nodded.

Every planet of the Kunde Race was locked down separately and had no communication with each other. Therefore, the progress of the cultural transformation for each planet was different. Choosing the planets with higher progress was the job of the inspection team.

Although the dynasty had other goals and the inspection team was most probably just a standard procedure, a standard was still required. If the results were really too far below the standard, they would choose not to free them.

The few of them spoke for a while. Han Xiao called the armys patrol team over and told the two sides to discuss the details while he left the room.

Of course, he only had to show his face and express his attitude. He did not have to take care of the details.

Han Xiao returned to his office. Not long after, he received a message from Phillip saying that the dynastys inspection team and the armys patrol team had decided on the details, already boarded the spaceships, and left Black Star Palace to get to work.

"Check the current status of the various Kunde Race planets." Han Xiao told Phillip to bring up the related information.

He did not have the time to keep an eye on the transformation progress of the Kunde Race all the time. Now that the inspection team had arrived, only then did he decide to carefully go through the current status of the various Kunde Race planets. He could also see the effects of him notifying them in advance so that he could be prepared.

On the hovering virtual screen, the records of the Kunde Race planets flashed past one after another, and Phillip spoke on the side.

"Master, hum according to the statistics, after the news of the inspection team arriving was announced, the overall state of the Kunde Race planets changed. The trend of anti-dynasty opinions decreased by forty-six percent on average, and the average percentage of haters decreased from thirty-two percent to seven percent. However, the security of some planets decreased. Murders occurred frequently. Some haters were killed by their own"

"Killing their own race looks like the arrival of the inspection team gave them hope. The more than twenty-year-long lockdown led them to fully understand that opening up the lockdown is the only way out for the race. Some of them treasure this chance, so theyve started to eliminate the stubborn ones."

"Thats right, hum"

"Thats quite sensible and all, but this might achieve the opposite effect."

Han Xiao scratched his chin.

By sacrificing the minority and eliminating the stubborn ones to show obedience, at a glance, this was for the sake of the entire race, quite noble even.

However, the dynasty looked at things from a different perspectivetoo much yearning for freedom represented a strong motive. Killing one of their own meant a new chain of hate was formed. According to the normal inspection standards, this was a sign of the transformation not being thorough enough, which meant that the lockdown would have to continue.

However, since the dynasty had decided to carry out the inspection so many years in advance, they clearly knew that this would happen. Han Xiao estimated that the standard would probably be very low, so this might achieve positive effects.

For the next few months, the dynasty inspection team visited one Kunde Race planet after another, filling up their inspection records.

The double-sided mirror split Sigaia City Prisons interrogation room in two. On one side was the interrogation room where the criminal was in, and on the other was the surveillance room.

At this time, the dynasty inspection team stood in the surveillance room. The team leader held a set of documents in his hands, glancing from time to time at the Kunde Race member inside the interrogation room who was cuffed up everywhere. He slowly read the content of the documents.

"Barton, age 22, Mechanic Super, graduate of Sigaia City First Super Academy with excellent results. Talented, achieved Grade C last year, reason of imprisonment murder and organizing murder. A total of 126 people died by his order. Also, he personally killed seven more, including his family.

"The victims were all haters according to the records. He claimed that this was to eliminate the stubborn members When the marshals found him, he stopped his accomplices who tried to fight back. He chose not to resist and took responsibility for all the crimes."

"Tsk tsk, how unflinching." The Black Star Army patrol team leader tutted.

The dynasty inspection officer finished reading the report, cleared his throat, and opened up the comms. "Barton, you ordered others to murder, committing horrible sins. Is your goal to deal with the dynastys inspection?"

Bartons eyes were closed, and he did not reply.

Seeing this, the dynasty inspection officer continued. "Ill take it as thats what you think. You couldnt possibly not have known that, after doing what you did, the marshals who monitor everything would definitely find you. In order to eliminate those so-called stubborn people, you were willing to be imprisoned and even held responsible for some of your accomplices, basically giving up your life. Is it worth it?"

Barton shook his head calmly and said, "Here or outside, both are prisons. Whats the difference? On this planet, no ones life is valuable. If I can give mine for some hope, of course its worth it."

"You think youre very noble, right?" the inspection team leader said with a poker face. "Im the dynastys inspector. Frankly, I do not like your extreme methods at all. Your motive is too strong. You think you can convince the dynasty by doing this? Youngster, dont you think youve underestimated us?"

Bartons carapace color shifted slightly and then returned to the color of calmness. "This might be the only inspection in my life. I only did what I thought was right. No matter the results of the inspection, Ive reduced the source of hate. The number of haters born in the future will also be reduced because of it. Even if we fail the inspection now, the chance of passing in the future will increase. At least what I did was meaningful."

The dynasty inspection team leader was not touched at all. He had witnessed too many similar examples, so he was already used to it.

He thought for a moment, changed the topic, and asked, "If your planet is freed, what do you think your people should do?"

"Join the Black Star Army." This time, Barton answered without hesitation.

The dynasty inspection team leader narrowed his eyes and asked, "And why is that?"

"Even freed, the Kunde Race still lives in the Black Star Armys territory. In the short term, the Kunde Race still needs the Black Star Armys protection. Our civilization is still too weak. If one of us can become an officer of the Black Star Army, the Kunde Race will also receive help. Have the Supers work for Black Star and aid the entire race, this is the best path for now," Barton said with a deep voice.

Hearing this, the dynasty inspection team could not help but glance at the Black Star Army patrol team. He snorted and said, "Looks like the promotion you guys did was very effective."

"Thank you. The army commander taught us well. Plus, hes too charming." The army patrol team leader smiled.

The dynasty inspection team leader looked down and pondered for a while before writing some remarks on the inspection form and ticking off a few things.

When the inspection team visited all the Kunde Race planets, Han Xiao finally received the results.

"A total of seventeen planets reached the standard. The standard is even lower than I expected."

Han Xiao curled his lips. He looked at the list of the planets, and Planet No. 77 was on it.

Then, he summoned Phillip and said, "Hmm, theres no problem. Make the arrangements according to this list. Have the troops stationed at these seventeen planets guide the residents to familiarize with galactic society. At the same time, make a recruit announcement. Although theyre free, they dont have anywhere to go, so the majority of them will choose to join me

"Also, broadcast the process of freeing these seventeen planets to the other planets. Encourage them to accept the transformation properly and regain freedom sooner."

Han Xiao gave the order. He then looked at the details of the inspection and discovered the conversation between the dynasty inspection team leader and Barton.

"Oh, this kid is interesting."

Han Xiao raised his brow. He brought up Bartons information and said casually, "Phillip, tell the prison department of Planet No.77 to let this kid out and have him join the army."

He felt that Barton was a man with dreams and not lazy. Also, Barton seemed to have potential. After all, the Kunde Race never had the Super system in the past. Barton was in the first batch to learn it, and he still became a Grade C at such a young age. His potential should be quite high.

However, at Han Xiaos current position, he did not plan to meet him personally. He was only picking out a high-quality leek out of habit. If Barton could not achieve things in the Black Star Army, Han Xiao would not specifically remember him.

A few days later, the results of the inspection got approved by the dynasty. The Black Star Army acted right away to open up these seventeen planets. Billions of Kunde Race members were freed.

On this day, the screams of joy of countless people shot into the sky and echoed through planets. After more than twenty years, they were finally free. Be it seniors or youngsters, they were all tearing up.

They still had problems with the dynasty, but most of them had a strong sense of appreciation toward the Black Star Army. Not only were they thankful for the Black Star Armys advanced notification but also for Black Star avenging the Kunde Race by making Modo suffer. There was also the protection the Black Star Army had provided them for decades.

Among the Kunde Race, the reputation of the army was at the peak. The relationship was firmly at Reverence.

At Sigaia City Prison, Barton walked out the prison door. The blinding sunlight almost made him unable to open his eyes. The streets were filled with an overjoyed crowd, and loud cheering voices came from all directions.

The lifeless city in his impression seemed to have suddenly come alive. Barton stood still, stunned.

"Youve been let out. Now go."

The warden spoke from behind. He had received the message from Black Star, so he did not dare ignore it and personally sent Barton out of the prison.

"Isnt my crime very horrible? Why have you let me go?" Barton turned around. He was both shocked and confused.

You think I wanted to? While thinking that in his mind, the warden gave a stiff smile and said, "Dont thank me. The army commander said to let you go by name. He must believe in your capabilities. Work hard, and dont waste the army commanders kindness."

Bartons entire body shivered. The color of disbelief appeared on his body.

The news was promoting how strong Black Star was every day. To say he did not admire someone that strong would be a lie; Barton simply kept this admiration buried in his heart.

He originally wanted to sacrifice himself, so he never expected to be released. Plus, he was released by Black Star personally.

Doesnt this mean Black Star knows who I am?

Suddenly, Barton felt a stream of heat flowing in his body. He was feeling tipsy like he had too much to drink. His shell rapidly turned into the color of hot red excitement like he was cooked.

"Since Black Star no, since the army commander has so high hopes for me, I must live up to it!"

At this moment, Barton made a decision.

He would become the armys officer and prove that Black Star was not wrong about him!

He hoped that he could one day stand before Black Star and express his appreciation to him face to face.

"Your Excellency Black Star, our inspection is complete. We shall get going."

Inside the army commanders office in Black Star Palace, the dynasty inspection team bade farewell respectfully and expressed their intention of leaving.

Han Xiao nodded with a smile and said, "Send my regards to your superiors when you get back."

They nodded and swarmed out, leaving Han Xiao alone in the room.

Han Xiao opened the interface and looked at the mission list. The first requirement, to provide protection when the Kunde Race was being culturally transformed, was finally shown as completed.

"Only the first batch of the planets are free, and more of them are still being culturally transformed. However, since some of the Kunde Race have entered galactic society, theyll take care of their people who are still in lockdown in the future. I wont be the only one providing protection."

Han Xiao smirked. This was him completing his promise; it was enough.

"Ive protected you guys for so long. Finally, I can get some rewards."

Han Xiao took a deep breath and chose to conclude the mission on the interface.

Notifications popped up one after another on the interface.


Grade S mission [Kunde Race Leaders Last Wish] completed!

You have completed Mission Requirement I.

You have received 6 billion EXP, 10,000 Kunde Race Favorability, 2 Random Rewards, 4 Political Assets (Kunde Race).

Kunde Race will enter into the [Awakening Era], +10% chance of becoming a Super.

You have completed Mission Requirement II.

You have received 12 billion EXP, 15,000 Kunde Race Favorability, 1 Specific Blank Character Summon Card.

You have received the talent [The Enemy]!

You have received the talent [Proof of Leadership]!

You have received the ability [Kunde Rage]!

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